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I need to keep doing that and you were quoting some people earlier, some key people.
I mean from Carnegie to hey Lord: we can go all over the spectrum of people that have helped not just build our country or our new way of thinking of industry, but there’s still people that are doing that.

Those connections and thoughts and ideas of being rebirthed again now to another level right and I think the biggest plague that has hurt generational dealerships is that, like you said they didn’t quite have the heart that initially was there in the beginning.

They just inherited something and didn’t know how to care, for it right, didn’t know where I, with the blood, sweat and tears and effort and skill and talent that went into building that they took it on, and just I want to maintain this.
So let me again plug the holes and and do the system.

Well, there has to be a shift now in order to even reach the customer for commodities that you’ve reached their horn.

You have to reach their mark and now that we are making that shift and Millennials are becoming by far the again, the largest in consumer population.
Anyway, they are going you’re like 80 to 90 80 percent of it.

I think yes, so it’s going to be crazy and because of the way that we interact with with digital there, the way people feel things is different.

You know you have to really have substance in order to be felt.
You know what I mean.

Otherwise, it’s very easy to scroll by and you know, pay attention to you, but you have had key things that have happened and influenced you over the time.
So we’re going to leave this into question number four and I’m gon na ask who, inside of your career, building all that you’ve built? Who is it that has been the most pivotal, pivotal and influential inside of your process of growth? About that? We will play the music right.
I am there’s so many there.

There really are there.
You know if I, if I think back to the acknowledgments of my book right and I think about you know it took me a long time to figure out who exactly I wanted to so.
First of all, most pivotal from a career perspective would be John to Julius.

I don’t know if you know who he is, I’m not sure about.
You know if you worked for his company, because I saw that that was.
That name was the name of the media company, so John Julius is I mean he is the authority on customer experience and when I worked in town at Town shoes we were one of his very first clients, and so I saw him speak when I was gosh 18 years old, like many many moons ago, and when I went from retail to teethe and I went into the dental industry, the patient experience was lacking, and so I called up John and I said, hey whatever we did at Town shoes.

I need you to come and do this with me and I need to you know, build that, and so I started made a great relationship with them and I started to help them build their online platform because I was building an online platform.
He started to really just be connected and before you knew it before, I knew it.
He was flying me down to Cleveland and I had to give a speech now.

This is what I’m saying I literally have never spoken before I get nervous, I mean if there was three people in the room, I’d be sweating buckets and he made me he can’t well.
He asked me to attend one of his presentation, skills class and, I said sure little did.
I know it was my audition.

I had no idea, and so I put together a presentation based off of his methodology, and I presented it with with one of his new consultants.
Well about two months later that consultant didn’t exist and in came Katie.
So he offered me an independent, independent consultant position with the de Julius group, and I was the first independent consultant consultant and the first female consultant that he had ever had and so yeah.

That was pretty awesome, so that’s how it all started if it wasn’t for John seeing something in me and seeing that little bit of a flicker of a flame that pilot light that he helped ignite.
I don’t know that I’d be here today.
So I’d say John, Julius and, and the one thing about John is: he gave me tons of challenge like he.

He would tell me it’s a man’s world.
It’s gon na be hard to.
You know.

Take your your.
I mean he blatantly told me you’re too pretty to make it in this world, because people aren’t gon na.
Take you seriously.

You know you’re you’re too young you’re too pretty you’re too soft-spoken you’re.
He gave me the hard truths that I needed to hear in order to step up and in order to step out and if it wasn’t for John and he’s written an endorsement for my book, he’s literally there a drop of the dime to me.

So I can’t say enough great things about John to Julius.
He, I would say, is literally the instrument that has me speaking on stages today, Wow.
Yes, I, like this guy, I’m gon na, have to do some research on him seriously.

This is definitely no showing honor.
Like that is definitely what the type of culture that we want to be brewing with as far as the solution Aires that we talked to that have influences that have mentored them, because I think it’s so key.
We share that idea that it’s so key that you have good mentorship to help a cultivation, something that somebody that can cut on you make you better make you.

