Live – How to Drive Leads Using Facebook w/Brian Maxwell

what’s up what’s up? What’s up, we don’t get going, I’m black jumped on here tonight.

You know midnight, but you know what you know: hard work, never sleeps! You know what a next man is sleeping, we’re working so um we’re just waiting on a few people to come on in here.
We gon na get into it on this, live on what I am going to talk about, wasn’t gon na get directly into how to leverage social media to drive.
You know people to your website to your social media page and give people you know into your dealership asking for you, so we are gon na actually get into that.

Talking about that, I’m gon na be real.
I’m gon na be accepting questions so make sure any questions that you have about it.

I wan na dig as deep into it as we possibly can.

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Are you doing Gary all right? So, let’s uh, let’s get into it here so I’ll at your store.
I’m sure you all know that you know kind of sitting around and waiting on lot traffic, that can you can kind of be at the mercy of the current when you’re sitting around and you’re just waiting on, you know ones into the store and when I say At the mercy of the current you know that could be weather conditions.
It could be time of year, it could be seasonal or just maybe the store isn’t putting a whole lot of money into advertising a lot of times.

You really don’t know until you know if that makes sense so on this uh live.
I want to talk about not just how to drive.
You know leads from your social media pages, but specifically some of the mistakes that people be making and some of the things you can do you stand out.

You know in a world full of chatter, because first things first, let’s think about it.
When people jump online and they go to their social media pages a lot of times, all that that is, is what I call a online vacation.
It’s a person’s way to escape from whatever’s going on over there at their place of business.

You know if they’re on a date, if they’re sitting in an office waiting on something for a lot of people when they go to social media, that is a mini vacation for them.
They looking at other people’s pictures, they’re looking at videos they reading stories.
It’s a way for them to get away right.

So what that means is that when you know that you’re gon na be sharing information or putting out invitations amongst the sea of all the other chatter going on, especially while people are on a mini vacation, you just have to make sure that what you put out Is B and it makes noise and it attracts attention.

It’s got okay, so we’re gon na talk about some of the ways that you actually can go about.
Getting that done.

Okay, let’s think about it.
So when folks, they start working at a dealership, and I have no idea what it says, but majority of people, especially, I would say at the age of about 50 and down, are on social media on a regular basis.
Okay and as a matter of fact, people are on social media, while I let their place of business and they work in a dealership.

I’m unable to tell you because, as you probably know, all of you guys are videos.
I am all over the country working with some of the biggest dealer groups nationwide and I’m amazed when I walk around the sales floor, and I see people that are off in a corner or on the side of the building, literally on their cell phones.
Checking out social media, but if you go to this person’s page, guess what you don’t see: any photos of customers, any photos or vehicles, no short videos, doing any walk, arounds or anything like that.

So what I call that is wasted opportunity, because, if we’re gon na be on our phones and we gon na be so on social media anyway, we might as well just take a couple minutes and take advantage of it.
It’s it only takes a couple of minutes and guess what you can upload everything right from your phone almost in real time and have it up online and on your social media pages.
So, let’s talk about how, when you do post something how to stand out in a sea of all the other chatter and whatnot, that’s going on first things.

First, I want you to think about this with me, McDonald’s and Coca Cola.
Okay, these are two of the biggest companies in the world as a matter of fact, if you point McDonald’s and Coca Cola out to a child, that’s three or four years old, they would be familiar with these companies if we took McDonald’s – and we took the name – Mcdonald’s, all the golden arches and we just set it up.
You know what a child is two or three years old would know that as McDonald’s, and so you have to ask us of this, why is it or how is it that if people all over the world from Siberia to Korea, to Italy back to the US, All are familiar with McDonald, children, two and three years old know who they are strictly by their logo.

How is it – and why is it that McDonald’s is owner on our TV, on our radio and on our social media pages every hour on the hour 365 days? A year, and if you have that you really have a thing about this, if McDonald’s, it’s on your TV on your radio and all your social media every hour on the hour 365 days a year, how is it that we us, as professionals as entrepreneurs, can ever Believe that we can somehow sidestep that same approach and believe that people are just don’t remember who we are and what we do remember.
These are some of the McDonald’s one of the biggest companies that’s known in the world, but yet they know that 365.
Every hour on the hour, sometimes multiple times with any hour, they are on your TV on your radio or your social media, and the reason being is because the general public, with all due respect, has a form of a DD and when I say that that’s attention Deficit disorder and it’s just because there’s so much going on around and everything is so much faster that to catch somebody’s attention.

You have to make sure that you have to be captivating when you grab it and everything that you do online.
You have to know that back in the 80s, the average attention span was 20 minutes right now right now, studies show that the average attention span is about 8 seconds.
So what that means is that the average person’s attention span isn’t very long.

