Live Q & A Sales Talk

What is up everybody Noah walls from nwa conquer, what you chase: sales training, aka, the gunslinger in the house, doing a little live Q & A tonight, and I appreciate everybody who’s on and everybody who’s who’s gon na join us and stream with us tonight.

So I want everybody to ask questions.

I’ve got some questions that were asked beforehand, but I want everybody to ask questions.

I’m live streaming.

I have my wife doing the streaming, so I can’t see the questions I don’t interact as much, but tonight I want to interact with you.

I want to get your thoughts.

I want to answer your questions.
I want to share my expertise with all of you and I want to help you be a better you and you therefore help me be a better me, so I have got technology going off all over the place.
Thank you everybody for joining, so my good friend Dale heady everybody welcome, Dale, heady, Dale heady was a great customer mind and probably my number one bird dog for a good three, four or five years and Dale Hedy just started in car sales today.

So everybody give give Dale Hedy a big big, warm welcome to the car business.
He came from the production side.
He worked for Ford.

He worked for the production side for many years, he’s also a Navy veteran Forrest, so he served our country.
So everybody welcome Dale.
Had he glad to have you, we all appreciate our veterans and Dale.

This is all about just the up team for checking in Jameis, it’s been a while man.
How you doing good to see you brother, but Dale, was on the production side.
He built the Fords.

He was a great bird dog for me.
I don’t even think well, I did pay Dale, but but Dale did it just because I was I was a good salesperson and a good.
I took good care of them and he sent me a lot of customers.

He bought a lot of vehicles.
In fact, I’ve even got a lot of stories that I share about Dale, but Dale glad to glad to have you on the on the live stream tonight.
So, first off I want to talk about first question.

I got on my my post today was from Manny Garza out of Texas and to generate traffic for pre-owned, and all traffic is important.
All traffic is important depending on what store you’re at some stores get more used car traffic.
Some stores get more new car traffic.

It depends on the store you’re at team Dunnigan in the house, Kevin and Jen.
Thank you guys for joining conquer.
You glad to have you glad to have you guys on the stream glad to have you guys be a part of conquer you.

I love how you guys work as a team, like my wife and I, but Manny Garza, asked how do you? How do you generate more traffic for pre-owned when you’re at a new car store where all the advertising, all the budgets going out to to the new car side? So the way I would answer this? Is you have to self market yourself? You have to prospect yourself if you rely on lot ups, you rely on phone ups, you rely on internet leads, you rely on the traffic that your store is generating.
You’re never gon na reach your full potential and there is a lot of potential to be reached in this business, so my first point would be to use social media.
My number one is in fact I just came out with a series of this on on conquer.

You 23 sessions talking about social media.
My first priority would be Facebook.
I would definitely be with Facebook – let’s go big this month, Anthony Harris, so I would definitely go with Facebook first.

Facebook is huge.
Facebook is probably the best laid out platform.

It’s a mixture of all of them.

Secondly, in my series I just said was linked in and linkedin shows you’re professional.

You can put some things out there, but really I’ve gained a lot of interest lately with Instagram, and I actually I actually put some – I gained some new clients with four conquer you with Instagram, so Instagram is definitely a big spot that you should be hitting another Snapchat there’s Twitter, there’s all these different ones, but I would say first is Facebook.
Second is Instagram.

Third is LinkedIn, so Facebook we want to put some post out there about some specials that we have on the lot.

When we sell cars, we want to tag our customers in that post or even better.
Yet if we can get our customers to tag us in their post and tag three or four people who they might know who’s looking for a vehicle, this is a very effective way to get to get our name out there to get our product seen to get That great deal out there, Chad Lin’s very successful, with this Jason saps very successful with this, but tag your customers in a good deal that you have on the lot.

A good used car deal of steal a home run a hit, also tagged your customers in your posts that you put when this mr.
and mrs.
Jones bought a vehicle.

Do that Instagram put pictures on there also of vehicles that you have that are that are great deals when you sold a customer Chris chards good at this Anthony Dickie gunslinger in the house.

But you definitely want to you want to get your name out there and let people know what you do where you work and why you work there.

So social media is all about also showing that we’re a real person and that we care for our customers and we’re not just here trying to get their money that we’re truly a real person, and this is very important.
Chad, thanks for making it man, I know you’re at the Def Leppard concert, but thanks for your support, I appreciate it but I’ll.
Definitely let your customers know that you’re, a real person you’re, a family man, you’re, a family woman, you’re, a dog guy you’re, a dog woman, you’re, an adventure, woman, you’re you’re, this sister, that let people know who you truly are, because when we become real with our Audience and we become real people.

