Live Training With Brian Maxwell – Overcoming Objection

My my life is here, I’m alive in my life.

What’s up y’all, what’s up? What’s up, I got your my have y’all on here joining me.
While I go live here, I wait for some people, there’s gon na jump in so we so much so what’d.
You do when you first come back nine out of ten nine point: eight out of ten sales people when they come back off the dead off-the-shoulder me from the test-drive they’re gon na take that person straight back to the desk and just like y’all were saying when The customers coming back off that test-drive, no matter how much fun and laughing your idea that anxiety kicks up again because now it’s time for them to get what they came for, which is the numbers you ever seen.

Those people that report was great.
Everything was all good once the numbers come out.

The whole game changes the smile off the face and you’re like good god.

What happened to this person that I knew is because they have to go go.
Why do you think their defenses go up so high when coming back off that demo drive money? That’s what money? They know that they’re about to come out of something think about all of those all of you have had anxiety before.
When you know you either got a big check, you got some money, but you’ve got to go, buy something fairly big.

That’s gon na take away from that money in you, like.
I really want to do this.
Do I really want to do this? Am I really gon na spend that five hundred thousand now imagine when it’s twenty thirty forty and fifty thousand okay, because what happens is when we’re customers? We go through these same emotions, but then what we could get on we get on this side of the table.

We forget, and then we get agitated with your customers because they’re doing the same thing we did last week when we were going to look at that TV, we were going to look at that house or apartment or something like that same thing, but we were in A different setting, but we forget that their anxiety goes up.
So what you have to do again is learn how to use a pattern interim as opposed they are expecting you to bring them back in.

Take them right to that desk and hammer them to death.

Don’t do that when you come back in them saying this, and so since we did that, let me at least give you a Toyota dealership and show you where you bring your vehicle when you need to get it serviced and everything like that.
Take them on a tour of the store, take them on a tour of the tiger, doc said: take them over there to the lady right.
There cuz the minister higness right here, just a lady that administers the service area.

As you can see, got a lot of nice seating.
We got an area for the kids, you watch some television, we got free, Wi-Fi and whatnot here come on over here.
Let me take you to show you: the service department walk them across that blue block right that Lane, and were you walking there, introduce them to the party to a service manager? Hey this star service manager right here, such-and-such if you have any issues with any of the work, that’s done ever when you bring your vehicle in this, is who you’re talking to good guy, takes great care of our customers, give them the torque walk them around there To the bait, where they got the cars on the lip, so, as you can see, we do have 70 are veins.

You know we do our work very efficiently, and this is where all that stuff – okay, so anytime, that you have your service before miss scheduler window.
This is exactly where you’ll come.
Take them on back in okay, make them feel special, introduce them to one of your managers before you get into presenting numbers, because guess what you’re doing, even though you’re taking them and you’re giving them exceptional service you’re already introducing them to a manager who may potentially Do a TL, but rather than bringing some cold stranger in that, never met these people before during your tour, you actually give a chance to introduce them so indeed fee that you do have to do eto.

The gap has already been bridged.
Okay, you got ta know how to think outside the box.
This fellas this game, this chest is not checkers and it sells people.

We try to minimize what we do for our sake now realize and every time we minimize something for our sake.

It costs us money and maybe we blame the customers say.
Oh, they wanted me to drop price to do this.

No, we didn’t give them a good reason to see the value and maintain the price.
That’s my said this is a $ 30,000 vehicle.
You got to be doing a $ 40,000 presentation and I’m not just talking about a walk around talking from the moment that you greet these people.

There should not be any point in time these people felt, like you weren’t paying attention to them.
You want to engage, or you wanted to join yourself because I don’t think we pay attention, with the exception of I’ve, never really got a chance to watch y’all work in the deal, but I have seen him you look like you’re enjoying it the whole time and That’s why your people are more comfortable with you.
If you seem like you’re stressed about working it or you’re, not very energetic their energy level is always no match yours or be lower.

Nobody is gon na be happier than you that they’re coming in here to spend 40 50 grand they’d never be sitting like yes, I’m so excited about jumping this 47 on this woohoo yeah come on that no they’re, not so your energy has got to be there.

Defeat, oh it’s like when I’m training we’re, not training.
I always have people tell me they can feel the charged up now say you know what that is.

That’s me giving my energy to you.
It is literally transferable and I say when I walk out this room.
You have to find a way to replace my energy to keep that feeling to keep that feeling.

Cuz, that’s what it is.
Is your energy and my energy mix them together.
Same thing happens when you with your customers, is your energy and their energy mixed in together? So if your is low and their is low, you got a real low experience, which means you ain’t, making, no money, you probably won’t make a deal, but if your energy is hot, even if theirs is low, you can pull them up a couple notches.

Okay, it kind of get them on there that run element.
We were talking earlier thing about it.
Most people they’re, very basic, routine lives.

They wake up.
They go to a job that they probably don’t like.
They do a task that they do every day do anyway.

They get off, they go home and they do the same thing over and over again.
So there’s no real excitement and a lot of people’s eyes to they go on vacation or something like that.
You literally have an opportunity to give these people an exceptional experience.

