Do , , [ Applause ] is .

I don’t want to stop flowing going and flowing.
So this is number three and we are trying to make this quick transition into understanding how the forges of fire have got.
You to the place where we ended up meeting and you were motivated to create a show getting some of the great solution areas of our business on it uh she started a show called the car, biz leaders, um and – and i was so blessed to be on It and we had a great time great uh conversation.

So what was it that made? You want to start that for our industry.
Well, let me just tell you this.
That was like three years in the making, okay, so yeah like i, i write my goals lists.

Every day, okay and some things like they come to fruition right away, and some things take up a lot of time so like for me like starting carp.
As leaders, life came like all right, like marinating.
Well, i know i need to do video, because this is what i should be doing, and this is the way of the future, and this is what i should do, but i was scared out of my mind, scared scared, scared.

I mean i i can sell.
I can do a lot of things.

What am i gon na talk about um, and so you know i when i, when it did come together, it came together very quickly because i had already been kind of marinating on, but i had talked to you two years prior, i talked to el patron he’s, Like you need to get out there and do more videos, one or two out there of me like talking or like one or two of me at the auction, but nothing consistent, nothing like professional.

Nothing like the show is um developing into you know.

So my business coach, ken walls, god bless that man and – and he has – and you guys might want to check him out too um.
He does um like he helps people with like their their podcast right.

So he has all these tips and tricks and and everything and and great ways to kind of help.

People who who are interested in doing um shows like this get better.
You know, and so he has been instrumental in helping me um and his book is great and he’s just an overall great person to have in my life, and he really just came to me at a time when i was very low on my company um and I was struggling and i didn’t know if i wanted to um like go on anymore.

I was like ready to just like throw in the towel and he kind of like lifted me up out of that.
I quadrupled my business uh and then i started uh karba’s leaders live because he was like.

Why don’t you just because i’m like i don’t know what to say you know i don’t i mean i could talk about logistics, um, but everybody hates talking about logistics anyway.

Uh, it’s sort of like the afterthought.
People want to talk about their themselves, the cars um.
You know things that are going to bring them um value right, um, not just me talking about my business, but really helping people kind of get to the next level with their lives, and so there’s a lot of great car people that are doing amazing things.

I know a lot of us follow, grant cardone and he’s amazing and and one of my first mentors, and so these, like it’s just a culmination of things that have to we have to do every single day uh to get us to that point.
But when i started it, i had some great people on um talking about the car business.
I’m still continuing to bring amazing people like yourself, lou, um and fred.

Definitely have you on too, because you got great energy um, but i really want to help people become like more successful because and also in turn.
You know, while i’m interviewing these people as things that, like i, you know, there’s no school for the car business right.

You kind of have to go out and figure figure it out on your own and so um talking to people who are running the show who are leading the pack who are out there doing it every single day, like those are meaningful to me like i’m, not.
I haven’t always been the best boss, you know.
Sometimes i’m you know my my nickname sometimes is the slave driver um.

I know i feel about it or my mom.
My mom has like these.
We call them connie-isms because she mixes words up.

You know so she’ll like, for example, like kentucky fried chicken is like fry tucky, but so he calls me the dominatrix, you know so it art or sometimes short for the matrix.

So just the matrix, that’s what my nickname is for my mom, sometimes because you know i work really hard and i i expect people to work really hard around me um and that’s and that’s not always reality right.
Like i mean this is my show.

I like live and die by this stuff.

I am completely obsessed and only want to talk about it and so anytime that you’re talking about something that you know.

It’s just me growing up and not becoming selfish anymore, but at the end of the day um you know it just took a lot to make this happen so um.

You know it was once i started doing it.

It becomes less and less um anxious.
For me.

Um but i still get like butterflies in my stomach every time i go on camera um, i always wonder.
Sometimes i jumble up my words like my mom does um.
Sometimes i forget the question that i was asked, or i was asking put my thoughts together.

There’s all kinds of things that go, oh can we relate internet goes out.
You know, there’s all kinds of things that go wrong, but you just kind of go with the flow and and just keep ruin solutions.
You know, that’s what you wouldn’t you know, that’s it.

