What’s up everyone from our subprime hero, it’s the second of the month.

It just started it’s november.
Folks, doing my showroom.
Talk lot, walk! I’m going to talk to adrian.

I had a chance to talk to adrian for a long time.

Oh yeah adrian was out.
Do some stuff, i’m like it’s none of his no one was hit, i’m not going to talk his business, but what there’s no issues, no personal issues, but nothing major folks.

He is back he’s ready to rock and roll.
He does have to get some stuff going.
He’s got a baby coming.

We’ve talked about that a few times how many more days now within four weeks within this month, so it could be any day really in the real talk.
It could be any day so be ready for it.
You guys got your bag packed already packed she’s a smart woman.

I remember those that’s been it’s been almost 17 years for me, but i still remember everything being packed everything being ready, go bags, grab it and go i’ll.
Tell you a funny story.

The day my son, my wife, went into labor, it was he was due on the 14th of november and it was the 13th that at midnight my wife went into labor.

She wakes me up and i remember telling her: are you sure i don’t want to drive so we end up driving? Well, i get her bag.
I get everything i get her in the car and i back up and i take off and then i realize i never put the bag in the trunk.

So the funny thing is i drove over that bag, so i put well it wasn’t too bad.

I kind of because i kind of backed up slow, so i just dragged it wheels at the bottom, but i did kind of scratch it up a little bit.
We still have the bag, but it’s funny because that’s how it went down, i had to drive.
So we were like five minutes away, had to come back, grab that bag and go back to the hospital, but it all worked out.

My son was born on his due date, so you know yeah make sure you don’t do that.

Remember! Put the bag in then get the wife in and then let’s roll right.
So but no man, not the wife, the girlfriend, but i know i but i’m excited for you man.

Congratulations! I’m glad that you’re back.
I love your post today about the positivity.
Don’t forget that keep exuding that and believe that and that’s who you are and when you believe that you will be that so man, i’m happy to have you back adrian, let’s rock and roll bro, let’s get this month rocking and then of course, every time i Come in here, it’s like they got.

Somebody else started in your training right, always all right.
So i got the dream team over here, blake and patrick doing their thing.
Blake just sold his house.

Oh, my goodness, are you found a new one yet working on it? Thanks old fred showing me some good land, if there’s going to be a neighborhood compromise, that’s a good one, because that’s what we did we weren’t looking for that at first, but once i looked at that neighborhood i was like yeah we’re gon na be in the Neighborhood, that’s probably like dude, the halloweens are great the holidays.

You see the lights and people’s, but once again you have neighbors far enough where you don’t really.
Unless you want to talk to them, you don’t really talk to them.

It’s kind of they’re separated.
You would have to scream yeah exactly so well guys you guys ready for this november.
Absolutely we delivered one just a little bit ago.

That’s right! I pulled you guys posted that video.
I already shared it onto the the budget page.
I appreciate you doing that testimonials.

Thanks for doing what you’re supposed to do, it’s that’s what’s necessary for growth.

Take note new guy! I don’t even know you now i apologize.
What is your name, sir? Why am i going backwards there? It is scott scott, i’m fred nice to meet you.

We’ve kind of seen each other, but we haven’t had a chance to talk.

I’m gon na get to talking to you some more here in the next couple days.
I was busy all day today or i would have with payroll and i’m still in the middle of it, i’m not all the way down, but i’m pretty close to the end.

So i’m gon na just finish it up in the morning, but i do appreciate you for joining the team.

Good luck with everything just keep that positive mentality.
He’s a veteran folks make sure if you’re looking for somebody new that you like, if you like, buying a car from a new guy, that’s the one right there right he’s getting trained by the dream team, which the dream team always does their thing with the training.

They’ve already turned our last two into some pretty stellar sales people.

So i appreciate you guys doing your thing.
The dream, team, scott thanks for jumping in you know last scott that came here was a great person.

He didn’t quite make it, but he was a great person, so i hope that you’re as good of a person as he is with just a little bit more skill, you could be something special man, so, let’s make it work all right, guys appreciate it all right, Then i got the guys every time i come in here at the end of the day, they’re always on the phones over here doing their thing, you got frank wrapping it up.
You got el nino doing his thing great job, nino way to finish last month.
Nino is that your first time doing double digits yep, congratulations double digits for the first month this man right here it just took him getting out of the cave a couple months later.

Look where he’s at right and we got frank miller.
Frank miller is back in charge.
He finished last week extremely strong made his whole check.

I think in one week, so i’m very proud of finishing off now keep that momentum into this month.
Let’s go man november is one of those months where the first three weeks are going to be important.
Thanksgiving week is 50 50.

right, but stay positive, keep rolling hard.
I know you’re gon na do well man.
I appreciate you guys there you go.