If you see what I do, it took me six years to really learn how to how to utilize social media.
This is my sixth seventh eighth year on social media, six years in Facebook and I’m not saying I’m a professional at it, but I’m learning how to get the likes.
I’m learning how to get the shares and I’m learning how to get this stuff, and it’s really showed that you’re a real person and add valuable content to your to your customers.

So I had I had a conversation with family.
First, that’s right, Chris pookal killing! Welcome! In the house Luke’s in tune in Luke, I hear you’re doing good over there brother keep it going, but let people know you’re a real person and offer a value to them.
Okay, you’ve got to offer a value to them.

So if you’re in sales do a one-minute walk around on a vehicle, how to pair your phone to a dodge charger, how to pair your phone to a Ford Fusion Tag, four or five people, you’ve just sold or four or five prospects that you have.
If they’re on your friends list or four or five people that you know that that have people have a big network always tag your significant other, your spouse tag them their friends, see it.
It goes out to their friends, it gets seen, but we want people to know that we are the product specialists.

I, like I said I just had this conversation with Kevin Dunnigan.
The other day show people how to reset their tire pressure monitoring system.
There’s all these things on a vehicle realize there are 10,000 plus parts options on a vehicle and if you’re a great salesman, you might go over two or three hundred.

If they’re a super-sharp customer, they might learn 10 or 20 % of those.
So put that content out there tag people who you’ve sold maybe send them a message.

Maybe let them know that that hey, I’m gon na I’m gon na tag in this post, because I just want to make sure that you’re completely familiar with your vehicle but keep your customers engaged engagements is where is at and then engage with them on the post.

When you get engagement on the post, don’t get lazy! You just post and walk away, engage on that post engage on that post, because people get to see that you’re really a truly dedicated salesperson and that you want to give value you’re just giving value.
Because remember great salesperson, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs and then takes eventually we need to get paid.
If you just give give give give give you’re a fool.

So you want to give to create that persona to create that perception that you’re the product specialist and then we want to take what’s rightfully ours what we deserve.
So that’s the best way mani is I’m definitely a big fan of males.
So I’m big about mailing people who I’ve sold the past people in my neighborhood I’ll get addresses of everybody.

If I live in an apartment, complex I’ll, get address of everybody in the apartment complex to whom it may concern.
Dear neighbor people who go to my church people who are on my kids sports team anywhere, I can get people, I will.
I will mail out to them and I will advertise in those places.

They aren’t gon na be a big turnover, but people do see that and people will see that you are you’ll, create it.
It’s like a billboard right when you first see the billboard for so-and-so’s duct cleaning, you aren’t just calling like.
Oh, I want to call them, but after you drive by that two times a day every day and you need your ducts cleaned, you’re gon na remember Jr’s duct cleaning, so you want to get your name out there.

You want to be seen so manyy.
Hopefully, that adds a little value to you.
Their second question is well.

This was basically a statement from Chad Linn who is mister number 62 sandy said who’s got my money, that’s right, Chad, Linn who’s.
62, remember Roger Maris broke Babe, Ruth’s record was 61, so Chad Linn broke Roger Maris’s record, was 62, but to set a daily routine and have goals, and this is what I teach is.

I teach that you need to have goals, but you don’t just want to write down big goals like I want to be a millionaire by the time.
I’m 30.
I want to be a millionaire by the time.

I’m 40.
You want to write down a goal, and then you have to have a purpose of why you want that goal, a plan of how you’re going to get that goal a process to get through that plan and then take action.

So goals are great purpose plan process.

Action will get you to those goals and we do that through a daily routine, which is a process, but, like Chad said, if you aren’t one.
This is why it was more of a of a statement than a question, because if you are not 100 % committed to that goal to that purpose, you will not achieve it.
So that’s up to you.

I always have people who ask me.
Oh, give me give me the dynamite word track, so everybody’s looking for this Fountain of Youth and I’ve shared this analogy before on sales, calls on coaching calls and on different things, but everybody’s looking for a fountain of youth.

There is no fountain of youth.

There are word tracks out there that you can use, but if you don’t utilize, those to your personality, they are gon na, be worse worthless.
So what you want to do is you want to define your purpose? You want to set a plan.
I always tell my wife there’s nothing perfect in life except the perfect plan and it’s hard to keep that going.

