What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up guys, fredon arts subprime hero, mr forgive focus, fly and keep growing himself one half of the car guy coffee, podcast, y’all, know what that’s about come join us at the cafe anytime, but today, i’m here at the dealer for The people my home dealership, the place that is making me what i need to be made into right.

I love this team.
This team that i have going on today’s been a fun day.

It’s been a rough day, but fun we’ve had a lot of traffic.

We’ve had a lot of good stuff coming in best up, but we are moving units and we are having fun in the meanwhile we’re also educating these customers on how to buy a car.
The right way, absolutely love it, i’m having a ton of fun.
I hope you guys are doing the same thing.

Hope your saturday is going off without a hitch and if you’re not having the most success, just remember just work really hard and you know whatever you do today.

Whatever you put in today, you’re gon na get back, it will come back to you, but you can’t stop working.
You have to keep that positive attitude and you have to keep moving forward.

Keep growing keep growing, keep growing, so hey guys what a great day um today is the 29th.
The 29th guys we have two days left to this month after today, monday for us is my last day of business, but i’m still excited about it.

You got somebody over here getting ready to deliver one here in a second, but we’ve got look at it right there, patrick.

Is that what you got you just sold one! Oh yeah, you see that shirt yes, car got coffee.
Podcast today was brew.
Today was where your favorite shirt look at.

I got the car guy calling podcast right there, but you know the forgive focus fly special edition.
That’s so i wore mine today.
Well good job man appreciate you bam working his butt off for that deal.

He did.
He did he did a great job man way to get there.
You guys, you don’t understand the details of that deal.

He worked.
He worked his butt off to get it.
I’m so proud of him right now, so we’re cool we’re gon na be delivering.

That looks like somebody’s driving my demo, i’m driving that durango they’re getting ready to go out for a little test, drive yeah everything, looking lovely you know so anyway, i’m not going to be on here.
I might want to do a quick little lot, walk! I’m going to go around and i’ll talk to all my guys, but man beautiful day.
Everything has been good hope you guys are have experiencing it.

I know i am um, but you know what i’m going to talk about today is something that’s been on my mind.
Um, it’s been on my mind now for a little while, for the last few days at least it’s about the power within you um a lot of us.
We tend to look for outside sources to make us better.

We tend to look for um everything and trying to look at other people and say: oh man.
Why aren’t? Why are i like? Excuse me? Why aren’t i a lot like that person? Why can’t i be like him? Why can’t i be like her? It seems like it’s impossible to get there.
You know i i wish this.

I wish that, but no one ever says man, i’m so proud of myself.
I’m so glad that i’m doing what i’m doing – and i know that the work i’m putting in is going to get me where i want to be one day.
That’s the attitude you have to have you have to have that type of it’s here already.

I have it, i just got ta, let it out.
I got ta train it.
I got ta teach it right.

We all have brain capacity, that’s that’ll blow your mind.
We’re human beings.
We are very smart.

People are we’re the smartest we’re the smartest species on the planet folks.

So that being said, don’t forget that you know.
I know that.

There’s people, you think, are smarter than you, whatever those people they just apply more than you.
That’s the only difference if you started to apply what you have inside you you’re gon na find that you are everything you ever need to be.
You are the person, that’s going to be the the leader of whatever you need to leave.

You are the you lead yourself, you know, we all talk about.
Oh team, we talk about these things and those are important and i also talk about taking care of yourself.
A little bit right, you have to be a little bit selfish and teach yourself how to be who you need to be.

You have to spend the time on yourself to be able to pour it onto other people.
You have to have stuff to porth right, so i believe that if you believe this – and you guys believe this – i know i believe that i believe it’s all inside me.
I know that whatever i’m looking for in this universe in this world, i can find right here in my heart.

All i got to do is let it out and work hard towards it.

One of my biggest goals, guys was to get certain people onto my podcast people that i was thinking the same thing man, if only i could be in their position, if only i could be there every one of these people.
I have had a chance to sit down and talk with, and i’ve had a chance to interview and i’ve learned a lot about them in their background where they came from.

They all come from places.
Just like you and i they’re all people at one time who made mistakes who had struggles, lost their children because of their bad ways of drinking and going out lost their their their wives and and their girlfriends because they treated them wrong.
You know they realized hey.

I need to fix these things.
I don’t.
I can tell you almost every successful person out there.

