Live Questions w/Brian Maxwell To Sell Cars The RIGHT WAY

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I got a few that have already come in okay, so at least we know where to start offer just a few more minutes, preciate job showing up they’ll coming on in and hanging out with me a little bit on the Sunday evening and promise we’re not gon Na be long every once in a while, though, I like, you know, go live and just make sure that people see, I am a living breathing person that actually doesn’t Iraq.
I don’t just just go into dealerships all the time I interact with people on a regular basis to help them out too so um we’re gon na have some fun appreciate you, the other folks that are coming in, like I said we expecting, 150 or so people.
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I know most of the times when we have these events.
People don’t like to put themselves on blast, so they just will hang back and just wait and let me go ahead and go through what I’m gon na.

What I want to talk about – but this is truly about about you tonight, so any issues that you have out touch on a few things that I’ve been hearing that I know people have been saying that they’ve been dealing with, but other than that by all means.
Send me your feedback share with me what you got going on um if there’s anything that you like answer in the background, as I stated earlier, if you do hear my dogs working it because my grandson is about to be dropped off and sometimes my dogs don’t Know how to act – and my lady is actually watching how to get away with murder right now across the living room.
So I’m really at home finally off the road for the last two weeks, but alright we don’t go ahead and get to it and do it.

I appreciate everybody taking time out coming on in Brian Maxwell, checking in with you guys fresh off the road from Illinois this past week in New Orleans the week before that – and I just decided to jump on here and go laugh and do a quick Q & A with everybody, because uh I get a lot of questions on a regular basis.
You know people are struggling right now, even at their stores to be able to capitalize and make money, and it seems like right now.
People are running to the same exact obstacles, and the biggest thing is that they’re running into the hurdles of everybody wanting a discounted price, everybody wanted a lower price or you know working a deal and somebody else stepping in to help you with a deal slashing the Prices on it and really taking away from the money that you could have possibly earned on that potential deal.

So some of the things that we’re gon na talk about is strictly cater to aid.
You know how do you convert more people feed? How do you convert more people profitably and see? How do you actually turn what it is that you’re doing at your dealership into a career? There’s one thing I will tell you: if you haven’t heard me say it before I’ll say it now: Jo B stands for just over broke and at the end of the day I get it.

You know, men and women are doing the best that they can to take care of their families.

They go into this opportunity hearing that they can make money and a lot of folks when they start up at the store, there’s nobody to grab them by the hand and actually teach them the right things to do in order to be successful.
There’s nobody there to guide them.
There’s nobody there that really tell them what to say.

Most people are thrown out just told to shadow somebody, and then they left a hang, and one thing I will tell you is this: you can rest assured that there are men and women random from the ages of 18, all the way up to sixty eight seven, That are literally making money at their dealerships right now I see we got more people coming out really appreciate, but there are literally people that are making real money at the store.
So let’s talk about.
The first thing I want to address is: is its price important? Absolutely price will always be on the table, regardless of any customer that you deal with okay, but you must know if you haven’t heard this before, is that when value and the experience exceed the price price becomes a little bit less relevant.

Think about it like this, we have all spent more money, then we needed to for something that we want it, but we saw the value in it.
Therefore, it was worth it to us to invest in okay, and so, at the end of the day, when people have this belief that the vehicle sell themselves.
No, they don’t because, regardless of what brand you’re promoting, if you went around the United States and stopped at every other district, or so the exact thing that you do, what you’ll find is you have exactly what they have at their lock on your lock.

So what that means is that when it boils down to who they buy from it’s up to you, it’s up to the end of the drill at that store, and it’s not about price people will spend more money to deal with you because they like, and they Trust you, rather than going someplace else cheaper.
So how do we get there and how do we do that? One of the key things a lot of people are pretty good at greeting customers and getting them inside.
But you may have heard me say this before two of the silliest questions that most sales people ask that can destroy their deal before it even gets going just from Greenland number one is asking the guest.

Can I help you now? The automotive industry is one of the slowest adapting industries I’ve ever seen, but, let’s think about what can I help? You mean number one.
When we ask the guest, can I help you two typical responses, I’m just looking.
Okay, I’m just looking now.

Why do people respond, but I’m just looking it’s because we’re programmed to respond with that.
How many times have you been somewhere with an intention or maybe not with an intention, but you do have some interest you’re in a place of business, you’re in the clothing store or you’re at a dealership before you showed up somebody asked you.
Can I help you and the natural reaction was just okay, that is psychologically something that we are programmed to do, and so that also that makes absolutely no sense to ask someone that I’ve said this before I’m just touching on too quickly.