Need to walk out like yo.
I’ve never had an experience like that.
I buy a vehicle ever never even seen.

It didn’t even know that that was possible.
You know that’s what it should be like and as possible.

So when you get it back in give them a tour, make them feel like a star.

Introduce them make them feel special.
When have any of you ever been walking around someplace and introduced to somebody you never had happen to you remember the name.
The game is about different, not being like everybody else, there’s nothing cool about calm.

Anybody know what the average household income is in this area.
Other good start 26 for a family of four family of four.
How many of you is looking to becoming? Not very many right so bring them back.

Can you give them a tour so now you can give them a tourist, I’m busting em.
Okay, now, when we going to present these knows how their be represented is everything? Ok, what type of energy we got? What type of influence what I’m gon na do? I’m gon na like so numbers in these nothing soaps is exactly my customer number one and we might have covered this before, but most people come in guys to presenting the numbers they got the sheet like this.

They take the sheet, they lay it down on their desk and then they sit down and they start talking while you’re talking and that sheets on my desk, okay, that customers doing they trying to read that sheet.

So they not pay attention that nothing that we’re saying nothing at all.

So at all times the numbers should be maintained.
I highly recommend once you get them fold them in half seal it up.

Okay, that way, you’re not looking at nothing and maintain control of it.
The whole time and how you come back to the desk plays a huge part.
I have seen guys comfort amazed with this walkin.

I did alright, oh my god, what type of it? What type of energetic good energy is.
I nah man when I met that desk me giving them numbers.
I know in my head.

I might even save their money game on y’all watch.

Sorry, hey thanks! Man appreciate that great now walk back over there like hey, listen, I got AI got excellent news.
Just got to talk with the manager and man based on everything that we went over.

You will have the option.
The opportunity behavior drive back me up alright, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to present you two numbers and, like I stated earlier and like I stated earlier Nate, I know exactly what happens? Man you’re the challenging your teacher, okay, and if you don’t like the option I have for you, I know how much you leave and if you have to leave because I was unable to provide the service, you helped me find what you’re.
Looking for the shame on me, or if you have to go, do business someplace else dealership was unable to help you find what you’re looking for and shame on us, alright.

So here’s what we got for that 2018 charger all right, so the price twenty-nine 590.
Now, the discount, you got a discount of one thousand five hundred and eighty two dollars: okay, also a rebate of $ 3,500.
So right there, that’s that’s a little bit over five thousand dollars that you get a chance to keep in your pocket that gets discounted off! That vehicle – okay – that’s off! You saw that breeze, your your purchase price to twenty four 508.

Now your trade man, we love it.
We want to buy for your train.
We don’t give you fourteen thousand dollars for that.

Okay and we got a payoff of ten five.
So we’re gon na take care that, for you, we’re gon na pay that off now, as you probably already know since we’re paying off your vehicle, it will tag that on to this current vehicle, but just know that that’s all taken care of you got another paid Off vehicle on your credit history, positive for you all right now with the fees 650, the e-file, that is one 49.
3 799 tax Uncle Sam’s, dome kids kind of can’t do anything about that.

That’s eight! Ninety, seven! Seventy five down textile entitles that brings your algid to a price to thirty six to ninety one, twenty five! Now the options that we have, you told me you were interested in putting down three grand, so I got you several options available using the three thousand.
Two thousand dollars down.
I apologize now the first option we have.

You were interested in sixty months.
Okay, as sixty months, your payments are 734.
Now Nate.

Let me let you know some.
If you go to nine out of ten dealerships, most sales for us wouldn’t want to show you that 734.
They be terrified of the.

Why? Because they think it’s too high, but based on everything you told me, he said that saving money was your most important objective, and so, at these terms, and at this price it would save you the most money.
It’ll, save you in fees of the finance charges, okay, making that payment have a no shorter terms.
You paid a vehicle off quicker.

You build equity in it much faster and build equity in the vehicle, and you can head off guess what you can you get a title, free and clear and a titles like a stop.
You can trade against it.
You can take out a loan against it.

You can sell it in his cash in the form of a TI tle, and that’s are you okay, so a 60-month now.
Otherwise we have it at 72 months now, 72 months.
As you see, it is substantially less.

Your papers are only 640, but here’s the thing that all of our customers say they really love about that 72 months is that there is no prepayment penalty on any of these things.
So if you get a range, you get an inheritance, you hit the lottery on more.
If you just want to play a hedge for 50 bucks or make extra payment, you can do so.

Okay and that’ll help you pay the vehicle off quicker, build equity in the pasture and get that title free and clear, but your only obligation is the 640 okay.
Now the last option is at sixty six months now at sixty six months, the payments are much less than a sixty months, just a little bit higher than at 72 months, but they’re flexible as a matter of factly.
Our customers call the sixty six months.

The best of all works because you can take advantage of the the same advantage of 60 months.
No prepayment penalty hits a lottery contemporary.
You can pay it off your night, but your only obligation is 682 okay.

So, in order for you to start enjoying your vehicle man and uh, you know get it out on the town for you and your lady.
All I need is your okay right there and I’ll get the details partner to get it prime buff and ready to go.

