you know with us with us doing what we’ve been doing for a couple decades and seeing that what you said, i’ve seen that’s 100 correct, there’s there is no ifs, ands or buts.

That’s exactly the reason why people leave and and that’s when you have the right leadership even like, for example, we’re at a store right now and our inventory is kind of like you know, we’ve had a little issues with inventory.
It’s been kind of tough to buy vehicles, but because of the coaching and because of the the the whole atmosphere of the store, the the positive reinforcement.

These guys don’t even realize we’re short on images.

These guys are selling cars like we still have 100 plus cars on a lot to sell, they’re, not stopping and which is in turn a beautiful thing.
You know it’s almost to the point where our owners kind of like.
Why do i need to keep buying 150 cars on a lot when i could keep just 30 40 cars and you guys sell them all the time just keep? That being said, it is it’s a different culture and it’s definitely helped a lot with with that type of mentality, and i know that, when the shift of at the dealership, when they there was times when it was a little bit more negative, like more of that Hardcore you know you you’re you’re horrible you’re, not a good closer.

That type of stuff gets stronger.

You know which, when i was coming up, that’s the way i was coached right, but at the same time, when you did things right, they gave you the love too.
Don’t get me wrong, you know.

I got plenty of love in my time, but we got a little bit more of that old school.
You know, you know, rub your head, give you noggins type stuff like hey.
Do your thing, but i learned from that a little bit different granted would i have learned, maybe faster or maybe been more receptive if they were more positive reinforcement? Maybe i don’t know, but what i can say is that it works 100 with the new people that are coming into the workforce.

These people that’s the way they want to be treated, that’s the way they need to be treated and they absolutely they flourish in that environment, and that’s and i love it, so i think that it’s a great way to do it, i’m that type of person anyway, I’m a positive guy.
I love to have a good time.
I don’t like to tell somebody that they’re horrible you’re weak and you know weak sauce, and you need to work on your skills i like to rather tell them hey.

This is what you’ve done wrong.

Let me show you how you could do it right, show them, and then you know coach them up and then obviously, if they’ve been doing it for a long time, eventually you got to sit there and say: hey, you know, maybe it’s just not the right thing For you, but and at any time that we’ve actually been corrected in coming up as far as showing you what to do on the lot and then being in a meeting when somebody else is getting gotten on to right.
And you know what it’s like when coach is jumping on you and he he’s he’s really grilling into you.

That fear of failure is also what made us try to hey.
I don’t want to be the guy.
I don’t want to be that guy.

You know i don’t want nobody talking to me like that, so i’m want to make sure that i’m not in that posture uh to be spoken to that way.
So i’m going to go, be excellent over here right and, and that would be a lot of what would motivate so many car guys uh coming up, and there is a culture change where it is so incredibly important that positive reinforcement is what we’re using to build Up each other and the people that we’re going with you know so uh with that.
I do want to say that this brew has been brought to you by think a group.

That’s right and you can get information by going to think ad group.
com and the very first conversation that we were blessed enough to have with david was inside of the think tank.
So get you some of that with those incredible solution, areas that we are building solutions.

You know the third question would be for me for me would be you know when you’re looking for somebody to to coach what is the one trait on a new hire or somebody that you see that comes in that makes you go this guy’s going to make It what’s the trait that they need to make it in the business world.
Well number one friend, i don’t look for um, i or i should say i would recommend that you know we’re not looking for skill sets.
You know i i look for attitude.

I love it, you can teach anybody you could you could coach, you could teach anybody uh, but can you can you do they have the attributes of positivity? Do they have the attributes of just being courteous? Do they have the attributes of just on the drive? The motivation, the first question you asked me: those are the type things that i would hire for.
I could teach skill, um and once they’re coachable, then they have the potential to fulfill their their dreams.
They have the potential to maximize the goals.

They have the potential to sell.
As many you know, cars as possible.
So it’s all about those attributes and not saying okay.