Welcome is the first thing that you should say when you’re greeting somebody onto your life number two to ask somebody hey how you doing today.
Again, we don’t know if they’re having a good day a bad day and at the end of the day, as a professional wanting to keep in you got to keep in mind.
If you really want to make sure that prices at the end-all be-all with any customer.

That you do – and you have to trust me on this – I am from coast-to-coast from some of the most some of the biggest luxury brands.
All the way down to some of the domestics – and one thing I can rest assured is there – are people out there today that are still buying vehicles at MSRP and and without ridiculous discounts.
Why? Because they see the value in it and it’s not taking advantage of anybody at the end of the day as a professional, you got to realize this.

You are the CEO of the biggest and the best business that you will ever own and that’s you and what you accept as an hourly wage or a security income is how you value your business and so when you’re, interacting with somebody and you giving them your Time – and you know that you genuinely want to help them – make a smart, safe, buying decision.
Yes, you should be compensated for that.
You deserve to be compensated for that see.

The issue is this: we’ve all been hardwired to believe in these 40-hour work weeks, and then you know we get paid by the hour and let me explain something you will never ever ever become financially secure, swapping hours for dollars.
If, at your dealership, you have not quantified your time to say, okay, what is it that I want out of this? If this is a new car, how much is it a new home? What is it? Is it a yearly income? How much is it and you have to break it down? I call it the reduction sort of ridiculous to what it is on a monthly basis now that you’ve reduced it to a monthly basis.
Take how many working days you have in a month – and you divide that into that number – that will let you know exactly what your objective should be every day, if your objective should be to earn $ 250.

00 and commissions every day that week, that’s a lot easier And a lot smaller to be able to grasp and conceptualize and saying I want to make eight thousand dollars in a month, sometimes that’s too much with people.

Okay, so first you got to begin to quantify your time.

The thing that separates the winners from the losers, not just at the dealership, but in life and many times it boils down to what goes on in between our ears.

I see men and women everyday that are selling 15 to 20 units every month consistently, and I see those that are hovering between four five or six every month.
They may have a good one in between there, but then the next one is back down.
What separates them is one those that are consistently doing at 15 between 12 and 17 every month they have identified the fact that sales is not something that you do when you’re going to your place of business.

It is something that we are all born into an hour proven to you from the moment that you were born.
I was born our parents of every single human being has been blessed on this planet.
We are all born into sales, we cannot escape it and let me show you how and every intelligent person I’ve shared this with said, I never thought about it.

Think about it like this, when a baby cries, it’s going to be picked up, be fair to have a diaper change.
That’s the sales car, any relationship you’ve ever been in you weren’t the only person that thought they were attractive.
You were one of many, but yet you presented yourself in a way that they said you know what I’d like to begin.

A family I’d like to establish a relationship I like to have children with that person every previous place of employment.
You have been.
You were not the only candidate, you were one of hundreds, if not thousands, but yet you presented your skills and sold them in a way that they said you know, but we get the highest rate of return on our investment.

With this person I mean, if you’re in the car, with some money – I say – hey baby, say well, let’s go to Burger King, you say no, let’s go to five guys.
Their burgers are a lot better.
That is a sale.

It even goes as simple as sitting in a room by yourself doing nothing.
We have sold ourselves that is better to sit there and do nothing than it is to get up and go get it, and so one you have to identify cells into something that you do.
It is something that you are born into and when you realize that you begin to conceptualize that you begin to hone your ability to communicate, and you look for every opportunity to be a solution provider and also realize this when people are coming into your store aim.

With the internet, they’ve done shopping, okay, people go online and do their researches and a lot of times.
If you probably know they’ll know more about taking the vehicles than you do when they come in, because they’ve been study up for days weeks a month and you’ve got somewhat of a fleet to be knowledgeable about, they just have that one okay, so that that’s that’s Number one when they come in they’ll have some form of an idea, but number two man most people aren’t here, try to have step it so much that when they come in and they interact with somebody that actually is generally gives a damn about helping them make A smart, safe buying decision you stand out and realize this selling a villain, somebody by vehicle that has margins in it.
Okay, has everything to do with your ability to treat them like a human being and give them the most positive experience that you possibly can now? Does that mean that it’s gon na be all jokes and laughs the entire time? No, but what it means that is sue Neuman beings that are working towards a common goal, which is helping.

This person make a smart, safe burn decision not trying to you just trying to sell them, something because, no matter how silver-toned you are that you have to sell somebody something and force it down, they throw even when they get it home.
They’re going on a field force and then they’re gon na you know or never come back.
They may give a negative review and they’re gon na feel bad about the decision.