That’s cheers to you rachel, okay, thank you so much.
We understand that path that you went through.
We’ve been through it ourselves.

You know we we were just as as nervous as as you were.
We are too, you know and that’s just something that we all go through, but that’s with that feeling of nervousness anxiety.

That’s another thing, that’s a why for me.

I love that feeling i love having i love.
Having that unknown feeling like is this gon na be good, or is it not, but then and then, when you’re done with it, you realize it was good that was actually pretty darn.
You know impressive.

I didn’t think i could do something like that which, like you said it makes it easier every time and and the growth is yeah.
You’ve had some great people on your show.
I’ve watched a lot of your clips.

I’ve seen a lot of your videos and you know having lou.
That’s your been your best guess so far, [ Laughter ], but no, we, you do a great job.
We understand that ask the questions, and you start talking and you forget, where you’re at you’re like okay, what was that hole about? I’ve been that i’ve started rambling and then realized like what was i even talking about so you? So you know what i’m talking about rachel.

I mean i’ll, be sitting there just watching him right, yeah he’s just saying stuff and i’m like this is awesome and then and then he went like where, because i don’t know where i’m at right now lou.
I don’t know why i’m talking about this anymore, real men, real men, yeah exactly where was i going with, and that happens and that and then i think you know, there’s an insecurity behind that like well.
You know people don’t care, they don’t even notice what we know that we will.

We notice exactly we’re our own worst critics and you always will be, and – and i think that the imperfections is what makes these shows good.
You know when you they make it real, because people don’t want to see perfect people all the time.
We’re not perfect, you know and that’s that’s.

The ideas like the coolest part about being a human being is not being perfect because you having the errors in life, really make it interesting having the things that you don’t know make you want to keep growing.
You know because if you knew everything and we are all perfect, then it would just be boring.

You know so it’s it’s cool to have those opportunities to have growth, have those opportunities to mess up and then still bounce back and realize it wasn’t that big of a deal because messing up like we talked about earlier, is it’s essential for growth? It really is, you have to you, have to go through those things.

So, for me, overall has just been the people, the people that i’ve loved and lost and of you know.
You know that, for me, like everybody, is my family and so when’s when it doesn’t work out tomorrow.
That, i think was big.

Probably my biggest um regret.
Sometimes you know is that you lose.
You lose some people along the way.

You know not everybody’s gon na come on the journey with you.

You know, and i think that from you know, from some people are like my family’s on the journey like they’re in they’re in it to win it and they’re.
Coming with me and we’re going, you know, and people aren’t so i think that, for me has always been a struggle, so i’m always learning how to deal better with people.

You know – and i think that’s a constant growth thing that where we keep ourselves encouraged, that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement that that as soon as we feel as though we’re so inflated like like a balloon right so completely inflated.
Like a balloon, the balloon looks absolute best when it’s filled all the way open, but when you feel as though you’re perfect right at that time, and then you get popped right, then you’re very vulnerable to getting exploded right.
If you blow, i mean, i remember, uh, just blowing up balloons or the latter or i’ll tell the guys hey that balloon is a little bit too blown up.

It’s gon na get outside it’s going to experience a little bit of heat, and it’s going to explode.
You know what i mean and, and that’s something that we we often uh, find ourselves dealing with in a constant effort to grow, but understanding that that if we don’t approach life, knowing that there is no box for our thoughts, our ideas and our dreams, we don’t Need to shove them inside of something and keep them closed off, but remain open to not just ours, but those of many other people.
You know what i mean, i’m sure that each of all of us have been part of the dreams come true inside of other people’s lives and there there’s a piece of it that where i appreciate that i’ve had fred here with me through these events, these laughs, That i’ve had through life these pains that i’ve had through life.

I’ve had a brother next to me that i’ve been able to say you know i couldn’t imagine, go having to come through life and not having that brother next to me or that sister that that mentor or that one friend you know what i mean these are The valuable things that, if we ever close off, we don’t have room to bring people into our life and if we don’t have room to bring people into our life well, we can’t grow now.
Some people we might grow up, maybe not – and i hate to say above but inside of like if i look at my field, you know there’s a tree.
That’s this high there’s a tree.