So you got to make sure that whatever you put out there on your social media pages in the form of an image in the form of a text in the form of a video, has got to be captivating and it’s got to grab your attention and remember.
There’s one thing: people make buying decisions based off 90 % of motion and back it up with 10 % logic.
This is why you pay attention to start paying attention to some of the bigger companies with their social media advertisers a lot of times what you’re seeing is either whiteboard drawings, where, as somebody’s talking there’s another individual drawing things, sometimes you see it as some type of Animation so bottom line, regardless of what you see, you see a lot of movement going on and the videos are typically what one minute, maybe two minutes at the longest, but they impact their punch.

So let’s take you at your dealership.
What happens is a lot of folks, they’ll they’ll get a social media page and now, if you do have your own Facebook page and you work for a dealership, the last thing you want to do is use your actual social media, page or Facebook page and the Reason being is that’s your private life and who you are in your private life.

What you believe in and what you like to do is strictly your business, okay plus, if you’re representing an organization you know, let’s just say you have to share to honor your list and the other.
And, let’s just say, you have a political view, that’s different than the people that you’re gon na be dealing with.
You don’t want something like that to minimize your ability to be able to help them make a smart, safe, buying decision same thing with religious views.

So what you want to do is within Facebook.
If you go to the home screen and you look in the bottom left-hand of the page, you’ll see where it says, create a page, okay, so you’re able to create a page from in your Facebook page.
Now, when you do that, it gives you a six different options.

One of them is, would you like to create a business page? Is this a page for community? Is this a page? You know well yada yada, yada it’ll, give you options on what type of a page you’re creating so remember it within your Facebook page, but those that are just chiming on and if you just getting in, do me a favor see that we got a few people In there hit that like button for me please so when you go into your Facebook page you look to on the home screen, you look in the lower left hand.
Column, you see where says, create a page, so you’re gon na create a page from within your actual Facebook account.
Now here’s how you title the page because of course, you’re gon na create it for business.

Okay, now a big mistake that people make when they title their page.

They miss out on this one thing, and this one thing is the way you should tell your page should be your dealership name, your name.
Okay, make sure you have your dealership name, first type in your name and here’s why nine times out of ten, your dealership has been there longer than you’ve been working at and on the internet.

Whenever you go to Google, that you search something out if you’ve ever paid attention to it, you’ll do a search and you’ll see where it has three options up top and then it’ll have some over on the side and then they’ll have a list of them in The middle, what those three up top and the ones on the side are those are called pay-per-click advertising.

That means that a company paid to position there based on that search term.

Okay, now, and if you look right next to it, it’ll say ad because they have to let you know that it’s an ad.

So next time you go to Google and you do a search, no matter what it is, look right beneath it and you’ll see, you should see three options and right next to it it’ll say a on the far right side of the page.
You’ll see options they paid to be there.
Okay, now, in the middle of the page, you’ll see a listing of about ten.

Those are what you call organic listing if you haven’t hit that like button hit, that like button for me, um so you’ll see those at 10:00 in the middle of what you call organic listing now, what organic means it means that their website, or their blog page Or their social media page was so relevant to the term that was searched for Google will put it up at the top or within its top 10 on that first page.
So, let’s just say you work at a you know: BTB or automotive.
Ok, you work it BTB, automotive and you know you guys, sell a luxury car.

You specialize in luxury Ferraris and Rolls Royces.
So all your website, all you talk about, is Ferraris and rolls-royce Ferraris and Rolls Royces on every one of your page.

So when somebody goes and types in where to buy a Ferrari or where to buy a Rolls Royce in and type in that city name what’ll happen is bgb motors can potentially show up in that first page ten if they have rolls-royce or Ferrari or where to Buy it and the city name within the content of their page, ok, so the reason why having your dealership name is so relevant on your social media page is because your dealership has been there for a while and nine times out of ten.
If you work in a let’s say, a Ford store or a Chevy store, and you type in where to buy a Chevy in your city, you put in your city name, and you look in that middle tier.
If your dealership has been there for a number of years, there’s a very good chance that you will see your dealerships who ever dress right there on the first page, maybe even second place, potentially ok.

So what that means is that that dealer web page has that keyword which might be Ford or Chevy in it so many times and city, that it sees it as an authority, and it gives it what’s called organic listing, which means they don’t have to pay to Be there on that third page, where everybody else is paying these peoples content is so relevant.
Google will give it to them on its own okay.
So when you use your dealership name you the way that that will benefit.

You is because, as we’re about to discuss when you’re making your post you’re always going to include your dealership name, the brand do you represent also your city in every single post, your dealership name, the brand and the city, and what happens is as your social media Page or your blog page becomes just overloaded with always having these potential.
These particular keywords in it as time progresses.
Google will see you as an authority and guess what your social media page, your blog site, your YouTube channel, your Instagram account could become an authority and get that organic listing.

So when you create your page, remember you create your page from within your social media profile.

You go to the home screen, you choose, create a page you’re going over and you name the page you choose for business and then your dealership and your social media page.