But when you work with them and realize that it is a partnership, you and them go down, you take them down the process pathway together.
Now, when they make that bond decision, they feel a lot more comfortable with it and you seemed like you were a helpful.
You know somebody doubles are helpful consultant along the way, and so always remember that yeah you vehicles is the product that you sell, but the business that you’re in is the people business.

Now, let me talk about this too.
A lot of folks say that they dislike scripts.
They eat scripts because they say scripts makes you sound.

Scripted makes you sound robotic, it does not give you any any room to be able to move, and the one thing always stress to people and I’ll point out.
This is what causes the most resistance and inconsistency and people sales think about your favorite movie.

Whatever movie it is you love whether it be Avengers Goodfellas, you know whatever it is think about it.

The movie probably stimulated you emotionally made.
You laugh made.
You cry made.

You happy make you sad, but prior to production, getting started every actor in that movie was sent something, and it’s called the script now.
What they did is they memorized it they internalized it and when they projected it out, they personalized it.
As a matter of fact, they memorize it and internalized it so well that if when they projected it out, even though we know it’s faked on this big screen, they’re able to stimulate us emotionally, because they’ve got the words down to the point where they no longer Have to think about it and their own personalities to flow through.

You see that’s the importance of having the right things to say.
I was taught years ago, good salespeople, Googlers practice what to spend, but great ones, practice what to ask.
So when you have a word track, you have an outline when you have things that actually work, you get information help you help the customer become more educated and more comfortable as you go through the process.

Now you’re no longer worried about well.
What if they ask me this, and I can’t I can’t handle it or I can’t answer it, you know won’t, go worried about that and then guess what you can just flow.
Think about it like this.

How often have you ever been riding a car and a song you haven’t heard in years? Maybe you heard it back in high school? Maybe it was you jam in college.
Maybe it’s something used to jam to back in the day, but it comes off and without even thinking about it, you’re seeing the words and you’re jamming to it as a matter of fact, you’re singing this two words just as good as the artists that originally made It, but if you ever stop and really think about it, you know what it is that you’re singing and speaking out scripted words that were written by somebody else.
But yet you memorize that song, you memorize those words so well that you can be driving with one hand eating a sandwich with the other one and at the same time, spiel able to speak those words I want, because you memorized them, you internalize them and when You projected them, you personalize them, so the one thing you must do at your store, if you haven’t already is you must identify the right words right.

Every sales professional I work with have trained and I know that are making $ 70,000.
I better have word tracks that they memorize for when one of the four common objections does, let’s face it, there’s only four objections that we run into price talk, the spouse trea think about it, really really analyze that, and what else does a person ever tell us, Is their reasoning or for hesitating or making a buying decision it’s one of those four, and so, if we’ve been doing this everyday and we know, but it’s only one of those four and we don’t know what to say or we’re not prepared to handle.
That then, shame on us really think about.

It is only for talk to my spouse, the price to her.
I need to think about it and I want to shop around see we over complicated in this game by not really sitting down and analyzing.
What’s going on, there’s only really force there there’s a lot of little objections, but they all fall up under what these four, which means that, when you get it down how to respond to one of these you’re a lot more uncomfortable when you’re establishing rapport with your Customer really are you’re not worried about when you get down there to those numbers and they hit you with one of those objections.

What are you gon na say? As a matter of fact, lack of preparation is what makes you become kind of a a battle back and forth, where they give an objection and regret the sales concern almost gets offended, and then they want to go back and forth, and man you catch more bees With honey than you do with vinegar, you should right and never fight.
It will never benefit you to banter someone or to try to make them or to convert them within the next three four five minutes.
If they feel like they have to think about it.

That’s what they’ve done that’s their internal barring system for the last few years.
Okay, you have to figure way to respect it and find out exactly what it is that they want to think about if they want to speak with somebody that they love that they’ve consulted with the years you’re, not gon na change that if they love this person To trust them, but what you can do is find out what type of questions this person may ask hey.

They know I’m better than anybody else.
Tell me some things that you feel that they made that they may want to know and guess what you’ll find out.
The information that they’re telling you the questions are typically be something that they want to know, or it could be somebody’s father if they want to think about it if they whatever it is, but you have to have the right word: try it’s a way.

You can respect it and how you know how to get more information to find out.
What’s really going on and make sure that’s really the issue and not something that’s lying under the surface.
Just like fear a lot of times, it’s just them being afraid, but they’ll use one of these for and as a ignorant sales team.

So let’s say ignorant mean meaning like acknowledge.
There’s a lot of them out there who don’t know what to say they make it confrontational and even if the person buys they nickel and diamond, where the dealership ends up taking the loss may turn into a mini.
When really, there was a way for you to be able to respect that, there’s a word track for you to be able to handle it and they helped them feel more comfortable, helped them feel more secure.

