My Two Keys to Reach Success…

So, like I said on tonight’s live stream, I’m going to talk about consistency and hard work, and someone asked me know: what do you think it is? That’s really gotten you to the next level.

What do you think your number one success rule is.
What is your number one piece of advice, you’d give somebody to reach success, and I think it’s consistency in hard work and I’ve seen with me so often like at the beginning of the year, I tried to restructure my whole lifestyle in the sense that I wanted To do everything that I knew I should be doing that’s productive.
The problem is, is I tried to take on too many things at once? I tried to accomplish too many things at once that I ended up getting burned out on a lot of the things, because I was trying to accomplish too much at once, and I was trying to change too many things all at once, rather than graduating, and so Then that made me think about tonight’s livestream and why consistency is more important and more effective than trying to do too much.

And it’s just doing the things that you know that work consistently the same way every time and expect different results and then getting and expect the same results as well as getting better along the way.
Now the backing of this would be the hard work factor, and we really need to put that hard work in to back that consistency.
To make sure that we are doing the things that give us the small wins over and over on a consistent basis, which, therefore we can become better and have a stronger capacity to be able to accomplish more.

So when someone asked me, what is your number one piece of advice, you would give to somebody to reach success in life and I would say first off, that’s being consistent, doing the right things, doing them consistently working to get a little better, backed by hard work, Backed by rolling up your sleeves putting in the time and doing what needs to be done to accomplish what you came out to what you chase, Alton forever Noah Walsh go out and conquer.
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