Your Facebook page name, should be your dealership, your name now, once you create that page is gon na.
Ask you for a short bio.
Your social media, page bio, has got to show that you’re, a human being so saying things like super spectacular, automotive knowledge, knowledgable and technical and blah blah blah.

Nobody cares about that, but if you’re, an outgoing genuine person that just enjoys helping these, I mean helping families to be able to make a smart, save buying decision and enjoy the vehicle that best suits them and their family.
Now, when you post that as your bio as who you are not what you do, cuz a bio talks about who you are okay, your bio doesn’t have to be over twelve years of automotive sales experience and blah blah blah no person as a potential customer gives A shit about that at all, but everybody wants to deal with somebody, that’s outgoing, that’s genuine that enjoys helping families.
You know, find a vehicle and make a smart, safe, buying decision and start enjoying the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Everybody wants to deal somebody that’s genuine and outgoing and enjoys helping other people.
So when you create your page, when you get that bio, remember that every lead every person is gon na be coming there.

This is their snapshot of us.
This is our online business card.
This is our opportunity to make that first impression, and you know what they say.

You only get one chance to make a first impression now your profile pic on your social media page now, if you work at a particular dealership and you have a brand, you know what you should take your number one selling vehicle and make that your big profile Page pictures and then you know they have the other little self picture.
It should be you in your dealership, shirt, okay, representing your brand, here’s the cool thing about it, because, even if you go to another store, even if you ship to another store, all you have to do is change the profile.


Do me a favor? Let’s hit the like button, look like lights went down one, that’s that’s that’s interesting, but do me a favor.
We got y’all any appreciate y’all coming out.
We want to make sure we get as many people in our business involved.

In this I see we got some stuff coming in I’m against eating somebody cause.
I see King West and a KC star um, you know so making sure the job your profile by I mean your profile, page bio, for your Dilip eight talks about who you are not what you do make sure your picture represents.
You know what the number one seller, not the most expensive vehicle or your life, because at the end of the day, remember we do Allen live in a time where people want to make sure they’re getting the best bang for the buck.

And so the biggest thing is to make sure that they feel comfortable when they visit our page.
So put your number one seller or one of your more common selling vehicles up there and remember for your profile.
Pic takes a nice pic inside your dealer shirt.

Okay! Now, once you’ve got the page up, what it’ll do it? I tell you eight, let all my friends in my network know I just created a page okay.
So now you can go ahead and it notifies everybody within your network that you have a page okay.
So once they do, they have the option to like the page.

So once they like your new business profile page for your dealership, every time you post something on it, everyone who liked it will be notified.

Another very smart thing to do is when you do add posts to your dealer page.
You can actually share them to your main profile page and so guess what you’re not necessarily sending your customers to your personal profile page.

But you are taking your business to your personal contacts, all your personal profile page, if that makes sense, so any new people you got coming in will go to your dealer page, but all of these people that are in your personal network, cuz remember we want.
We don’t want to drive our customers or potential customers.
Any leads we get to our personal page because we don’t know if our reviews match and we don’t want that coming in between anything.

But whenever we post something on our dealer page.
You should definitely share to your personal page, because these people drive vehicles too and if they trust you and they like you as much as they say they do, they will at least be willing.
They may be willing to give you the opportunity to help, but a lot of times, people don’t even know that that’s what we do if we’re not constantly letting them know.

Remember, McDonald’s is on your TV, your radio and your social media every hour on our 365 days a year.
Okay, so you create your social media page.
You got it going on.

You sent it out.
People are like me now, it’s time to post now, one of the things I see people do they’ll put up one post and if it doesn’t drive in a ton of business they’ll say: oh, I knew it doesn’t work, but remember the McDonald’s approached people all over.
The world know who McDonald’s is kids, two years old, no McDonald’s without the name on it.

We get there on our TV and on our radio every hour on the hour 365 days a year, so McDonald’s being one of the more popular companies in the world.
Does we have to somewhat take that approach, and so what that means is that your social media page should have five to ten and I’m being very minimal five to ten post or short video clips from you every single week and that’s being minimal.

That’s just for starters, okay.

So, let’s start off with ten.
That’s two! Every five days, two days now, let’s talk about what type of post worked really well with gaining people’s attention, because if you just get on there, you start saying come by for me, come by for me, come back for me.
You know what they’ll consider that spam and you’ll be tuned out matter of fact: you’ll get unfriended and that’ll be on Instagram Facebook or even YouTube, which we gon na talk about here in a little bit.

But you don’t want to come on.
Send Barbie Barbie Barbie.
The thing that generates interest in your social media post in every case where people are willing to listen or to watch or to read it, comes from you sharing valuable content and information.

I mean, let’s think about it.
The only reason that you are here you and I are here together right now – is because you’ve been on other videos that are posted.
You either downloaded books.

Are you but 10-day trainings that I’ve had you know cuz real, recognize real.
You know, okay, this information he’s sharing.
I can feel it.

It works.
I see other people’s comments.
I see other people’s reviews on stuff.