I’ll give you an example when somebody says that they want to think about it as opposed ourselves and say what you want to think about.
You know saying: don’t you like everything it is to any other to me.
You know what Haley I totally get it as a matter of fact, a lot of intelligent people.

They do this, they do and say the same.
Exact thing I mean this is a.
This is a unique decision that you have right now, and so the most important thing for you to do is to think about it.

As a matter of fact, I commend you for being somebody.
That’s intelligent want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, but typically when somebody tells me that they want to think about it.
It boils down to one of three things and help me figure out which one of these it is for you.

I typically call it one of the three EPs okay, so, let’s identify now first off, I want to make sure that this is the right fit.
Okay, this vehicle.
I know you told me that you liked it earlier.

Do you still feel like this? Is the right fit for you that this vehicle is what works for you? Yes, okay.
Now, as far as the features and the things that you pointed out that you really liked about the features, are these still the right features for you? Yes, okay! Well, does it boil down to the money? Is it the finances? Tell me exactly how you feel about that monthly budget or a house, or about that initial investment.
Tell me how you feel about it and let’s see what we could do to help you feel better and make this work.

You know more positively for you, so it boils down to 103 apps.
It’s either not the right fit, not the right features or it’s the finances.
Now you would have to know that you have to know that, but there’s a way to be able to express that intelligently and narrow word tracts that you can use that you can study where, when you do it, it flows and you’re not doing it.

In a condescending manner, you’re doing it to truly find out what’s going on.
Let me answer a question real quick good evening, Brian I’m in sales for three years of same dealership.

Should the majority of my business be repeat and referrals at this point every once in a while, I would get a repeat or for a referral customer, but not as much as it seems.

I should what is your biggest tip: keeping a steady stream, a repeat and referral business.
I want you to keep this in mind, Bradley, McDonald’s and Coca Cola.
You all all a hundreds of you on this webinar would agree with me that McDonald’s and Coca Cola are two of the most popular companies in the world.

As a matter of fact, children, two years old, if you just held up the golden arches and took the name McDonald’s off, they would know exactly what that is.
People are in China, Italy, Russia, it does not matter it’s familiar with the golden arches then ask yourself this: why is it that McDonald’s is on your radio, your TV, your social media, every hour on the hour 365 days a year now, they’re already one of the Most popular companies in the world, children two years old, know who they are, but yet they’re in front of you every single day, every hour of every day, 365 days here is because they realized there was so much going on as so much information in front of Our faces that today’s general public has a little bit of a didi.

Now, back in the 80s, the average attention span was 20 minutes right now, studies show it is eight seconds, and so you have to constantly be in front of people to make sure that they remember and so on.
Your Facebook page, which you should have not your main personal page, but if you go within Facebook, go to the home screen, look on the bottom left corner you’ll, see where it says create a page from that is where you should create you’re a dealer page.
It should be your dealership name, your name, it allows you do you want to stop some business now, once you set that up put in a short bio of yourself at your dealership, hey I’m energetic, love, helping people good credit, bad credit, no problem! Everybody is a customer when dealing with me whatever it is.

You want your bio to be once you get done.
It’ll notify everybody in your network that you created this page.
So now everyone that likes it.

Whenever you do a post, they’ll get notified.
Now here’s the kicker in the beginning, the average person throws up a close.
Maybe too close, they don’t get anything from it and then they say it doesn’t work.

But you from that one will remember the MacDonalds method, one of the biggest and the most popular companies in the world.

How can we ever be so cocky and so arrogant to believe that we don’t need to use the MacDonalds method and our approach to making sure we stay in front of people on your page every week you should have between 5 to 10 posts and within those Posts, a few of those should be 1 to 2 minute very short videos doing a walk around on a nice pre-owned vehicle.
You just got in doing a walk around or in one of your new vehicles, big different makes and model.

It doesn’t have to be the super duper thorough detail that all because remember people’s attention span, you just want to be able to pique their interest.
You want to be able to make sure people know, then, whenever they have an interest, whenever they have a question in vehicles that you are the go-to person, how do they know that by consistency? It’s just like the fact that you’re here now the reason why you’re here now is not, because you saw me one time.
It’s due to consistency and you’ve listened to the information.

You said.
Like all people say most people say when they listen, they say crying.
I can tell you’re real are taking your stuff, I applied it and then actually work I’ll, learn more from you in a six-minute video though then from my managers after working there for months, but it’s consistency.

It’s always making sure that I’m in front of people sharing credible, good usable information, and once people say you know what I can tell is genuine.
It makes sense.
It works now they’re willing to spend time with me, like you, good folks, are here tonight, and so it’s the same thing with you.

