What’s up everybody, i’m going live from my lot walk showroom talk today, my story is actually kind of empty.

I do have uh there everybody’s outside, because we’re just finishing up the deal and it’s it’s kind of dead in our show right now, but got to say what’s up to the guys in here they’re on the phones grinding, appreciate you guys rock out, keep working.
Those phones talk to y’all later, but no guys it’s tuesday today was a wild day.
Today was election day.

Folks hope you guys went out and made your vote vote count because it doesn’t count unless you go out there and do it so make sure you do that.
There’s probably still time where you’re at so don’t miss out on that opportunity.
But you know we have some really amazing stuff going on here evening’s helping guests out.

You got, you got paul, taking a turn out here.
I got the smoker’s circle, vapors he’s not a smoker they’re just talking this is.
I can’t use the terminology i used to use for these circles so that it said we got blake stephanie and gary guys did you guys go vote absolutely 100.

Uh stephanie! You did! What about you blocky? To be honest with you, i’ve kind of taken myself out of the politics right.
I feel like that’s: okay, that’s, okay, and that and here’s what i say to this and i think that everybody should vote.
But if you don’t vote you know, obviously you know the deal you can’t next.

Four years can’t complain, you got to just deal with it, but that’s what i honestly here’s.
What my theory is? I vote.
I do, but i don’t really complain about my president anyway.

I never have never really will it’s just.
I don’t really get affected the way other people get affected by politics truthfully in my day-to-day.
What happens way up top doesn’t affect me.

A whole lot may affect [ Applause ], either way.
If the taxes are there and you’re, making good money and you’re paying a lot of taxes, if it’s the right president or the right administration, even if you’re paying extra, it should go to the right things, and you would hope that it does.

You know towards veterans, toes people who have served our country to to people who are you know underprivileged yeah.

You know, i don’t think tax breaks should go to the to the big time money right.
It should go to the people who are like us, who are the everyday guys out here, blue collars, doing what we ought to do to make things happen, but you know i i don’t disagree with what you say you know, staying out of politics is nothing wrong With that, i don’t, if you guys see me, you guys watch me besides today me talking about voting.
I didn’t.

I don’t really talk about politics, nor do i get into that.
I don’t get into religion much, i don’t get into other people.
I don’t, like my opinion, is my opinion.

Your opinion is yours.
None of us are wrong.
All of us have the right to have the opinion.

That’s what makes this country amazing and that’s why it’s even crazier like for me.
What i love about the united states is that we have these freedoms to sit here and have these conversations you know many countries.
We can’t even talk about this.

We couldn’t say our president is an idiot right, i’m not saying that north korea, but what i’m saying is: there’s countries out there.
If you get hurt, saying that that’s major treason you are going down, they will put you in a prison.
They won’t.

They won’t tolerate that you can’t go out with flyers and pass off fliers tell them to get somebody else in that office or whatever you have to go by what they say here in the united states.
We can form whatever opinion we want on whoever we want matter of fact.
Every president has been inside the office.

We all have formed some kind of opinion somebody has made fun of them did not like them doesn’t matter who they were.
I don’t care if you’re jfk somebody didn’t like them.
We all know that right.

We saw the end story.
What happened? That being said not to be funny, but it’s true.
I mean it’s honest.

You know it’s messed up.
You know, even though we talk about jfk was a great president.
All this he was still assassinated, folks and people.

Somebody did not like him.
Somebody did not like what he had to say, not good.
I didn’t.

I don’t think it was great that any anybody gets killed.

Anybody gets assassinated, but the fact of the matter is: is that no matter who you are no matter, how great you think you’re doing somebody doesn’t like you and that’s okay, because what i say is in order in order to be great, you got ta, have some Hate right because because you’re gon na do things that make people uncomfortable you’re going to say things that make people think.
But no, i hear you man, you know once again, you just can’t complain for the next four years, but here’s a cool thing and here’s my thing: this election wasn’t major local stuff.

Now we did have our.
We had that local.
You know for our uh, congressman or senate when you know with uh mitch, mcconnell and uh.

What’s her name, amy mcgrath right right yeah, so we did have that local.
But when you’re talking local, i’m talking about like the mayor, the local government.
Here the people sit on the city council to me.

