Live Walk Around New Model Presentation

I’m a stripper, so that’s how I always sold also the same way every time.

So that’s why the presentation creates the value.
What I do about the tooth of 2020 escape is first off touch base that hey folks.
This is the 2020 escape.

The escape is one of the best selling small SUVs sex.
It’s been on the market.
This is like the fourth badge that sticks out strong.

So what I want to do is I want to flow around the vehicle and keep it moving.
So once again, it’s not a lecture right.
It’s a movie presentation, keep your mind moving.

What I like about this is it has the honeycomb grille.
The reason for the honeycomb grille is the first off it gives it styling, but also it’s any air induction for the 1.
5 liter twin turbo 3 cylinder engine, because EcoBoost is turbo.

Technology turbos run off air, so this gives it a lot of air flow, so it gives it a bold look.
There you’ve got the large wraparound headlights if you’re going to do security driving at night, give you more visibility.
I also liked the brushed finish down long here, planting on the vehicle, so it gives you a powerful stamps, but still very sporty.

I like the inset of the fog lamps, as well as the body curves.
Now this model right here has 18-inch alloy wheels and nice thing about alloy wheels as they don’t fit, and you do have the contrast, gunmetal gray finish on the inside.
This has an 18 inch Michelin.

Tire michelin makes one of the best tires on the road and the great thing about an 18 inch.
Tire is it’s one of the most common tire sizes.
So if you do have to replace a tire, you’re gon na be able to find a lot of different options and they aren’t quite as expensive.

Now, depending on where you park at work, you can fold the beers in on this vehicle on both sides of your parking in a tight space or your your place of residence you’re in a tight space.
You do have that if you folks want to come over to follow me here, the blind spot in the mirror.
So what that does is when there’s somebody in your blind spot.

This little light here will turn amber, which will alert you and also alert the driver who is in your blind spot that you are in there for has is the only vehicle that has the keyless entry keypad.
It comes with a five digit codes from the factory.
You can change that code.

The factory code will also always work.
I like this, because if you’re going to the gym, you’re going for a hike, you’re going for a bike ride and just leave your keys in there when you get done, you’ve got the door code right here.
You can see body-colored handles what I really like, but the inside of this vehicle is, although it’s a small SUV, the interior features are like a luxury vehicle, but you have the perforated leather seats.

Contrast stitching, lumbar support on the back.
You have a 10-way power seat, including power lumbar.
Now, whether your passenger or your driver is tall short, heavy or slim.

You have the tilt telescopic steering wheel, so therefore they can adjust it accordingly, that they can get comfortable and they don’t have to be right.
On the steering wheel, or they can stretch back, this has memory seats.
So if you have multiple drivers with the height difference, you can that one for the primary driver, two for the secondary driver and even a third driver, one in two.

You can also program to your keyless entry key fob.
So when you start the vehicle with your remote starter or you get in the vehicle, push start it’ll automatically go there.

Pretty standard features, power, windows, power mirrors.

This vehicle has side airbags.
What side airbags do is in the event of a side collision, they will expand and they will protect your torso.

You also have safety curtain airbags once again in the event of a collision.

Those will drive to keep your head from smacking into the window.

Concussion, very nice leather wrap steering wheel position, your radio controls temperature controls, bluetooth controls alright here so at the very fact.
Yes, you do not have to pull your eyes off the road to adjust your controls, a very nice clean, 8-inch navigation system.

You do have the LED backlit message center, along with some traditional gauges that will give you your fuel miles per gallon or miles per hour, temperature and rpms, so the driver and front-passenger can have their own temperature.
It will also give you a digital reading.
Record went to the new shift lever.

Transmission works the same as other transmissions.
It is just now a knob radio.
Controls are right here, four banks, if you are getting too warm or too cold, you can close those bets off right here.

It needs to be cup holders here.
You’ve got the charging pad right here on 12 holes and auxilary plugins right here.
Also nice size center console the top is leather wrap, with the contrast stitching gives it nice time.

Another auxilary port in there keep all your technology charging look at the back for a small SUV now in the 2020s state what they were able to do with this model.
A lot of my customers think that looks smaller than previous models, but this model is actually just been completely redesigned.
It’s lowered to get it more like a car ride, feel it’s wider to give it a more stable ride and it’s actually longer which gives you more cargo space.

If you look in the back, I was plenty cup full up front.
I’m not super tall.
Just shy of 6 foot, but I have plenty of legroom back here.

The kids are giving you a hard time, air vents, so you don’t have to melt it or freeze yourself and your front passenger to keep the other people in the basketball.
You can also recline the seat for a long drive for comfort before your passengers.

You just hit this head restraint right here, but until that will trust that you can pull this lever before it hits there merely a flat world power.

This has the power liftgate.

You see lots of storage, it’s a 60/40 split, so you can either have full seats down or you can have a 60 % of the seat down or the 40 % of the seat down and still have a rear passenger.
You have a nearly full sized spare tire right here.

You might be wondering what that little nozzle is right there.
If you come over here and push on the gas door, it’s just a push in you.
Have the EZ fuel capless fuel tank.

So that’s very nice! You can see the styling on this very bold and aggressive taillight once again add disability for those people behind you.

This has the optional 2-liter 2-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine that puts out over 250 horsepower this class 3 trailer.
Salt also comes with the 4 pin wiring, which will give you up to 3500 pounds of towing capability.

You just hit this right here.
The table come down.
This also has reverse.

I see what I really liked, how they put the badging here to really make the brand stick out and add a elegant look to it for its really good about branding.
I don’t know if you knew forge has been around for a hundred and seventeen years, so the company’s definitely been around for a long time serving our country, reverse sensing.
You also have the plastic padding right here.

So if you are putting things in or taking them out, don’t have to worry about scuffing refinish.
As I said this, that’s the 2-liter EcoBoost 250 horsepower with an 8-speed automatic transmission.
What that does is that gives you smaller ship bands? That, therefore gives you a smoother ride and more efficient to a smile.

This is a all-wheel drive model, that’s an intelligent, all-wheel drive, it runs on front-wheel, drive or Consensus any slippage.
It will transfer the power of 40 to follow me now.
This model right here has the bigger engine with 250 horsepower it’s rated at 23 miles per gallon in the city 31 on the highway 26 combined.

That’s very impressive for the fact that it has 250 horsepower and is an all-wheel drive model.
Do me a favor to take a seat in there you’re tall well yeah.
No, I mean that feel that feels good, I’m just under six point.

I have plenty of legroom, so you can easily fit for some fun size, adult comfortably.
Another thing I really like about this vehicle is the contrast interior.
You have the light cream color with the charcoal that boldwood really makes a vehicle pop.

You see the lower panels.
Our ears will pop up.
If you need to, you can adjust them to the Sun out of your eyes or out of your passengers eyes.

Once again, the new 20:24 de scape SEL, with the all-wheel drive and two litre 250 horsepower EcoBoost engine .

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