Networking and Communicating | The Reid Method

so of on your friends, because people nautica right what’s another what’s another area, they do good network.

Yes, okay, so let’s say you’re hired, let’s say you’re working for you, okay and you wanted to build your own base I’ll get to normal people.
What would you use social media? Okay, that’s what you’re gon na scream? Okay, that’s great! Alright! So let’s say you wanted to get out in the community face to face any people.
What would you yes go to any like the food drivers or anything? Okay? So I know all you guys love to grab the phone and do you stop with your thumbs? Okay, but in the real world, at the end of the day, you’ve got ta get in front of people.

Okay, 7:10 text messages.
The phone call will take a minute, a better message and better conversation is actually had verses back and forth.
With ten text messages, you don’t see the emotion as much the tonality is important, because this is now seven.

This is no relationship building okay, and we can talk to somebody, especially if you’re, trying to sound something or build a relationship of any value.
It’s important to me so Chamber of Commerce is a good one, get involved in rotary groups, local Chamber, I’m a member of the Oakland chamber of commerce.
For me – and I’m also – and I also go for the dealership, so I represent the dealership and myself.

I have my whole membership and I go on their behalf any any type of involvement, whether it be a church, whether it be a youth group, whether the entire group, whether it be a baseball club, whatever support stick, you guys are involved.
That’s a group.
Did those people ride horses there are I bicycles, do they cost it’s simple, they’re, fine, but Carson? Somebody? Why not you so it’s sometimes it’s a lot simpler than it is okay.

Then it seems, but we all make it so damn complicated.
It’s people helping people.
You know something more about your product or service.

The deadness knows more about teeth, so you go to the next.
When the dentist wants to buy our, he comes to you because you know robot power, so it’s not rocket science.
Okay, it’s people happy so community events that the image on the right.

That’s me Abel’s doing 200 people from the Chamber of Commerce in a business after-hours event.
So what they do is if you’re, a member of Chamber of Commerce, whatever market you’re in join its twenty.
Thirty dollars a month through the web work that you’ll meet other professionals.

It won’t be a lot of people that can afford to buy a car because they all show up their cars okay and have toured three cars in their driveway.
That’s a an event.
We hosted at the dealership so invite the community in take this trip, most the cars out of this room and bring them in feed them so that they can network.

So if you want to grow your business and you can want to do better and meet people who can actually influence your life and your pocketbook communicate, meet-and-greet get someone’s card exchange contacts.

Okay, then the becoming a limited partner or the contact or social.

That’s how you go! Okay, don’t ever pass up on those opportunities, because you’re not going to do it sitting on your desk in a struggle or in an office.

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