It works because if it was bullshit, you wouldn’t even be here, but guess how you found them through social media outlets.
So if I would have just have one video of a one post up on any other size, guess what we wouldn’t you and I wouldn’t be here – but it’s through being consistent and always delivering valuable content that helps other people.

So, let’s think about how you can do that for your guests at your dealership.

Imagine if you promote, let’s say Chevy our Mercedes, our for Nissan or Kia or whatever.
Imagine if you looked up things like you know: maintenance tips and at least two to three times a week.
What you did was share the post of a maintenance tip, or you did a one or two minute, video, just sharing that maintenance tip standing in front of a particular vehicle, a maker, a model so you’re sharing a maintenance tip on a particular maker model of vehicle.

That you got directly from the manufacturers website.
Okay, so what you did? You did research a homework for there’s people, others first and you’re, taking the time to either take a picture and type up a post or to shoot a quick video and video always works much better sharing what you learn, which is a maintenance tip with other people.
Own his beauty, you talk about customer service at its best at its best and you’re, not asking for anything in return, because you genuinely want to share with them now.

What ends up happening is that, when you’re known for sharing helpful content, we are known for sharing information that actually helps other people you’ll see.
Other people will gravitate looking for.
What’s the newest thing you have up, because what you’ve been sharing helps them.

It works and when it helps them any words, they trust and when people trust that is.

Finally, when there can be a good exchange, people doing solid Commerce, a person saying you know: I want quality information that could benefit me for the rest of my life and in exchange for that I’m willing to make an investment, so other people can continue to benefit From it just like, I have that’s what this is all about, and so, when you’re, giving a valuable content, whether it be maintenance tips, whether it be you know, certain things about features that they may or may not know that you could point out little things that You pick up, we say, listen, one of the things that I want to share with you you may already know about this is blah blah blah and it may be something they already know about, but guess what? If you again sharing information on a one or two minute, video that cost you no money to make just a little bit of me, a few minutes to shoot that you can put it up on your social media page, because you want people to see you as The go-to person, when it’s time to buy, let me explain this to you.
I still have people to this day that reach out to me telling me that they are looking to buy a vehicle.

Why? Because years ago, when we established that trust, when we got when we developed air before and I was able to help them, make that smart say by decision either one time or for a number of years helped other family members now they trust me to wear.

I point them to a specific place to go.

They go and guess what it’s easy form, because they’re not going in playing the game.

They’re, going in as a person saying, listen, I totally get was have to help you be able to do what you need to do to help me.
They get it, but that came from dealing with somebody who was patient, who took the time to help people by rather than trying to sell okay.
So when it comes to your social media, you want to become the go-to person.

You want to start that off by sharing helpful information, so to wait at your post, you go, it should be five to one meaning.
You want to do five posts where you’re sharing good information and then on that one I mean on all of the videos where you’re sharing information you always want to have an invitation.
So hey, listen.

If you’re in the area stop on in, say hello.
Let me see what I can do to help you always want to throw that out there, but therefore every five videos you want to have one where you really are letting people know: hey, listen, good credit, bad credit, no problem come and see me I’m here to Dealership today, I’ll be here all week, my goal is to help you in your or you and your family enjoy whatever it is.
You feel works best.

You know whatever it is you’re gon na say, but you want to make sure it’s heartfelt.
You want to make sure it’s genuine.
You want to make sure right there at your dealership and you want to share it.

Put it up hope to share that thing.
So typing things out is cool, but you don’t want to do a book if you end up typing something.

Remember attention is like eight seconds now, which is why videos are really good.

So if you want to share something, you typed up make sure it is short into the sweet.
I mean shortened to the point and that you know whatever the benefit is you want to make sure you put that into your first two sentences, because people nowadays, if it looks like too much to read they gon na skip straight over it? Okay, they’ll skip think about yourself.
How many times have you gone to a post or seen something and it looked like it was a whole lot to read you kind of skip over, but if it’s a video what’s in to watch it, okay, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Doing these short videos, no matter whether you have Android or iPhone, you can shoot.
The video of a bone goes right up online.
Put you a quick description on there and you’re good to go.

You know, and the one thing is in all facebook when you’re doing post remember still use hashtags if you’re not familiar.
What has two exact hashtags are.
You know, keywords that anything that’s relevant to this particular hashtag word order.

Has this hashtag word, you want to be able to generate some of that traffic, so, let’s say you’re doing a Facebook, post and they’re describing a Toyota.
If you do a hashtag, Toyota cares hashtag, we love Toyota’s or hashtag.
Toyota has tagged your dealership, everything anytime.

Somebody uses that anytime, somebody searches for that hashtag and anything relevant for that you’ll be able to get redirected.

Visitors to your post it’ll get more exposure to everybody who has something relevant to that particular hashtag on their page.
You know with them.

