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Get you some my dad, like my dad’s god, because you walk into you.
You’re walking through a different level of authority right authority becomes that mantle that you walk in and understanding that a great faith jesus himself said: i’ve seen no greater faith than in this guy right here that doesn’t practice.

Our stuff doesn’t know ourselves, that’s right, but he said hey.
I know what authority looks like if you tell me to do it, it’s as good as done i got it.

I don’t even need you to show up.

I know how your authority works right and so that mantle of power gets put onto authority inside of this earth, that daddy gave us to run and to handle – and this is our this is our ball of joy right.
This is our ball.
If we pop our ball, we need to find a way to reinflate it right and he and he’s teaching us these different things every day and it’s so inspiring uh to to know that there’s other people again that are out there to challenge that place in the Heart of everybody to let them know that it’s not just understanding who you are, but the way the pathway to understanding who you are is by understanding who’s.

You are, and by doing that, we get to actually function the way the author designed for us.
You know i’m a strong believer that the the um like chris fallon would say the the biggest opponent against god’s plan, for you is your plan for you, oh man, and, and it’s so important that you tap into what daddy said for you too.

You know what i mean and and flow inside of that, but when you get to do it, there’s such joy there’s such unity.

There’s such growth all around like a beautiful garden, the way that he intended it and he intended us to all brew together.
He intended us to all uh flourish together and never be in competition with each other and the moment that we would get in competition with each other.
He’ll show up to clean our feet right to make sure that we’re not caught caught up with the stuff.

In the garbage that we walk through man all day, let’s have some fun.
I love this, but all those things are so true.
The power that you have inside you is it’s unlimited.

You have to unleash that power and just and it’s there it takes work and it takes time.
You know everybody we’re not perfect, you know and that’s that’s the beautiful part about this world.
Nobody is, and but we all strive to be perfect as perfect as we can be right and that’s okay, once again, like lou mentioned a moment ago, we’re not in competition with each other.

None of us are the only person you are in competition with.
Is yourself just be better than you were yesterday? That’s all, and it makes it that much.
It makes it that easy and if you’re, just even a little bit better, it’s cool.

It’s great.
It’s wonderful! One percent: that’s all you have to do if you could do 100 better tomorrow, fantastic, but if you do one be proud of yourself, but encourage one, this guy this guy in the room right here, this brewer right, he takes it to 800 percent.
Okay, so we’re going to talk about what it is that his 800 percent has done in the car business, mr glenn lundy, bringing that jesus juice into the car business has been something that i’ve i’ve been challenged with my entire career.

There’s a lot of dark places in the business that most people don’t think and the stigmas say that christians can’t operate in.

So what is it that got you into the car business and really? What is that? What got you into the car business? Mister money, [, Laughter, ]? I was 20 years old.
I got her pregnant like right away and um, and i was like oh smokes.

Dude like okay, i’m gon na be a dad um.
So that means i should probably uh like get a job.
I should probably do that, and so i went and got a job at a place called uh sterner and klein where i sold america online over the phone cold, calling people to sell america online back when you actually had to pay for an internet browser.

There was no google and chrome and and all that, all that stuff, and so i was selling america online and then i saw an ad in the break room of the phone center.

I saw an ad in the newspaper that said: earn five thousand dollars a month, guaranteed um boom and i was like if i could make five grand a month bro.

That’s it that’s big money.

I mean this is 22 years ago.
Dude, that’s what’s up and so uh i saw the ad i went applied and uh got in jason.

He interviewed me was that a nissan subaru dealership that they had just moved in from colorado and bought uh and they were like hey.
You know i was like, i ain’t got no experience, but i got a mouthpiece i can tell and um he uh he hired me on the spot.
He was like all right cool.

When can you start, and i said well, i can start in two weeks.
I got ta, let my other job know and he was like.
Oh sorry, off the table.

I said what do you mean he said we’re looking for people who can start tomorrow and i was like i guess, i’m starting tomorrow.
I left the other place.
I started on a saturday, they put me in a they put me in a room with a vcr and a bunch of grant cardone tapes and i watched a bunch of grant cardone.

I went out and sold a yellow manual transmission xterra to a uh 19 year old girl that didn’t know how to drive a stick.

Her and i went up in the woods, i taught her how to drive a stick.

She bought the exterior.

I made a bunch of money and ain’t, never looked back, [ Laughter, ], oh man, that’s yes, sir! It’s a great story.
That is a great story.
You know and it’s it’s truth.

You know and i coming in the business very similar actually for me it was actually almost identical story.
It’s weird that you said that a couple years older i was in the military first came out and then you know i joined because at the time my wife now, but she got pregnant.