But when you have a a effective process, it’s easier to go through that plan and to achieve that purpose and achieve that goal.
When you take action, so if you want it, you have to be a hundred percent committed.
You have to be a hundred percent in the game.

You have to have a vision of where you want to go what you want to be and why you want it and that’s why I do all these live streams.
That’s why I travel all over.
You know I’m in a building process right now and concrete use really taken off really well, but it’s all about building getting your name out there getting people to know you getting.

People engaged all the comments you guys are saying right now, I’m gon na respond to as soon as this as soon as this live stream is over, and that’s about engagement, that’s about keeping people that show people that I’m real and I’m not just trying to sell To you, like, I’m, giving you a lot of free advice right now, but staying engaged, and so we got to go on a hundred percent committed with our goals and with our process, and we will achieve next one Kevin Dunnigan: how to create urgency now Kevin you’re, A member of conquer you and I talked about on conquer you about the soft sell and the hard clothes.
So there’s two differences.
So if we create too much urgency, we will chase some people off.

This is why I say sales is a long game.
You can’t learn it all overnight.
Sales is a long game, so we have to use our selling skills and what we’ve identified from our customers.

Through our past experiences and through our skill level and through our talent of when we need to give the soft sell and the hard close.

And now some people just need just need a little kick in the butt and this isn’t verbatim, but a line I would always use all the time is when I realize that the customer really wanted the vehicle that they were comfortable with me and they were ready To buy, I would say you know, folks, you told me how much time you spent looking for this vehicle and looking for the right dealership and finding the right, salesperson and believe me, I know spending twenty thirty.
Forty thousand dollars there’s a lot of money, and I don’t just expect you to do it just right off the bat without thinking about it, making sure it’s the right right decision, but also realize in my life the best decisions I ever made were when was when Everything came together and I realized it was the right choice for me and my family and my financial decision now everything I ever want is more than I want to spend.

So I we have to identify that, but you’ve been doing all this searching and the more searching and shopping around you’re gon na do the more angry you’re gon na get with this process, because not every salesperson is like me, like I’m truly here to serve you.
I truly care about you getting the right vehicle because, like I’ve said before, I don’t want to sell you one vehicle.
I want to sell you ten vehicles and I want to sell everybody.

You know ten vehicles, so I want to make sure that you leave with the right deal on the right vehicle and after identifying what you told me you’re.

Looking for and after we looked at a couple different, a couple: different products, a couple different trim lines.
A couple different vehicles: I realized that it was the right vehicle for you, so why don’t we do you a favor and put all this shopping behind, because the more time you invest the more time you think about this, the more frustrated you’re gon na get about It and you’re gon na second-guess what you know is right.

Do you agree? That’s true, of course, they do they’ve been shopping around too much.
It’s it’s all about that.
Give all the people that they think they can’t do it a little of my story.

Alright so and another one austin hunter kevin.
I was listening for the first time, austin hunter glad to have you so I’m gon na share Chad Linn story.
Okay, so Chad said I could share his story and I met Chad Linn on a Facebook group.

A few months ago, and we just kind of hit it off and Chad Linn made some bad decisions in his life.
Okay, Chad Linn got hooked up and surrounded by the wrong people.
Chad Linn spent time in prison.

So I’m a Christian like I forgive people.
I don’t judge people because believe me, there’s many things.
I’ve done in my life, I could be judged on, but Chad Linn came out and and some of the best salespeople are people who have to do it.

Who had to do it like people are like how’d.
You get so good and I say I had to I I have I have two beautiful children and a wife.
I’ve got to take care of, so I have to so Chad came out hungry.

He got a car sales job his first year.
He is doing 20.
A month last year, Chad Lin did – I probably be off on this, but I’ll be real close.

I think he did 486 vehicles last year and this year he’s on pace to do more, but as we’ve had our conversations, Chad, — lens kind of – and I’m not trying to take away like.
I am yes sandy, he is hungry, but I am all about like being hungry, but I’m also about like living your life and like conquer.
What you chase is about more than just like selling a lot of cars, making a lot of money having a big bank account right, like it’s about giving time to your family, giving time to yourself being in people’s presence like when you’re around them.

You’re, truly in their presence and you’re, truly like looking them in the eyes, you’re, truly listening to them, you’re, truly engaging with them.
You’re, making them feel comfortable, you’re, asking questions about them, and so Chad came out from from being in prison couple years ago, and now this guy is selling 500 cars plus a year.
He just married a beautiful bride, who has a great job he’s got one son she’s got two daughters, so they blended a family and they’re truly living life.