So please make sure you take advantage of having that phone and utilizing it doing a quick, two-minute walk around of a vehicle.
If you get a nice pre-owned vehicle on a lot and let’s just say it’s a spife car where the dealership is gon na, be giving you something for it.
Man, if you want to get the jump on everybody, make sure you get out there and do that.

Video now, if you’re somebody that has minimal friends, do not fear okay, because you can actually build your page up where the people that are coming to your page, that are looking to be friends with you or relevant to what did you do? Meaning they’re potential customers? But guess who’s a potential customer everybody, so there is nothing wrong, especially if you’re new to an area and you’re working at a dealership.
There is absolutely nothing wrong if you go on there and you type in your particular city, okay and then you just start, you know becoming friends with people and they have to choose whether they gon na friend you back, and when that happens.
The last thing you want to do is start post office’, but by now, by now find out by now again it goes back to share quality content and information on your business page or on your personal page, because the more people you have on your personal page When you create your business page and you notify the more people are notified.

Okay, so we talked about doing a short video and making sure that whenever you post a video or a picture – or even you type text use hash tags.
Hash tags are keywords that you that are relevant to your article and other people that have read that are looking for or searching for these particular hash tags.
Other resources that have similar hash tags like these, your information will be shown to those people that are searching for that information too.

So it just opens the game up for you, okay, in a major major way.
So now, not if you’re on Facebook – and let’s just say you do a good post, you shoot a nice video.
You got a nice picture you’re putting that all up there.

Okay, you ready to rock and roll.
Now it is, and let’s just say you don’t have a whole lot of friends in your network.
Okay, so now you got a good post.

You took a real nice video.
Well, you did a one or a two minute, video doing a walk around on a new pre-owned vehicle you got in or on one of your new vehicles, or you know you’re, just giving a dealership tour or you did a one to two minute: video, where you’re Sharing a tip, maybe it’s a maintenance tip, just any type of thing – that’s gon na help people.
You know you share this.

You share this video.

You got it as nice, you ready to rock it, but you want to get it out to as many people as you can that there’s a number of ways you could do that number one.
I’m pretty sure.

If you’d look at your Facebook page and you look down after you make a post you’ll see the little option that says boost post now.
What that means is that on facebook, for as little as twenty dollars, you can boost your post to be shown in front of you know, potentially thousands of people just with the click of a button and the twenty dollar investment.
Now here’s the thing about when you boost opposed to you know you can target you know kind of what we’re demographic is.

You want men, women, all men, all women.
You want ages between 35 and 45.
You want them to have an interest in whatever the particular brand that you have.

Can they live in a certain zip man? These are some of the things you could do with Facebook ads now when you’re boosting a post, though the post will boost to the people within your network and your extended networks.
Okay, so with Facebook ads, you can chisel it down.
When you boost a post, it just exposes it to as many people as you can and your network and in other people’s networks.

Now the reason why I’m boosting a post is so can be good.
Eight is twenty bucks: it’s 20 bucks.
Okay, it’s not very much and you still get options to choose.

You know who it gets in front of so for $ 20 and the estimate your post can go from seeing maybe the two or three hundred and your personal friends network to be in front of two or three thousand of people who have a an interest to What it is that you got going on twenty dollars now, when you do Facebook ads that to me, is just the creme de la creme, because it really allows you to get so laser focus where you could choose what part of the country you want to target Specific zip code um, you want to do a particular gender, male or female.
You want to do a certain age.
You want to do a spin come bracket.

You also can choose what interests, what job do they have or do they you know, or what are they interested in or whatever job they have to promote your something from them? So if you work at a Chrysler story, guess what you would look for people, men and women? Let’s say between the ages of 25 and 45, who have an interest and instead of just Chrysler, you would be job, you will be specific, Chrysler, 300 or it might be the Dodge Ram 1500 or you know whatever it is.
You know you want to make sure that you choose the interest and then be as specific as you possibly can about to make in the model.
Okay, that way, both that’s targeted or if you do just want to go with Chrysler uh.

You just want to go with cheap or you do just want to go with Dodge.
You can actually go with all of them.
They have an interest in these particular ones.

Now, when your ad goes up, guess what it goes right in front of the me women between the ages of 25 and 45 that live within a specific, zip code.
Okay, whoever interest is in Chrysler, Jeep Dodge Ram whoo.
It doesn’t get any more targeted than that.

Okay, and so, if you wonder how some of these folks, you know, get online and they start generating business and leads for themselves and they’re getting money and whatnot is because they have learned how to leverage Facebook.
I let me warn you a lot of people.
Try to jump off Facebook and set up Facebook ads on their own, because you have to link your credit card to it and I will tell you they have been obliterated.

They’ve wasted thousands of dollars within a couple of hours strictly because they didn’t know how to set it up the right way.
So if you’re gon na get involved like boosted a post, you better twenty bucks and that goes out, but with Facebook Ads, you really have to know how to set that up the right way, because if you set it up the incorrect way, it can cost you.
You know I know I myself over the years I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning you know how to utilize and then finally, we got the system down to the point where it’s a science, but that was a lot of time.