Okay, now how we present the numbers is everything mm-hmm, guys watch it work play on this okay.

He said 29, 521, 5.
Okay, what I want to give you discount one thousand five hundred eighty two dollars and I’m gon na give you another rebate of $ 3500.
See what he’s doing there brings it down to the twenty four or five? But when there’s good news, you want to use notice.

I said twenty nine five sort of thing, but I’m gon na give you a discount of 1500 to and if you go down to trade allowance, he didn’t just say fourteen.
You maybe seem like a big number fourteen thousand dollars for your tray.
I said: look your trade, we love it.

We want to buy.
We don’t give you $ 14,000 for that, and that makes a difference really too, because in 14, when you just say green you before temperature or we’re going to be $ 14,000 for your trade, you know anytime they’re, getting the benefit of a discount, a rebate or Try you blow that up because that’s real savings for them and if they do have some negative, am where you were paying off the vehicle: [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ].
What something I got doing! We got some folks on here.

I can’t see the comments, I’m glad y’all joining in know what we got on here.
Let’s see, uh should love.
What’s up man hey what’s up Jake, so you know so, and we’re gon na do Nate wake up.

When I here’s, why I don’t I mean here’s, what I do, do you not think them people to be that when sales people try to just do all the whole tag, tag entitle go straight to the bottom.
I cannot tell you how many customers that did not buy said they didn’t, because the rep skipped over there when you’re looking at that $ 7.
99 doc fee right they looking at that other stuff.

You know I’m showing you that if you’re seeing what I’m seeing I’m going down with you, if you have any questions, I’m not going to just go ahead and skip right to the next thing.
Leave it open if they say hey, I was at 6:50 I’ll, go ahead and explain all this.
Here’s what the risks of that when you say I just do it, look at it because remember you’re, strangers, you’re a sales guy and that anything that’s not transparent.

They won’t even necessarily tell you that there’s a problem with it, but in a reason, reason why they don’t buy they not take.
They don’t tell us all the time.
So when we say well, I’m gon na say man if they don’t bring it up.

I’m cool.
That is the worst thing I want to touch on.

Give you an opportunity to address everything on this sheet.

It’s just like when you’re doing a walk around and people try to avoid your sticker, why? It is what it is.
I am Not Afraid of any number on this car on this sheet.
These people know hey, listen, it’s no different than when you buy a house, ma’am or sir.

You know you deal with the title company and they process all your paperwork and get all your documentation to submit for you to own your land.
That’s exactly what this business that’s $.
We handle processing your paper.

Get your registration, give you certification.
We have a staff that handles all the data in house; it actually expedites the process and within the next 30 days, you’ll be coming here to pick up your tag for your vehicle.
So we take care of all that, for you just to get it done and that’s only $ 7.

You know that’s exactly what it is, don’t be afraid of it, because they will.
They will not tell you and be looking at that.

My daddy go trying to give the reason why our business has such a bad rep and it’s nothing to do what you said.

But it’s because salespeople always trying to hide something and think that people are stupid and can’t see and be like yo.

If I don’t talk about it, they don’t see anybody, it must be okay, but they walk out.
So no I’m very transparent.

We don’t touch if you have an objection on things.

I’m gon na give you an opportunity.
When I touch I’m gon na tell you what it is, do it the only part where I skip through and when you get in today, like 9/10 and net price, I skip your at because they can read and see that that’s nothing negative, nothing hurting them.

I’m just gon na skip through that.
You know what I’m saying those last two lines, but that doctor fee those trade allowances, the trade difference, I’m touching on that and on the taxes I always use.
You know Uncle Sam there’s nothing we can do about that, but that doctor, I don’t know if you all, knew how to even explain that, but that’s really what that’s for stamp process to pay forever take care of your registration, giving card recertified and everything all of The things that you have to make multiple trips back over to the DMV, take hours off word and maybe spend a little bit more money.

We expedite your process, for you take care of all that in-house and within the next couple of weeks I will be calling you become a parent pick, your tag up, because we got that taken care for you too, and then I move on.
But if we act like we’re scared of it and it’s a problem, then it’s a problem because you know that’s these people say why didn’t you want to show me? Why didn’t you talk about that? Why did you skip and say, text tag and title? Because that says doc fee, you know what I’m saying when they say another dealership presidency.
Well, members are different dealerships.

Do business different ways.
Some people make up for the difference in other areas.
We’re not somebody’s gon na take away from the front end to put in some place on the back end.

My whole thing is being 100 % transparent and at the end of the day, we all pretty much spend the same amount for it.
Where do you make up for that difference? I don’t know, but on ours we put it right up front just to let you know no hiding nothing.
Shady, nothing funny be honest from yeah.

You know we just want to show you a front some of the other.
They show you a little bit may make up for someplace else.

It’s not what I’m here to do.

You know our prices are already the most competitive either everybody’s in the area.
You know what I’m saying so boom.
I have no fear of showing that you we’re one of the best of what we do.

You have to begin to talk with these people.
This is all their warning from you.
They’re wanting you to say.