I like how you’re writing stuff down.
That’s what you do all right.
Boys keep doing your thing, keep growing my friends and then, of course over here i got the famous paul p diddy damos over here.

Look at him suited and buddha today, boy, and then you got the other she’s on the phone he’s on the phone uh-huh and g-man over there man, we finally got g-man his plaque today.
Congratulations again, man! This month’s your month go hard man.
Hopefully you what pri packer tomorrow morning, there you go, man that’ll fix it all up.

So we’re excited about all that so team.
The team is doing great.
The team’s in positive mentality we’re all working to get to the next level, we’re all looking at setting up this month for success using the momentum we had from the month before the week before that last week of the month, going through the weekend, which we had Tons of momentum now we’re using that momentum to carry over into november, make it in november to remember folks, because the thing about november’s is that a lot of people they have so many other plans with their families and all these things.

Well, guess what folks plans with families are going to be a little bit different this year, there’s going to be more opportunity for dealerships to have people come in because they’re not going to be traveling across the country like they normally do or they’re going to.
You know, or maybe even just going out of town for the weekend right.

Those things are not going to be happening not as much right.

People are still going to get together.
People are still going to have their meetings.

What not, but what they’re gon na do is they’re gon na there’s gon na be a bigger percentage of people being here so take advantage of that in the car business.

Use that as something that you can use to welcome people, maybe do some kind of thanksgiving feature some kind of thanksgiving like uh giveaway right.
Why not do that right now? This is a great time to do that.

The more you give the more you get folks.
I promise you that 100 nathaniel banks what’s up buddy sorry, i didn’t see the message until now appreciate you for jumping in and saying hi, but you know guys it’s it’s about that type of thing.
It’s about that mentality.

You know we talk about the six inches between your ear with sandy, when we, when we uh, talked with him and interviewed him, we uh we talk, we talk about your your attitude.
Is your altitude right.
I talk about looking for the light and holding on to that light and glowing a lot.

There’s a common theme here, it’s about.
What’s going on here a lot of people right now, i know there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on election um.
The whole world winter time is coming here, united states, it’s starting to get colder.

The sun setting earlier there’s so many reasons why people can use this as a time to give up on things or to say hey.
You know what i’ll wait till next year.
You know what you can wait till next year.

You know next year is a great time.
It’s a good moment.
You know january 1st.

We all love that january 1st, it’s new year, new year’s resolution, all that type of stuff, but why not gain tons of momentum going into that last the new year? The last part of the year gain all this momentum build up what you’re trying to do.

If you want to do something completely different, you have two months right now to sit down and study what you want to do become better at what you’re trying to become at right.
Two months is a long time folks, it goes by like this, but it’s a long time to develop skills, to learn, to educate, to share right to do things that you’ve never done.

If you want to start getting in better shape, it’s two months, will you improve drastically? I always say three months, but two months you notice huge changes, same thing with you.
If you want to get better at this business, you’re looking to be a manager or you’re trying to become that what why not take advantage of this time to educate to learn to how do i get to that next level find mentors talk to people? Do all those things folks we have two months to do that, so you can start the new year, something better everyone hates 2020.
Ah, you know, 2020 has been weird, i don’t hate it.

I’ve had a great 2020.
I’ve met a lot of new friends.

You know got to get closer with my team here i got better at my job.

You know the social media thing for me became new and guess what now i’m rocking it and i’m trying to do everything i can to encourage other people doing what they’re trying to do right.

You know and and that’s the key.

Oh brad mckay appreciate the content.
Killing it.
Thank you so much man.

I appreciate you for the comment.
You got a subaru steve.

What’s up buddy, he says who is this car, this coffee? Guy? Hey? You know what i love your coffee time too man and i appreciate it.

We need to somehow combine it one day, maybe do like a duel like not a duel, but we sit down and we get on an interview together and we do our show.

At the same time, i would do something like that with you, subaru steve, if you’d like to do that, i think that’d be a lot of fun.

I think that you guys do some amazing stuff with your coffee time.

I love the videos.
I love the energy.
I love how you don’t take yourself too seriously right, that’s much like i do and i think that we would have a great time doing that man.

I appreciate that subaru steve.
We love you back man seriously.
We are we’re fans on the side too.

Trust me.
You know how we all do everyone’s looking at people’s stuff, checking them out getting encouraged by other people.

That’s what this is all about, and that’s what i’m talking about for the last two months.

Do that team up with people educate yourself with what other people doing if somebody’s doing something similar to what you’re doing reach out to them? I know i’ve done that i’ve done that all year, long and guess what it’s helped me jump like so fast into this help me get into more people’s videos, help it helped me get interviewed a lot more.

