What’s up, facebook linkedin youtube how y’all doing today, i’m doing my lot walk it’s monday right and it’s getting dark outside, so i’m gon na go outside here in a second, but before i do, i just wanted to throw everybody a little bit of love.

Hope you guys had a great weekend.
I know i did.
I got to spend some time with my family.

I got to play some basketball at a local gym that i can’t believe was opened.
Mark nelson shout out to you man, beautiful gym that you built out there, man, nice indoor court, so folks, like i said i hope you guys had a great weekend.
I know i did and i’m looking forward to this week.

This week’s going to be amazing.
I’m going to be here today and tomorrow and then i’m off the rest week, wednesday, thursday friday saturday, i’m going to be at the beach, be hanging out at the beach on a beach house.
Chilling getting me some sun rays enjoying my time off with my family, and i suggest that you guys all do similar things, because it’s so important to spend time with your family.

It’s so important to have those times off to where you can relax and what they call recharge.

You know every one of us needs a little bit of a recharge.
I know i need a little bit of a recharge, sometimes um, but i know the whole time.

I’m down there, i’m gon na be thinking about work, but that’s okay, because i love what i do.
I love my team.
I love everybody that does what they do, so i’m gon na go around really quick and do a quick little talk.

Abouts with my guys right.
Let’s do a quick showroom, walk real, quick, let’s see! What’s going on in this office right here i got stephanie folks, our new our new sales.
Pro in here we got going she’s been through some training with the dream team and i think she’s getting ready to start taking stuff by herself.

I’m excited don’t be nervous.
Just make that step, the key to anything is taking that first step, and i know you’re going to be great at it.
So just make sure you do it have the confidence and believe that you have a team.

That’s going to support you when it goes down, and i know it’s going to happen so don’t worry about it.
I know you’re going to do great and blake.
You give her the thumbs up, we’re getting there.

I love it.
Look we’ve been taking notes, we’ve been going over training, that’s what i’m talking about.
We’ve evaluated around two customers, which haven’t been like the ideal situation but she’s getting there she’s, definitely yeah.

I noticed the apps were struggling a little bit with credits, so not quite ready for it, but it’s gon na get their stuff.
I’m excited, i know, and i’m excited for you.
I’m excited to start seeing you in action, so you can start making that paycheck at you, but you came all the way here to start making it happen.

So that’s right! We’re gon na make it happen for you.
Hopefully i’m here before it happens.
Maybe today or tomorrow we still got some time today, but definitely tomorrow, i’m gon na be gone the rest of the week, but i do appreciate you guys, keep rocking and rolling.

I can’t get this camera angle right, but hey bam there.
They are all right appreciate.
Y’all keep rocking and rolling.

Then you got these special guys.
I got adrian barry gibbs he’s right here, adrian how’s your week going so far.
I know what you started.

It’s going pretty good got some stuff stuff set up, keep working hard.
Man get you back up there.
You finished strong last month.

Let’s make this whole month where it doesn’t have to finish strong.
If you just do struggle, i want to see that yeah i’ll be gone on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday.
So when i get back, i want to see a bunch of adrian missing steps.

You know what i’m saying not really, but he knows what i meant by that.
He knows what i mean by that yeah.
That’s right and i appreciate it right now.

I mean tell me a little bit about yourself he’s always on the phone every time i come here, guys all right appreciate you adrian keep rocking brother.

Then you’ve got these two guys over here than we got all the way to the last minute.
They’re gon na wait to the bell ring before they quit making those phone calls.

Then you got mr salesman of the month over here working hard man how’s your month starting off so far.
Now it’s been so much slow but see when i slow start now today picked up and sold one this morning she did start doing it.
He was a hero today, we’re starting to catch up a little bit just use that momentum, man, this week’s song, is keep rocking and rolling man.

I appreciate you, i appreciate yourselving the month.
I appreciate you working hard, don’t give up.
I know you can do it again this month, man, i know you can’t, we all know he can do it.

This guy is for real you’re gon na get it man, and i appreciate we got a couple people on here.
Jamie says: thanks for the support, guys got ta go and then, charles higgins, what’s up man what’s up brother? This is the man right here.
I appreciate you gary.

Yes, sir, let’s see what we got going on in here, so you see him.
He is talking on the phone and he’s going hard see.
That’s what we do here, like our guys are trained to be on the phones we get all these leads for him.

Not to mention call your referrals call your repeat business.
Call your do your follow-ups on deals that you delivered recently right.

That’s absolutely the key to everything, a lot of people they they tend to just want to work lot.

Ups or maybe they just want to work, leads that they’re given.
But that’s the thing you have so much more: if you’ve been selling cars for longer than three months, you have plenty of leads, you believe it or not.
All you got to do is call up your prior customers that you sold and after you do that you just you, ask them for referrals man, it’s crazy! If you don’t ask them for it, because you just got done helping somebody get into a nicer newer vehicle.

You got to helping them find financing and they agreed the numbers.
They shook your hand they liked you.

They took delivery, make sure you get those testimonials make sure that you not just get testimonials, but you ask for extra business folks, simple line, guys hey appreciate, y’all’s business.