Look: it’s okay, I’m excellent at what I do and I’m gon na make this easy for you.
That’s a matter of fact.
If you have an issue in the future, I’m gon na be there.

The end to this is not just a one-night stand.
This is a relationship as a matter of fact for the rest of the time you alive and I’m doing this business.
You and I will have communication and me – have a relationship and that’s real.

Every customer gets like any people that you are sold.
If you ain’t got them in some type of an autoresponder or something that’s touching, these people once every month, once every three months, you’re hustling backwards, you already earned their trust and credibility, and this is why people that businesses grow from generating new business is not business.
Videos by taking customers you have and developing them of course, mixing a new clientele, but it costs a lot of money to market to get new business.

But when you got business, you learn how to work that the better you establish relationships with them guess what they know: people who know people and the reason why folks never give referrals and emails and stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas if you’ve been.
You know if you remember the anniversary day, especially the day they bought the anniversary date of when they bought man, young people six-month anniversary day.
Every month you should be sending these people a message for the anniversary date that they got their car.

You know one month old, two months old whatever it is.
This thing angling right from here, y’all see me good on there y’all good.
You get my comment so some of the guys camera people really put some crazy comments on this stuff.

All right all right, I’m back all right, yeah, I’m gon na put it right here, y’all, so that way, we’re gon na be just live in the reg.
I’m sorry, I’m right up there, your grill, so hopefully it’s not too up doing um but yea.
This was about it’s about the show, and so when people come in, they say man, I hope to get a deal or I hope, to make 5 grand this month.

Don’t hope see, I don’t hope to make up 30,000 or 40,000, our $ 50,000 a month.
I expected I expect to make seven figures every year, but I know that for me to do that.
What I have to do, I have to put in a tin figure effort, but that make sense okay.

So if fella this, where it goes back to, if you know in your heart of hearts, that you’ve been selling as well as you have there, but you know you have not done very much independent training and stuff and real skill building understanding the psychology of sale Sales is psychology, people by 90 percent based off emotion and back 10 % logic, and this is why every dealership has that one or two people then know everything about the views.

Everything like a mark but can’t sell one to saved a life, know everything about it.
From the front end to the rear, end can tell you everything but cannot pay somebody to buy a vehicle, because why they talk about the tork and eternal ratio.

The customers over there.
Like I don’t even know what the hell torque is.

I thought that was a movie you homes in.

I just want to know if the gas mod is better.
Let me get the hell out of here and go deal with somebody that I can understand.
Okay and that’s the name of the game, selling is psychological, but the first part of psychology is with you.

This is where we mess up.
How can we work to educate, persuade and get customers who want to buy from us when we can’t even educate and persuade ourselves to believe that we are true champions, winners and go-getters to believe that, ok, I think so highly of myself that I have to build Up my skills to match my expectations, see when your belief in yourself gets so high you.
You can’t wait to get to the next book or learn their next skill, because you expect certain things of yourself, but people that have like low confidence themselves and you know didn’t happen to in a life and they got stuck and they say well, you know, I Don’t know nobody of my family has ever really been.

I mean I don’t really need much get that loser talk away from me.
Why not every good thing I was putting everyone just put in for me.

It wasn’t just put here for no Oh Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or whoever the hell.

You want to say Oprah.
It was put here for all of us, but it’s our job to figure out what we got to do to go get the bag.
Is there most sales people just scared to go pick up the bag? We spent too much time talking about why this person getting deals and how they getting fed, and how did this man screw all of that hey.

If you focus on somebody else getting deals, you know you ain’t, making no money and think about like this, and I said just before McDonald’s coca-cola two of the biggest companies in the world.
Everybody knows them.
Kids, two years old, oh they’ll, take the name off the logo, put it anywhere up on the globe.

Everybody knows to golden arches right.
Well, why is it that McDonald’s and Coca Cola? It’s on your TV, your radio and your social media every hour on the hour? 365 days a year, if everybody around the world knows them kids that I wanted to know them, you can put an image up, and everybody knows that company.
Why do you think they’re on your TV in your radio every hour on an hour all year? Long? It’s because they know that the general public, with all due respect, have a Dede there’s so much going on to do technology, life everything’s happening people don’t remember, and so you have to make it easy for them to find you.

It’s like me on the Internet.
How do I beat out all of these super-duper-duper huge companies with my relatively smaller staff, and we kicked all of the asses? Why? Because I’m all over the neck, I’m all over the neck, my trainers they get it on on a neck.
That’s how I don’t leave it to chance for people to find me.

I’m gon na make it easy for you to find me and when you find me, you like what I’m saying, let’s talk a little bit, let me come in there and show you how to take your team to another level or help you get to another level.
As an individual, okay, but that’s our objective, you have to do that because thing about it: fellas, if you ain’t willing to invest ten minutes in yourself every morning, ten minutes, if you’re not willing to do that.
How do you expect somebody be willing to invest 30,000? 40,000, that’s where the game is losted salespeople want everything from a customer, but don’t even want to give it to them.

So you feel me, and the game is not hard.
It is really easy.

Selling is easy when you know how okay, so it’s all about Santa right things.