If not all of them have had their struggles.
Every one of them have a story that will blow your mind that you would never guess that they’ve been through, because you see what you see now, you see the you see them and you think overnight overnight.
This happened overnight for no, these people went through years of trouble and tried trials and tribulations, and they finally have found what they believe is.

What’s with inside them.
They understand it’s here.
It’s within their heart.

It’s within their mind it’s within their control and that’s what they do.
They focus on those things.
You know glenn lundy.

We interviewed him yesterday and he talks about mastering yourself mastering whatever you.
So, for example, he says he knows the internet’s a big deal, so he mastered the internet right.
He doesn’t claim to be smarter than anybody at anything, but what he claims is he’s going to work hard at something.

He knows he needs to work hard at and get better at something that he knows is going to help him propel to the next level, so he got good at the internet.
He made sure that his social media was on point folks.
I’m doing the same thing right now and i think you guys have noticed it i’m on here every single day to to the point where some people might not like it fair enough.

But what i tell you is this: i absolutely love it.
It’s helping me grow.
I love that i, even if i help one of you guys who are watching this right now, smile or maybe get lifted up to where you know that you can get to the next level or if you look at me and go, you know, i’ve heard his Story: i’ve been there, i can maybe get there right.

I still have a lot of room for growth.
I’ve still got a long ways to go.
I barely even started doing this.

I barely started anything i’m only 41 years old, i’m only seven, eight months into social media, i’m only you know into my podcast seven eight months, i’m only this much, but i know that there’s so much more to go.
I’m not done yet.
I just begun.

I know that it’s all right here, though i know it’s here.
I know it’s inside you.
I know it’s inside my team members.

I know it’s inside my friends.
I know it’s inside my family members, my own children, my you know one day, grandchildren knock on wood.
Hopefully it’s a long time away from now, but but you know what i mean it’s all there.

We all have the power inside of us to be whatever, whoever and go anywhere.
We want to go so just remember that folks, you have it inside.
You like lou, says right here: oh ortia tia says yes, salt of the earth.

Yes, lou says inside you, that’s where the strength begins.
Who’s the master show enough.
No, i’m the master.

You know what it is.
You all have it.
You all have the glow inside.

You you all have the master to whatever you want to be.

You just have to quit, searching for it and just look inside you patrick, so it’s all right here, educate yourself! Teach yourself don’t be lazy, quit watching tv at night, all night long and not reading a book or even if you have to watch something watch.
A video that helps you grow do something you know, go out and be nice to people smile, open doors for them all right pay it forward.

There’s so many things that you can do.

Luke says i am and whatever you state after.
That is what you truly are, because your mind will believe that.

So i am, i am the greatest.
You got to believe that and if you believe that you’ll find that you will grow beyond your belief that you’ll have more faith in yourself, but you have to do it every single morning.
Write down your gratitude.

Let yourself know what you’re happy about there’s.
So many things to be happy about.

Remember it’s all inside you all right guys! So that’s enough about that! So i’m gon na come chat with my guys, really quick.

It’s the end of the day, so excuse them for sitting at the table right, but these guys work their butts off today.
I know nino you’re still working one right now, they’re test driving right now so he’s sitting here, waiting on his test drive to get back, which is awesome, they’re driving my demo, this journey nice.
So then you got frank, frank.

You’ve been kind of quiet today, how’s today been going for you, , pretty much um just building up for the next week yeah.
I know you are man.
You still got monday to finish up too to get that going.

So don’t forget that and about 30 minutes to catch a lucky up out here and just throw a last-minute one in there right and you got tyrone tyrone.
Did you deliver one today, huh? Did you deliver one today yeah yeah first, one of the day they wanted to be in the truck, but they needed to build some credit, so we got them in the center 12 months from now they can come back trade.
It and get them a truck.

You see that you heard it here first folks right there, so he really had a customer came in.
They were looking to purchase something that was way out of their league.

Currently, i’m not saying this in the future.

It’s going to be out of the league, but currently was out of the league, so what he did was he coached them up? He showed them a path of purchase that was best for them for their budget for their credit and for them.
So they did that they realized that he coached them right.
They looked at the vehicle, they drove it.

They fell in love with it.
They did.
They realized hey.

This is actually much better than what i drove up in, not to mention it’s giving me opportunity not to just drive something reliable, affordable and something that i they’re gon na love, but two it’s gon na.
But excuse me but four.
I did five but four.

