so i decided to take it.

I decided to act on that tug and uh.
It didn’t make sense.

I didn’t you know it didn’t make sense to josh.

Josh cummins was like what what are you talking about? Yeah him and i talked and him – and i cried man and uh, and you know what he said to me this time.
I knew it was the right.
I knew it was a god thing because for two reasons, one after being off for 10 days, i went back to work and then i was home again at like 9 30 and my wife like saw me, pull up.

It was like it’s like.
She didn’t expect to see me for another month right because i had i had just taken 10 days off and here i was 9 30 a.
m, and when i told her i quit bro she smiled biggest smile.

I’ve ever seen her smile bigger than on our wedding day bro.

She smiled so big because i hadn’t realized how much pressure i’ve been putting on my wife.

She’d been pregnant, breastfeeding multiple kids.

You know boom boom boom boom boom.
Here i am building this dealership.
Putting in all the hours so on and so forth, and so she was so relieved like it blew my mind, i thought she’d be scared to death, because here i was throwing away this income.

You know um, but she was so supportive.
But the second thing i knew the second way i knew it was really good.
So after i quit that day, i went to the church.

I prayed for three hours um, because josh cummings was like all right, glenn you just.
Why? Don’t you take another day off? You’ll come back in tomorrow.
We’ll talk more about this, the decision to stick behind my decision and when i went and talked to joshua we cried and we hugged and – and he told me he looked me up – he said glenn selfishly.

I just want to tell you quit being stupid and get back to work uh, but you said, but i know there’s so much more, that you can do man and – and i want you to be able to go out there and live the life that god has Designed for you not the one that i selfishly want for you, and so when he shared those words with me and kind of gave me the confidence that i needed to know that hey, he was going to be okay, because i was concerned about that right.

I didn’t want things to fall apart, and so it was good to know that he was going to be okay and also that he supported me and that him and i were still going to be able to be.
You know good friends through this transition, so that was it.

Then it was like what do we do now? Man just keep growing and you’re doing it, man every single day.
Every month i watch what you’re doing i see what you’re doing.
I see the dealerships that you’re helping lift up to you’re doing a beautiful thing.

It’s to the point like local dealership here in brandenburg, tony brown, great store, i love them.
I see that their numbers are rising and i see it on our crosshails um.
We used to be the number one you know when it came to pre-owned in this area.

No one could touch us they’re there they’re getting there, and so it’s keeping me on my game.
You know and it’s much respect i haven’t.

I have this thing where i don’t believe, and i you could ask any local dealer around here – i will help any one of them.

They want to call me and ask me a question about how to do subprime.
How to do this.
I have nothing.

I don’t believe in competition, i do and i don’t believe in it.
You know i’m like if i can help you become a better car person.

That’s part of my legacy, man you’ll.

Remember that and that’s all i care about.
I want to help people.
That’s the thing that i’m best at is helping other people.

That’s it period, there’s no shortage, there’s no shortage! Man there’s plenty of people out there.
Looking for cars every single day, no sort of place of drivers.
You know what i mean in the industry.

There’s there’s people that need to drive, and you know what there’s a whole line of them waiting to get a fresh license every single day.
You know what i mean i mean our kids are coming through.
All of that right.

So there’s yeah exactly it’s! It’s not something where there’s a scarcity for the car guide, people to help.
No doubt you find a way to do that, each and every day for other people and you’ve taken me all over the place.
In my emotions and my thoughts in my in my uh yeah, i mean it was just you up there bouncing around everywhere in me, okay of excitement, i’m really up like that.

You know everybody that has that emoji of yourself.
That’s like this! This is right.
How i feel he looks like an emoji right now, you know, and it is exciting me because car guys, car gals when, when the camera’s off when you’re, not watching glenn, when you’re, not sipping solutions when you’re not uh, doing the things that other people are doing, You find yourself often isolated inside of your own thoughts inside of your own dreams, inside of your own convictions in this, at the same time, you’re combating your own fears right and many times those fears that you’re combatting are you warring against you actually taking a leap Where faith has to get activated, that’s why you have to actually take the step off of the ledge and understand when you spread those wings that air that you cannot see is going to keep you uplifted and if you work it right and if you push right, You will use that same air that you cannot see to get to different heights right, and i don’t remember who was that that i heard explain uh what it’s like when you experience turbulence, it might have been you.