So, when you’re going through these sheets and even when I presented the numbers, when you have three options, you have to learn how to sell that see what most people do a.
I have a 36 or 48 to 60 right.
You know they did over here in 36 months.

The premise it is at 48 months premise: it is 60 months in favor say that is born.
So when you say, hey, listen all right at 36 months, your payments are 750.
Now this, whenever that lowest whatever that first term is say it’s 36 or 48.

You need to educate them on why you went over there and what the benefit is: hey.
Listen at 36 months, your payments are 824.
Now I assure you to ten other dealerships.

No other sales rep would even want to show you that specialist just say that they wanted their payment to be a 5:30 right, and so the turns come out at 36 months.
48 and 60, so at 36 months the papers – let’s say: 8 24.
They wanted to be at 5, something all right.

So you present a say: listen if you went to 10 dealerships 9 happen to selphie.

Wouldn’t you want to show you that they’d be terrified, but, based on our conversation, you share with me that savings was very important you and actually at this 36 months.
This is the best option for you.

Let me explain why you save money on finance charges over the terms of the deal.
Okay, you get to build equity in it much faster.
You get to pay it off a lot sooner.

Okay! Now, when you pay a vehicle off, you know what happens you get a title now.

The cool thing about the title is like it’s like a piece of stop.
You can sell it, you can trade again, so you can take out a loan against.

You can do whatever you want to do with it.
It is cash in the form of the TI tle.
Now the next option we have is at 60 months now, at 60 months.

As you can see, the payments are much less, but here’s the cool thing that our customers really like there is no prepayment penalty.
So if you can arrange it at the lottery, you get an inheritance or you want to perish for 20 bucks.
50 bucks.

I make a couple extra payments here.
You can do that you can pay the vehicle off sooner build equity in it much faster, and you know get that title free, clean and clear to do whatever you want to do with it now at 48 months.
This is what our customers called the best of both worlds and here’s.

Why it’s, because it’s much less than 36 months, just a little bit higher than 60 months, but it’s flexible because guess what again there’s no prepayment penalty! So if you want to pay a little bit extra because you got a raise, got an inheritance lottery, you can do so, but your only monthly obligation is blah blah blah.
So for you start enjoying your vehicle and go ahead and drive it home.
All I need is your okay and I’ll.

Give my detailed apartment get a shower prior buffed up and ready to go we’re in sales.
That’s what we do you know, and so everything we do have got to have a purpose of it’s not about persuading.
You know what I’m saying it’s about: helping a person buy rather than selling them a car, because here’s the real.

If I have to sell this car to this person, even if they drive a home, they may till they were forced and they’ll never come back to do business with me again.

You know tell everybody, don’t go there because I felt like they pressured me to death, but if I help them by, there is a difference between selling and helping somebody buy when you’re selling that’s the sales rep.
That is aggressively talking and pushing and trying to dis.

Any other, but when you’re helping somebody buy you’re, asking relevant questions, you’re listening with the intent to understand – and you are looking at it from a point of view of providing a solution rather than anything else – we’re solution providers.
Okay, so where people say mean I don’t want to pressure the customer, i don’t want to pressure the customer.
Let me address that.

There’s a difference between pressure and persistence.
Okay, if we were going outside and we knew three Mack trucks, come barreling down the street at noon and would was walking.
He got his headphones on banging out with his beats listening to a song looking at his phone and he’s close to that Street and Zach yells out, hey woody watch out and woody might hear those somebody you don’t know what’s going on, he might look good.

Oh man, that could say we look.
I don’t want to pressure him, so I’m gon na let him go ahead and walk on out there get killed or Zach might run and tackle to do for his own good, because he knows that them.
Trucks of berlin and woody don’t know that’s kind of how you have to see this, because there are really sharks in the water in this business that are very skilled, see every customer comes in so focused on price, on price on price, because that’s what they was Taught most of them don’t know the difference between price and cost.

You see price is a one-time thing.

You could have a one-day victory you’re going there.
You got the price that you wanted, but the real skill sales professional.

He knows how to structure that deal discounted on price.
All you want strip that bad boy down to the bone and when they go to resell it or trade, it that’s what it ain’t worth, what its weight or they got to pay to get the scratches out.
They got to pay to get all these things during the repair because they stripped it down all because this person only knew how to make a buying decision based on price price is a one-time thing.

Cost is a lifetime thing? Okay, so you have to educate these thing, what’s more important to you, ma’am or sir.
Is it price, of course, because price is a one-time thing? Cost is a lifetime thing.
So can anybody else beat us on price? Absolutely I have no doubt you can go to another dealership and they may be willing to lose everything they got in this deal just to try to beat us.

Okay, what’s up brother yeah, so yeah they work, but nobody beats us on cost and let me explain to you how – and this is where, with the warranties that y’all offer remember, we talked about how you really blow those up.
You know where it’s most cells here we say we here comes with a three year: 36,000 mile bumper to bumper.
What the hell does that mean and most reps, don’t even know the basic limited warranty does not even cover the bumpers.

