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Hey this prior Maxwell, the success coach for the generation to change enough, I’m coming at you because i recently had at a seminar, office door.

I was consumed and this thing has been on my mind big time and I wanted to share something with you.

I was in the class and when I do these training classes, companies called me up and they say look.
We need some positive, productive people.

We want you to come in and train these people to help them to better fit our business, to build our business and what I found to be so common as a blade is that these people that are coming in I mean they could be twenty thirty.
Forty fifty men, women, it doesn’t matter more people – are feel it so hopeless and helpless that it’s not even funny.
I hear more people say Brian there’s, no jobs out here.

There are no more opportunities, nobody’s hiring, and I’m here to tell you that’s extremely false.
There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity out here available but see what happened is that you remember back in 2000-2001 of me.
You can cut your balls off flipping the bird and you have another job in five minutes before you even left things were good, so money was flowing, nobody cared but didn’t know 708.

When that economic downturn happy companies had to really start looking within and see how they can save money and maintain the companies and what they found was that many of them were over staffed with a lot of people who have what i call a sense of entitlement.
These are the people who want to know when they can get more money.
Anyone more variation time.

These are people say well, i only do more work if they pay me more.

These are the type of people who leave right on the dock when it’s time to go, get there right when it’s time to start and get upset whenever somebody would ask them to do anything outside of what they felt was in their job description.

So what the companies did they cut them? They let him go and what they realized.

That not only did they maintain the business and increase profits.
They realized that they could run efficiently without those people, and I unfortunately they referred many refer to them as bottom feeders.
Why? Because that’s where they maintain that’s where they stay at the bottom and then he blamed the world and they blame the economy.

They blame the government, they blame the companies and folks I’m here to let you know that’s so faint and so false.
That’s a tremendous amount of opportunity out here for the person that wants it is if you sit around – and you say man, can anybody give me an opportunity? Why can’t anybody give me a chance at the same time, why you wasting your time, facebook and how you eating a sandwich tweeting about how you ingest at the club last night, when, in truth, you should be sitting down taking two minutes three minutes out of your Day to read a paragraph I didn’t say a page, I didn’t say a chapter.
I didn’t say the book, a paragraph of some positive motivating, inspiring book or whether it be sales leadership.

I ought to be a better barber ought to be a better husband.
How to be a better wife, whatever it is something to make you better.
You see your income is directly tied to what goes into your mental rolodex.

It’s all of you.
Looking at your bank account you saying man, it’s a little thin.
I assure you nine times out of ten, your TV is bigger than your library see.

That’s one of the things I realize with people they spend more time talking on the cell phone, watching the TV and doing things that cost them money.

Instead of learning the tools and the secrets of how to make money, now I’m telling coming at you know: people look at my lifestyle today, they said we’re Brian s interview you travel around the country, you drive nice cars overnight house and is that him has not Always been like that, let me tell you where I come from.
I was born and raised Detroit Michigan C student.

I graduated in the butt and a half of the class that made the top hat.
Look good went off to college, more focused on party girls and everything at basketball.
More than i was on studies i didn’t realize it was student-athlete until I lost my scholarship now I was able to regroup sign would at school, but guess what I did broke.

The one suit my parents said not to do, which is, went out start having kids making a family.
So here I was forced to drop out going into my senior year.
No formal education, no real skills.

I was forced to take those type of positions that people hate working for minimum wages working just enough to be broke, struggling job, jumping complaining being negative until one day the negativity caught up with me, where I was fired, unable to find another job due to lack Of skill and ability and my family was evicted onto the street, my wife and my three kids and myself.
That was the most humbling experience I’ve ever been through.
I was suicidal literally standing with a nine-millimeter to my head, the middle of the room with the boxes around me that we reinforced the move.

We had three days ready to end it and right there.
It’s like a divine intervention came over and said Brian.
You are the reason this happened, you see, many people are blame, everybody else, their parents, they spotted a job for their diet, for their mistakes and that’s faith.

You have to take control, you have to take ownership of your life.
If you keep blaming other people, other people can always bear to step in and be able to affect you mentally when, in truth, you control the most dominant aspect of how to transform your life round, which is your attitude so once I assume ownership it took control Of it, you know metaknight gentleman who was able to start referring me to some books.
Thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, while this waters the science of being rich, I started reading every day I get my hands on Neal, wash everything, jack canfield, bob proctor, whatever it was, and it created a hunger and I began to devour everything.

But you know what happened.
I began to change from the inside out.
You see how your Les Brown say something he said.

It’s a Chinese proverb to say you know the enemy within the enemy only has there’s no enemy within the enemy on the outside can do us no harm.
I was my biggest enemy.
I was my biggest critic.

People on the outside didn’t talk negative to me.
I did always say: well, look man, I can’t do that or you know getting riches for the people on TV.
I come from Detroit Michigan.

How can I ever even when I decided I was gon na start writing the book.
There was so much negativity around me who Brian you do.
I even start man me.

Can I do this? Yes, I can and did it so can you many times the people that doubt is the most are really trying to help us with their your family.

Your friends, your closest people, to you see people like it when you right there with them, because you’re not making them realize how they’re not stepping up.
But the moment you try to elevate here comes everybody trying to give you that good advice.

Oh don’t do this! You know they don’t work man.
I wouldn’t do that, even though they’ve never tried or done any of it themselves, they don’t want you to do it.
You have to take ownership for your life to seize control of it, and you have to begin your fulfill.

Your mental rolodex up with the necessary tools to create a more positive, productive and passionate feel like if you somebody hit that snooze button.
That’s that’s crazy.

How can you want to stay in the dream? What do you want to wake up and go on approach to glorious day? That’s that’s! That’s crazy! How do you even need a clock to wake up, regardless of what time you went to bed, you should be excited to wake up and go at the day.

You get an opportunity to complete the things that you didn’t get a chance to complete yesterday.
This is the passion that you need.
I went from barely earning a living and being evicted to travel around the country, making a very, very, very nice syndrome and folks, if I can do it, you can do, but you have to seize control.

You have to take ownership.
The time is now the reason why they call the moment.
The present is because it truly is a gift bestowed upon us by our divine creator and remember and know that obstacles are nothing more than seeds, of opportunity that have been brilliantly disguised for your development and discovery of just how? How how beautiful and how? How capable you are, but becoming anything you want to be start today.

Read a paragraph.
Read two sentences read one sentence, just start right now: no excuses start right now.
My love goes out to you.

I wanted to share that.
It’s going to be a lot lot.
More coming from you, i’m on the road right now, I’m in Abilene, Texas, just came from Baton Rouge with a New Jersey.

Before that things are great, the world is loving life.
I’m loving you so like this video share this video like this video, then, let’s start putting instead of sharing videos on people rapping and fighting and doing crazy stuff, let’s start sharing things that uplift each other and what we do.
We create our own generation, I’m in the New Age generation, I’m 35 years old, come with me join me on this journey as we become the leaders of tomorrow and step into our greatness share this video like it.

I look forward to seeing you at the top and, if you’re interested in having me come out to speak with you about developing your sales team or your company or your staff, shoot me a message through facebook.
Again, my name is Brian Maxwell.
Your success comes for the generation to change and I see you at the top piece.

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