You know you know uh, please let me know when the last you know your last job and and oh they haven’t had any.
You know car sales and experience or you know, listen, it’s all about attitude.
I hire for attitudes.

Oh this is such a great, great, great coaching answer right there.
I agree with that 100 because you can teach people all kinds of skill sets.
But one thing you can’t teach is the right attitude and hustle those things right.

There people have those and if they have it, you know treat them and teach them.
And if you do that, they’re going to just flourish so much because you know you can have the guy who has all the skill set.
Who has everything he has the closes? He has it all he’s written everything, but if he doesn’t have the work ethic and he has a poor negative attitude, he’s not going to do anything he’s just gon na sit there and he’s gon na do the bare minimum.

If that he’s gon na complain all day long at work, he’s gon na cause cancer throughout the dealership he’s gon na, you know he’s gon na just make everybody or whatever, wherever you work, it doesn’t matter.
If it’s a car dealership, whether it’s you know real estate, um, whatever you’re doing as a profession, if you are being negative – and you are using the wrong type of attitude in there and you have no hustle man – it’s just going to be tough.
To be to be anything, you know even people who are professional, esports, electronic sports playing video games, those guys hustle and they work hard.

They actually have to put time in they’re not sitting there just playing like one hour a day, they’re putting 12 hours a day.
Working they’re actually figuring out things they’re doing, and but they have an attitude they’re in a good mood, they’re having fun they’re doing what they’re passionate about.
So, no matter what you do just like david said, you have when you’re hiring somebody or if you’re new, coming up in the game.

Just have a good attitude, make sure you’re ready to hustle, and if you do that, people will see that and they will hire you and they will.
They will love to teach you because there’s nothing better than teaching somebody who wants it like a sponge man.
I absolutely love that so and right answer seeing uh.

That attitude is in most case scenarios the 100 most important thing that you can it determines your altitude 100 times line right.
If you do, the attitude test, which is take all of the letters of the alphabet, add up which ones is inside of attitude and you’ll actually see that it equals 100.
If you add up all the numbers, the corresponding, like corresponding they’re like so like a is one, you know, whatever number it is abcd whatever you know.

What i’m saying, like you add it up, you add those numbers, it turns into 100 because it is the most important thing for you to perceptually get in gear and it doesn’t take talent to get your attitude right.

It does not zero talent to adjust.

Your attitude, that’s it that’s right! So car guys, kargal’s gon na jump into uh, asking question number four and question number four is actually gon na come from a special guest of ours.
I know that right now, david is moving and grooving and he’s got to do what it is that he’s doing, and we appreciate it.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for going to go ahead and jump watching a different screen, real quick and we are going to let the one the only jason garris ask the next question.

Man, i’m excited guys.
You don’t even understand how much fun it is.

Knowing that we have solutionaries in the room like uh david, like jason, like all of the other individuals that have been inside of the cafe, but i want to go ahead and let jason ask this next question: hi everybody uh again, it’s me chasey here i want To say hello to you guys all and uh say that i love you uh very much for all the years that we’ve known each other.
That said um.
You know the other day when you had reached out to me.

I knew that um, you owning your business.
Now was going to be a hit, you know, you’re a good one, the ones that really care and um.
So i’ve got a lot of good connections and um one is uh.

You know the car guy coffee podcast with lou and fred.
They have been nothing but genuine friends to me and uh and great so these uh people here are um people who i think that will let you be able to speak and let you go far and and also be able to let the crowd there, their audience.
Um, learn from you and in the audience, there’s so much to learn uh to all of you, i’ve known david for over 30 years and um and and it’s an incredible person i um my mother uh, which passed away in december um.

I have known my mom and i’m sorry, my mom i’ve known david uh for many many years and um love david uh.
Why so? Why is it that everybody loves david david is a very stand up: uh, very smart, smart, individual, very energetic, um, very caring, individual, very respectful um, so respectful, um and – and you know one of those things that if you ask him a question, he’s not going to Give you the answer.
It’s going to give you the full answer, um and that’s what you know.

