Manufacturer’s Certified Pre Owned CPO Warranties Value vs Independent Dealerships

Hi Brad and Hardison president of champion strategies just want to give you some food for thought this morning and that is a certified pre-owned vehicle offered by manufacturer versus an independent dealer.

Now, I’m not here to bash belittle berate independent dealers, but we’re talking about value your hard-on dollars that you’re out there making and what would be the best for you.
So manufacturers sign an agreement with dealers.
So whenever you see that Honda that Toyota, that Porsche sign there was an agreement between the manufacturer and that particular dealer principle to operate in a certain way and both sides will have input and that dealer will have support by that manufacturer because they have regional offices And they’re always their sales service parts to support yet don’t get that with an independent.

So what does that mean? When it comes to a certified pre-owned or a used vehicle very quickly new vehicle? You may love it.
I would suggest if you’re buying a new vehicle.

Please lease it because the minute you drive it off the lot, it starts to depreciate on a certified pre-owned vehicle.

When you drive it off the lot.
Someone else have already taken that hit the depreciation.
A certified pre-owned vehicle from the manufacturer can be from that current model year and usually going back five model years, they’re good anywhere in the United States, so think about that independent dealer that you’ve got a certified vehicle from and you’re two hundred three hundred miles away.

Something happens to your vehicle, guess what you have to go back to that dealer, that you’ve got that certification from sometimes that can really mess up your whole clients for that weekend.
For that trip, whatever it may be, with a manufactured certified pre-owned vehicle, it’s good anywhere in the United States, where a manufacturer has another dealer in that particular state that you’re in that gives you what we call peace of mind.
Now, speaking of peace of mind, the biggest thing about this certified pre-owned vehicle is something called trip: interruption, I’m not talking about roadside assistance trip interruption.

If something were to happen to your certified pre-owned vehicle and they needed to keep your vehicle.
They will put you up in a hotel.
They will give you a rental vehicle.

They will feed your families you’re not going to get that when it comes to an independent deal once again, Brad and Hardison president champion strategies just wanted to drop a little bit of knowledge about certified pre-owned next time.
We’ll talk about warranties until then make a champion.

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