It was so great doing business with you today.
You guys were amazing.
I appreciate all your time because i know time is of essence, and time is something that you never get back folks.

Speaking of time and money.
Let me ask you a question.
I know that you may be interested in referral program that we have here.

We for people who bring us customers, we tend to pay somewhere in 200, 300 range.
That being said, i just need you to give me two to three names.
Now that i lost you as my number one client, i need to find me another number one client and i’m sure you know some people who are very similar situations that you’re in just give me three or four names.

I’m gon na go out here and get your call ready, while i’m out there just fill out the sheet and then you walk away and it’s nothing bad about asking that folks, you give them a good service.
If anything, they deserve to do that, and then you get to put some money in their pocket.
It’s a great thing to do.

It’s something very important to see why wait for the up bus when you have the largest up bus sitting right in your crm facts? Charles you were 100 right.
We call those things a lot of people you just so you know folks, if you’re not in the business a long time and you or you called all your leads, which i doubt but you’ve called every one of your prior customers.
If you have there’s these things called orphan owners, orphan owners are people that bought cars from somebody that used to work here, but no longer works here.

So what that means is that they need somebody to become their new sales pro somebody that could be their point of contact at the dealership, so make sure you guys check on those on a monthly basis.
If you see somebody that leaves get their debt, get their crm information get all the get all their prior customers and then follow up.
Let them know you’re their new point of contact that you’d love to con turn them into your database.

Make them your clients.
You know that’s the best thing you can do and while you’re on the phone with them ask them for hey.
I know you know somebody right, so that is totally the key to getting extra things when you don’t just depend on a lot of my store.

If we depend on a lot of us, we wouldn’t sell cars.
If i depended just on leads, we’d do okay, but we wouldn’t sell and make records like we do.
Every single month we wouldn’t have a group of 10 plus sales people out here and all of them doing really well, and the key is that you have to make sure that you are bringing in the leads too.

It’s really neat, don’t get me wrong.
It’s cool to be able to walk into a store have somewhere.

That gives you all these leads that say: hey here’s, a stack of leads, here’s something for you to call here’s this and here’s a process for that, and you get some lot traffic.

That’s great, but i tell you my favorite thing and matter of fact, my owner here at tony molito.
What he likes to talk about a lot is that he likes to mention the leads that he brought in the sales that he generated the sales that he brought in.
So those are people that he actually called that he got in here.

People that he got leads from they sold, but they weren’t from the lot they weren’t from leeds at the dealership and provided he preferred having that.
So that is a good feeling to know that you brought those people in when you’re the ones doing it.
If you weren’t here, then those cars would have never been sold.

That type of thing so remember that that is so important folks make sure you get those leads and be proud of that.
Don’t be scared to ask folks it’s just like anything else.
If you don’t ask for it, you’re not going to get it, why be scared? Make it part of your delivery process, make it part of your follow-up process period? If you don’t, do it you’re missing money, you’re, missing and you’re missing opportunity to help people a lot of us who are car people now that talk about? Oh, i would do this because i love helping people.

If you like, helping people, then ask for people to let you help them.

Sometimes people are scared to ask.
Sometimes people don’t want, they don’t know, just give them the sheet of paper and ask them to give you three leads.

So that’s my tip for you guys today, i’m going to give you guys that not recently contacted and another good is another good source grab, the leads of or customers that other salespeople have neglected.
Most dealers have five-day rule.
Yes, yes, backfire.

We don’t really have five-day rule.
We have a like that.
Lead is still available for anybody throughout the day, so it’s getting regenerated.

So if you don’t get in contact with them or you’re, not following up with them you’re not setting that appointment, it’s still everybody’s leave.
It’s up for it’s up for grabs, that’s what we do here on leads now most not recently contacted that’s something that just wouldn’t happen in my store.
We have a process for that, but that is very great point, charles for all you stores out there all you dealers out there are you sales pros out there that are struggling with that.

Make sure you check on that.
Just just because a lead gets old doesn’t mean it’s not real.
I’ve seen leads that are like six months old, still turn into something.

You know everybody’s at their own pace.
You know we all want that right now, business, don’t get me wrong, low hanging fruit, the long hang fruit.
Everybody gets go for that fruit.

That’s hard to reach.

When you go for that fruit, that’s hard to reach, you tend to one: it tastes better! It’s not! As dirty less hands have been on it, you have more opportunity and it feels better just much like bringing in your own leads.
So i recommend that folks.

I hope you guys do that, so i’m gon na get off here.
I just wanted to throw in a few of my little vibes at you, so i hope you guys are having a great night great day crush your week.
I’ll see you tomorrow on my next lot, walk and don’t forget to miss my don’t miss my quick brew, and tomorrow morning we have some special guests coming on our show.

I’m excited there’s some old sales people that used to work at our muldrow store.
Actually, when i was there, matt bradshaw was on there.
I’m excited about having him on make sure you guys don’t miss that tomorrow morning, at 8 30 a.

On the car guy coffee, early brew, it’s gon na be on facebook, linkedin and once again youtube.
You guys have a great night appreciate you for jumping on josh, charles jamie lou, everybody who came out here.
I appreciate it.

You guys have a wonderful day, wonderful, not unfortunate subprime hero.
Let’s brew! .

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