Car guys car gals welcome to the cafe.

I cannot tell you how excited i am fred is all of us man to have the guest inside of the cafe that we have in here today folks he’s picking up a fresh hot cup of car guy coffee in the morning.

Just like you need to this is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is fred lennart’s subprime hero.

We are excited to get this brew started and we have a super bowl champion.

I’m talking like ring it’s real.
This is happening, the big one he is in the building, but before we get started, go ahead and get you some of this, this brew has been brought by pink and you can get information about these solutionaries and what they can prove for you by going to Think ads.

com, that’s think ad group.
com get you some.

Are you ready car guys? Are you ready? I’m sorry.

I know i’m ready, i’m so ready so check this out.

When we say we have a super bowl champion, that’s in the cafe with us right.
All that i know is that that’s all that i’m going to keep saying, because if i was the super bowl champion, that would be the introduction i always have hi.

How are you doing? I am super bowl champion ramirez, that’s that’s how i would stretch my hand across i’m.
Not gon na lie, you’re you’re, not lying man.
I mean i already that’s just that i would hollywood, i’m just a subprime hero, i’m all hey, i’m afraid to step around hero, hey how you doing.

I won super bowl thanks nice to meet you all right, great great, but folks we really do have a winner in the room, no yeah man, it’s not just about the super bowl for this guy.
This guy has been a champion in everything.
He’s ever done.

We’re really excited to have him on the show he his football was a very smart part, small part of his life, which was actually a big part, but it was a small time of his life.
He has done so much more since then, you’re talking decades of just great work, great work, ethic, teaching people how to do the right things being a good business coach for a lot of other people, which is what he’s moving into right now.
So i’m really excited so coming in the cafe car guys and car gals.

I don’t.
We can’t have an introduction bigger than the nfl and how they let you come into a stadium.
But let us welcome david gamble: man.

We are so excited to have you on the show.
You know it’s not just this.
It’s not just the super bowl that you’ve won.

That made you anything special.
What makes you special is what you’ve done since the super bowl.

You didn’t just stop and say: hey! That’s all i need you’ve done nothing but build your life up, so we’re so excited to share your story so excited to talk about a lot of things.

So thank you for coming here this morning and taking your time with us fred liu.
I appreciate you guys giving me some time.
I’m excited uh, the energy that you guys have just uh displayed this morning is outstanding and i’m ready to rock and roll this morning.

That’s right! Well, that’s because we’re brewing solutions of drinking car, guy, coffee and the main way that we find a way to get up and flying is to apply three f’s to our lives.
So i am excited to see a super bowl champion jump in and do this three application movement to getting us to the next level, and that is by applying three f’s and that’s forgive, focus and fly.
You might have seen a couple shirts.

You might have seen a couple other guys talking about it, but we do truly believe that if you’re gon na keep growing you’re going to need to forgive focus and fly so join us real, quick david as we do it on three we’re gon na wipe off The weight of unforgiveness get focused and start to fly.
One two, three forgive focus here.
We go, we already.

We are here, wow so excited to have you here, david, we um.
We do five questions and these five questions that we asked they’re they’re just to get to know you a little bit more so that the audience can hear where you come from what what what your purpose is and all these things, what helped you become? Who you are today um, so we’re excited to get these five questions in with you, you got anything when you want to talk about before we get started.
No, let’s go ahead and jump into this because i know this.

We are on a crunch time and i want to make sure that we get as much into this glue as possible.
Folks, you know what it’s like when you’re trying to jump in and get that cup of coffee you got to get in, you got to get out and you got to get on to the mission of the day.
So let’s go ahead and get this cranking all right, so my first question is really easy.

Really simple for you! It’s the same question.
I ask everybody: when i ask the first question: it is every day when you wake up, there’s something that drives you there’s something that makes you say.
You know what i’m gon na go hard today, i’m gon na make sure that i work get everything that i do.

I need done on my checklist.

What is your purpose? What is your? Why? What drives you? Ah great question: fred uh, my? Why is um the fear of failure? Oh you know losing i i i’m so competitive, uh on and off the field, um that for me, fred and lou i would rather uh lose or my fear of losing is greater than my uh excitement of winning and uh.
So every morning i just wake up uh refusing not to lose um forgiving and uh, focusing on the things that are just most important to me and uh.

That’s just just trying to win the day.
That’s all i try to do.
I don’t i don’t think about tomorrow.

I really do forget about yesterday and i’m just literally up and saying i just need to win the day.
That’s it it’s just that simple! There’s no doubt, and i i love that purpose.
That’s it’s a lot.

What drives me is that i i like to get up and i like to just i’m driven that way.
I’m very similar – and i know lou is very similar to that.
You know we all have.