When people see that you consistently, because everybody’s waiting for the bottom to fall out and for you to stop posting – and you know what they say out of sight out of mind – and that is a true model that is not just cliche, and so you should be Making sure hey you got pictures of every single person you helped by.
You should get in a picture with them in front of their vehicle and take a picture of them in front of the vehicle and you post both on your Facebook page and you tag that person and you put a comment congratulating the description.

Congratulations to Bob and Mary, it was an awesome.

It was an awesome time in my pleasure to be able to help you all tag a minute share it because guess what? What do you think they’re gon na do they’re gon na, like it it’s gon na go to their network and then, as the comments start, make sure that you are interacting with anyone that says, congratulations or said that they liked the vehicle hey if you’d, like the Same exact experience that your friend guy, let me know my number – is bull.
We have awesome, pre-owned and new vehicles available.
It is all about networking.

You have to be willing to get in the trenches and interact with these people if we’re on our phones every day.
Anyway, we might as well leverage them and use them to help us help other people, and so there’s me five to ten post on your page every week and I would say at least half those should be videos of you, Sydney, your cubicle or sending your office Doing them what a quick mini walk around on a vehicle explaining some of the cool things about your service department? Is it an extra step? Yes, but I call it shortener brain but long-term gang because guess what, as you continue to put the stuff out there, it stays out there and so the more information you have out there.
I equate it to being like a hunter just trying to find food for the women if they spend their entire time chasing one deer they may start, but if they set a lot of traps all around the woods now they have a probability of being able to Trap even more game for the winner.

Why? Because they’ve got more trap set as opposed to chasing that one, and so you’ve got to learn the leverage that the same thing with Instagram Instagram allows you to post one-minute videos.
Why not do it one minute, walk around just say: hey! We got this nice 2017 Chevy Cruze in awesome for somebody who’s just getting out of college or they’re.
Looking for something that’s good on gas, it’s something a little bit less expensive.

Call me text me I’m here at the dealership.
My name is Brian Maxwell.
I am here six days a week, eight hours a day come check me out.

While it’s still available, you know what I’m saying.
Click one minute is totally free same thing with LinkedIn with you too, why not create your YouTube channel now I will tell you, people go out and they try this and they don’t realize that somebody like myself has spent tens of thousands of dollars.
You know learning or paying people to do certain things and then once you get a system down now you know how to repeat it and know how to use it.

So it’s really all about having a system and creating one can be extremely time consuming at times and could you know cost you some money? So if you have the opportunity to get access to how to set up your Facebook, how to use YouTube, how to go and use your Instagram and stuff, you should definitely take advantage of it.

If you have the opportunity and so Bradley, it really is gon na require you every day, just making sure that you take out five or ten minutes and guess what we can do it from our phone and have it posted up with the description lickety-split.
Just like that and guess what we did our social media for the day, making sure that we take pictures of our customers and with our customer in front of a vehicle tagging them post it up.

And you have to do this and when you do it consistently watch what happens? The messages will begin to pick up.
Okay, the phone calls will pick up and if you really really really are serious, there is a way that you could take twenty or thirty dollars invested on Facebook and Facebook ads and guess what you can set it so targeted where you only want to deal with Men and women with us within a certain zip code who have an interest in your specific brand and guess what any post that you make or any video you show will only show in front of those people.

You talk about laser-targeted, but again there is a way to create that header.

There’s a way to get here to your body text.
Has this keyword density there’s a way to make sure that you set it up the right way so that twenty thirty dollars you can quantify that to generate a few thousand for yourself and it is possible.

People are doing it every day.

You just have to learn the right way to do it.

Okay, and so, yes, have you’ve, been doing this for two three years yeah.
You still may step up just my traffic, but you should begin the August.

So what a lot trap it becomes icing on the cake.

Also, how often have you followed up and stayed in touch with the people that you’ve helped by over the? When was the last time you sat on, it did a handwritten letter and sent it out for someone, because you know sin is some generic typed up thing is cool, but imagine sending somebody a handwritten letter.
What type of personal feel that is I’ll remember to call them on the anniversary date of when they bought the vehicle or making sure you have better than enough? They had an anniversary coming up.

This is what pros do and that’s why I say you know, there’s a difference.
Amateurs were the B College High School, they don’t make it much professionals get paid.
So I always tell me we want to get paid like an amateur act like one.

If you want to get paid like a professional act like one okay, at the end of the day, we truly have the power of how we go.
So, let’s talk about something else when somebody says they want to talk about, you know talk it over with their spouse.
Again, people begin to get confrontation on when this is an excellent opportunity for you to get this person talking some more.