It might have been many of the other people that find void, find uh space to feed us right.
But when you experience those things in in the air because of the act of flying and going to different heights, there’s going to be those moments where you actually are going to have to get off of the ledge that you fought so hard to get to right.
That’s right: when you get into college and you achieved the the scholarship now you got to go, perform on the field.

Yeah there’s a whole other set of warm and fuzzies scaries.

You know butterflies, all those other things that are going to come with you going to that next level where you have to perform, and sometimes you could have performed at the greatest levels it all around.
But inside of you, you understand that there’s still more and it doesn’t matter whether it was your first car deal.

You just got your tie cut.
You know great man, it gets better.
It gets so much better than that or it’s you’ve achieved the heights of the heights inside of the industry, and you you feel as though it’s time to retract recoil and maybe stop growing, stop that means you’re dying right, stop hold on.

You can continue growing.
You can do those things if you actually have the faith inside of yourself to do so know the source, that’s sending you and you have people that are next to you, that you can trust that are going to speak and blow wind into your sail.

They’re going to be the voices in the back of your head, like glenn, was saying they’re going to be the voices that are all throughout you that are able to help you go to the next level.

Glenn is doing that, but i want again it’s not we’re.
Not here to just say how awesome glenn is at doing that, we are and we’re not yeah, but we are and we’re not yeah.
We want to make sure that you get it.

You understand that listen to the story here.

Do you can’t it tells you.
I mean you can do anything you want.

You just have to believe in yourself and just work hard.
You have to put the work in and glenn did that and you made the right decision.
I think you know.

Obviously, like you said, you want to do what you did.
Thank you, i’m glad that you did it.

I mean i’m telling you right now.

Car guy coffee would not be here if there was never a rising grind seriously and it’s true it’s it’s facts, because you like i’ve, mentioned to you before we started, recording you men, huge inspiration when i was starting to you know, figure out why i feel, like I’m dying because i was being comfortable much way too comfortable.
I was making great money as a i mean.
I make stupid money, it’s like why, but it’s it becomes not money anymore.

It becomes right, i’m being stale.
I have so much to give so much like.
I talk about the thing i’m best at is helping people, and i love doing that’s what i love to do.

So that’s why i sell cars, you know, and so i love helping people.

Why am i limiting myself to this one little itty bitty little thing when i can go out, use the tools i have out here and that’s glenn you’re doing that so well to the ocean and people that could use the health and it’s amazing.
You know, and it’s a beautiful thing, what you’ve done and, and i think that you’ve inspired a lot of people like i mentioned before, a lot of people that you don’t even realize you’ve inspired people who don’t even probably give you the praise you deserve.

You know they just they may you know, use it and kind of take the idea and then they go off and do it themselves, but they don’t say: hey glenn was a huge inspiration and that’s okay.
You don’t look for that.
I’m not literally doing that either right, yeah right, you say every day whether you’re a manager that trains up a sales person that goes becomes a rock star at the other dealership yeah keep pouring out your best legacy.

You know i’m pouring it out.
Now it’s been great man, so we’re gon na oh there’s, so many things that we’ve talked about and he has poured out here in this group – he’s achieved great things.
Glenn you’ve done some some.

He hasn’t.
He hasn’t even came closer.

Yet that’s right and it’s exciting! You know and the reason why i say that too is because the stages that your children are at right, there’s so many great things that are going to happen in the joys of fatherhood that you have yet to see.

And i get to only say that, because i’m an old young guy right – but so if i got all these grown kids that are out doing all this cool of them and seeing people go through the stages that we already got to see.
It’s like okay man.
I remember that, or you know, oh man yeah.

