You know this this this! This five liners been a lot of fun.
This four, the fourth question, i’m going to ask you it’s kind of it’s about people that you’ve met in the past.
We all have people that inspire us, people that have mentored us people that have helped us get to the next level.

You know i know.
Sometimes it’s hard, it’s like getting an awards and trying to just thank one person, but a lot of times.
There’s that one person that sticks on your mind.

It may not be the guy who taught you the most, but it was the person who really put you on that right path.
Right who would you say that is and if it’s more than one person, that’s fine, but who would you give props to? I say to helping you get to where you’re at today.

I know that’s a hard one for me too.

It’s a hard one for everybody, but it’s like going up and getting an award and trying to thank everybody.
But you want to thank everybody.
I know.

There’s a ton of people shannon, because i know that you’ve met a lot of people, we’ve geared it as like a pivotal, a pivotal person that you’ve met right.

There was like okay, i met them at this juncture in my life and they just geared me this way, and that was that was key to changing things and we have a long list of people to thank.
But who would you narrow it down to i’m gon na go with an obvious as well on this, but i’m gon na give you a good why, behind it? Okay, perfect her name’s eileen, that’s my mama! Oh! So! Here’s the deal and lou you’ll love this because my dancing.

Well, i don’t know if i’ve got the chops, but all her man.
I get that 100 i mean.

Whenever we can, that woman is dancing so um.

She was a single mom.
While i was in high school and she worked at a salon managing a salon with a bunch of ladies and so they would, when the salon would close on fridays and saturdays every now, and then they would go out and they would go dancing um and then Just this random weekend over, i think it was memorial day weekend.
I was actually on my way back to florida state for school to start.

So this is, i think, 2000 year, 2000 um and my mom could not get out of bed.
It was the weirdest thing.
I still don’t even know the exact diagnosis and why um she does and has had lupus for a really long time, and so that might be part of the complication um but anyways.

She was in a wheelchair for about eight months um and insisted that i went back to florida state.

Little did i know back home, you know, they’re, making ramps and she’s got a special kind of vehicle that can help her get around town because she’s, a single mom with my brother still at home and needs to get to and fro right so clearly, not dancing.
But i’ll tell you what those chicks those friends of hers would take her wheelchair and all to some of their.

You know: favorite spots, oh wow, my mom was blown out that woman went to.
I think it was a share concert that was in town, but when she came home she wasn’t standing upright, but she was able to get out of the car that night and we’ve never looked back.
She’s been able to walk ever since, but man to like her occupational therapy and and all this stuff happened, while i’m at school trying to finish my senior year, she’s, not telling me anything so that you know the um cheerleader, the the energy level that you have Spoken about several times on here every time somebody says that about me, i know exactly where i got it from um.

You know a great lesson to get back to dancing.
She get it for my mama, oh yeah, by the way it has been for years, but well before this.
So during this 80s song was um ain’t, nothing gon na break my stride, no ain’t! Nothing! Gon na hold me down.

Oh no! I got to keep on moving yeah and that was her song.
That’s what you know to this day.

I cranked that bad boy, and so that’s where i think i get this cheerleader.

I mean i yeah i was, but where did that come from? I think it came from from you know: eileen i love her already.
I really want to meet her.
She seems like the type of person like seriously think about that.

That’s a mentality thing.
She really overcame more than you know just by using her mind, because a lot of people give up when they get into that situation.
They just allow it to just overcome them and just take over and then they’re done.

They give up not because they would take her out when she was in a wheelchair, not because they needed to like rally around her and get her spirit, because she would rally them up.

I promise you they’d probably take her out and then she’d get them all.
Pumped up you know, that’s the way, that’s the craziest part about it.

It was probably the line of the party.
Then yeah, that’s awesome.
I love that story.

I’m glad that that’s a great person to use if i was to say one person who was pivotal in my life it’d be my mother also so i mean i have to.
That would be my answer and i think and it’s not because it’s generic and you i know you say that’s obvious answer: it’s not an obvious answer.
It’s not not not.