If you want to make a vote count, you need to vote for the local people here and that’s what’s really key, because what you’re going on in your community is what you need to vote for the right people in those places.
Now don’t get me wrong.
It’s important to vote for the right president, the right people in congress, the right people in senate all the above, but you know the thing is – is no matter what, as i know in this state, trump’s going to win kentucky kentucky is a total trump state.

So i could vote for whoever i want to vote for trump or not.
It doesn’t matter trump’s going to win right, so we just kind of know that, but that’s okay, you still got to go out and go to the polls.
If you want to.

If you don’t that’s, what’s beautiful about america too, you don’t have to vote.
We have the right to not have to vote right.
We have the right to just sit back and enjoy life and just be like whatever that’s.

What’s cool about america, i can sit here and do the oh, oh pop pop pop.
I can do all that.
I want some places.

You can’t right some places.
I can’t even sell cars without , some states.
You can’t even sell this car without having tons of background checks done on you.

Having your analysis going and taking a dmv test to be a salesperson.

I mean a literal computer test to be a salesperson.

We don’t have to do that here in kentucky.

I love kentucky we’re commonwealth state.
That’s what we do here so anyway enough about politics.
Folks, it’s tuesday do not snooze day, because if you do you’re gon na lose day right, so the key is to keep rocking and keep moving and stay positive blake’s.

Looking good.
I had a i had to get blake on the camera for a little while today, look at him, man look at him guys.
You all need a screenshot, that’s not true blake.

Once you got a little flavor, i know when he dressed up this morning.
I know your wife was like hey, you look good today, baby, you know she liked it bro, you know it and it’s because you look good and you feel good, you got it and you got a car out today right.
So it was because of that jacket.

If you didn’t wear that jacket, i wouldn’t have gone out and talked to that.
Lady, like that, i promise you [ Laughter ] now, and i think i told you a story what happened there, but it’s it’s.
Definitely i’m glad that that deal worked out um.

It makes more sense now, but it just took a little bit more investigating, but definitely a car deal that the ladies happy they got testimonials, they did it all fred does it all he takes turns.
He takes care of us here so that deal probably wouldn’t have that friends i do my best, but sometimes i’m not perfect guys.
You know as much as we all want to take turns.

We all do that.
One thing i’m guilty of is not taking enough of those, and we all are.
I don’t care who you are out there, even if you take tons of them, you’re still missing something here and there.

Sometimes you hear somebody’s like somebody telling you about their client, and you hear this story, so you believe the story so much you’re like let’s let him go right because you, you trust that, but here’s the thing, even if you believe the story, you should just take That two minutes to go talk to a customer, because when you do that, sometimes you may find something that your experience, your question, your question asking, may find and bring out that didn’t bring out through the other questionnaire and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And that’s really nothing wrong with that at all.
That’s just that’s why this business is great.

That’s why every turn is important.
Why people you sales people who are watching this don’t ever get upset if somebody goes in after you, that doesn’t mean anything at all.
Folks, when i was a sales pro on the floor, when i got to a point, i just let people i didn’t care.

My my manager wanted to go and take a turn heck.
Yes, man, that’s one last thing and all that is is helping me showing me that he’s the man and just and i’m showing him that i feel confident in him being the man and then everything goes down.
So no, but i do appreciate it blake thanks for hanging out with me in that suit.

Looking good today, folks, look at that tuesday you’re gon na dress up, so you can feel groovy’s day.
I don’t know i didn’t rhyme almost sorta, but i appreciate you talking all right so much like we’re just talking about there i mean that’s the key to all of it.
Man, you guys just got ta maintain that attitude.

You know the right to vote in the country, we’re in the united states, man, the greatest car selling place in the world, the greatest everything in the world, in my opinion, so proud to be an american.

You know i was my dad was in the army, served 20 years.
Veteran very proud of him went to the gulf war.

I lived in lived all over the world as a kid, so i got to see a lot of different cultures live in a lot of different cultures and see what countries are like.
There’s a lot of beautiful countries out there and they have a lot of great politics.

They have a lot of great things going on their cultures, all those things mixed into one little area and being able to visit and live those live there for years.

At a time it was amazing.
For me it was cool, it was so so unique, but it always made me remember how great america was.
You know, no matter how fun i, how much fun i had in spain, italy.