A lot of money.
Lot of effort – that’s the last thing I want you to do so.
If you jump that route to go to Facebook ass, make sure that you studying make sure that you’ve learned make sure that you, this not shouldn’t, be a trial and error thing.

You know Sir Isaac Newton said it best.
If I see further than others, because I stood on the shoulders of giants and they say only a fool will learn from the own experience.

A wise person will learn from the experience of others, so be careful when it comes out.

So Facebook ass really allows you to be extremely targeted in your posting when you throw them up now.

When you put these up, Facebook analytics is very important, because Facebook analytics will let you know where people are coming from what it is that triggered these people.
Okay, and to give you a good idea of what type of traffic you will be generating.

Facebook even gives you a rough estimate of exactly how many people your information, will be put in front of based on your bead.
Now, what a bit is on Facebook ads? What it allows you to do is set a bid price or a pay-per-click or a cost per click, CPC cost per click price.
So that would be what your minimum amount you are willing to pay.

If somebody clicks on your facebook post, you put that there okay, but it’s called a CPC cost per click.
Now they also have a CPI and that’s cost per impression.
Now what that means is that every time your ad is shown in front of somebody you get charged okay, now, CPC cost per click means every time.

Somebody click on your facebook post.
That’s what you pay! That’s! What you’re willing to pay CPI cost per impression means that every time somebody looks at you pay now in the beginning, as I was stating before doing Facebook, setting it up the wrong way, really advertising online with any social media platform.
Well, you have to put in your credit card and set bids, and when I, if you don’t know what you’re doing it will cost you thousands of dollars and you want to never allow the space because say, allow us to set your bid price for you.

So we can get you maximum exposure know what this aim is.

Allow you to set your bid price.
So, at the most expensive times of the day, we don’t boost your bid price up, so you can stay on the front page know there is a tried-and-true proven system that if you set your bids in a certain way and do this a certain way now, not Only will you be more consistent, but you’ll have much higher quality of information and leads coming through.

Okay, so make sure that you keep in mind, never allow Facebook or any social site to set your bid price.

For you remember what you’ll be a price is: is the amount you are willing to pay either per click, which is CPC, cost per click or CPI per impression, where it’s all about the visual? Never do that, so you want to set those up.
So you got your beer price.

You want to make sure with your beer price that stay within your budget and you want to do what’s call it split testing.
So what that means is that if you have one post that you think is good and it’s gon na go out, you know in you, Korea and you have another one or maybe you create another see which one performs the best by setting.
You know you know kind of Midas bids on it, but just monitoring them as they go out and see what type of results they get back.

Okay, you want to make sure that you’re doing this, it’s a it’s extremely important, because at the end of the day you only know what you don’t know, but you don’t know so we’re doing split testing, because you, if you may have one you think it’s whamming, But then there’s another burning rap that actually yields a much better result from what’s going on.
Okay, so I highly encourage you do split testing until you go, get it all figured out and it generates the results for you.
So once you’ve got that set up, you got either your split testing going or you just rocking with one.

You got your bid price set and you’ve got your key words chosen.

Okay, now, your key words again are words that are relevant to the post, that you’re gon na be throwing up because again, these social media sites, the only way they maintain credibility, is by making sure okay, if I’m in the automotive industry – and this is relevant to Toyota’s, I want to make sure that my information is only being shown to people who have a slightly too high interest or moderate to high interest in Toyota.
That’s it! I don’t want to be in front of Ford people if I know that I’m in Toyota and vice versa, okay, and so it’s very big on target to say your key words.

You want to make sure that your key words again, that they are your actual brand, that it is your dealership name and you always want to put in there where to buy a and whatever your particular brand, is, as what’s called a long tail keyword.
A short tail keyword or a regular key word would be Toyota Ford, very generic and very bra okay.
So what will happen? Is you may get people who are looking for Toyota parts as opposed to Toyota vehicles that are clicking on your ads and that’s not what you want.

You want people who have an interest in maybe buying a Toyota in a perfect world to be clicking on that.
So that means the the more targeted is meaning the longer the specific, and you know the more specific it is and the longer it is the more targeted is so you’re using what’s called a keyword.
Freeze a longtail keyword phrase though, where to buy Mercedes and mercedes-benz and Jacksonville okay.

That is what you call a long term, a long tail keyword phrase that is far more specific and targeted, and you know what the only things that will come up are sites that are concerned with where to buy a Mercedes, Benz and Jackson, far more relevant okay.
So you want to learn a difference when your keywords, because, like you’d, want a boy to be a generic work, that’s one or two words, but it could be anything, but things like buy a Ford f-150 in whatever your city is by Ford f-150, in whatever your County is you know what I’m saying you want to be creative with that, using that longtail keyword phrase buy in your city.
You know blah blah blah okay.

So once you got your your keywords up there, you got your bid price.
Your post has already been ready.