You know I want to speak it on my spouse.
Look I totally get it.

You know respecting a relationship was extremely important and my hat is off to you for maintaining that level of respect and Trust, and you know this person better than anybody else so help me help you at least be prepared with what information they may want.

What type of questions do you feel they’re gon na have for you guess what we just did we respected their decision that they want to talk to the spouse? We complimented them genuinely complimented them, commended them on maintaining that respect, and we to ask them hey saying: is you know that person better than anybody else on the planet? What questions do you feel they’re gon na ask that way.
I can help you be prepared, and so now guess what we got coming in.
We have them sharing information with us about what they may ask and in a lot of situations, the questions that they’re asking us aren’t questions that the spouse is gon na.

Have its concerns that they had, but they were using it as an out and as soon as they do that and a sales person becomes confrontational boom.
You just gave them reason to go.
I want you to know it’s absolutely okay, because in the event that you really do have to speak to your spouse, the best thing I can do for you is educate you and arm you so that when you go home you can you can explain it in The most right, which will only increase the likelihood of them coming back to bar, see too many times we let them walk out without preparing another great question that I asked it was they listen seeing? Is you really seem like that? You liked it based on what you told me: what are you gon na do if they say no now you may say fine.

Why would I say that, because many times a person has never thought about that they go home, they’re excited and the spouse might say.
No we’re not doing it.
Oh deflate it, but when you mentally prepare them hey, what are you gon na do if they say no you’ll, be amazed, how many people say well, you know seeing as I’m the one paying for it, even if they say no they’ll be okay with me.

Getting it all you wanted them to do was not only say out loud to you, but also to say out loud to themselves: hey, listen! If I’m the one paying for it, they’ll still be okay, they don’t they they won’t mind.
You know saying they may have their opinion, but since I’m paying for it, you know the buck stops here or whatever, or they may say.
Well, if they say no, I guess that’s it we’ll listen.

What do you feel are some reasons that they may say? No, let’s see what I can do to help so, as you can see, it really doesn’t matter which way it goes.
It’s still all about getting information, learning more about.
What’s going on and the more they could tell us about, you know: what do they feel may cause them to say? No.

If they may be able to share something with you, you may be able to give a response, and they say you know what that makes sense.
Let me call them we just don’t know, but the worst thing we could do is just give up or get confrontational.
Remember good salespeople practice what to say, while great ones practice what to ask and then you got you know you got the price one you got shop around.

I mean it like.
I said, there’s only four and there are awesome word trades, one of the things that I make available to the people that I trained at the dealerships – and you know also available to you – know different corporate people in the automotive business that reach out that won’t help.
Are those specific word trikes? There really helps them realize what to say.

As a matter of fact, you see, I got some right here.
Let me pull one up for you and let you look it over and check it out.
So aging see right here.

You know when you handle in how to think about it.
You know what I mean you have to have these words rights and these responses.
Where guess what you’re prepared, as opposed to thinking that you sound scripted, it’s not that you sound scripted.

You sound scripted only because you haven’t memorized it and you don’t know, but there’s no reason to sound scripted once you memorize them and you personalize them when you project them out you’ll have them personalized.
Okay, let me see another one that we’re talking about the spouse.
Let me show that one to you so, as you can see, I mean I literally have more than 21 ways for you to handle.

If somebody says I want to talk to my spouse, you know, let me go over the first one based on what you know about them.

You know I’m saying what is their timeline.
This is just finding out more information based on what you know.

What type of time frame are we looking at what type of timeline through it you know, and then, even when they talk about it, share with them a little bit about the process that they feel that their spouse is gon na go through when making that decision? I mean there’s just layers on layers and there was called layered questions, they’re questions that help you gain and gather information from the person that you’re speaking with when, at the end of the day, the name of the game is all about getting information.
She too many times the salesperson just does all of the talking and that’s not that’s, not good, the more information we get them to share with us, the more comfortable they feel about us.
It’s like when initially sitting down with somebody the silliest thing I see as a person sits down and immediately starts typing information in the CRM, so you have a guest sitting on the other side of the table.

Looking at the back of a computer screen, they have no idea what you’re doing it guess what they say.
I this person doing the credit out so little do we know we think we’re doing a good thing and we’re putting it in.
So nobody else can work with them, but if they’re sitting there with you, nobody else can work with them anyway or we’re putting it in the system.

So that later rule and if there’s a deal it could be printed out.
Well, if you just sit down, there’s no deal yet you don’t even know why they’re there.
So what guess? What the most important thing imagine? What’s not somebody will feel when you bring them inside you offer some coffee or water.