You know france going over to you know.

Obviously, living in germany for five years, you know being born in south korea traveling across those places and seeing all these different cultures and people and families from being military.
You see cultures from all over the place that joined the us military and were stationed with us.

We all were living in one community and we were all sharing in in loving each other and taking care of each other like a community supposed to and when you’re somewhere different you realize, like i said i can’t wait to get back to the united states.
I remember being a kid and just we live in germany for five years.
What’s a fun place, especially back when i lived there, and i remember that when it was time for us to come back, i was so excited.

I was like.
Oh, my god, i’m going back to the u.
s i’m going to go back to the united states, i’m going to be having a great time because this country is that great.

I remember being a kid on fourth of julys and, and you know all those types of holidays that are patriotic and listening to songs.
Like you know, lee greenwood’s a proud to be an american and just almost welting up like filling with so much pride as a young man.

You know that was the stuff that was ingrained into me as a young person, proud of your country.

You know, but there’s so many reasons and there’s so many reasons why people right now are just like dog and dog in the country or talking about our leaders.

I get it and you have the right to talk that way.
But don’t forget, this is the greatest country in the planet.

It doesn’t matter who’s in office.
Doesn’t matter none of that.
We, the people, are the greatest in the world.

We have freedoms that other people don’t have.
We have opportunities that people travel halfway across the globe to come here to get those opportunities because they can’t get them where they’re at people will come here and take odds and ends jobs and they make enough money just doing those odds and ends jobs to send Their families from those countries to here so that’s how great america is, people come here and become just amazing entrepreneurs.
They come in here.

They have ideas and they have the opportunity to do so.

So that’s what makes it great here! That’s what makes selling cars great here that’s what makes me so excited about what i do for a living and where i do it, i have a great group of people all different walks of life.
We live in a military community.

I still do, which is what i love that, because here we have every type of culture around here too, from restaurants, to people, to families, to all that, and then we get to share that with people that we’re you know, moving units with helping people change their Lives solving transportation problems for them.

So that’s what you do folks, that’s what i do you know so make sure that you guys get into that.
Make sure that you understand that today, some people are scared, that oh man, after whatever the you know, whatever the pulse state and whenever whoever wins, what this this half people are going to do this, the other half are going to do that.

I don’t think that man, you know a lot of people talked about a lot of different things during these last few months.
Talking about there was going to be these huge breakouts of violence.
I mean there was violence, but folks, half the stuff people were talking about.

Didn’t even happen right and it’s not because they shouldn’t have happened because a lot of those things should happen, but the thing is, is they didn’t happen? Because people are smart, they understand, you know, being kind, is much better than being mean or hated hatred using hatred.
I should say: use your heart.

Be nice choose somebody when you vote go vote for the person that you want.

You choose with your heart understand you know.
Maybe you don’t know like you know.
Like um blake mentioned, he didn’t educate himself enough on the on the politics of what everybody was talking about.

That’s, okay! That’s okay! Man! There’s nothing wrong with that! Just remember that you have control over your life.
What’s going on right here! That’s! What’s beautiful about this country once again, is that we’re able to do what we want right here right now, you can do what you want.
I could be like i quit.

I don’t want to do this, no more.
I can quit and i have the right to do that or i can say i’m going to excel i’m going to do this better than anyone.
I know has ever done this and you have the right to do that too.

So what choice are you going to make? How much who i’m going to choose the latter of the two right? So don’t forget folks, i’m gon na.
Let you guys go, but don’t forget, there’s light everywhere.
The light is that positivity, it’s that that optimism that you need in order to enjoy life to the fullest folks, good things happen to bad people.

Bad things happen to good people just about your mindset, how you deal with those things and when you do deal with those things the right way, no matter what comes in front of you, you’re gon na find positive out of it right so make sure you guys Do that hold on to that light, forgive focus and fly, keep growing.
Do all the above.
I love you guys appreciate you guys for listening to me ramble about politics.

I don’t normally do that.
It wasn’t really about politics, i’m just proud to be an american, and i think that we all have some great rights here and there’s some amazing things that we can all do so.
I love you guys.

You guys have a great one brother, not self-run, hero, let’s .

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