Everybody has a mother like we’ve had you know not everybody’s had that opportunity.
So it’s nice to be able to throw honor on somebody, especially a single mother that took care of you and your brother like that, and did that all while you were going to high school being a cheerleader, i know that’s a lot of work taking in all The money she had to put into all that you’re right yeah, you know and and then being put in a wheelchair, because you know with medical complications, yeah and then and then, but then yet still being spirited and still going out and enjoying life and not just Sitting there and just letting it pass by for a long time – and i mean even to this day – it’s like – we still don’t really know i mean so she didn’t know if she would ever walk again.

I had no idea she was going.

So i love her.
Oh, my goodness, that’s that’s a great story.
I just want to throw this in there because we talked a little bit about communication and and words matter, and i got to say travis miller um, my boss.

Now i’ve got letters from him back when i originally worked with him back in 2001.

Don’t tell him that it’s one of those things that i have like saved away for 25 years.
From now the retirement party, where i can write or i can read, i can open up a card that he gave me when i was 23 that um and i have another boss – that i have one of those cards from too i’ve been really fortunate to work.

For some really great people that um are really good communicators and took the time to have those moments with me and even put pen to paper yeah.
You know we talk it’s funny.
I worry with a group of people that we talk with a lot and kind of like the handwritten note became a big thing over the last month.

Writing each other handwritten notes, because it’s kind of something that no one does anymore and it’s something so powerful about a handwritten note from somebody, even if it’s very short, hey.
Thank you.
I appreciate your business, your signature, wow, it’s it’s! You know.

We’ve got ta if the person who’s doing it literally just writes the template and sends that [ Laughter, ], , [ Laughter, ] out.
I know exactly what you’re saying i mean brackets and all thank you for and then you know it was a spot.
So it was like your service and i was like insert it: no make it more personal than that or something about the personal letters, but speaking of keeping it real and and keeping it personal um from being a cheerleader to being a leader in in business.

Always in the culture she’s always worn the most important thing that you can wear.

That’s a smile.
You know there’s so many impressive things that cheerleaders do, but one thing that they always have on is the smile.

That’s right.
They always got that smile right and because of that it becomes infectious and then it becomes after it becomes infectious, and it starts to breed uh confidence right confidence that everything is going to be okay, sometimes when, when things are looking kind of scary, you’ll start scanning, The room for everybody’s reaction and how they’re feeling and you’ll look for that.
One person that still has a smile on, and sometimes when it’s the leader, you’ll, find peace you’ll, be okay.

If, if that person is just wearing a smile, just happy at home, when something breaks, you’re going to look to mama, where you’re going to look to daddy and you’re, going to hope that there’s still a smile on their face right.
True, because, if that’s, if that true smile, isn’t there anymore you’re like it’s about to be bad, but making sure that that smile is there is so uh important to making sure culture is developed in a positive way, and we can speak forever on the power of Positive uh mentorship and the power of positive leading in coaching and, of course you are a champion of that, but with being a a champion in many ways, there’s very uh there’s a big array of rewards.
There’s a big group of trophies is a great group of accolades.

You can acquire over time.
So in this question this is number five of the five wow number five at the end.

Can you believe it folks? We are almost at the end and we’re almost only just an hour in so here we go we’re getting getting ready to get to this number five question and shannon everhart of gravitational marketing the esp leader that you are esp.

What has been your greatest reward in accomplishing what you’ve accomplished and seeing what you’ve been seeing? What has been your greatest reward to date? Um ask it again, i think i understand it, but before you so and all the things that you’ve acquired all the great awards that you’ve had all the great things that that have been accomplished.
What so far i mean money is money right.
We know we can.

It’s lightweight easy to carry.
We can always make more, that’s right.
So what has been your greatest reward out of doing what it is that you’ve done to date greatest reward? I think um for all of the work that i’ve put in over the years and the choices that i’ve made.

Well, i’m saying this delicately because i don’t want to seem in any way cavalier about this, but and – and i think too with you know – it’s a it’s also a byproduct of covid19 um, but i feel like i am at a point in my career and in Life that i am enjoying the reward of being my own boss, kind of being my own boss, um.
You know i obviously have a team that i’m accountable to that.
I hold in great esteem and respect and um, i’m always concerned about.

You know my contribution and what value i’m bringing, but i am enjoying kind of figuring out this new lifestyle and how i get to make more take more ownership over how how i work and how i live.