They just bought a new lake house.
So that’s what conquer? What you chase is is knowing that life is out there and you just have to go, get it, but you have to be in it a hundred percent.
You have to be in it.

You know both feet.
First, you have to truly want it.
You have to truly have a purpose that you’re trying to accomplish and you have to truly chase after that Chris chuckles.

Another great example.
You know Chris pookal, I met Chris pookal and he was doing really good at a in a be lot, a used-car lot, a special finance lot and when I talked to Chris, I could tell and not not taking anything away from you Chris, but he’s just a Little a little angry and Chris went to a different lot.
He moved like I did.

You know I even some way inspired on my hope, but he moved a thousand miles 1,200 miles away from everything he knew from his daughter from his grandson.
His son-in-law and he’s doing really good he’s doing 30 cars a month and he’s the happiest I’ve ever talked to, and he has the most confidence I ever talked to.
So you know we really need to be in it, as Chad, Lynn just said, a thousand percent.

We need to truly be fully committed and put our effort in, and I have these sales talks and these conference calls with all these high producers – and I worked at a dealership – the number three Ford dealership in the nation and they didn’t use any magic.

They probably spent less on SEO and digital marketing, and this and any other dealership out there, but their philosophy was, we hire the best.
We expect the best and they just basically instilled the the basics.

And once you get the basics down and you tie those into your personality, you will be a lethal weapon, you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do, and that’s how you create a repeat and referral business in is when your customers see that you’re, a Thousand percent committed that you take care of them.
I had another conversation the other day, and I said you know one of my secrets to success was I had this same enthusiasm when I had an angry service.

Customer is when I had a customer that I knew was close.

Not a eight-car deal a 10-car deal.
You know we need to treat everybody with enthusiasm because think about it.
Think about when somebody is smiles and they greet you friendly and they’re, happy to see you and they solve your want and need and give you the convenience you’re.

Looking for how apt you are to go back and that’s what we want to create for our customers is creating creating that that experience creating that feeling by having a process that we walk them through because customers, you don’t go into the restaurant and go in the Back and make your own hamburger and toss your own salad and pour your own drinks because you’re an a-type personality, you let them do that for you and when they have a good process, you come back when they have fair prices.
You come back and you’ll pay.
Three dollars more for this steak, or this hamburger or this salad, because you know they have a good process and they have a good customer service experience, and that is really truly.

All we need to give to our customers is a great customer experience with a defined process and really being it a hundred percent, something that just crossed my mind.
Right now is I was just at.
Where was I at? I was just at a restaurant.

No, I was getting getting my glasses for my daughter and I’m, like you know, we’ve got this insurance.
I don’t think we have optical, but it’s worth the try.
So she comes back to me.

She says they’re close.
Do you still want me to try and I’m like well yeah? Why wouldn’t I I mean? Why, wouldn’t I want you to take a 10-minute phone call to see if I can get my daughter’s eyeglasses partially covered or something of that nature like like? Really she was just showing me how lazy she could be like do you really want me to spend this two minutes and putting in this effort to see and we didn’t get anything back, but that’s what we expect out of our retailers.
That’s what we expect out of our salespeople, our mortgage guy, our real estate, woman, whoever it is our waitress, our bartender or waiter.

We expect that just little extra effort and then we feel good and we want to come back and we say nice things glad to have everybody on the call.
I know I missed some comments here because I’ve kind of been talking and I’m doing the livestream myself.
So if anybody has anything that they asked that I did not answer, please ask creating the great experience makes the whole process so much more enjoyable for both the salesperson and the customer killing you’re exactly right.

It’s it’s smooth for the salesperson, because we have a confidence.
We’ve been through this before we know it it’s defined and then for the customer.
They see that that’s a seamless process and when I first got into selling people are like sales training.

People are like what are you doing.
I said I create a seamless process and that’s what customers enjoy.

That’s what customers want.

That’s what keeps customers coming back is having a seamless process that makes the whole experience easier and fun and gratifying, and just a true pleasure for everybody in the party.
I teach this on conquer you, you know you’re gon na.
Have that little kid who mommy I want to cheeseburger mommy.

I want to go mommy.
I got ta go pee.
We have to keep everybody involved.