This is what this is like.
Now i’m understanding what the old or the elders talk about, but like ma’am back in my day, you know i get to i get to partake in that that that change of uh fatherhood to the being the father of adults, but you have so many things that I wish that you know my kids were still that age and i still look at them as the younger uh, like the daughters, you know like looking at you’re still this little girl but you’re gon na you’re, going on to be this woman, and – and here you Go and so that being one of the rewards uh that i treasure so much, but you glenn, you have many accolades many things that you’ve achieved you’ve achieved great money.
Uh selling cars for a dealership, you’ve achieved great uh, great success being out here as an entrepreneur.

So so far in all of these things, what has been your greatest reward that you can attribute up to this point and still going forward? There’s many more to come and so and it may actually just be one that just gets you love it even more whatever it is.

What is your greatest reward to date? Glenn lundy, probably a dude named tyler absher, or maybe it’s austin sippl.

Maybe it’s terrence butler.

It could be, terrance could be zach toomey, maybe trey congleton could be, him could be paul, meyer could be brian, taylor could be sam cox, um, anthony fairby, brenna kerrigan tim walton.
It’s all about the people that i see around me that i helped pour into and develop that are now amazing super humans in the society, man they’re, not just amazing car people, they’re amazing humans.
Yes, terence duty just had another baby, his kids are so beautiful.

He just got promoted to sales manager at the chrysler uh the cdjr store of that dan cummings friends.
Over here in paris, i hired terence off the basketball court man i was like this got a mouthpiece and he was kind of a punk dude.
He was a punk and he was out drinking every night and he was cheating on his girl and he was doing all that stuff that you would expect him to be doing right and we rearranged it in man, and i taught him the power of morning routines And mindset and he continued to make mistakes – i mean one time they found terence.

He was a kentucky derby day.
They found terence asleep at an intersection drunk he put it in park and fell asleep got a dui right, so i thought oh man, terence, is out.
We have a rule here at the dealership.

You can divide, i can’t cover you into the insurance.
You got ta go so i had to let terrence go.
Oh my gosh dude his life man.

He goes down he’s selling cell phones for verizon or something him and his girl are fighting.
She doesn’t know that she can rely or count on him.

They got this baby, and so i love this kid.

So i’m looking every like three months: i’m waiting for him to hit the insurance thing that he’s uninsurable and he’s not showing up i’m like what’s going on, and so we find out like a year later that there was something wrong.
He ended up not getting an actual dui.
He got something else because the car was parked blah blah blah, and so i’m like terrence come on and i brought him back and i said: okay, are you done messing around bro because here’s the opportunity you’ve got and i believe in you so much and you Have this beautiful family and there ain’t nothing out there, that you could chase that’s gon na be better than what you’ve got right here right now.

Don’t get me wrong! Your life might change five years from now, ten years from now fifteen years from now you never know, but here’s the opportunity you have are you ready to take it seriously and he did and he finally just got promoted to sales manager, dude and him and his Wife for crushing it right and they’re pouring back into the community and they do charity, and i see you know my erica erica man.
She she came to me.
This girl comes to me.

She rips out her backpack.

She pulls out her backpack.

She pulls out her her background check.

She hands it to me and she says i have a felony from nine years ago.

Wow i was in a relationship, i was on drugs, he was on drugs, he had a warrant, he stole the car.
The cops were chasing him, he pulled in front of my house.

I was his girlfriend.
He told me to get in the car and say that i stole it because it wouldn’t be as hard on me as they would be on him, and so i did she’s like i have a felony.

I was on drugs.

I lost custody of my children, but i’m done with that.
I’ve been sober for three years and i want a freaking opportunity and i said: let’s freaking roll she’s been selling 40 cars a month for dan cummins ever since you know where she’s at this week dude this week, her and her kids that she got back.
She had lost all her kids.

She got all her kids back her and her husband and her kids are out on their bad boy, boat, they’re on an eight day lake vacation.
Right now, because she’s been rocking 40 cars a month, she’s gotten promoted she’s increased the leasing over there, another 30.
On top of what i was able to do, she’s a rock star, and so that is the reward for me.

Man when i see my students right when i see my students tyler, oh my gosh tyler’s, like 25 years old, and you would think he’s you would think – he’s 40 and worth 20 billion dollars, like he’s probably the best looking 25 year old dude on the planet.

