Manufacturer’s CPO Certified Pre Owned Process Reconditioning Part 3

Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies talking about the outstanding manufacturers, certified pre-owned process.

Now, last time we were together, we talked about the warranties.
Hopefully many of you had an opportunity to research, some of the manufacturer’s warranties and the advantages that they give.
You versus some of these independents.

Now i wanted to just lay on your head, something called reconditioning because every vehicle – i repeat, every vehicle – cannot be a certified pre-owned vehicle.
There is a process.
Would you believe if i asked you on any independent lot? How many point inspection does a technician go through before they move that vehicle on the front line or put it on the website? How many checks did the technician go through i’ll? Give you a second now i don’t have a second zero, maybe 10, maybe 20.

Your manufacturers hold those technicians to a certain degree, some manufacturers.
It may be a hundred ten.
A hundred fifty there are some manufacturers that go over a 200 point process to make sure that that vehicle is certified and has no problems when it sits on the front line.

If it does have problems, they will tell you, through their own check what they had fixed to bring it up to the manufacturers certified standards, oh and by the way that technician had to take a test to be certified to actually do the vehicle.
The service manager had to take a test to actually make sure he was overseeing that technician.

The used car manager had to take a test from the manufacturer to make sure everything was going by the process.

Some sales consultants from the manufacturer have to take the test.
Just to present to you the benefits and values of a certified program.

So when we talk about reconditioning, even though it’s a used car, no one said it was brand new, but trying to get the vehicle like new up to new standards.

Only a manufacturer will give you that once again, never here to knock the independence, unless it has a manufacturer sign when you drive in you’re, holding yourself hostage to a lesser value for your hard earned money so check out your manufacturer’s reconditioning process.
And when you take a look at that form – and you see a 149 point – inspection and the things that they look for or 120 point inspection and the things that they look for and you’ll see that the technician has to sign off.
The used car manager has to sign off the serviceman.

That manufacturer is saying we stand behind that vehicle that you see online or when you’re driving by and you pass it.
You just won’t see it on the independent once again, bryan hardison president of champion strategies, hope something you got some food for thought, but always research on your own to see.
If i’m telling you the right things now we’ll continue on the next cpo, because i believe it’s the best value for your dollar out there and, as always in party, make the champion day.

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