Metaphors in life equal answers in sales

What is up knoll wall shear is a gunslinger from nwa conquer.

What you chase.
Sales training wanted to talk today about we’re going to call it monday metaphors.
I was just at bryce canyon, national park, capital reef national park, cedar breaks.

National monument also did some dispersed camping, but did four days of camping with my family in nature.
In my family’s presence off of facebook off of social media off of the phone away from work, just kind of gathering my thoughts, not that i’m not tuned in with myself, but just gathering my thoughts and i started looking at things in looking at the the metaphor That lies in between them and how those metaphors stack up in our lives like, for example, this palm that we have right here about a week ago.
This stem just started growing and that stems eight nine feet tall.

We don’t even know what it’s going to do.
We’ve only lived here a little while we’ve never had palms before we came from michigan, where you have oak trees and no elm trees and lots of grass.
Here we have a gravel yard, no grass.

You can hear the sprinkles going right now, but this palm is getting the proper light is getting the proper nutrition and it’s getting the proper amount of water, whether it’s not too much not too little it’s getting the proper amount, but look how that grew.
Eight nine feet in a week.
So the metaphor there is, if you’re, a manager or, if you’re in sales, I’ve got the supply, bother me here, if you’re a manager or if you’re in sales, if you properly take care of something and you properly grow something, and you give it the right ingredients And the right tools, look how fast that can grow, just look, how fast and how powerful that can grow.

It grew like I said you didn’t see it from anywhere.
None of the other columns are doing that, but it’s getting the proper amount of nutrition.
The proper amount of sunlight, the proper amount of everything, so look at yourself.

Look at your staff.
Look at your salespeople, look at your sales career and are you giving it the right ingredients to grow? Another metaphor I saw is when we got home.
We had a big windstorm and this had knocked over this branch.

This branch was like this last night when we got home thought that my was almost broken.
It was hanging down.
I put that up.

They’ve got the sunlight today.
It came back up the metaphor, and that is if something gets knocked down, it doesn’t need to be ripped out.
It doesn’t need to be taken down, it doesn’t need to be taken away, it doesn’t need to be gotten rid of.

Just needs to be able to come back to his natural state, so that is the metaphor that I saw with this bush when I came home and I was in a presence of nature and of my family and of myself that, even though something gets knocked down It can come back.
A great success story is: is Chad Linn, I hope, you’re watching? I text you a little bit today.

You know this guy went through some problems in his past, as we all have.
We all did we’re all going to in one form or another in the future also, but this guy saw in 40 50 60 cars a month.

So when you get knocked down you can’t let that be your reality.
You can’t get leveled, you can’t stay down.
You need to get in the Sun, you need to come back up and come back up to what’s up top now.

Another thing I wanted to show is our export here, so we had this explore.
I love it.
It’s the explorer sport I’m afford fan, although I do have Ruby, the Rubicon show them a little Ruby.

Love me: some Ruby have lots of fun Lee fun family adventures in Ruby.
But if you look at our Explorer it’s rated at 5,000 pounds to toe, so we picked up a camper.
We bought it used about a year and a half ago because we didn’t know how much we’d use it.

We use it all the time by the way.
Our son calls in our other house, but the Explorers at capacity pulling that oh, I wrote the blog and I’m going to come up with a video on the law of 8 in living, your life at 8x, in every category, in your personal life, with your family And in sales and in your career, because if you’re a 10x sales person, you might be a 4x dad, you might be a 3x husband.
You might only give yourself to X attention and time and energy for yourself so make sure that you’re living in a tex life and that you’re living a life of balance, because that will help you be more successful um.

But I look at this and this is it like ninety percent capacity and so it’s a workhorse, so the vehicles nowadays calibrate themselves.

Remember this information to tell your customers.
So when we first pulled with it was a little bouncy, it was a little tough.

We pulled this up to 11,000 feet, pulling 4,500 pounds behind it and it’s rated at 5,000.
So we were at ninety percent capacity we r 9 x and the explorer we’re ninety percent capacity, but the Explorer did its job.
It did what it needed to do because we pushed it so the metaphor – and that is if you live a 10x life when you need that power calibrate yourself to be able to get that powering to have that energy is how you want to live.

Another metaphor, I realized is, if you don’t take care of things, especially the bigger they are, the bigger the problem is going to be so I’ll act before we left on Wednesday.
I lacked checking the chlorine on the pool, we have a big pool.
You see my pool in some of the other videos, so I lack checking the chlorine on the pool and I forgot to do the muriatic acid shop to it.

Also before we left so we came home, we had some rain storms.
We had some wind storms which blows around a lot of the Rebs, and we have the red sand here, utah’s to be a shallow sea.
So we have that red red, rock and red see it used to be coral beds, a pretty amazing thing to see, but so we hit all the Rebs and we didn’t have chlorine.

It was a hundred degrees.
We had algae in there.
So the metaphor in that is, if you neglect something you’re going to come back to ten times a bigger problem to a lot more work.

So the metaphor they is especially don’t brush things off to the side, don’t have kilter.
What you’re doing always do things thoroughly properly and right, or else, is just going to be a bigger problem in more work at the end, if I would have taken the five minutes to drop through your attic acid in and check the chlorine, maybe kick the level Up a little bit, I wouldn’t have the problem two hours of work that I’m going to have on the pool now or calling somebody in if it’s something that I just can’t handle on my own.
So what I wanted to talk today about was was metaphors.

If you are properly looking at things in life in seeing what those add to your life, like the palm, that’s growing, quick as ever.
If you take care of something right, it will grow your sales, your staff, your employees, your career, the bush that got knocked down.
If you pick it back up and you get it back to its normal surrounding, it will come back around the Explorer.

If you push something to its limits and you need it and you keep on it, it will add new limits.
It will have more capacity, it will reinvent itself, it will recalibrate itself and then the pool, if you have a problem, if you don’t take the five minutes to do things right to do things properly, you’re going to come back to 10 times more work and ten Times a bigger problem and that small problem it can become large and that big problem can become enormous, so a little Monday metaphors for you, Noah Walsh.
Thank you.

Everybody for joining gunslinger out .

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