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I brand an artisan president of champion strategies, saying happy Memorial Day weekend to you and this weekend in our industry, the automotive industry Memorial Day specials will be everywhere now we do know that we honor this day for the people that have fallen and given their lives.

So we could have the enjoyment that we do of this great country even up to this girl and fires that we’re dealing with many of our current family members and friends have given their lives so think about them this weekend during this Memorial Day.

But I’m here to let you know that go out and get that vehicle.
Now is the time to purchase a vehicle and here’s a few reason.

There are tons of inventory from all manufacturers that are out there.

Remember we stopped so we could help out with the health issues so now they’ll start bringing on second and third shifts.
Again there are vehicles in the port ready to get out to the dealers, but they’ve been stagnated because of the virus situation.

So please go to your dealership, there’s tons of inventory and if it’s not there, it’s coming, if you don’t have it in the right trim level or the packages that you’re looking for also lending institutions are ready to do business now.
So do your research go on dealerships websites, especially the ones that still say that you can shop, try buy everything without going into the dealership if you’re still feeling a little comfortable because they can deal liver.
The vehicle to you, whether you’re in that city or out of state they’ve, already found a way to work that out and if you’re a little tight or unsure on your credit, certified preowned remember.

I talked about that before.
That’s the best value going.
Many lending institutions will go a little bit deeper when a customers on a certified pre-owned, because they want you to come back again now.

Also, keep in mind that dealerships will start opening up, just like other businesses that are opening up, and so these independent dealers will be opening up.
I have nothing against independence, they’re here in America, making a money, but they don’t have an agreement with a manufacturer.
They can’t offer certain programs like CBO, because they just don’t have the power to do that.

Many of them don’t even have simple processes for the vehicles that you’re looking at online or that you see on their front line at the dealership, but no matter what it’s Memorial Day we can go out, enjoy yourself be with your family and friends.
Let’s remember the ones who gave us this opportunity to be in the greatest nation on the face of the earth by purchasing a vehicle once again, Brad and Hardison champion strategies have a great Memorial Day weekend, I’ll feel it.
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