So when we tell the customer is bumper to bumper, that’s a lie: it’s not, but as opposed to sitting on three or 36 bumper to bumper, because we’re having this thing about inside the dealership, we throw words around at each other.
All the time they’re.
Like second nature to us, but think about the customer, that does not spend their time in the dealership.

They don’t know what the hell bumper to bumper or powertrain is like.

I’ve said before I heard a soul train before I started in the business.
I never known what a powertrain was when I first came in so thinking about.

Maybe people don’t know it.
So we say yeah you get a 3 year, 36 bumper-to-bumper.
What does that mean? Or you could say and listen here’s one of the other things that you get with this field.

Our customers really love the fact that you get a three year, 36,000 mile limited basic, limited warranty.
Now here’s what that means for you.
That means that in this vehicle, if anything goes up, if the radio stops working, the rear can’t stop the power windows, anything under the hood, everything on this vehicle, with the exception of the tires, if you have any issue, you call me, you text me or you Email me, I’m gon na get that vehicle in here and we’re gon na get it taken care of.

You don’t have to worry about paying for parts.
You don’t pay a dime for labor.
You can just keep your money in the pocket where it should be, and you let us pay for that, but on top of that, within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, if your wiper blades do go up, if your your window of power windows do go Up you call me: we don’t get that taken care of, but here’s what else you get.

You also get our 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty.
Now let me share what that is, and why so many people really are grateful.
They have this with because if your engine goes out and that’s the block, the heads, the seals, all the internal lubricating working parts and any of that goes out, you call me you text me or if you email me, we don’t get that vehicle back in here And we’re gon na take care of it and I’m sure you know just how expensive it can be to get an engine repair to replace today.

Luckily, for you, you don’t have to worry about that for the next five years or 60,000 miles, I’m your guy.
If you have that issue, but not just your engine, your transmission and that’s your transmission, that’s the case, the axle, the assembly, every single, lubricated part in that transmission.
You call me – or you text me and I’ll, get it in here.

You feel it’s shifting funny.
You feeling it hesitating as it’s going through his gear cycles.
Don’t wait! A second call me.

Let me go to work for you.
This is yours, but on top of that, if your rear wheel drive goes out you out on the beach or here in the woods or something you have an issue, man I’ll get one of my tow truck guys out there we’re gon na tell you to the Closest Chrysler dealership anywhere in the country and guess what you keep your money in your pocket? We don’t fix that drivetrain for you now.

All of that is is included for you, but that’s not it for the next three years.

You also get our 24-hour roadside assistance.
So that means that you, your wife or your son, is out driving on the highway.
You get a flat tire, you run out of gas, anything happens, you call our God, you let us come out to help you change that tire, you let us come out there and let us help you get to the nearest gas station.

You don’t have to worry about that matter of fact, if you got triple-eight or if you paying for roadside assistance to your cell phone, cancel it save that money, because we’re gon na give it to you for the next three years, but also you also get our Corrosion warranty and what that means is that any of the internal sheet metal that can start getting wear and tear, and that’s just from typical Road trouble with gravel coming up in it sand any of the type of conditions that weather can create.
That usually calls corrosion on the vehicle.
Don’t hesitate, call me for the next three years unlimited miles.

I will get all of that internal sheet metal replaced, but on top of that, any of the external sheet metal that has paint on it or has any finish on it.
I’m gon na take care of that too, but we’re not gon na stop there because on your vehicle, one of the most important things about your car is the paint job and so what we have on your vehicle, what we call the perma plate protection and so What that means is, if you’re in the Walmart parking lot, it’s somebody lets the car go and it scratches your car if a squirrel jumps off the tree with razor sharp knives as claws and tap dancers on your hood, if the lovebug or any of the SAP Gets on that paint job? Don’t worry! You call me.
You text me because you’re covered for the next three years.

The old paint job will always look like showroom.
New, always look showroom new.
You call me, but on top of that you told me you and your family, like your travel, long distances for the next 12 months a full year, you and your family gon na enjoy commercial free listening, because we’re gon na give you serious radio, absolutely free for The next year, so if you like, listening soft rock hard rock a little bit of hip hop – and you know you get into your groove and then that Burger King commercial kicks in you – don’t have to worry about that now, you and your thumbin can enjoy any German of music, you like interruption free for the next year, that’s on us, so in order for you to start enjoying us all, I need is your okay right here you have to blow this stuff up, you’re, just Anderson and that’s not even everything they get.

I think there’s something else: that’s on that with y’all the stuff that goes up, but if you’re not talking about that.
This is why, when they go in there with the business manager and they’re trying to sell them on extended, warranties or gal, they don’t even know what the original warranty is.
So it’s like what the hell am I going to stand for.

It should know.
I’m okay, I’m cool, but what I got the next I’m saying: Eddie’s, damn car people are again trying to sell me on something because the sales rep was scared to bring it up to him.

Don’t be afraid we’re in sales amplified.

So now let’s say you present, all of that and let’s say the price: we don’t use it.
The payments are we’re gon na use 750, okay, but the payments they want to be at our 550.

All right, so you got a management, the payment that they gave.
750, they want to be a 550, so you went over all the warranties and everything to take it and guess what they tell you they want to think about it.
So let me ask you: when a customer says they want to think about it.