You’re gon na have the spouse, who really wants to get that big three-quarter-ton truck.
But the mom says no we’re getting the minivan because we’ve got four cars and I’m not driving that diesel truck to school and to my job and around town.

Because we really don’t need it, it’s creating that and identifying the whole the whole wants and needs of everybody in the party when in a disadvantaged position, how do you remain successful? Okay, Daniel Feliciano, what’s going on brother – and I did see your message – I’m definitely down for the call.

I think it was the 25th I’m definitely all in.
Let’s find a good counterpart.
Let’s make this call blow up for SPG, but when you are in a disadvantage, how do you keep yourself up? You just have to go back to the basics, is what I always teach think about what you did when it was working watch.

What the guys and girls around you at work are that’s working.
Do that and and focus and go back to what you did when you were great, because when you, when you have a your welcome Daniel and when you have a you, know, we’re all going to hit those slumps, we’re all going to hit those tough times when You hit those you, you can’t let your mind overtake and start tricking yourself.
You have to remember what you did when you were doing great and if that doesn’t quite work, we also go back to the basics, but watch what the guys and girls in your office on your show room in your store are doing that are working Brad Robinson.

Another client of conquer you what is up my friend hanging out at the park with his girlfriend and her son great guy, he had asked how you handled the unrealistic customer, whether it be payment, price trade, etc.
I see a lot of people struggle with that type of customer.
I do too, and this is a tough one, and this goes back to kind of the the hard close and the soft sell knowing when.

But when I asked – and this is the easiest answer I could ever give – and so many people won’t get any value, but when somebody says how can we only give me 10,000 for my trade? Well, what do you think it’s worth? What do you think is a fair price and I saw 14,000 dollars online.
Excellent pull up go to my computer.
What website was that, sir man? It’s not Kelly blue block all right.

Well, we’ve all got the same kelly blue book.
Let’s go through this together.
Okay, so it’s a 2011 Ford Fusion, se! No, you don’t have the Sport Package, you don’t have this, you don’t have the moonroof.

You don’t have this okay, we’ll put it as good condition on mine’s excellent.
Well, if you read right here, Kelly Blue Book says that one out of 20 vehicles are excellent condition so out of those 20 vehicles in the customer role right there what’d, you say yours is by far the nicest out of all those well mine’s really nice.
Well, you know really what the Kelly Blue Book vehicle is.

Is that the excellent it’s your grandma’s car, it’s that true little old lady car, ladies car, that drove it to church once a week and to the grocery store once a week.
That’s truly the excellent! So really what we base things on is is good and I don’t stop there so so Goods at 11:00, 7:00 and so then, let’s say they’re on a used vehicle.
So then, I’ll book that out retail in good condition also and we’re asking 15 but Kelley Blue Book’s 17 for retail.

So I say I honestly you’re you’re actually getting the the upper hand because we’re giving you 10 for yours and Kelley Blue Book’s shells.
It’s worth 11, 7, but yet you’re only paying 15 for ours and Kelley Blue Book says ours is worth 17 see.
Folks, we have people who analyze and we use cars, calm and Autotrader, and so we use all these websites.

So we want to have the best price in there.
So you’ll come to us because, if you’re looking online, are you gon na go to the most expensive vehicle or the lowest price vehicle that you’re looking for you know once again, it’s just laying it out in front of the customer and making it real and relative And showing it to them and it’s not being a it’s, not being a smart, smart ass.
I just use that word a lot now cuz my daughter just turned 11, so I apologize for a little profanity there.

But it’s not being you know it’s not being a smart, smart aleck, it’s just kind of putting it out in front of them, but being confident in our price and another thing I teach all my customers and all my clients is, you have to go in there.
One year when you’re desking a deal and when you’re talking to a customer or giving them their trade-in value, you have to go in there and believe that that’s the right price.
You have to believe that, because if you go in there and you’ve got sea legs and you’re nervous and you’ve got bad body, language and you’re like you, can’t face them and you’re like looking away from them.

The customer will sense that and the customer will automatically feel they aren’t getting a good deal.
Remember the customer isn’t completely calling you out yeah, they have done a little research, but what they’re doing is they’re testing the waters to see if they can get a better deal, so don’t ever take it personal.

They are not calling you out they’re just trying to see if you can get a better deal if they can get a better deal and that’s all it is so don’t ever take it personal just just take it as it is and show that you’re, the professional You are the sales professional prove that to them give them reasons.