It’s gon na help them build their credit up so that they could buy whatever they want in the future, because it’s not about right now.
A lot of people are like right now, right now, right now, just like us just like when you’re building yourself up, you can’t expect it to be overnight.
You have to put the work in put that 90 days in folks.

90 days is crucial.
You have to believe you’re the champion before you can make it to the pedestal boom and that’s right, michael, you are a champion bro, michael michael guys, if you guys haven’t been watching michael grow over the last few months.
It’s unbelievable his growth right now with social media.

You keep doing your thing bro and i’m gon na keep loving your stuff and man.
I can’t wait to all of us get to get together one day and sit down.

We got laura on here.

Hey! What’s up laura lou everybody who jumped on here, i want to thank you guys, um, i’m going to run inside for just a split second before i get off here see if i can talk, one of my other guys, real quick.
I know they’re all busy kind of trying to do certain deliveries like i got a delivery in there.
You got.

Oh here’s number two delivery of the day he sold one earlier today.
Yes, sir, did a great job.
Customer came in had a handful of dollars, a good amount down payment needed a little bit more.

He coached him into that.
They went ahead and did it and guess what they left here in a car that they were giddy i mean they were literally like.

Oh, my god, i’ve got i’m getting a car today, oh my god, so great job.

Today, adrian, i appreciate the business.
My keyboard warrior.
That’s what i do putting it together.

You know that’s what i do.
I can’t do it unless you bring it to me.
That’s for sure, so i appreciate you bringing it man.

Thank you very much keep your day and have a great weekend this weekend, we’ll see yeah man, no doubt so.
That’s my dog right there adrian’s doing his thing.

Then you got scott here with the customer working that phone fran would be proud anyway, but that being said, um, let me see what we got going on here.

We got mo, i got ta, go say what’s up to moan real quick, so you got ramone the family man in here.

What up i’m doing his thing? Here’s a good deal, oh, got a deal, i’m about to go ahead and sign up really quick, but i i don’t know it doesn’t: have the names.

This is not this, isn’t you.
This is dream teams yeah right, you got moan, moan the family.

Man, hey – i was just talking about walking around.
I was talking about like the power of yourself, like a lot of people, look for outside sources to make themselves better and everything you ever need is in you already.
You just got ta just exploit it.

You got ta use it, you have to believe in it.
One saying is, i am and whatever you say after i am, if you say it, every single day is what you will be.
I am happy you will be happy, i am, i am upset you will be upset, but you’re.

So beautiful.
That’s exactly look at that sexy man right there he’s a hundred percent right.
That dude is beautiful, but ramon is not just beautiful.

On the outside guys.
I got a heart now, he’s got a heart he’s he’s a family man.
He really cares about his family, sometimes to a fault.

That’s nothing wrong with that.
I would if there’s any way to be to a false caring about your family, believe that but moan he he goes.
He does the extra mile for his kids, his family and his friends.

So i always appreciate mom being here, especially when his head’s on right.

There ain’t nobody out here who can outdo some monk skis up in this mug.

This way, no doubt about it, and i know it because moment is that dude moon’s been always been that guy and i’m excited.

I always love having him on the team, but most important.
I love having him as a friend, so i appreciate you man, you have a great weekend.
If i don’t get a chance, i’m gon na be busy with these next couple signs, but you have a great one.

Let’s get it, let’s do it so yeah, but that’s been my dude for a minute.
He’s friends, he’s family he’s everything to me.
I’m happy to see he’s still here doing his thing and you know so much potential for that guy i mean he’s even more than he already exploited he’s been doing this for 10 years.

Veteran that’s got skills so anyway, i’m gon na get to work guys.
I just wanted to jump on here really quick before i got too busy and i wasn’t able to go and talk to a couple of my guys and – and i you know we’re trying to blow out of here because i’m ready to go.
But i’m getting ready to sign this deal, i got two more behind it, so we’re having a heck of a day.

Once again.
I hope you guys are i’m fred lanarts the subprime hero, and i am so happy that you guys are on here watching me.
So i appreciate it, you guys have a good one pass.

The message on to other people spread the love out there.
Don’t forget that forgive focus fly, so you guys can keep rowing right and always look for that light, no matter how dark it gets, because that light is going to get you somewhere and there’s light everywhere, folks quit being in that dark quit being in the cloud.
Just get happy and find that light and hold on to it and share that glow, because that glows all inside of us, i’m feeling our subprime hero.

Let’s prove .

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