That’s this high right, they’re, all part of the same woods or forest right, but they grow to different levels, reaching towards the light and at one time that big tree was at at or below the level of grass.

And you know – and they you know, hey we’re at the same level – we’re right here we’re doing what we’re doing, but i’m actually created to do something a little different.
My seed is a little different and i’m going to continue to grow way up and but no matter what we’re still all here together.

You know what i mean and and growing so that’s uh, that’s exciting! It’s inspiration, inspirational, sorry, you’re.
Getting me all pumped up and motivated, and we got ta uh get on to question number four.
Fourth question: it kind of you’ve had you’ve talked about some of your mentors.

You know you said one of your very first ones.

Obviously, that’s a huge name in when it comes to sales, automotive sales.
Now he’s ventured out into real estate and much more he’s becoming a huge mogul now um him and his wife.

They do a great job, helping each other promote each other um.
And then you talked about a few other people.
El patron told you to do more videos, if you out of all mentors and i’m not going to ask you to pick one right, because i usually ask hey: who was your biggest influence? That’s one of my favorite questions to ask, but you’ve kind of already mentioned a few of them.

The two include um.
What was the gentleman’s name that you mentioned a minute ago? If that helped you really yeah? I got a couple people but yeah.
I got a couple: uh tommy detwiler ken walls, cunningham um, who else has meant to me: um steve, brewster, um, lots of people, my dad uh, you know sometimes my mom um.

You know a lot of people.
A ton of my surprises just help me up, but um yeah grant cardone has been a big one, uh listening to sean hayes.
Sometimes i listen to melissa, burrow um.

There’s a couple people in my outer circle i mean i like there is no school for car business, so you go to the car, that’s it you reach for it and you just you, look for it, but there’s plenty of people out there willing to give information.

So the question i’m going to ask: you is out of all the people and all the tips that you’ve been given.

What’s the biggest tip that you have been given by it doesn’t matter who gave it to you.

But what is the biggest tip and if you want to name the person, but what is the biggest tip that helped you grow to where you were able to be? Who you are now um, so it was um well tommy introduced me said you got to watch, grant cardone so but um, and that was and he’s always been.
Somebody who’s really helped me through a lot of tough times good times all that stuff but um.
When i before i went to work on a commission only job right, i never worked commission only before uh and it was scary as shit for me um and so i’m watch.

So before i get started.
I’m watching a video on grant cardone and he said to um, stop worrying about the number like the number that people give you and try to find out what you’re, truly capable of like seek your own potential.
What is my potential and you know – and i didn’t like i’m – i provide for my family, like i, my husband, god bless him.

Does the noble profession um, but, like that’s my job, my job is to provide for the family and so um seeking my own potential.
What am i truly capable of? How much can i really? Where can i go and then, along the way, like chad and steve, kept busting, my bubbles of what i thought was a lot? Okay, so as and then sometimes like frank crenity will bust my bubbles of what i think is a lot because a lot of times people like oh, i sold 20 cars today and that’s a lot and yeah.
That’s a lot of cars.

You know, but can you sell a hundred, can you sell 500, you know, can you something and it’s just busting your what busting your bubbles of what is possible right and seeking your own potential? What am i truly capable of? How can i take this even further? How can i push myself even higher? You know um, because at the end of the day, like yeah, we we all grow, but then sometimes we come to like a plateau right, and so it’s scary, my my plateau, is, is low for what i would like.
You know like where i get scared like this is too much you know and having to kind of bust through that, and how am i gon na? Take it to the next level um and that’s all about trying to find what i’m truly capable of and seeking.
My own potential, so i tell my crew that all the time like find out what you’re truly capable of what happens.

If you just really focus on your goals, put your blinders on, like you guys say, and just don’t let anything stop you.
You know.
I did that i started crushing it boom.