I’m, i am you know, there’s there’s pro, there’s pluses and minuses to being the traveling car girl for our agency um.

You know airports, stink, they’re, terrible um flights.

Are you know, i’m i’m lucky because i’m five feet tall, so i’m fine to fly, but it’s i.
I am very you know impatient.
I don’t like to be sitting still for too long.

Can you tell um so um, but it also allows me to kind of dictate my own schedule a little bit, and so that allows me to have my version of esp, which is to figure out how i can be a working mom in my own way too.
So that’s kind of the word that i’m playing with right now that i’m experimenting with i’m not trying to figure out, but it’s starting to come a little bit into the into focus, which is fun.

That’s awesome! That’s something that everybody in the car business with.

If you’re a salesperson, a carbine coach um, you get the opportunity to be your own boss.
Your right, your your reward in dollars, is always reflective of what you put in your business, and so that’s that’s something that i’m sure anybody that’s any sort of an entrepreneur or business leader.

Yes, can always count that as being your own boss.

As being such an incredible reward, and i completely understand what you were yeah, you know i was hesitant to say it, but really what it is, because i don’t want it to seem like you know, i just come and go and say please what it really is.

Is intrapreneurship [, Music ] really respecting a business within a business which we all have that opportunity to do? You guys are doing it and you’re developing and leading people to do that for themselves too, and that is that is unique, maybe to our industry.
I don’t know i haven’t given that that much thought, but it’s probably special to us, there’s other industries, i’m sure that take advantage of that, but really they have an opportunity.

Every single person in the building, for the most part, has an opportunity to make hay for the day.
That’s right, 100, their choices, whether or not they do, and that’s really what i’m enjoying that’s.

That is empowering.

That is that’s a huge blessing to have that opportunity.
Yep, you know, but it’s just because you’ve, like all your past experiences the people that you’ve met, you know having a mother like you had um going.
You know going to you know, going to school and enjoying that learning process is being part of a company that you were with with jimmy and travis back in the day and then moving and doing other things and then rejoining together to do this.

It’s it’s something about all that will turn you into what you are today and you realize it clicks you in the brain like hey.

This is what i am and i love this and you know once again shannon i’m telling you we.
You know, we’ve all been doing it, we’re all veterans, but we’re still so young in this game.

We’re still so we have.
I can’t wait for 10 more years to see how far we all go with the personalities and the energy and the way that you’re focused on what you’re going on it’s it’s unreal.
It’s going to be really cool to see.

If we will far away, we can get through it.

Everybody hit your chest with me one time, because she is making sure that we penetrate the heart.

Yes, the heart of the matter, which is the entire purpose of having this five-liner folks, so that you can get to the heart of what incredible humans are all about and what’s beating inside of them, what’s keeping them uh moving and functioning and being the best that They can be right, car, guys and cargos.

You have enjoyed this five liner with us and shannon everhart from gravitational marketing.
We have had an incredible time learning if you didn’t get the chance to listen to all the other episodes or all of this five liner make sure you go back.
Listen, rewind, listen again, share with your friends share with your enemies.

You’ll find inspiration that there’s something about people’s story.
We do these five liners for you all to listen to them, so you can find something that you in common with these people, and see that you can get to that level.
You can be that you, it’s all between the ears, folks, it’s what you put in in the way you believe it’s about having that smile on at all times and just moving forward, and always looking for that next opportunity to be better than you were the day Before that’s it simple, as that shannon do you have anything else to share for the rest of the car guys and car gals and solutionaries out there that want to know [ Laughter, ], absolutely shannon.

We will be right back car guys and car gals do not waste today.

Get you some of this car guy coffee podcast, get you something that uplifts and upshifts you and make sure that you go out brewing solutions everywhere that you go.

This is ramirez the car guy.

This is frelin arts, the subprime hero and you have been brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

Let’s brew, i just left it for that.
He did because, usually when we do that part he’ll say like get some get you something i’ll say: let’s brew, we’re like.

Ah we always miss it.
We’re going to take the opposite, then i’ll say get you something.
He’ll say: let’s brew, so he left the quiet.