How do you have that work? What is it a think about the price? This is the right car for you, something I did wrong.
Okay, doc.
What kind of questions are you talk to your wife, somebody like that you’re gon na give them a call right now.

I can help go over.
Some of the questions concerns that you have that’s.
Typically, what 9 9 10 sales up Duke customs say one thing about, and the sales rep says.

What do you want think about? You know.
You said you like the car, and you said you this.
I want y’all to really think about something, even in your personal lives and all the others watching right now, in our personal lives, we always have must have what’s called our internal buying systems, which means that each of us have a process that we go through before We make a big decision.

Most people do some people pray about it.
Some people meditate some people talk to a spouse.

Some people go run.

Some people do whatever okay.
So when somebody tells us they want to think about it, and we get the question of what you wan na think about.

What’s this, you said you like that it can come off as very confrontational and it makes the sales rep seems like you’re being offended and defensive.

Think about it.
If I’m gon na dunk man – and I told you, I want to think about it, for you to question me, what is there to think about? Do you mean what is there to think about? I just want to think about this.
Well, what you said you liked.

It dude, I told you, I won’t, but just because you’re trying to force me to break my personal buying method that I use and think about it.
This is what we do is tell me that we don’t kind of be like what the hell are.
You talking about don’t think about just any other, and so we force the customer to get defensive.

We don’t want to be defense, so the first thing you should do when somebody tells you something like they want to think about.

It always learn to complement them.
The quickest way to knock a chip off somebody’s shoulder is to have them to take a bow, and why do people take vows when they’re complimenting okay, so not enough? Customers are complement so when somebody said I want to think about it.

Excellent I told you get.
Is that the fact you want to think about it lets me know that you’re? Well, you know one of the smart customers that we’ve ever dealt with most people that come in won’t even make a decision like this.
You know they say they want to think about it all right.

You know, but typically, when I hear that goes out to my says, they want to think about it.
It timidly boys one of two things and I wanted help me find out what it is with.
You when the person says they want to think about it, typically because they’re not interested or they’re interested, but not quite sure, if they’re ready to pull the trigger, which one of those is a for.

You not sure if you want to put a trigger great.

That’s excellent now you know the fact that you’re interested, but just not quite sure, if you’re ready to do it.
That typically boils down to one of three things.

I call it the triple EPS: it’s either, because the vehicles not the right fit, doesn’t have the right features or functionality or it’s defined answer.
So, let’s find out and really just break down and make sure that you have everything that you need to make that decision.
So that this vehicle is this the right fit? Did you like this vehicle? You like? Okay, now, as far as the features, it’s a Bluetooth, the rear, dashcam and all that to some rule, where the features great for you did they do everything you want them to do the couple days, one of those so but still, if doing that, and you get The person to say that okay blast, my monitor, might have been one thing that could hold them off so as we go through that now in the third F, the finances, how are you on the finances, the papers and everything? Okay.

For you morning, I anticipated oh, and what had you anticipate? Okay, you know so the payments that we had a 750 and where you were more comfortable at was around 675 a month.
You know exactly if I was you, you know where I want to be I’d.
Want to be at 675 all right.

So let’s look at that.
Okay – and you know, one thing that I do ask is this – that if I can show you how that’s $ 75, the vehicle just be able to serve will either pay for itself or give you far more and real cost savings, then that $ 75 difference.
Are you at least willing to listen and learn how it might be beneficial for you, okay and then you know you can roll into it, but always get confirmation.

Ask him.
So, let’s just say he said that it’s the money.
So now it’s the payments right.

So we’re at 750 – and let’s say he want to be at 550: okay, one clothes that you can use – and I want y’all – is watching this to really game on this one, because this is one of the most.
So it’s a very effective close that is using real information, actual data, and I called it the payment reduction close okay.
So you got a pen in your paper here, I’m going to use mine.

You got a pen, okay, so customer wants to be at five.
Fifty we’re at seven fifty okay, so woody, I’m role play this out with you and the vehicle that we are using is the 2018 Dodge Charger.
Okay and the MSRP on that is twenty nine five: okay, 25:29, five! So I’m on it I’m saying once I I want you to object one’s pretty once I say this, so what do you all I need you to do is give me you, okay, right there and I’ll, get off detail Department and get your vehicle Sharon.

Prime and buff ready for you to go, not that we just doing okay, so you wanted to be at five, fifty, the famous that from the lender at 750.
So let me ask you this worthy because I understand told him and if I was in your shoes, I’m gon na be at 5:52, if possible – and you know a lot of my customers when they initially looked at the payment.
I love to say that everybody jumps to joy and was really excited, but – and most of them did tell me that when they initially came in, they had a specific monthly payment in mind that they wanted to stay within.

But when they drove home they ended up.
Spending a little bit more than what they expected in the new vehicle they drove home in because it brought them far more in value and in real cost savings than they expected.

So let me ask you this way.

If you can see how you can get as much, if not more real cost savings from the ownership of this vehicle and real value in it, if you can see just how much beneficial I will be for you, are you at least willing to? Let me show it to you, okay, excellent.
So let me ask you this.
So this vehicle was twenty nine five woody.

