Whoa car guys and carthage – oh my god, to the captain yo.

We are so excited to get brewing some solutions because we have a whole new brew for you.
It’s the rise and grind kind of right.

You better understand who’s in the building right now it is glenn lundy, so get ready to brew with us.

We are going to get this session started car guys and car gals.
This is lou ramirez the car guys.
This is for eleanor’s subprime hero and it is time to brew , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

I don’t know , uh, [, Music ].
What’s going on that, intro is amazing.
Well, thank you glenn.

I appreciate that because your intros won to rival, there’s no doubt about it.
We’ve always been amazing.
We are excited car guys and car gals.

We are with mr hashtag rise and grind man himself.

The creator, the one the only glenn lundy car, guys in car gals, welcome to the cafe glenn welcome.
Thank you so much for joining us for a cup of coffee.

In a conversation, that’s right to help up shift and uplift, those that are in the problem.
Solving business, thank you for joining us today.
Wow dude, you guys are amazing.

I’m so uh, i’m happy to be here.
One! Your energy’s, awesome too! You guys have a lot of fun.
I didn’t realize i was going to be with such royalty.

Like um, when i watched your intro there dude royalty like uh, brittany, hibton, adam marberger, justin, jericho, el patron.
I didn’t you know i didn’t i didn’t realize you got me.
Godly man, i’m just honored, to be uh, you know to be on the list, but that was that man, you know every one of those names you just threw out.

There are solutionaries, you know and that’s something that we want to honor and we want to make sure that it’s rising up, because the car business is having a huge shift right now, and i believe that if you want to do what you need to do in This business, it’s time to put the work in put a smile on your face service.
Your customers give them everything that they need be honest with them, be transparent and that’s the key to everything right now.

If you do that, and you go forward and you just try to evolve every day and just be better than you were yesterday, it’s all it takes man and you’re a huge part of that you’re, a huge reason why i believe that so it’s great to have You here glenn, thank you so much appreciate you sharing this space with me.

I know that just understand that we are all about hitting the drum and trumpeting a a sound for the solutionaries to rise um.
You are somebody that is consistently uh car guy coffee approved because of your message.
That is always brewing solutions, always taking uh the worst of the worst and finding a way to still grow something out of it and that’s what we have to do.

That’s what happens! It’s a lot of times it’s fun to rise, but you challenge everybody to make sure that they put in the grind as well and man.
It is awesome to be grinding with the best beans in the business, the 800 club himself.

You know what i mean this guy really knows how to do what it takes to be successful in the dealership and there’s so many parts about him that you may not know about, or you can use inside of your brew to be successful in your dealership today.

That he’s not just helping you understand that by coming to a place where he is but he’s pouring it out all over the whole industry, car guys and kargal so make sure that you reach out and go get you some of that brew because there’s samples of It everywhere everywhere everywhere there is any.
You can get a fresh stuff, but somebody’s out there with a little bit of it, for you to taste and go get you some more of so i’m excited to get this five liner going, because this is a solution area that i know a lot of people Want to get deep with so hit your chest for me, one time: glenn! Oh man.
First things first glue though, but yeah, oh, no! No! No! First things.

First, look! Lou! We got to get this going man, you know we can.
We got to start this.
The right way we can’t skip the most important part of our show.

We are so happy to be flying with the solutionaries that we’re flying with, so that they continue to grow.
That’s right right! So, let’s do this! We’re gon na apply three f’s car guys and car gals.
Before we begin asking some questions from the solutionary, you know what those three f’s are join us glenn.

We are gon na forgive focus and fly on three so that we can keep growing.
This is the mindset, medicine that’s needed to go to heights.

You’ve, that’s right designed to come to so here we go on three one.

Two three four give wipe it off focus and and keep them up hold them up so that you can keep growing.

Keep growing.
Keep growing keep growing there, we go you’re, gon na rise and grind yes.

Here we go guys.
What’s up, i love it.
That’s the remedy! So speaking of remedies, i understand that you are battling uh.