You got your targeted audience and whatnot.

You are ready to go now.
You want to just go ahead and throw it up and you want to just make sure you track the analytics.
You want to look at how many people typically visit your post versus how many people click the post and do me a favor hit the like button.

We want to make sure we keep sharing as it may, if you think what I’m, what I’m sharing is good.
Do me a solid, please.
Let me know by hitting the like button or shooting me a comment.

Cuz imma get to the questions over there in a second but um.
You know you really have to.
You have to really think about that when it comes to what you’re advertising on social media, so we got everything ready to go, we got it up.

We want to mount up to the analytics.
You want to know how many people went to the polls versus how many people click; okay, that’s a view to click ratio and that’ll.
Let you know, okay in order for me to get XYZ people to click on this.

To go over to this page or to this site, or to this blog I need this many people there, okay and from the amount of people that visited the site, the blog or whatever it is.
The number of you know whatever the next step is: if it is a sale, the number of cells you get get down, whoever you have data.
So now you know: okay of X Y Z, number of people do my post, then X, Y Z, number of people are going to click muffles and go over to the site and eventually number people go to the site.

This number of people sets an appointment or buy or whatever it is download whatever it is, but it gives you data and that’s what you want is the data.
So many people have no data, they just don’t post up and they never look at the analytics behind and many times the analytics will tell you so much that you may have missed out on alright, so now you’re checking analytics now.
The key thing is this: whenever somebody posts a comment on your post, you have to be reactionary.

You have to jump in and respond to them as quickly as possible on the Internet right now, it’s called social media for a reason is there for us to be social, and that’s why you know doing live videos like this.
Do you realize how many people tell me that these type of live videos is what gives anybody that they’ve been listening to the credibility that they need to be able to do business with them or listen to them or follow them? Because a lot of people hide behind their camera and they sit up in an office or in some bedroom somewhere, and they just spit it out.
Who knows how many time they edited that stuff but to come, live, be direct and show you? Yes, you see me all over the country, training and doing my thing.

Speaking at conferences, colleges, you got my book best-selling books out all of that, but I’m also a real person.
I will jump down in the trenches and share with you what I know and look man guess what this says about you.
It’s after midnight on the East Coast and you’re online right now rocking out learning how to get better.

You are an uncommon breed and you have to note it, and it’s not a mistake that you hear right now that you’re all here with all these other go-getters that are on here right now.

It’s not a mistake.
You here for a reason so make sure that you listen and that you are listening to taking some notes to pick up one of this stuff, so you can never get in use, alright, so never charge.

So we got it up and we want to make you advantageous analytics now with it.
You have to be somewhat patient, especially if you’re doing it on your own, because it could like I stated before it could take you a long time, and it can take you quite a bit of money before you get it right.
Okay, unless you learn how to do it now, those are the paid ways boost your pose and also on Facebook.

Ask now: let’s just say you say Brian man, I don’t want to go either one of those ways.
What’s something that I could do on my own, that doesn’t require that.
Can you make it happen on your own as far as without doing the boost or the Facebook Ads? Yes, but I wouldn’t let you know that man, ten to fifteen posts every week, think about this, every guest that you helped buy a vehicle.

If you are doing this already, you should take a picture of them with their vehicle and with you with them in front of their new pre-owned or new vehicle, and guess what photos you share it both of them online and here’s.
Why? What is the one thing? Everybody likes to do when they get a new vehicle, show it off and so guess what you’re doing you’re actually helping them to be able to show off their to be a show off without actually showing off.
So imagine you got the picture of them and you’re in front of their new vehicle and with you there.

Okay, now you pull those throws up to your Facebook page and you tag your customer in it.

Here’s when, in the tag you know in the process, hey congratulations to Stephen and Barbara.

We appreciate you coming in and we’re grateful that you are now a member of the ABC dealership family.
If there’s anything anything that you need, I have one phone call one text, one email away from doing everything I can to help you again, thank you and all the best Jay.
Now you post that up there with the pictures of them with their new vehicle.

You know what other people are doing.
Other people are saying, my goodness.
You know when I went and bought a baby, but nobody did that for me.

That’s one thing and if you believe they’re, not thinking that do you know how many people that I’ve spoken with and customers that have said they went and bought from a specific store because they saw open air relatives are in France, social media page that they rang.
A bell: everybody cheered form that sales president took a picture with them.
It made them feel awesome and that’s what we all wanted.

The end of the date is to feel important.
So when you post these things up – and you say, congratulations you will see a family member or friend or somebody say: oh man did you just buy that and you must know it is absolutely okay matter of fact.
It is required that you jump into that.

Doggone conversation because you’ll get notified of any comments and respond to them.
Doesn’t it look awesome? Oh, my goodness, we had an awesome time together, the other night.