Everybody has a million different things that they could use as well.
We could use tiny things we could use like.
Oh, i could see here go man.

I want to do this for my son.
I want to do this for my wife, but really what it is that i want to win.
I don’t like to lose.

You know.
I like to be i like i like to be: you know you don’t have to be.
You don’t have to win every day, but i like the act of trying to win something.

I like the act of trying to be the best at something trying to um.
Make the best out of me make, you know become better than i was yesterday.
You know and you’re you’re.

Definitely an example of that and that’s it you know, and winning is, is a uh.
It’s a culture and it’s a lifestyle right.
So yes, i’m constantly trying to win my wife.

I am constantly trying to win my children right.
I am constantly trying to win somebody’s business when working a deal right.
In any case scenario, we are trying to win the moment and i i completely honor that answer and it’s obvious guys.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it bling-bling like it, is right there in the inside of the screen, but it is shouting at you.

I mean that’s exactly what i would be doing too.
What’s up guys how you doing all right there we go, get you some of that hold on put that back up in there.

Let me see that fill that screen with it bam.
Get you, sir.
Oh guys, car gals, you want one of those official right there, guys that’s official, that’s not one thing.

Oh yeah you’ll find this in the cracker box, jokes, [, Laughter, ] and i know the stories you know we had.

We had a great opportunity to sit down and um on the think tank last thursday, uh justin, searle and uh derek perez.
They put together a great thing every week and you were on there.

You were the featured guest and the stories you told were amazing.
You know when i had a chance to ask you a question.
I didn’t want to get too deep, because i knew i was going to be interviewing you soon.

So i was like man, so i asked you about.
You know easy eddie right.
You were telling me a little bit about you know mccaffrey, my wife’s favorite player.

Ever you know she thinks he’s amazing, so i told her every story you said and how he was and his superstitions.

She was like she kind of knew some of it, but she was like.
Oh that’s, cool, it’s even deeper than she thought so really really neat, and i appreciate you being on that and talking those stories.

So that being said, i’m gon na let lou get to the second question.
Well, with that, i do want to say that you are um you’re, definitely lighting up the room when, when you jump in everybody, was so passionate and excited uh to getting that opportunity.
Just to just to kick it with you as as excited as everybody gets, we do honor and appreciate you being so down to earth being so real and being so genuine of just a human uh.

That is able to say, hey guys, let’s have some fun.
Let’s, let’s talk about some great stories.
I know i don’t know all of you all, but here’s some good vibes, let’s pass it around and have a great night, and that’s awesome that that you were able to take the time to do that again.

Making connections folks is key uh to to getting yourself to the next level.
I want to make a shift here in in saying why it is that this incredible person is brewing with us right there is this culture um that if anybody knows about it, it would be somebody that pray played professional, uh, athletics, professional ball right.
What coaching is and what a great coach is and in the cultures of coaching there’s so many different cultures of coaching right, there’s so many different styles of coaching that people have so my question to you to you david would be what is it that is so Important about positive reinforcement, coaching as opposed to negative reinforcement coaching.

Why is it that that type of coaching is so important in all culture, yeah lou? I i mean it’s essential, all the coaches that you’ve seen on tv, whether it’s in football basketball, baseball right now, i’m actually uh reading, uh phil, jackson’s uh book um about leadership, and you know to answer your question.

It’s really about you, know negative type of leadership and coaching um.
It’s based off of fear.

It’s really based off of fear.
You look at the leaders and it could be even history.
You can look at the wars and and generals and and and that type of leadership, even though it was very effective.

It was based off of fear and with that being said, that’s temporary there’s just and in today’s culture, if you lead with fear and and and just in negativity, people now have the option to leave, people will not be fully engaged and people will will not use Their discretionary effort to be the best and to make you and your organization the best, no doubt now, let’s just flip that, let’s flip that on the positive side, you live you you lead with love, you lead with positivity, you lead with integrity and you lead, and You leave with all these positive things, guess what you have that same individual that would like die for you right believe for the company to you know, give the discretionary effort recommend a friend or a family, and, and you know what and where i always talk about They’ll spend their own money in the product that they actually serve.

So that’s the thing that you know really separates a great leader from uh.
You know a poor leader and you know they’re not leading by fear they’re, leading with influence and uh.

That’s huge! That’s huge! In today’s market we start looking at uh our audience millennials and our workforce.
They have so many different uh things at their fingertips that they’ll make they’ll make a choice on their own and people don’t join companies.
You know, or i should say, people join companies because of the brand right.

They leave companies because of leadership.

Um wow.
That is so true.

It’s facts.
That’s i mean you know: , you .

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