You know iron sharpens iron, making sure that you are increasing your sharpness by being vulnerable enough to let somebody correct you right.
I mean I cooked one of my selves people’s hair yesterday and came up with an entire lesson and understanding that I’m there to just make him look good.
I’m really there to make him look good and and and try to be the best that he could possibly be, but he has to sit down and submit to that process and trust that at heart I am going to do that for him and that’s what you Did and you became something that became now a legacy of his.

That is another part of his like there’s so much more that you’re gon na continue on, and that’s that’s awesome if you honor him like that, you know, and it’s it’s what’s really amazing is how brutally honest he was.
You know he’s right.
Yes, you know it can be tough down, sometimes being somebody that that is good.

Looking somebody that is young somebody, that’s you know they can be looked at as like as persons not gon na whatever they just think they’re gon na get by because they’re pretty or because they you know they’re, young and but would you put the work in you Showed that I mean I had two choices at that point.
Right like I could have had my feelings hurt, which got me wrong.
I shed tears like I totally did and and that story is in my book, like I shed tears, I’m for sure cuz, I’m like how could anybody say that, but I had two choices I could either take it that he’s coming from, like you said, submit to The process and Trust, but he’s saying this to help me or he’s saying this to hinder me.

I I get to choose that.
That’s my choice, that’s not his ha.
How do we react to things is if only our choice and – and so he he was, he is literally the instrument.

He is the person that believed in he believed more in me than I believed in myself, and he saw talents in me and he is the instrument as to why I am I am speaking today.
That’s that’s! That’s the Mickey and rocky right, Yoda and Skywalker, making sure that you have Miyagi and Daniel’s son.
You know where you are you really trying to make me better and you have to kill pride inside of you that says anything different than that this person wants.

What’s best for me and it’s that because they actually see it in me, they know that there’s better in me than I’m even recognized.

Yet I mean the first thing that that I did when cutting Casey said was put the mirror in front of him and say you want to fix this right.
You want this to act right this.

Is you you’re, the one that benefits from this? You know what I mean: you’re, the one that’s gon na look great because of this, so you want to go through this.
Yes, we do okay.
Well, let’s go, and I don’t know throughout the whole process.

You know if it’s gon na be cool.
People can walk in and same a little exponent, haha joke joke and clown and talk about what you look like through the process.
But when you’re done, then you have, then you are proud of what has you become actually and then some excited about the process you just went through.

So that is incredible that you show the honor that you do and I think it’s imperative that that’s what our culture begins to do is give thanks to those that are do things on or to for sure and I’d love to actually give um.
You know who Ted ings is right.
Oh yeah, absolutely things I mentioned mention him in my acknowledgments in my book as well, because he’s the first person in the auto industry that that helped me get my message out there.

So headings is definitely a big deal.
For me – and so I thank him, it’s heading zing headings is awesome.
I actually love him and I’ve.

I’ve been trying to grow my brand and stuff he’s part of it.
You know, and I’ve been I’ve been fortunate enough to have some conversation with him been able to network with him a little bit.
I’m looking forward to actually networking a little more eventually having him on the show.

I have had a chance to invite him, but I think we’re gon na have a series coming up soon.
That would be perfect for him, so I’m looking forward to having him on, but he is definitely awesome.
Very knowledgeable.

He’s very he’s got a smile on his face, although uh, you know, he just makes you happy when you can.
Where is your smile? That is the most important? Well yeah! No, but so he’s amazing and he’s he was instrumental in the automotive space for me and then there’s a wonderful woman named James, who is just phenomenal.
She is you should she’s not in the auto industry, but you should definitely research her.

She is an attention expert and the automotive industry could use it.
Her book is called attention pays and she’s phenomenal and she’s been just such a.

You know beacon of light for me as a woman making it in the industry.
There’s not many female speakers.
There’s really not so .

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