You say: hey! Listen! Do you mind if I take some notes cuz? I just want to make sure that I get everything that you share with me, accurate, because it’s extremely important to me imagine what type of tone you’re setting right there before you write anything you get their permission because you want to make sure it’s accurate and it’s Important to you imagine what that does.
Imagine how that separates you from everyone else and as you go through your word Trek and you’re asking questions.
As a matter of fact, this year I uh – I actually have something that I’m gon na pull up here on the screen.

As far as when you’re going through and you’re asking them questions, you know a lot of the things.
Everybody takes those guest information sheets and they just just have a time with them.

That’s that’s all they’re doing is just asking them questions relevant to that vehicle.

That’s it when you have to realize this, that piece of plastic or metal, that’s an inanimate object.
It does nothing without human interaction, it has no credit, it does dry, it doesn’t have any money whatsoever.
It’s the humans that make the decision to interact with that piece of plastic or metal.

So when we sit down with somebody, if we can get this individual or these individuals to open up to us about the people places and things that they love the most on this planet, when we get to talking about that piece of plastic, our metal is nothing.
It’s like somebody expressing that they’re married.
If we fail to ask them how long they’ve been married, what’s their spouses name, if they tell us, they have children, we don’t ask boys or girls.

How old? Are they what’s their names, if you believe that’s too personal you’re in the wrong business, because this is the second largest purchase next to buying a home, and if you believe somebody making a 20 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 thousand dollar buying decision doesn’t appreciate the fact: Doesn’t appreciate the fact that you want to know about them, so you could do everything you can to help them you’re, sadly mistaken, because they do it’s just that they don’t expect you to, because not very many people give a damn enough to do so.

Most of those people are so inwardly focused that all that they care about is how much money they’re gon na make on this person.
But I’ve stressed this before and please remember this – the key to being able to really capitalize in this game in this business and in life as the remembered is one thing and a reverse back to the law of reciprocity, which is how can we ever expect people To invest in us when we’re unwilling to invest in ourselves, how can we expect a stranger to want to invest in us when we don’t interview and invest time and resources into ourselves, and so us failing to invest time and resources into ourselves, impact our skills and Our ability to be able to create enough value where others want to invest enough.

Do you think these dealerships will want to spend the money that they spend with me? They have me in these stores, week after week after week, month after month after month, if there was no value, but guess what the way that I was able to build value with years ago, when I was working on those showroom forms just like you, I made The decision to invest the time and the money into my skills and therefore it allowed me to sell my way out of the dealership and was it tight.
Yes, did I have money at the time that I decided to invest? No, but I knew that if I didn’t have the money in the resources at that time to invest as time went on, I really wouldn’t have it to invest later, because you know what they say.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

So it’s like when I expect some on dibbley.
They gon na go to youtube University and somehow that’s gon na take them to that next level.
Man that information is cool, but in a lot of courses and programs.

I give an example like in the ones that I offer to my people.

You had the YouTube stuff is cool, but the information the word tries to videos the Facebook trainings the one-on-one sessions, the things that are involved in that are far more in-depth than anything you’d ever see on YouTube.
So if you feel like you gaining something from YouTube, imagine what would happen if you joined the team, like many other people from all around the country and different parts of the world, that an automotive sales that have gotten started.

They made decision made the decision they took the plunge and they’ve been able to springboard them so their sales and their results to a much higher level than what it was before again.
It goes back to short-term pain for long-term gain, so he goes some of the discovery.
Questions that I was talking about.

You know when we sit down with somebody hold on.
Let me go to it.
We go to.

These are all within the sales training manual.
This is also something that I give to those who are who worked with me as far as have start decided to invest in themselves and are doing what they need to do.
They also have the entire sales training manual to be able to represent.

I just a word track.
We have the actual man, so let’s go here to the example.
Discovery quest.

So imagine hey, listen.
Do you mind if I take some notes what L didn’t know the reason why we asked in that question? Hey.
Do you mind if I take some notes? I want to make sure I get everything you share with me as accurate as possible.

It’s extremely important now imagine what that does Abe we’re letting them know exactly what we’re doing we’re being transparent, because how many times you starts in their writing and they’re looking across the table, trying to read what you’re writing upside down and if you leave it up To a customer to decide of what you’re doing is that helpful or hurt him nine times out of ten they’re gon na believe you’re trying to hurt them? If you don’t, let it be known plus, it is absolutely rude to just start writing while somebody’s talking without asking remember little things mean a lot in order to get what others don’t have.
You have to be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do, and so from that we use what’s called layered question so listener.
Are you looking for something? That’s new or pre-owned pre-owned, all right, so are you gon na be using it for business or personal use? Now pay attention to these questions? Are you looking for something for business or personal use? Let’s just say they say person to use.

