Car guys and car gals welcome to the car guy cafe.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred leonard’s subprime hero and we are excited to be bringing a special guest and she is of royalty, , so number two.
We got my second question for you.
I know that you’ve been doing this and you own your own company.

Everything is wonderful and i’m so happy for you, but before you started your own company, what did you do um? So so my career really began in technology.
So i i worked for like a mainframe computer company and then um and then i worked for this division and they sold their company and started selling off the parts, and so they sold off my division and i had never gon na leave there.
It was my cakiest wonderfulest job, i basically socialized with the entire company and did my makeup and was on facebook and did business, and then you know i made a lot of money.

It was wonderful um, but i was i was stuck at where i was right.
So, like i couldn’t get to the next level and that always kind of bugged me um, plus the people no offense in this particular area of technology would have sung.
Just wasn’t like you know, they’re very proper, you couldn’t swear and i would absolutely accidentally drop the f-bomb and then i would feel like i’m totally embarrassed because, like it was professional and um, and so it’s pretty miserable and stuck there, and so when they sold off.

My division, i was like, i never thought i was gon na.
I would i couldn’t get fired, but i lost my job all of a sudden after eight years, and so i found myself going around and i ended up at um this trucking company called united road.
It’s one of the largest automotive car haulers in the country and they taught me my um.

They taught me my life skills, but they also paid me like uh highway robbery right right.
No, i get you yeah.
So then i left and i went to another uh company and then i went to another company called uh wholesale inc.

You know um, and this is where i kind of help them develop their company um with that marketing and i create help them create their uh transportation company and their great people until they sold it.
So um now they’re owned by a company called uh rumble on and they’re publicly traded and uh, and i you know when the process of you know trying to fit me into their corporate box uh.
I decided that i was gon na start, my own company.

So then i uh, i began royalty, logistics and um.
You know i’ve been flying ever since.
So it’s been a rough road.

Don’t get me wrong, owning your business? Is you know i always thought? Well, i would make more money if i own my own business.

No, i make way less money, [ Laughter, ], i um.
You know.

I have a lot more stress like on, like um, unbearable stress, sometimes like of how i wake up in the morning and and do this sometimes.
But i think, with the help of god and a lot of people around me, um and great great support for my customers and my staff and for my family, like i be here today, it’s just it’s it’s it’s a roller coaster of good and bad, and so The highs are really high and the lows are really low, so um at the end of the day.
I love what i do, though, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, yes, i agree with you.
Oh, i mean that’s the life of a mountain climber right, it is that’s.
That’s the life of somebody that flies actually you’re, you’re literally on the ground and then you’re elevated high up into into like the stratosphere right you’re inside of a different dimension where weight where you’re weightless things are different and apply different if you’re a flyer right, if You’re somebody that’s always ascending a hill you’re going to come down and then find and always be reminded when you get low, that you’ve been very high on the hill right and you can get back there again and as a matter of fact, do it better get Even higher get even to a different level and that’s that’s inspirational and it is, and the thing is, and we’ve interviewed a lot of great people, and you know we’re adding you to the list of great people also rachel, because you have to go through those things To be able to, if you always win, win, win, win, win, you’ll, never appreciate the the you know.

You never appreciate things you just it’s like.

It becomes numb, it becomes normal, winning, isn’t like extra.
It isn’t great.

So when you have these, and so there’s nobody out there, who does that anybody who says that they have never? Oh, they win win-win.
All the time they’re lying to you, michael jordan, will tell you that he lost many games.
He’s missed a lot of last-second shots.

He’s done that wayne gretzky, you can name all the greats at any sport all the greats in in when it comes to anything that was keep presidents even um.
You could just keep going and going and going if you’re a great person, you went through trials and tribulations, but those trials and tribulations is what defined you and made you greater.

What made you become more – and i know that you’re just on your path and you’re on your way up and these things that have taken a toll on you, those tolls.

You learn something from those things, and i know that the next time you get to that situation, it’s going to be that much easier, and i know that’s how it is for us.
I know that’s how it is for everybody else that we’ve interviewed from tom maoli el patron.

You know jason, there’s so many people.

I can name that we’ve interviewed and we just know that have been through it and but you have to go through it.
If you don’t go through it, you’ll you’ll never get there.
It really.

It means you’re.
Taking the easy path, means you’re, not you’re, just going with the flow you’re, just letting it happen.
No, if you’re, if you’re carving a new path into a forest you’re gon na you know, you’re gon na have trees fall the wrong way.

Sometimes you’re gon na sometimes run into a bear.
Sometimes you’re gon na run into you know a pack of wolves you’ve got to deal with each one of those situations with the greatest way you possibly can and then move on to the next.
You know where you can go and i know that’s what you’re doing and that’s awesome.

I love that you’ve been through so many different things and and you’re going and then you start your own company you’re doing great and i’m super excited and that’s that’s incredible.

Um and so the in an analogy form, you know [ Laughter ].
This may not make the show all right.

Hopefully, it won’t die all right right, okay, so in in analogy mode uh in just speaking of taking a piece of steel right, a piece of steel gets gets created to either just hold something up or it could be forged right or a piece of iron can Be forged into a sword can be cut down into a a scalpel right into a knife.
It there, but there’s an application of getting beat, beat and put into fire when you’re forging a sword and that that that sword then takes such a beating to become this.

Incredibly beautiful tool, um that could be something that uh actually brings uh safety brings.

Security brings strength, brings uh all of the things uh that that are that are noble.
It could also be used for something that’s uh detrimental or could be uh used to attack right, and the thing is, is that all of us have our experiences of highs and lows, and we each have the choice to either be somebody somebody that is bringing joy And bringing hope and bringing laughter, bringing smiles, bringing motivation uh to uh, if not just business, but our family right, it’s a lifestyle, usually you’re gon na bring to your business what you have in your home.

You know what i mean if and it’s so important that you’re bringing all of the fiery forged things that were you’re getting beat down with life and it, but you allow those things to create something powerful.

That can stand for something good right can be a a sort of truth or a sword.

Uh that defends um, michael jackson, says it in uh heal the world.
He says um turn our swords into plowshares, still something that that can then cut down the wheat and uh and create bread for many right um.

So i love michael michaels, i love, but so what what an incredible uh line that was, so speaking of lime, guys we’re just having a great cup of coffee in the conversation over here.
We need to get to number three .
You .

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