That’s what’s up it’s great words of advice, and i i honestly believe that that is the key, because i talk about it a lot too.
You know the blinders all that stuff’s very important, but the real only competition.
You truly have is with yourself right, and you mentioned that, and it’s how.

What is the max that i can do, and the thing is, is that if you look at every single day and if you wake up, you have a daily plan.
I do the same thing.
I have a daily plan.

I have daily gratitude.
I do all this stuff, i write a lot.
I mean i have a journal.

I do everything that i can to to keep me motivated, but those those things they really work.

When you have a plan – and you start doing these things – you start realizing hey.
I man i just got to do a little bit more than i did yesterday.

I don’t have to do a whole lot more than i did yesterday, but if i did, can i do a lot more than i did yesterday great, but i’m satisfied if i just do a little bit better, i don’t want to.
I don’t want to go.
I don’t want to decrease my private productivity.

I want to increase my productivity.
Sometimes you have to some like and that’s kind of like what i’ve learned recently is sometimes like.

You’ve got to decrease your because it just gets and you need to reorganize it or just take a step back and look at it from a different perspective, but sometimes decreasing productivity is also a way to increase your growth.

Sometimes that’s a great great great point.
Rachel seriously, that’s because there’s so many things that get onto the list that you can get frustrated about, that you didn’t get to the chance to knock off and you and then it transfers to the next day and then it transfers to the next day.

And you didn’t find the physical time the desire, the motivation, the inspiration whatever it was.

The thing was right: you you didn’t make it to the to the hardware store to go, get the one thing that you need for that one project whatever it is, that has been the intentional thing you wanted to do.

Uh actually make the the upgrade to the um to a newer phone to a newer uh program to um having having that one training whatever it is whatever the thing is that you put on your list reaching out to that customer, sending out that card right, um, Making that one extra phone call, sometimes those things that you put onto the list don’t get on there and you get to the next day weighted down by what you feel like you didn’t do right and that could be crippling if you don’t actually find the peace And understanding all right, let me just forgive myself for not hitting that today and let me actually focus on what i can focus on the key thing about you becoming uh, so motivated at being better than yourself.
Is that you’re not worried about the other person’s next? To you, the other person’s growth next to you, um you’re, worried about where it is that you can get better and sometimes where it is that you get better, is helping the person next to you get better.

You know what i mean: it’s actually make taking the time to give to somebody else something that’s made you successful, you’ve jumped into this car business and and and been brewing solutions, but you’re also coming to the table.
Saying hey: let’s get other people all around the country that want to do the same thing that that have more knowledge than what i have.
I can share what i have, but i would love for other people to have something that other people are using to be successful too and you’re definitely pioneering a great path.

Um technology is doing that uh for us uh, but inside of that there again and we’ll we’ll talk about it till we’re blue in the face.
There’s a forging uh, there’s a beating that life is giving us, but it is creating something beautiful we’re inside of a great time in our life right now, these years of our life, we still have a lot of growing and a lot of a lot of depositing To do right a lot of getting great information from people but at the same time, being able to take in the new class and say run with us.

You know what i mean.

Let us show you how this is going to be able to work.
You know what i mean and it’s an it’s an exciting time, uh for us all to be in rachel.
I’m so excited that you are here with us, so i’m going to go ahead and make the next bridge and flow to our last question on the five liner numero cinco five, so five dollar rachel.

What has it been inside of all of these experiences? You just bought a new home, oh wow, we got you got an awesome, awesome uh, an awesome trail of success that is behind you and up to this point right now.

So just like you asked me, miss gal sister sister right.
What has been your greatest reward in? All of that? You know.

I think my greatest reward is that you know like i’m alive, and things are like, i feel like i’m becoming more of who i am every single day and i’m not as insecure as i once was, and my greatest reward is just it’s not necessarily all times Material stuff, it’s just looking back and seeing oh my gosh, like i did all this and um and then just sharing that with with the world you know like at the end of the day.
I just want other people around me to be successful, um and just and just grow things, and i really don’t believe that um like.
I believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.