Why show accountability, stability to your to your prize, show it to them and do it right there in front of them.
We’ve got to quit doing this, go behind the scenes and come back with these numbers and scare them and spook them like that’s what customers don’t want, it’s it’s just being real and when they like you, you know when you take them through the from family, recreation, Occupation, money, you ask them lots of questions about themselves, they feel entitled and they want to do business with you.
That is how you gain customers, as they want to do business with you.

Thank You, Roger Smith.
I’m glad you appreciate that sound advice, Jamison you’re, right, 54, 54 percent of trade-ins are in good condition and use that fact.
Folks, 54 % of vehicles are in good condition that 5 % excellent.

That’s your grandma’s car, the sweet, little old ladies car, the bottom 15 %.
Those are the cars that you don’t want to park by at the parking lot, because you know if the wind blows it open and it smacks your door, they don’t care.
So we have to put it all in perspective for our customers and we have to show them that we are the professional, because if we just assume that assume ass out of you and me, then we’re gon na lose their sale.

But we want to keep them intrigued with us.
We want to keep them comfortable in our process and we want to prove to them that we are the professional and I don’t know how long we’ve been going on this stream.
But I want give me two more questions here.

Somebody shout out some more questions: team, conquer you Paul Cummings on the call.
What’s up Paul, Cummings anytime, you have somebody like Paul Cummings in your life.
You are good.

I will kick it up.
A notch team conquer you taking over the car sales world BAM level 10, but let’s get let’s get to more questions.
Come on.

Somebody spit out two more questions: let’s get them going here, oh uh, so I’m gon na wait for somebody, but I had Nicholas cut lip who I met in a conference.
I spoke at a few months ago.
Nicolas cutlip, he asked he’s been getting a lot of his leads.

He used to get him from from floor traffic and from referrals and Nicolas cut lap asked.
I see that Paul Cummings eat that calamari.
I love calamari too.

Getting the same inner from Internet result.
Internet leads as far as face-to-face leads.
Well, that’s tough because my analogy is you know we start out with like social media and emails and then then we try and bring them to text and then we try and bring them to phone and then we try and bring them in the dealership.

So what I think we have to do with those internet leads to get the same results is.
I wish there was a special special magic powder, a little magic dust.
You could pop on your computer or on your phone and get them to come in the same way and get the same results.

But we have to get them in there and we have to create some kind of excitement.
We just got this new model.

I understand you’ve been around you’ve been looking around, but I truly want you to see.
I want to meet you in person.
I want you to see my facility.

I want you to meet my manager.
I want you to meet my finance manager.
I want you to see my service department.

I want you to do all these things so that we truly know that we’re a right fit from each other kind of play.
The takeaway like I want to make sure that I want you as a customer but saying it in a kind way and not being cocky or arrogant.
But okay there’s one right there, but we we have to bring them in so to get the same results with an internet customer or a phone lead.

Or what have you is we need to get them in the store.
We need to find a way to do that.
We need to utilize our personality to bring them in to come, see us to be in our presence to give them that warm welcome greeting that look in the eyes, give them our presence and truly take them around from the service department introduced into the body shop Manager introduced into the service manager – this is this, is our you know.

This is our wash rack here.
Our prep department right here, these guys work really hard.
We’ve had some of these guys, two or three years a lot of them are going to college.

They work really hard.
They know what their job is.
They’ve got a defined role.

They just really work hard to have a nice finished product.
You know, so we’ve got to do that right there.

So another one right here: attitude and goals.

That’s the difference! Well, Paul! Cummings is a legend.
I asked one about ten comments ago.
All right, let’s go to David Holloway here scrolling through.

I don’t have my my beautiful wife, who’s, 99 percent, but the reason that my kids are so beautiful, a wise man once told me.
You know that is Paul, Cummings BBC director good job all right.
What’s the one way to keep it together when you are doing 30 to 40 or more cars a month, all the service issues, the title issues etc, etc, etc.

So I recommend I wish I would have done it in my career pilot hire an assistant even if it cost you out of pocket, they can be part-time easiest way to get.
There is hire an assistant.
I remember the first month I did 37 cars.

It was my highest month ever I got it was May of 2014 right before we decided to move here.
I got home was playing with my kids on the deck and literally fell asleep on the deck.
In my work, clothes playing with my kids fell asleep on the deck.

I truly did it’s a lot of work.
Some 20 cars, a lot of works on 30 cars, even more work, selling 40 cars.
There’s more work get in early stay late, that’s cliche, but you’ve got to get in early.