The elements that seems to come with this season as things are flying through the air.
Thank you so much for staying committed to the cause of pouring light out, no matter what gets inside of uh.
I don’t know your airways all right, but here we go fred.

Let’s do this so that we’re gon na ask you five questions and we always start with the same question.
At least i do and the first question i like to ask everybody: is their purpose their? Why? What drives you? I know every day you wake up.
You get up early every morning, you get you get up.

You work, you work out, you do your gratitude.

I can pretty much figure out exactly what you’re going to be doing at what time, just based off of your schedule, because you are very schedule like man.
I love it.

I’ve read your book the morning five and we’ll talk about that some more later um.
But what is your purpose? What is your? Why uh, i think, there’s two um.
You know there’s there’s kind of multiple responses to that.

So, as far as my, why you know i’m a husband to one, i am a father to seven going on.
You know i’m a 22-year automotive, professional and, of course i love the uh my morning show hashtag rise and grind.
So why i do things you know.

Ultimately comes down to uh the impact that i can have in other people’s lives.
That’s what i’m all! That’s what i’m all about um.
As far as some of my purpose, type stuff, like i feel like god, has given me this gift and ability you know.

My purpose and my intention like when i wake up every single day right, i rise with intention and purpose, and so my intention and purpose is to intention wise make an impact.
My purpose is to help leaders extract greatness out of their people right.

So that’s what i get to do now, uh, which is which i’m so thankful for is i get to work with owners.
General managers, people at different dealerships, the leaders of the organizations and not just help them level up but show them how they can extract greatness out of their people, which ultimately just trickles down and comes down to impact right.
It’s all about impact, so um, you know in the answer to your question.

Why do i do what i do um? I really feel, like god has given us all an opportunity.
Yeah, i feel like there is a there’s, a born on date and an expiration date, and that dash that’s in the middle is all about impact, and so my, why is like you know we got an impact bro, that’s why? Why do i have to wake up early because i got to make an impact? Why do i? Why do why do i have to uh put in the work? Why do i have to grind today, because i got to make an impact you got to make an impact on my all, my friends, my family members, my co-workers, everybody that i can come into contact with.
So that’s what gets me going? Bro! It’s like impact impact impact and extracting greatness out of leaders so that they can extract greatness out of their people.

Man there’s no doubt you practice what you preach and i see it every single day.

Not it’s.
It’s very easy to see you because you know you’re out there and you’re putting it out there and that’s one thing i learned from you is like you: almost you send it out to the university like this is what’s going to happen, this is what i’m going To do so, you know it’s there.

You have to live up to that right.
There’s some there’s something powerful about that.

Lou and i you know, we’ve always been always trying to do the right thing.

You know don’t get me wrong.
We’ve all made mistakes in the past we’ve all the cool thing about that is: we’ve learned from those mistakes and you try not to repeat those mistakes right, but we’re so we’re so impacted.
But one thing i did was early on for me was i put something out there and i said this is what we’re gon na do and now i do it and i’m always doing it when i preach what i talk about being energetic having a smile on Your face looking for the light all the times in all the darkness that you think that’s out there, because there’s a lot of light to find.

I preach all that because that’s how i feel – and i have to really be that way – all the time not because i because i have to it’s, because that’s what i want to do and it’s man, i’ve never had more smiles on my face in the last Seven, eight months than i’ve ever had in my life being able to impact just like you do and that’s what it’s about impacting people leaving a legacy, a legacy.
Your children see that your children see that that’s the way to do, and i love come on.
Oh man, i just bring up really quick.

I love you put a post out the other day and i believe it was.
Was it your son or was it your daughter that was texting me like they had like savannah was taxing her brothers and sisters? Oh man, like the tax, was like the same amount as the price.
It was like 100 tax on it.

It was actually more, i think, about two cents.

I loved it closer here.
Let’s go yeah, so no man, beautiful things you are making a huge impact in a lot of people’s lives, even people, you probably don’t even know – and i’m sure you know that um.