It helped me become not so scared of being interviewed or interviewing other people.
It helped me have fun putting social media out not worrying about how good my hair looks if my shirt’s perfect, if i, if i stumble through my words, if i talk too fast, if i say um too much, if i you know, there’s all these things – that People don’t do social media because of this or i just don’t.

You know what it’s not about, that you know get the camera in front of.
You have fun talk from your heart.

Let people know how you feel encourage people share.

You know this isn’t like egotistical stuff folks, when you do a video online, it’s not matter of fact you’re, it’s the complete opposite, because you’re sharing you know hard.
It is to share with people how to tell them you’re, good you’re, bad um, try to share tips and hope that someone likes it you know whatever it is, it can be, it can be very, it can be very encouraging.
It helps you grow.

It holds you accountable because you can’t say this stuff and then have your teammates see you and go.

He does he’s nothing like that.
You have to be who you say: you are that’s the key integrity is it’s huge integrity is huge with your if you’re a leader amongst your team members, if your integrity is good, they trust you.

They believe you, you do what you say you’re going to do.
They love you same thing when you with clients, your integrity is good with these people, even sometimes, if they don’t feel like they don’t feel like it’s the right time to buy right this minute, they’ll, remember your integrity, because there’s not a lot of people with that Out there right now, just remember that it was more than because car people, people are clients, wouldn’t be scared to walk on a lot and deal with cli and deal with salespeople because they always feel like oh they’re getting treated.
You know you’re so full of crap or whatever the term is right.

They always believe that type of stuff, because most the guys not most a lot of the salespeople out there have done that they kind of just say whatever they want.

They want to say to get a deal, it’s not about that! It’s about telling people the truth, giving them the options of what you, how you can help them, presenting it in an honest in a very empathetic way, understanding that you know where they come from: how why they’re trying to do what they want to do, and this Is the best way that you can possibly help them right when you do stuff like that, it’s huge folks, i’m not going to ramble about that much longer, and i do appreciate you for jumping on subaru, steve, brad nathaniel.
Anyone else who’s seen this tonight.

If you see somebody who who needs something to hear or needs to hear something like this, make sure you share this tool, make sure you you know, give me it’s.
Let them know that hey come check out subprime hero, he’s out there trying to help help out right, because the more i can help the better, because once i – and the thing is this is helping me so help me help you right.
That’s what we always say to our clients, so i’m doing the same thing out there.

I just want to help me help.
You give me ideas what you guys want to talk about.
Give me ideas of what you want to hear.

You know i love talking about how great life is, because life is great.
I used to not always be that way.
Folks, i say hate holidays.

I used to do this or that i used to always say.

Oh it’s of the lennart’s bad luck.
You know i can’t win anything.

I always you know i try, but i always lose whatever right.
That was all right here between my head right in these six inches between my ears, but guess what i completely changed that i changed that many years ago and i changed it and then i lost it and i changed and i lost it.

But i’m very much on that uptick right now.

Folks, life is about the roller coaster.
When you’re, when the highs are there, take love.
Those highs enjoy those highs right when there’s lows enjoy those two believe it or not, because you just remember that you’re going to get back up it’s going back up again.

Life is a yin and yang, no matter how bad that yang is that ying is just as good and remember that so folks, you guys have a great great great great week, great month.
Hope you guys crush it.
You all see me tomorrow.

I got my quick brew, of course, and then i also gon na be dropping another lot walk, but we’ll talk very soon.
Tomorrow morning we do have our cgc early brew with scott joseph man.
He is the ceo of jnl marketing he’s.

Also he’s also got a lot of things going on he’s got stuff on social media.
Like the fourth box, where he’s talking to people interviewing him, it’s amazing.
I got to be a participant in that also his d, his d win um, his d win uh podcast that he puts on live way fun.

I was on that too, and then he has a move, crush count.
Um group make sure you guys check that out too, but hey it’s gon na, be a great interview.
We’re gon na ask our five liner, like we always do we’re gon na get to know scott a little bit more he’s right here, not too far away from me up in louisville, it’s gon na be really cool to have another homegrown local guy he’s an owner.

He’s got a lot of stuff going on, for him say: he’s a hustler solutionary he’s everything make sure you guys check that out and also don’t forget, there’s light everywhere for every one of you guys enjoy that light.
Love that light hold on to that light, also share that light.
Don’t don’t lose focus in that light.

There’s plenty of darkness we’re going to be through some dark months here soon right and that’s: okay, there’s light everywhere! Folks, you got friends, you have family.

You have me on social media.
If you needed, you could always reach out to me.

You could always reach out to anybody on the car guy coffee team, in the cafe.
Everybody in the cafe is amazing.
Folks, i appreciate it.

I’m fred lenart’s a subprime hero.
Don’t forget to forgive focus and fly so you can keep growing.
Y’all have a good one.

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