It’s up at 4 o’clock in the morning he works out every day he’s marrying his high school sweetheart.

He goes to church every sunday and he runs two grand a copy in finance.

Are you kidding me he’s like the whole package, but when he came to me he was a chump.

He was at the show, whoa whoa whoa.
Sorry, he didn’t know that’s right.

He was a child, but he was a punk and he didn’t know right.

He didn’t know, but we taught him and we gave him opportunity.

That’s why i love the business man.

Well we’re going to do a documentary and we’re going to call it no down payment.
It’s going to be a documentary of the real life stories of the car business, not this bs of trumping people and throwing keys up on the roof, real life stories of transformation and change that happened in this industry, so we’re gon na document it and the reason We’re calling it no money down is because you can walk into this industry with nothing.

Zero, no degree, no penny! You don’t even have to have two pennies in your pocket.

You ain’t even got to have a belt on.
I had one kid that came in and applied to me: he had no belt on at the interview i said: bro your pants are hanging down.
Why don’t you have a belt? He said.

I can’t afford a belt that same kid.
Just bought a house like four months ago, thanks to the car business same kid, you’re gon na afford a fifty dollar belt.

So i love this industry.

That’s the reward! That’s what it’s all about! Whenever i see my students driving giving back to the community doing the right things taking care of their kids taking care of their spouses, those types of things dude, i’m like, let’s freaking, go: let’s go! That’s what it’s all about! Absolutely clint! That’s my favorite answer.
Ever of that, i might even say: oh my gosh man, you you make you make me what i mean, i’m telling you i’m gon na go so hard today, tomorrow, the next day.
Just from this conversation, because you are such an inspiration, man come on, you got me pumped up.

I want to help people.
I want to leave that to you.
I want to have my rewards exactly.

I want to do stuff just like that, just because that’s exactly right, that’s exactly it man, the more you can give to people the more you can give it people say the saying, the more you give the more you get it’s not about what you get because You’re gon na get period just give keep giving don’t worry about what you get back, because you’re going to get back tenfold, but just give, and you give so much man and that right there, every one of those people, if they.
If you see this, you heard this, i’m sure you know this already come on, but man he means that you can succeed in his heart in his face the way he says it, it’s my friend, you are amazing.
I i love.

I love what you’re doing man and you’re you’re killing the game.
You are killing this game right now, i’m i’m ripping at the seams with what the joy that is wanting to burst out from my skin, from seeing somebody that is genuinely at heart, really seeing success at seeing success through other people and one that is fruitfully multiplying.

You can you’re going to multiply no matter what folks you’re going to multiply negative or you’re going to multiply life.

Death and life is in the power of the tongue, and this man uses his tongue to make sure that it brings and pours light into people everywhere.

That he goes because he’s made the decision to do so.

He’s made the decision to do so, and you have the opportunity to do as he does and he’s encouraging you to do it so make sure that you don’t get stuck watching the show of somebody else’s glow.

Make sure that you go turn on the light.
That’s inside of you make sure that you go reach out if you can’t find a way to get inspired by what it is that this man has been pouring out on this group folks.

Well then, i’m telling you you might need to completely re-change the battery and that’s cool, because we’re saying we’re going to hit the heart we’re going to penetrate.

We want to make sure that, if you’re sipping solutions in this podcast in this conversation with these solutionaries that we talk to, it actually makes something tick a little bit better in your heart.

It gives you the caffeine that you need to be encouraged to be contagiously.
Confident just do what it is that glenn lundy’s doing, but listen folks, listen to that! That’s genuinely out of his heart that his joys are the people that he sees finding success.

You will have what it is that you dream for, if what you dream for is to see the dreams happen of other people, it’s going to happen.
If you pour your life into that so folks, i don’t want to get too preachy because we got so much more to talk about with glenn.

Thank you so much for this particular minor of the five liner.

We are about to bring out some fresh news, but we will be right back right after this glenn lundy talk to you in a minute: [, Music ].
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