They say: okay, so awesome.
So it’s gon na be your daily driver, yeah, okay, to it from your place of business.

Absolutely all right! So what type of work do you do? Oh it’s for business! Really! What type of work do you do so, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which direction that they go with it using layer.

Questions will allow you be able to steer the conversation in whatever direction that you’d like it to go, and did you like it to go okay, so making sure as you go through, look at the continue to look at the question just like the same thing with Color huge mistake I see people make.
Is they ask hey? Well what color you looking for, and mistakes because now you’ve just given them a reason to leave as a fenceless if they say green and greens not available you’re, just giving them an out.
What, if it’s, how many shades of red are there, how many shades of blue? So when you ask, are you looking for a light meteor, my dark color? Now, what you’ve done you just expanded the options, because how many dark colors are you got black dark brown, dark blue? How many light colors you got by it? You got yellow you got cream and guess what you’ve done you kept them off of one specific color.

That way you can kind of help reduce or eliminate that be the potential objection.
So why do you want to leave at the end? Okay and as you go to these questions again, they’re layered question, but it’s just one of the many tools and one of the many things that you need to have in your arsenal that will prepare you to be able to qualify because listen.
It is the two most important steps of the entire sales process is degree and the qualifying okay, my grandson just got dropped up.

I warned everybody earlier when I was getting started that he was coming and he is in the house, gracious.
It is in the house.
Now, as a matter of fact unleash it, I’m gon na bring him on over here and I’m gon na keep going, but the two most important steps.

As far as in the entire sales process.
It’s my grandson, the two most and he’s a future superstar.

Please believe: sales professional, the two most important steps in the process are the greeting and the qualifier, because if you don’t greet a person, the right way, you’re never gon na, get them inside or get them to sit down and share information with you and if they Don’t share information, how you ever going to select the vehicle and, if you’re, unable to select the vehicle you never gon na, be able to present it.

No presentation, no demonstration drop, no demonstration drive no deal, and so people tend to spend the least amount of time on these two steps when they are two of the most important two of the most important.
But again you have to know what to say even something as simple as a greedy should be should be word tracked out.
You should have an idea of what questions you should ask, and I know those information sheets have some uncomfortable questions on it: who’s, the lien holder and all this crazy stuff, very little personal at all, which is exactly why it is so beneficial to everyone who I Work with personally to have access to these questions and to these word tries because now guess what they don’t just help me for one day or one week or one month.

They can help them for the rest of their lives and, if you’re, somebody as a spouse or have children, guess what these type of word tracks in these type of sales tips and these type of methods it’s bigger than just selling a vehicle.

If you have a spouse, that’s trying to get a new position, they can learn how to sell themselves into a new position.
It’s just so many different ways that these things help you out, but you have to know the right things to say, while you’re going through it okay hold on.

Let me give him up real, quick, okay, I’ll get you your what you know, but at the end of the day you just want to make sure that a you’ve identified, not just what to say, but how you say it when you ran around with people.
So I’m going to answer some more questions here.
I have a thank you.

I appreciate that Isaac.
Thank you.
Thank you very, very, very much.

It is awesome today is Father’s Day and but at the same time again, this is what it boils down to the reason why I’m able to enjoy the things I’m able to enjoy it.
I go to some of the same ups and downs as everybody else, but the reason why I’m able to enjoy life on another level that most people is because again, while the average person wants to be sitting up on a Sunday kicking back, relax and saying man.
This to any other – and I can start on Monday – I want to take advantage and get the momentum as I go into my week.

Okay and that’s really what it’s all about, that’s really what it’s all about, and you know – and it’s really it’s all up to you and I’m not gon na hold you too much longer, because I know it is getting late.
I’ll, be brief! One thing I will say is this: just based on what it is that you have that you’ve heard and that you’ve seen if you’ve been to my website, if you’ve been to any of the conference’s that I’ve spoken at.
Do you know that, typically any of their programs, the sales training videos, which is the actual videos and the audio programs that take you through the road to the cell, not just the steps but the psychology behind it, because people by 90 % based off emotion back It up with 10 % logic.

The word tracks, there’s over 40 word track to handle the spouse to think about it.
The the shop around and the price objections in actual sales training manuals that you can reference to share with your team members, and you use that you can even help your spouse or your children increase their ability to be able to interact and build value in themselves.
You’ll be able to sell their way into a better job help you help more customers, be willing to buy up vehicles.

Also, the ten part in part, video series on how to set up and boost your Facebook pages profile to drive and generate more leads.

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