But it’s it’s it’s an amazing thing.
Impact is huge.
It could be said kind of, like maybe uh our culture uh prophet drake would say that everybody dies, but not everybody lives right man and that that’s such a a big uh, powerful statement in it.

But what glenn is great at doing is making sure that you all understand that there is a greater power than you that it can accomplish greater things than what you’re limited to and that, if you find a way to harness that power, you can do incredible things.
In the world that you didn’t even dream now that i believe that there are two types of people in the world, there are believers and there are unbelievers and what it is that you believe is ultimately what it is that you’re going to achieve, and that is Something that glenn is always making sure to beat the drum of to letting you know that there is a power that can actually be tapped into and used and funneled through you to make, and i mean just things that are beyond the word magical.
You know what i mean in inside of what could be achieved if we actually put our faith and our heart into it, and the challenge of our faith is something that glenn is always always always doing, and i champion that.

I believe that this creator of the entire cosmos – the universe, has assembled this song, that we are the notes of right and because of that, we are all this guy that i am so honored to have somebody like him with, but he is doing what it is That he challenges you to do yes and that’s truly live folks.
If you don’t actually go into life.
Looking for life, you will find death because death is lingering everywhere right.

You can go to cemeteries everywhere.

You can find death, you can find it and you can sit inside of that and and expect life to come out, but life has to come out from that place in order to flourish.

Okay and glenn is always making sure to tap those parts.

Inside of your hearts, to say, let me go do what it is that i do.
Let me go brew, some solutions right and he is a true bar guy folks right.
He is a true car guy and that’s why he’s on the car guy coffee podcast, because we don’t just have inspirational things for you to sip on right.

We have some solutions to brew for you, that’s right! So let’s talk about why he is a car guy right, let’s go back to the cafe! That’s right hold on i wan na i wan na chime in on that yeah.
Please, please! Sorry! We got so fucked up and excited that’s a profound power, so powerful, stuff bro, i’m like yes, sir for real man like think about it like this, like i try to, i try to um my brain works in like little stories and stuff right all the time And so i try to make things real practical people can see it.
So how do you take something like huge something as big as like the cosmos and god and universe, and all that like? How do you take something so big and you’re like okay? Let’s shrink it down real quick, so you can understand it.

That’s what i want to do for you here right here today, so my guess is you’ve heard of a guy named lebron.
James raise your hand if you’ve heard of lebron james.

Can i hear them all right, everybody’s heard of lebron james all right, let me ask you a question: do you think lebron james? Do you think that his son probably has a decent chance at being good at basketball, pretty good chance, and you would probably make that assumption the moment that baby was born right? You wouldn’t even have to wait until the baby grew.

You wouldn’t have to wait till the baby got to be six feet tall.
You wouldn’t have to wait for any of that you’re.
Just like hey you’re, lebron’s son, [, Laughter ].

His dna, like it runs in you right.
Yes, his dna and his genes run in that child, so we can all safely assume now don’t be wrong.
The kid might not go that route.

He might not play basketball.
He might not be one of the great i’m not saying that, but the potential we can all see that it’s there from birth.

That same philosophy is how i feel about every human.

That’s on this planet see your father was the creator of the universe.
Your father created everything so in your dna in your genes, like literally from the moment you were born, you’ve been given the gift of creation.

You have the ability to create your father was a creator, so you can create a life of abundance.

You can create a life of of joy and happiness.
You can create whatever life you choose to create.

You can also create a life of fear.

You can create a life of anger, you can create a life of lust and and um and all these other things right like.

But it’s your choice to create, and so that’s how i like to like help people if you’re having a hard time, understanding how important it is to know that you are three dimensional mind body and spirit, and you have a father in heaven that created everything right.
That’s so important, because once you see that you’re like well wait a minute so you’re saying my dna, i’ve got like royalty in my bloodline.

Right, like i got power inside of me and that’s what i like to help to try to to get people to see and extract, because once you get it you’re just like well, i’m supposed to be the bomb.
My dad, like my dad’s god, because you walk into you, you walk into a different level of authority right.
The senate authority becomes that mantle that you walk in in understanding that bye, .

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