You’ve got to stay late.
You’ve got to fall in love with your smartphone, your wife and kids, or your husband and kids won’t like it or your significant others.

Whether you’re man or woman won’t like it, but you have to be on your phone.

You have to be engaged, you have to be on social media.
You have to reply to the Facebook messages you have to reply to the emails.
You have to make sure that you are on top and overseeing everything that needs to be done when the car is in the shop.

If you told them you were going to, you have to be a man or woman of your word.
You have to stay on top of everything I put up those numbers.
I worked at a store where we did everything from front to back.

We were from the repaired phones, we sold finance, we sold the car, we did the numbers, we did everything there’s no desking, there was none of that.
We did everything we had to be great and you just really have to push yourself, and I talk about that.
My training and it’s some of my post on nwa conquer what you cheat or nwa sales training com.

If you read, I’ve got a like 80 articles.
There you have to learn capacity.
If you want to put up those numbers, you have to be capable and have the capacity to be able to put up those numbers David.

So have your phone on you at all times when you’re walking back to check on a vehicle you’re emailing, a customer back you’re texting a customer back you’re making a post on Facebook you’re engaging on a Facebook.
You have to work 24/7 and the sooner you bring somebody in the sooner you can delegate some of those tasks to those people and make your job easier on you.
But if you want to put up those big numbers, you have to do everything that it takes to get there and that’s, including putting in your time your effort.

Even when you don’t want to.
You have to become at one with your phone because, like a gunslinger, your phone is like your six gun.

It’s your revolver, that’s what you need to use to win battles and that type of thing is having your phone on you, your your laptop, your desktop utilizing! It getting back to people right away and learning how to effectively ask customers for referrals and call people back call people back with the same enthusiasm if it is a angry service customer.

If it’s an angry, bodyshop customer and then get management involved and don’t come up to him all the time, but come up to him when you need them and I would always sell I’d, saw the body shop manager and the service manager the same way like hey.
We’ve got this guy and he’s bought two vehicles off me, but he’s got like five vehicles in his house.
Some of them he’s had for a while.

He gets everything serviced here.
So if you take care of him, he’s been a better customer to you than me.
If you could just call him back and just get his problem resolved, he will be a happy customer.

He’ll keep coming back, sell everybody on everything all the time.
It’s always about selling everybody on all the time.
What else? Okay, so sandy last one here? What we’ll do two more will do sandy and we’ll do Jameson no-haggle dealerships, Chad Linn works at one of those, so does Chris buckle.

Those guys could be of a great benefit to you, but I could answer this for you too, because I’ve had.
Those conversations is just go to your competitor’s price and once again you know it’s it’s all about being transparent and being empathetic and go to the computer if you’re a one shop store.
That means your prices are good, like you guys, aren’t there for the big profits.

Your prices are good, everything’s priced well.
So when you’re, the one-stop of one price store bring up your competitors go to cars.
com, go to auto trader, bring up the stores afford, store down the street.

The Chevy store down the street, whatever the competitive product, is bring that up, bring up a light vehicle and show them.
Why that’s a great deal and then show them the value of what their benefit is of dealing with you in a one price store, show them that value in that benefit of dealing in a one price store.
Look folks.

We are a one price store for a reason.
One price stores don’t make the same level of profit that other stores make, but we do this to create a customer experience to keep you happy to keep you coming back, to keep you sending referrals and to be a place that you would want to send your Grandmother to that, your grandfather to your your your first child too, we want to be that store so get on their level and show them some proof of why there’s a value there.

You know the computers were all on the computers when your customers sitting across from you, you don’t know if they’re playing candy crush or if they’re shopping your price they’re doing one of the two.

Usually you know let them know get real, be empathetic.
I understand where you’re coming from folks, I know like I just bought a couch three months ago, bring up something you bought.
Just went school clothes shopping, we were it Macy’s.

We were wondering if you’re gon na get a better deal at Kohl’s, so we started getting online.
This does that make it real and in improve the value in what you do always prove the value of what you do and do that without selling do it, by proving it and by being real and last question.

Jamis jamison johnson he’s in a Ford store in Georgia.

How do you keep leverage with an out-of-state client who’s, an internet lead and could potentially shop your number on a specific vehicle all right, so this kind of came up in a group today, it’s it’s building a relationship, an online presence and being that follow-up guy.

That’s why I said: if you want to do that: 20.