What i love about people is that you, when you ask a question, they don’t just give you a quick answer.

They give you the whole the answer beyond the answer, because they’re passionate about what they do.
I mean the guy is a very sharp dressed man, um and so and that’s the way i believe to be dressed too as well.

Is that you know um, you know you could you could just look at him and it is solid, solid, so uh to make it to the denver broncos football team to begin any nfl football team.
Uh is a is a big um, incredible um, you know journey a legacy um and then also not to just make it there, but to win the super bowl the year that he was on.
The team is even better yet because those years he’ll be able to sit back and he’s got that fat.

Super bowl ring that many people would love to wear and that’s what david’s story is gon na be able to teach you guys all and um? That’s for him to tell you – and i don’t want to talk about me or anything or if that’s not about me, really go about him, so um, i’ve known david forever, i’m very grateful to him.

I love him david.
Thank you for all the um help that you’ve given me even getting started in my uh in my adventures and and giving me the discipline, but that only gives me discipline but giving me constructive criticism, it’s okay, to take it um in the beginning.

I remember being offensive about it, um, i’m sorry, defensive and uh.
Once i became offensive and going to fix some problems, and i i got better at it and we learned a lot and so that’s what he does it’s.

What he’s great at uh, david anyway um.

I have a question and my question to you would be in the auto industry there’s so many people who have software and tools and and uh everyone’s trying to figure out what to do next.
The coronavirus is here so my question to you is, and i know you started your new business with um with coaching and and uh.

You know human resources and hiring.

But my question to you is: what is it that’s going that you are going to be able to help the car business with? What is it that you’re going to be able to do um? Everybody wants to know what is it you’re going to be able to do, and then the next thing is is like: how long does uh does it take for you know for for a dealer, or you know, you know a sales person to actually come around to Your program and um so again, uh david, that’s my question.
For the day i love you man.
Well, thank you jason.

I appreciate that the kudos, um and the feelings are are mutual um.
But to answer your question, you know what what do i offer? What does dg coaching and consulting services offer um? It’s a multiple of things.
Um number one uh.

We do offer a basic line of hr functions, so you know that could be from interviewing.
We kind of talked about what are the things that we look for? What are the things to look for in a in a applicant or a candidate? That’s going to come to your your your car business um in your dealership, and it’s number one is: do you have the proper interviewing skills um? Do you have unbiased training? Are you are you making decisions based on um, uh biases that that will not you know, select the best candidate you know.
Are you selecting you know, folks, from a diverse background, to to really represent uh the community that you serve so there’s some basic? What i call compliance uh attributes that i could help a dealership just from bringing on talent.

Then there is the the bigger end.
Is retention um? As you know, the turnover in in the car business is, you know, it’s come and go and do you have the proper? You know retention tactics and culture, as we kind of talked about in the beginning of the show um to make people want to stay, want to give that discretionary effort want to be able to be the best want to move up and develop.

So those are some things that i would be able to look into your organization and assess and make sure it fits the right, um objectives of that dealership and then there’s just other basic hr functions.

You know whether it’s sexual harassment, um diversity, inclusion, type, trainings, there’s basic trainings that we can provide that if those are not instilled in your organization, i could help with that um and then once and then something i’m really proud of is being a certified life coach Executive coach: i can help with leadership and building team dynamics.

There’s one thing about the car business that is very transferable um to athletics is not only do you have to be a team to be successful, but also this you have to have some great individuals doing some great work right.
You know i was.

I was blessed to be with uh terrell davis and john elway, and you know what yeah, but you know what they were one hell of a player.
You know yes and they rock.
So you know: how do we get those individuals that we think are rock stars perform at a high level? How do you get that person? That’s new, that’s inexperienced, um and you know a rookie and and get that individual to perform at a high level and then together and collectively.

That’s when you have a great team.
Well, that’s that’s huge because everybody has to play their position and play their position.
Music ] excellently you .

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