You know – maybe not everything all at once, but you know we can do a lot here and um, and so that’s just my greatest reward and being around my family and being alive and and here in the present moment, with you guys and and just uh continuing To to grow so keep growing.
I love that yep, yep and uh get a little closer with god and and just uh be thankful every single day that i’m alive and successful, and we live in america where we can create our own destiny and um.

You know you can’t you can’t beat that think.

Your own thoughts have a have a have blessings, so love it.
So if i am to interpret this correctly, what i’m hearing out of you is so so solutionary language.
It’s such a language of solutionary right, which i believe is the culture that was being created, especially in the land of solutions, which is where car guy coffee is trying to set up shop.

We are the official coffee of the land of solutions.

That’s right, and i believe that what you’re saying is your greatest reward has been your legacy of growth.
Up to this point that it’s not just something that made it to where you are now.

But it’s something that’s endearing going forward.
The wows that you want to see in your child’s face are going to be expressed inside of the wows, in your grandchildren’s, face, right or, and and many many from there going so this legacy of growth is, is such a great reward and, and i honor that I appreciate that, thank you for just keeping it real with a couple of car guys what a car gal.
Yes, you’re, awesome! You are awesome, you were awesome.

Thank you.
I really do i’ll take more , but she i mean again and i will we’ll pour out as much as as we can into this brew.
But i want to make sure that that inside of this, that it’s not just rachel folks and you all that are listening, you’re, never going to be rachel you’re, never going to beat rachel at being rachel right.

She she is of, she is her own brew.
She is, she is authentic and it’s getting better with every day right, just like us, where, every time i make a cup of coffee, i want to make it just a bit better than the last cup just right, just a little bit better than the last cup Right and so with that she’s doing that, but you can do it too, you can do it too.

All of you can continue inside everybody and understand that, no matter how low it gets, the only reason that you notice that it’s low would be a should be a highlight that there is a way higher place that you can get to and in the life of A mountain climber or in the flock of flyers, we are people that are constantly going to new heights, but sometimes you have to come down get into the nest.

Tuck away.
Rest, find it easy and when it’s time to head out again forgive focus and fly.
That’s right to where it is that you dream and then dab it and then put a dab on it.

You got when you get there, you’re dancing right when you get there, you’re excited and that’s what i love.
That’s why i’ve loved her show when, when i saw her uh saw episodes before she had music going.
She was bumping, she was jumping trying to get it going and – and i was like that’s she’s – got to be drinking car guy coffee i mean for real um.

I i’m drinking the coffee, gentlemen, and i love you guys and honestly you have the best energy, i swear to god and you always bring the light and i think, at the end of the day, like that’s what people want people want to laugh.
They want to smile, they want to be happy, they want to get better, yes and – and nobody wants to you know, there’s so much negativity out there, whether it’s true or whether it’s not true, it’s all, not nice, you know, and so you know we just got To focus on what’s gon na what we want to grow in our gardens, you know right come on, say that i love it yes and coffee and friends and uh all good disney and uh and uh.
You know all those good things that we we do to enjoy life, you know and and uh when i’m in kentucky, i got ta come back.

Yeah first choice, yes and i’m sure that we’re gon na meet up at what whatever events actually help us cross.
Our physical past together, but i am grateful that uh, the the god that created all of the universe, everything found a way for us to find a way to find each other to brew solutions so that we can make better things happen inside of the world that We are exposed to you’re an incredible solutionary.
Yes, you are rachel and we’re excited to see great things coming, everybody that doesn’t know where this group came from.

This brew has been brewed by think ad group.
That’s right! You can get information about think ad group by going www.

com get you some of that.
There’s true solutionaries that are out there and if this conversation over a cup of coffee didn’t get you to start thinking about different uh ways that you can actually grow.

Well, guess what you probably need to do? Well, listen to it again, one more time! I love it.

I love it.
I can’t wait, i’m going to share it out guys.
I appreciate you so much just send me the links and all the stuff.

Then i will get it going and if you ever need anything, let me know i’m here to help appreciate it same way: you’re going to be called vice, so you’re in it and uh, and let’s do this anytime anytime.
Even if it’s subprime, we can do it anytime, , bye, .

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