Tell him just let him always be guessing okay, so we are kind of on a break at the moment um.
So i’m gon na cut where we cut off right there uh.
If you could real fast um, i’m gon na.

I want you to take a quick break, but we put you out here and uh into the camera uh doing the this is shannon everhart and i’m bringing suggestions on the card so shannon really quick.
We’re gon na record this because we’re gon na use this as like, promote promo, you’re gon na say this is shannon everheart and i’m here on the car guy cuff or we’re gon na call it the cargal coffee, podcast yeah, pretty thanks lou.
I can do it like car car girl, podcast, you can say car girl, that’s fine, so you’re gon na say this is shannon everhart and i’m brewing solutions on the car, gal, coffee or car girl, coffee podcast.

Let’s brew and that’s so that’s we just want to get that to have you on there and then we’re going to use that as like an opening for the shows and stuff like that.
Thank you practice.
It real quick see how it goes and i’m brewing solutions and i’m brewing solutions on the car gap.

Car girl, coffee podcast, just say what the name of it is on the car: guy, coffee, podcast, okay, car guy, coffee, podcast, let’s brew and i’ll, you can say: let’s brew, but we’ll hit it with the let’s brew, usually lou and i will go.
Let’s brew.
You know that type of thing, but um, so, okay, ready and i’m brewing up solutions on the car guy, coffee, podcast, perfect you’re on it.

You should see.
Sometimes it takes people like 20 tries it’s cute, though it’s like okay, let’s say again, because it’s when you put somebody on the spot.
Oh you look great.

Don’t worry about that at all all right, so you go ahead and ready three, two hey there.
I’m shannon everhart and i’m brewing up solutions on the car guy coffee, podcast yeah.
Let’s brew, yeah perfect, that was money girl.

You did a first try.
I don’t! Even we don’t even lou.
If you hear me buddy, we didn’t have to do a bunch of try.

That was good.
I don’t know where he would.
He must want to got something drink, real, quick, but uh yeah.

So no great the five liner went smooth shannon.
I hope that’s some great information.
You, you spoke well, you were, i knew this was going to be easy, you’re.

Just like us, you’re, just you don’t it’s.
You can get up in front of a crowd and do whatever you know.
It’s not a big deal.

Even if you feel a little nervous you’re, like you know what i’m going to do it, why not? Let’s let’s kill it, let’s have fun um.
You got this kind of stuff, it’s all day, long yeah yeah.
So you know, obviously the next brew.

The next part of this thing is going to be fresh news um.

How are you doing on time? How much time you got so um well, uh did lou tell you that today’s a rich dealers meeting no oh yeah, oh yeah, so we yeah, let’s, let’s uh! Well, how much, how much time longer we probably got to 15 minutes and we’re done so then that gets me there.
Yeah that’ll be fine: okay, cool, okay, cool! It may not take long we’re just going to hit you with the fresh news, and this is going to be for you to talk so you can.

This could be a short as long as possible.
She did it on first try bro awesome.
I believe it yeah that was like perfect so on this fresh news, uh highlight how people can get a hold of you.

Yes, uh what i mean this is kind of like your quick commercial for absolutely gravitational marketing.
Okay, if you want dealers to reach out and give you some love or just inquire about what or even send your referrals to people they know.

So if they want to be as cool as us right, then they need to.

They want to figure out how we do what we do so get with esp all right.
So here we get ready to go: hey car, guys, car gals, welcome back to the car guy coffee podcast.

This is luke ramirez, the car guys.

This is from our subprime hero and i’m so excited.
We just had a great five-liner with shannon.
I miss you shannon, i’m so glad we had this chance to sit down and talk with you again.

I don’t know, guess what time it is everybody do.
You know what time it is.
I know what time it is.

It is time for fresh coffee, fresh news, fresh news, shannon everhart is with us and she’s, going to tell us a little bit about how it is that you can get plugged into gravitational marketing and what’s going down with these incredible solution areas, shannon i’m gon na.
Take it away make sure that you let everybody know how to get a hold of you and what it is that uh we are able to do when getting plugged into your services talk to them shannon! Well, so if you were teased a little bit and interested a little bit in knowing more about the 98 and how you can really give them all of your time and energy, so that really that’s the best way to grow your business, because the two percent, the Shopping public they’re gon na come shopping, no matter what the 98 really needs to be activated.
So, if that’s of interest to you, if you would like to see more, leads coming in to your dealership or if you are part of a dealership – and you are um just kind of open-minded to new innovative ideas on bringing authentic leads to the dealership, gravitational marketing Is the place to go um? We believe that life and business should be enjoyable, simple and prosperous, so that is our guiding principle behind everything that we do um.