So it was time it was time for me to step up and do something for real, and i saw an ad myself.

It was like sixty five thousand dollars a year.
I was like whoa, let’s go 401k.
Are you kidding me? Health benefits? Oh snaps.

Very first deal was a banger and i was stuck.
I never could have taken out this business.
It was like all right man.

This is a beautiful thing and i i’m absolutely in love with this business.
I’m absolutely loving the people i’ve met in this business.
The friends and friendships i’ve made, i’m sure you have a lot of those stories too.

So that’s what my next question is going to be, unless you know what no go ahead.
So my next question, for you question number three is that you know coming up in this business.
You have met a lot of people.

I know that you were.
You started, i believe in the flagship area, flagship, arizona, flagstaff black staff.
I don’t know why i said, but absolutely you know so no yeah.

I actually lived in arizona for three years when i was in air force in tucson, so i should know that i don’t know why i said wrong, but that being said, i know, you’ve come up in the business you’ve been through some stuff.
You’ve you’ve done it.
The right way, you’ve done it the wrong way, but you’ve always been passionate about it.

You’ve always been a hustler, you’ve been a grinder, and then you came in you had an opportunity at dan cummings.
You did that you crushed the game there and just completely exploded that dealership up, i mean just took it from a good store to the best in the nation type store.
You know, and it’s um josh is a great guy, and i know josh too.

Josh is an amazing guy who’s.
Amazing, you did change the game up in that place.
You completely flipped it around what a wonderful thing so during that whole period of you coming up during that game, who was the one person that you think put the right mindset? Helped you make that shift where you were at a path in the road say: hey.

I can go one way or i can go this way.
Who was that person that showed you the way that mentored you say, go this way um there was there, wasn’t one dude like uh? That’s a couple.
I know that’s what one that’s like that, pulling it down into the possibly the person that was most pivotal into hello, so at dan cummins.

So so you got ta.
You got ta understand like right.
Now you just see right now.

You just see glenn levy.
That’s that’s, that’s all you see right, you see the camera, you see glenn, but what you don’t see is like my brain is literally being like there’s little parts of my brain that are firing like i’m constantly like.
I got john maxwell sitting over on this shoulder.

I got jim rohn is sitting over here, he’s what’s burning my ear uh les brown’s hanging out back back here, he’s whispering stuff eric thomas is over on the other side, simon sinek, jocko, willix and mylett.
Grant cardone, like you, see me but there’s like there’s like 50 dudes that are sitting in this chair right now, um, not to mention you know my ancestors and my parents and all the things.
So i i grant my power to the people that that have come into my life and that have served me in a positive way: josh cummins being the most notable uh in the car business.

Him being that, for me and me being that, for him see what was special about josh, cummings and i’s relationship and still is to this day, what was special about that is he made me like strive for more.
I wanted to be better because he was such a good dude right, like a really good husband, a really good father.
The way that he handled stressful situations was so admirable.

The way that he negotiated from a place of power, but yet very low key.
Like he’s just he’s, like the assassin on the teeth, he’s just the solid quiet dude, but he’s a freaking killer right, and so i learned so much from josh.
But at the same time i pushed josh to be a little more outgoing, a little more outspoken, uh to start self-development to start reading, uh and developing books and listening to podcasts and and the different videos and going to events and conferences.

And things like that.
So we just had this relationship.
We were just like challenging each other to find the next great podcast, the next great audible, the next great conference that we could go to.

You know we went to the entree leadership conference and i got to meet uh.
You know simon cynic and got to meet uh maxwell and uh.

What’s old boy, the uh, the painting cash for everything guy, i forget his name um.

I try to forget his name all the time we’re in the car business.
We’re like hey, you can find it! It’s okay! It’s all good! Yes yeah! I agree so i forget his name, but that was what was cool about that relationship.
So, as far as you know, the mentors that keep me on track, i got about 100 of them because my hair would go in any direction at any given time, and so luckily i have now a perimeter.

I got a perimeter of people that keep my head on straight uh and then you know we kind of go through the seasons and then josh comes just was just a great dude.
So that really worked for us at dan cummings.

Having the two of us constantly making each other better man, i love that answer.

You know and it’s it’s true.
You know we, we all draw inspiration from a ton of people.
You could even use inspiration, probably from somebody you grew up with you could think about.

What’s something they gave you a tip on when you were young and you could like you know, i still use that tip and it’s it’s amazing.
How, when you can be collective and actually have a conversation with somebody in every conversation, you have there’s something to be learned right, there’s always something to be learned from a conversation, whether it’s something good or bad, there’s something there to be learned um.
So it’s it’s beautiful that you put honor to a lot of people.