How much do you believe it’ll be worth in five years? 25.
So it’s twenty nine five today and you think in five years, it’ll be worth twenty five fingers crossed, maybe eighteen and five years.
Eighteen slim incident.

So if you feel it’ll be worth 18 and five years, you would definitely agree that it would be worth at least fifteen in right.
Yes, okay, so 15.
And what do you got your calculator? Take you calculate out for me, you all right.

Do me a favor? Okay, because the terms you were looking at it’s five feet, because what I want to do, I’m going to show you if I can show you how your real payments are less than five, fifty, your real Pam’s less than five.
Are you willing to start enjoying your vehicle and drive your vehicle home? Alright, so said the vehicle be worth 18, but we both agree that if you feel it’s gon na be worth 18 to five years, definitely work 15 right.

So do me a favor divide that 15,000 by sixty months, please and tell me what you get: 250 250 dollars: okay, so we’re at 750.
So this is what happens? Okay, so what that means woody now, what you would do is on a piece of paper you’re right there number, so your payments are 750.

In five years, your vehicle will be worth fifteen thousand.

If we divide that by 60.
That brings that to $ 250.

Now, here’s what that means! That means that, in every payment that you make to your lender, a portion of that goes to your lender and to your principal, but another portion of that goes into what’s called like a micro savings account in the form of a title.

Okay, so a portion of your payment is actually put up in the savings account that will be given to you in the form of your title in the next five years.
So if you take this 250 and you subtract 250 from the 750 okay, that gives us five hundred dollars.

So what that means is that your actual payment to the lender is only five hundred dollars in that other 250 is being put up in that reserve that the lender is going to send to you in the form of that title.
That’s worth 15 grand are y’all following me: okay, let me break it down again: let’s break it down again: okay vehicles worth twenty nine, five right, yeah, okay! So here’s what I’m doing with the customer.
It’s a show a person what their real payment is.

When a person pays off a vehicle, what happens they get a title right? So here’s the deal so personally, they want to be at five, fifty two payments or a 750, so my responsibility is to show them that what they are really paying is less than 550.
Okay, so to do that I would say all right, mr.
customer, so if I could show you that your actual payments are less than 550, are you willing to start enjoying your vehicle and drive home, say yeah, excellent, all right.

So let me ask you: the vehicle today is worth twenty nine five.
What do you think it’ll be worth for five years from now they might say: eighteen, seventeen, no matter what they say.
I always go two or three thousand dollars at least two thousand dollars lower than that okay, because if you believe it’s gon na be there, I know you’ll believe it to be here.

Okay, so now, once I get that number, so let’s say if it was eighteen.
I take all three now we’re at 15.
Okay, so now that $ 15,000 is what they believe the vehicle be worth in five years.

So what that means in five years and that vehicles paid off, they will have a title.
That’s work how much money! Fifteen thousand dollars right: fifteen thousand dollars.
Now I want y’all to think about this as really smart, guys for them to get a title sent to them were fifteen thousand dollars and five years.

What that really means is that and any other team you take that number you divided by whatever the months are in the terms.
So let’s say if it was a 48 months or they way to keep that 60 months so 15,000.
You divide that by 60 months, right so you’ll get to $ 250.

So it’s a so memristor out of every payment that you make every payment of this 750 250 dollars of it.
It’s put up in a reserve that will be stored and saved for you that they will send to you in the form of a title in five years once the vehicle is paid off.
So what that means is that your actual price payment amount that you’re sending to the lender that you’re really paying towards your vehicle.

It’s only five hundred dollars, because in five years you get the title back.
That’s worth.
Fifteen are y’all done, focusing on the key for a couple years.

Let them tell me that you know, and are you gon na, have a couple of those yeah, because I don’t care what you trade or what you do with it.
My thing is and think about what I’m telling them.

This is not a lie.

It’s not for play! It’s real when we make payments a portion of it goes to the lender.
The other amount is put up and it gets sent back out to a person in the form of a title when they pay it off.
That’s just real.

It’s like when we make mortgage payments, you know what I’m saying it is no, I mean there’s no different, but most people don’t really think of that it used to be.
I just call it a title: clothes, okay, but if you learn how to be skilled at saying and doing it in a roleplay setting it’s challenging when you got this many people but um, so I’m just gon na do it with Zach.
Okay, like I like, I miss customer, so exactly where people’s worth 2095, I’m in five years, how much you think the fields will be working 18,000 kg can definitely agree that it be worth fifteen thousand in five years.

Would you agree with out of these all right? Do me a favor? Thank you got your calculator.
Would you do me a solid? Would you divide fifteen thousand by sixty months and the reason why I’m doing 60 months? Because that’s the terms that you say it would be the best suited for you? So let’s just see so I know 60 months 15,000 baht about 60 months.

That is two hundred and fifty dollars.
Okay, now Zach.
Let me share with you what that means for you, what that means, that out of every payment that you made to your lender of seven, fifty five hundred of it goes towards your principal balance and the other 250 is stored.

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