You know, art are you, you know interested, or are you looking for an addition to your family, something like that? You engage them in the conversation, it’s called social media for a reason and you’d be amazed how much dialogue will go back at four, because guess what you got your greatest testimonial right there on the page, that’s their friend or their family member who they ain’t, know And trust whose picture is up there with you, which means? Obviously they allowed you to help them, make that smart, say buying decision and if they like love or trust their friend, and they believe them to be intelligent and trustworthy incredible and they were gon na.
Do business with you guess what that makes you trustworthy, honest, incredible! Okay, so we have to learn how to make sure we’re capturing the images of our customers or we’re taking a short video.
It should be 1 minute or less of us with our guests.

You might snap the picture and do the 1 minute video so that way, the 1 minute video can go to your Instagram page, showing another happy customer with the text.
It can go to your Facebook page or the picture, or you can put your picture and the video right there next to each other.
As you can see what I’m saying the opportunities and the possibilities are endless with this thing, but it requires consistency and it does take some time.

But if you keep at it, people will continue to grow.
You’ll continue to build, and if you keep your dealership name your brand and your city and every single post, you do eventually when we spoke about that organic listing on Google earlier guess what your Facebook page could end up there, because Facebook is considered one of the Most powerful web sites online, so any information any page that is content rich, will get much higher Google ranking just by being on the Facebook platform, and that may make sense to you or it may not.

If it doesn’t, you really want to dig into this stuff because social media and promoting yourself it is very simple, but at the same time, if done wrong, can be extremely costly and very challenging catastrophic to the business.

So you want to make sure you have a role map you have a guy because it can literally, can you imagine if, for free just from a few poster, you were able to close one deal every month that made you an extra five hundred dollars.
One deal that you wouldn’t got any other way besides to social media, that didn’t cost you a dime, but brings you five hundred dollars every month or six thousand dollars a year.
Man, that’s mind-blowing! When you really think about it and guess what he can really do that you know how okay, I don’t want to keep everybody SuperDuper long.

I wanted to touch on Facebook.
I’m gon na get through some of these questions.
Don’t real, quick, oh and real, quick.

While I got you on okay um, we was going through the Facebook stuff and again you and I both know – probably listening to it.
You’re, probably like.
Oh my goodness.

Oh, my goodness, oh my good and if you’ve been to my website, like I know a lot of you on your app if you’ve been to my website, you’ll see that actually what I do as I do have to complete Facebook, it’s called how to drive Facebook Ads it is ten videos um a two hours of audio it.
Has the Facebook Drive Facebook as checklist it has the manual um is one of these programs that have really helped people that had no idea of how to set up how to boost their posts.
How to drive leads to their social media page or to their dealer page, and it’s really boosted.

It has really helped them.
It takes them from A to Z, so that is available to you or if you look on my website, you’ll realize that that program actually sells for nine hundred ninety seven dollars.

Okay, but obviously knowing that you’re on here, you’re, not gon na, have to pay nine hundred ninety seven dollars I’ll promise.

You that what I will do for you, because again you people see me all over the place.
I’m traveling you’re training at all time and one thing people always says when you gon na come to my dealership, and I wish I could be at everybody or when you gon na speak at our conference, or I wish I could be at everybody.
But I’m unable to, and so what I’ve done now, I’m taking my nearly 20 years of information that actually tribal trained and share and actually compressed it and borrowed it up, and I put it into a number of files and I’ve made it available now the face Book how to draw a face book as training? You know that typically is sales on my site for nine hundred ninety seven dollars, but your night.

If you’re somebody wants to get started, setting up your face book and if you’re, serious and Brian look, I know I need to drive leads to month to my doggone dealership, I know the possibility.
Is there I’ve been just doing post.
I want to know how to get it done as quickly and profitable as possible tonight.

What I’m gon na do is the fate of how to drive Facebook Ads is available to you at a fraction at a fraction of the actual investment of what it is.
So it’d only be $ 97 tonight and what I’m about to do? I am going to post the link for it right here: real quick uh-huh, I’m gon na post a link for it real fast.
You see there yeah right there hold on.

Let me get this link for you and I’ll post it that way.
You at least know exactly what it is.
So if you decide that hey you don’t want to do it, that’s totally fine! I get it.

Let me see and put the link up really quick.
So I’m gon na share the actual link.
So not only do you get to how to drive facebook ass for $ 97, what you also get is to complete how to dominate at the dealership online automotive sales training program.

If you’ve been at your store, you know you’ve never received training and all you wanted it for somebody to not just show you what to do.
Give you the insight on what to say but explain to you why it’s important that you do this and how it’s beneficial! You don’t have to worry anymore, because tonight, when you go and you download the how to drive drive, Facebook leads entire.
You know program with the ten hours of video and the two hours audio and the menus and the checklist.

You also get the how to Dominator to tiller ship online automotive sales training program that becomes complete with a five-part audio program, which takes you through the entire roles of the self, but not just the role.
It actually breaks down every step.
If you believe that what you’ve been getting from these YouTube videos have been something imagine what will happen when you really dig deep into the actual online training.

You have the five car audio program.

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