I i we a lot of those names you brought out.
I’ve read their books.
I’ve watched a lot of their videos inspirational much at that level, and then i have that glenn lindy over here.

You know i got this over here for me and so it’s it’s, it’s definitely there.
You know, and i agree – and i love how you put that there and that’s a good way of explaining and even giving a visual and it’s it’s factual with all that.
Coming up, you know, you did you met all these people and you’ve had a chance to uh, be mentored by a lot of these people going to these conferences, with with your with you, basically a business partner, i knew he was the only store, but you know Being the general manager you’re the business partner with him and you’re and you’re doing everything together and you guys are traveling encouraging each other to grow much like lou, and i are always doing every day, and i love that you had a partner like that.

During that time – and i know that there was a key you have to have – there is but there’s a time when you have to go fly and that so there was a moment where this is going into the next question.

Question number four: there was a moment for you where you’re like okay, it’s time for me to go fly.
So there was a time you’re like okay, i’m no long, i’m gon na step away from being a general manager here at dan cummings, i’m gon na go! Do glenlundy.

com i’m gon na go rise and grind this thing.
So what inspired you to go ahead and take that step? What made you say? You know what i’m going to take a leap of faith and go ahead and say this is what i’m going to do and i’m going to make this work.
You know, and you and you just man have you made it work.

But what made you do that? What was the inspiration or what drew you to make yourself take that next step make yourself fly so that you can keep growing.

That’s right, yeah man! I am um.
You know you’re most comfortable in life right before death right.

Yes, so we i’ve seen that i’ve watched people die and there’s there’s this moment of comfort that that comes right before that uh.
It’s brief.
It’s brief, but there’s a moment it’s almost like right and even myself when i reached a real, deep depression and i tried to take my own life.

There was a moment where i was in the ocean, and i thought that it was my last moment on this planet and i remember feeling so comfortable me.

I was just at peace, i was at rest and so we’re most comfortable right in life right before death, and you see this in business you’ll see somebody will fight truth and nail to get into a position and when they get there, they get comfortable.
In what happens, fire right or you’ll see an athlete who works his tail off to get into the nfl or the nba or major league baseball.

He works his tail off and then he gets there right.
He gets to the league and he gets comfortable.
He thinks he made it gone that girl.

You know, he’s bagging groceries two years later right, so what i realized in a moment i wasn’t looking for it.
I wasn’t planning on leaving dan cummins.
I had no intentions of doing anything like that, because i loved every single minute of every single day that i was at work and i loved josh cummins dearly um.

But there came a a moment after i, after i spent some time at hustle and grinding calling on stage with eric thomas and around you know, janelle delgado and all of these amazing human beings.
And then i came back and i spent some time with my kids right after that, for like three days, i took 10 days off of work for the first time in my career, and i spent some time you know i spoke with eric thomas spent time with Danelle came back spent time with my family, then i went to a men’s christian leadership conference where scott nicholl, the uh, the pastor, was just really like really impressing upon us like what it looks like to really fight for for your message and for for what you Believe in versus just like kind of doing it, you know like jesus.
We have this picture of him like carrying around a sheep, like he’s all flannel graph, or something like that.

Like he’s just this nice little dude, but if you actually read the bible, like he fucked right like he fought to save people’s lives, he fought to to to push his message out there.
He he walked through.

You know deserts and faced famine and faced droughts and faced people wanting to take his life and he went into unpopular places, and he did all of that.

He fought every single day for this message of hope, right and so he loved us enough to to fight like that, and so i i looked at all that i was like boom the stage with eric the time with my family, the men’s christian leadership conference and When i kind of got back to work that monday morning, i was talking to one of the other owners it just hit me like.

This is really comfortable me being at dan.
Cummins was comfortable me, making 750 000 a year as a gm was comfortable.

It was really comfortable bro like nice right, like my me, my my kids are taken care of.
I don’t have to worry about any bills.
I don’t have to worry about that.

I’m the face of the dealership.
I get to drive hell cats, whatever the heck.
I want i can basically come and go as i please, which i always came, because that’s the way i roll us.

I was working 80 hour work week, but that was by choice.
It wasn’t josh requiring me to do that right, so it was really comfortable.
I just didn’t realize how quite comfortable it was and comfortable scares the crap out of me.

So i just felt a tug.
It was, like god, was saying all right glenn.
You could stay right here right now for another decade and you’ll be nice and comfortable or you can follow me, get off the boat step out into the water and let’s see what you can really do: – and so i decided to take it.

I decided to act on that tug and uh.
It didn’t make sense: , you .

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