What i would say is that you would want to talk to one of our advisors to find out about the 98 market opportunity in your specific market.
I think that’s the first place to start is to make sure that there really is that opportunity for you and your market, and what does that look like, and we can help identify? What that? What those numbers really look like as far as opportunity for your specific market and then the other thing too, that’s really important um for you guys to share.
I mean i’ve mentioned already once that none of the dealers that we work with are on a contract.

It’s our results that are keeping them every single month.

If they’re not there, then they should find a solution that helps them but uh.
We have like, i said over 125 across the country, local car dealers, that we are lovingly part of our roster that have chosen to really serve that 98 percent and grow their business, because that’s the best place to uh find the growth that you need.

In order to scale um, but here’s the other kind of caveat around, that is that we have exclusive territory for every single one of our dealers.
So you guys lou and fred.
We wouldn’t put another dealer in your backyard.

You guys own your market, you own um, the strategies that we’re working together with that our two companies work together with the for the people brand.
That actually is trademarked gravitational marketing, but you guys have had it for so long in your market that it’s it’s yours right, you guys own it! It’s who you guys are it’s part of your identity, now dna now um, and so that all of that strategy and everything comes from us, but we want to make sure that your territory is available.
We want to make sure that your market’s available.

So when you get on the phone with us at gravitational marketing, what you’d want to do is ask to speak to an advisor on our sales team so that you can find out what the opportunity looks like and make sure that your market is even open.
And that’s a good point, because it’s because you know the the fact of the matter is that you can have every deal in the world want to jump in, but it doesn’t mean every dealer would work.

This would be best situation for them, so the firs, the best thing to do is, like you said, is to get a hold of them.

Look at their market show them what it could do for them, and it may be something that’s the best thing ever for them, or it may be something that just won’t work.
You know it’s just this market is just not made for what we do, or maybe your store isn’t doing.
That dealer wasn’t interested in in going after the 98 and really serving them for whatever reason um, you know our customers, we can’t we’d, be a fit for every single person that walks in the door either, and so we are going to challenge the thinking.

The mindset and um the ways of doing business for decades we’re going to challenge all that stuff and that’s not for everybody, we’re also really big on bringing all of our dealers together in a community, because we at gravitational marketing, don’t know everything um there is, i Mean i think we know everything about marketing but um.

You know, there’s always things that are changing and innovating within marketing, but also just within the business.
And so we have a community now of like-minded dealers who are all serving the 98 growing their businesses because of it, and now sharing just other things that are working and not working within the business or need help with need.

A pay plan.
Recommendation for need.
A referral for a position that i’m looking for you just never know.

What’s going on within the community conversations, that’s something that has been a key to anybody succeeding in the car business, at all, it’s being able to listen to what other people are doing.

That’s effective and working and also find out what other people are doing that has been detrimental to their business, yes, working to avoid doing it anymore or recognize that it’s happening in their store right and it needs to actually get pulled out.


So having real honest conversations with people that know what they’re talking about and then being able to listen properly to decide or to prescribe the the right way to go, uh for your business is something that i do know that you guys are incredible.

At you’re, great listeners and and your great promoters, you really know how to make sure that the the dealers don’t just get a whole bunch of education, but they actually have the tools for implementation, which is a whole other element right.
You can go to the best schools, but they’re not like to be a surgeon and not know how to cut on anybody right, not know how to actually put it to work.

So you you make a great marriage happen between the education and implementation and that’s something that we honor and we know everybody can actually be affected by getting into the flow of what it is that you guys do.
And if it’s not for you at least it’s not for you at least it’s worth, it’s worth the conversation to see, doesn’t cost you anything to give them a call and figure out if this works for you, if anything, it may save you thousands of dollars.
Every year, tens of thousands and then build you up to make hundreds of thousands which is crazy to say that, but it’s true, i know it because we’ve been there and we’ve seen it happen.