Cars a month.
You have to have the capacity to followup to stay at the pace, because guess what? If somebody wants to hear from you, they don’t want to chase you down.

They don’t want to wait a day to hear from you be that person who stays on top of them, who stays upbeat, who stays real and keeps them engaged, because there’s a good chance.
They 80 % chance a 70 % chance.
There’s a great chance that your competition is not going to do that.

I’ve did some secret shopping.
Different stores I’ll do calls at different stores.

Call your competition ask for an internet price who’s.

Your personal email use your cell phone ask for a price on a specific vehicle and I would be surprised at 50 % of them get back to you.
It all let alone within a day, so know what your competition is and going with that confidence that I’m a sales professional today’s the day.
This is the place, I’m the man or woman, and nobody can do it better and go in there with that confidence.

On that email on that text on that Facebook message that you are the best that there was made today that nobody has your skill level today, going with that confidence that enthusiasm get the customer excited and just assume that your customer is going to drop the ball.
Guess what if you lose the deal, they were a state away.
There are 300 miles away.

It’s going to happen, you gave it your all.
You gave it your effort and you will get more sails from those out-of-state customers from those customers that are five towns over when you stay on top of your game.

When you get back to them, it’s not all about telling how great you are or this or that it’s proving don’t you know, don’t sing it bring it show them.

How great you are show them.
What a great salesperson you are show them.
How good you follow up, show them how you write on top of it folks I’ll call you back in five minutes.

Does that work for you yeah? That’s fine, okay, call them back in five minutes, don’t put it off and go talk about fantasy football or go get a cup of coffee walk around the building.
Call them back in five minutes.
Do what you said you were gon na do and don’t let obstacles get in front of you? Well, I was waiting for my manager to get the figures and he was at lunch, find a way final internet price.

You can shoot them.
Hey! Here’s a like when I’m waiting on a manager right now, but I told you I’d, call you in five minutes: I’d email, you back in five minutes! I’ve message you back in five minutes: here’s a like vehicle that we have on the lot da-da-da-da-dah the vehicle you’re.

Looking at is a lot nicer, but you know to be a great salesperson, is about selling yourself without truly selling and about offering convenience to the customers want and need, and that’s what I teach and conquer you and all my my sales training and coaching is it’s Fulfilling convenience and that want/need, because I know I spend a lot of money and when I spend money I want to fulfill that one I want my want need to be fulfilled and when that wantin need is fulfilled, I am happy and I will be happy to Tip 30 % to a good waiter or waitress, rather than fifteen or twenty percent, and I will be happy to pay fifteen dollars more a month on a vehicle to that good sales person.

I will be happy to pay thirty dollars more a month on a phone carrier which a lot of you do when I know that they’ve always got a good signal and they’ve got good service and they’ve got a good brand.
I will be happy to spend more when I know the values there.
That is sales.

In a nutshell, I appreciate everybody who joined the call sandy.
You are right.
People have to like you, but even more than that people have to trust and respect you, because it’s great when people like us, but when people trust us in respect that we are the industry expert.

We are the sales expert.
Customers will fall in love with us, and customers will become the 12th, a of the twelve days of influence, which is addiction, and when you have an addicted customer base, you don’t even have to pay for referrals.
You don’t even have to ask for referrals, you just have to continue to be being you.

You just have to continue to offer value to your customers.
You just have to continue to call people back right away.
You just have to continue to solve their problems when they arise, and that’s what it’s all about.

I’m gon na leave out on one more thing right here: Paul Cummings asked it acronym for start explode.
Your future think big service must go to everyone on the feed.
Walsh’s pride, personal responsibility for individual daily effort come on Bobbi Compton.

I appreciate you brother.
I was really looking forward to that webinar tomorrow.

We will get one together here soon.

How do you become a conquer just everything I just said just go after it.
What’s the difference between winning and losing in life? No Paul Cummings asked me.
That’s my mentor someone.

I look up to highly and we’re all doing big things together here soon, the difference between winning and losing it life is giving and serving to others.
When you fulfill others needs.
You are a winner.

You are a loser when you just look at what people can do for you.

That’s how I’m going to end the call, Noah Walsh conquer what you chase sales training check out www if you’re interested in a demo of my online virtual training conquer.
You message me: send me an email, send me a text.

However, you know me, I will send you a demo.
I guarantee I create content to transform your life for you to be a better you.
Thank you.

Everyone for joining the gunslinger is out .

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