Folks, great team, here’s the one thing i wanted to point out that she talked about it’s like they don’t know everything and they she didn’t mean that in a bad way, it’s that what they meant by that is that you always no matter who you are you’re.
Never going to be a 10 you’re, always going to be no more than a nine, because there’s always room for growth.

It’s the biggest room in the world room for growth right.

So they understand that so they are ever evolving they’re, always looking to make themselves better.
Too, we mention that every day, they’re trying to be better, that’s what makes this espn team.
That’s what makes gravitational marketing and, most importantly, that’s what makes shannon who she is today and i’m real excited that you know that we’re part of this team we’ve been part of the esp in the gravitational marketing.

Since i’ve been with tone, i’ve been with tony for seven years um and it’s just it’s been a lot of fun.

It’s really changed even the way i think about selling cars um the culture i used to be a car salesman.

Now i saw a transportation problem.

Solver or i’m a car buying coach one of the two, but i’m here to solve people’s problems.
I’m not here to sell people car anymore and it completely changed the way things go to the point where not in a bad way.
I used to think that being the old school car guy, you know my hammer, i’m just net, it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, i’m still a hammer and i’m still a hell of a closer but the.

But the fact of the matter is, i’m doing it to help people now, i’m not doing it to help myself, i’m doing it to help them.

Oh, my heart changed my heart.
Like it’s, it’s passionate now, it’s like i don’t give up on deals like i used to you know i don’t i don’t do these things.

I don’t get mad about things because when you talk to a customer – and they just don’t see what you have to what you’re telling them, there’s it’s and don’t take this the wrong way.
If you’re a customer watching this to set you you’re, just not if you’re kind of ignorant, you don’t understand what i have to say, i may explain it the best way.
I can explain it to 98 percent of everyone else that gets it, but that’s super center.

Once well, it doesn’t, but that being said, no shannon man.
Thank you.
What a great great conversation we’ve had today and i’m so glad you’re here you know before we go, though i know that you got to get out of here.

You got to head off.
You got meetings to get to yourself, you’re a busy lady um, but before we go, if there was one tip, this is kind of like a quick jump box, but there was one tip that you can give people out there today that that might help them change Their game up really quick, like something very simple for them to do.

What would that one tip be for you for them all right? This is worthy of writing down all right.

I love it.
Stop selling cars boom start selling solutions.
Put that on our t-shirt.

Folks and sip on that, that’s right people, i’m talking about pictures of the car, get out of that transactional conversation start talking to people, what’s been holding them back and let them know you love helping people get those constraints cleared.
You’ve been doing it for years.
Come on down: where are you i’m telling you? If you were on the sales floor and you were actually a sales person on the floor, you would sell a hundred cars.

No doubt in my mind, shannon you’re, you are, you are a team everywhere, so we appreciate it.

I pity the fool, that’s right.

So no, we thank you.
We honor you.
We appreciate you, you know and we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon and we’re and obviously having this conversation we’ll see you we’ll i’m gon na try to catch that uh thursday phone call with you guys at 10 am so we’ll do that.

You know i’ve.
Never been on one of those meetings i’m gon na have to do that.
I need to get out.

I don’t know why i never have you know.
Let’s go, you know why? Because the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement and i’m gon na improve and make that happen thursday folks follow my lead and follow everyone and listen to what shannon says, keep growing folks and do your thing.
Thank you.

So much appreciate you.

We are gon na fly on out of here, and we know how to do that.
We’re gon na apply three f’s as we head on out to the rest of our week, car guys and cargos.

Hopefully, you’ve had a great time having a cup of coffee in a conversation with a solutionary like shannon everhart, and we are going to forgive focus fly on out of here.
You make sure that your day is incredible.
You make incredible things happen.

You make people smile.
We are gon na.
Do this folks on three one.

Two three fly with me.
Forgive focus fly! That’s right here we go guys, get you some later girl, , bye, .

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Richie Bello has a vast knowledge of the automotive industry, so most of his services are faced towards automotive dealerships. He couples all his skills with the power of the internet to render even remote services to clients in need of a little brushing

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