And i’m gon na be extremely brief.

Um on this one i uh, i got an uh, i saw something last week and then i got an email from the uh from the associate and the crazy thing about it.
Is it wasn’t my first time seeing what i saw and i started thinking about how many times on how many times other people are making the same mistakes? So, let’s get straight into it without been doing it on purpose.
Okay, very often very often, members of the lgbt uh q community are offended by the sales.

Associate that did not intend to be offensive did not even realize what they were doing could be taken as offensive, but without the right explanation or without the right tutelage, or somebody educating them on the do’s and don’ts.

When you’re dealing with people, they walk themselves into the landmark inadvertently, and let me give you an example of what i mean last week, while training two ladies came in to the dealership.

Looking at a vehicle and the while asking questions, you know they both were assisted and whatnot, and the sales associate said to the woman who was the one who was kind of more inquisitive.

He said: okay um, you need to reach out to your husband or when can your husband come up and the lady said this is my husband and they stormed out and they left and it began to make me think back on how many other occasions i’ve seen It to where the sales associate interacted with someone and assumed, because it was two men in there that somebody had to go talk to a wife or assume because there’s two women in there.
Somebody had to go talk to a mother uh or to us to uh.
To uh, to i mean speak to a husband for the okay, and let me make sure you fully understand some even outside of the lgbtq community.

There was once a point in time where, if a male and a female walked into the dealership, you would assume that the male was going to be the one making the decision.

So what salespeople do when they would tailor all of their questions to the mail? You know to get their feedback and we talking about 70s, the 80s and even parts of the uh of the 90s okay.

So, let’s fast forward and now the game has completely changed where, if you see a male and a one, a male and a female walk in.

Don’t assume that, because uh he’s there that he’s the one that’s buying got the credit or the money you’ll find out.
That the lady has got the credit, she’s got the job, making the money and she’s the one.
That’s buying he’s just there as a trophy piece to kind of you know show that hey.

I got some backup now, let’s take it to the lgbtq side, and i’ve heard this firsthand from several and just a full disclaimer.

My youngest son is a member of that community and whether my beliefs were for it or against it did not matter matter of fact.
Once a loved one so close to me, was in that community i had to open my eyes up and realize that what a person’s sexual preference is really doesn’t matter.

But how does that equate to the dealership? It equates because males and females make the mistake of assuming that, because this woman is in there by herself or because this male is in there by themselves, they’re going to go speak to a significant other.
Who is a member of the opposite sex? Not so so, when you’re dealing with your customers, as opposed to saying husband or wife, say, spouse or significant other, never even say, you’re, better half, because that’s an insult, you tell them like hey you’re, going to speak to your better half, that’s bull crap.
They are the better half, you know what i’m saying so, when you’re speaking with your guests, make sure if you see two, ladies or two males, if you speak into somebody, that’s one person there and they have a significant other, always use the word significant, other or Spouse never ever ever assume, because these two ladies coming in there, you think that their mother and daughter are sisters but they’re, literally husband and wife, or you see the two males coming in, and you believe that that’s father and son or brothers or or maybe that You know, or some of that nature or best friend, no that’s their significant other and folks think about it.

It happens time and time again now those people – those ladies just have to get vocal and said.
No, this is my husband.
Imagine the customers that never say anything and just walk out, and you never know or the sales associate, never knows just how much they offended that person, and so this video was created strictly based off what i saw last week, the email that i got today and If you are someone, that’s at the dealership, when you’re, interacting with males and females, never say husband or wife until they tell you that this is their husband and wife and maybe give you a name.

His name is steve.

Well, you still want to play as safe, because nowadays people get name changes.

People get sex changes and let me hit you to some game when you tap into that community from what i know from my son being a part of it and all of the people that i met through him man, you know people that community tend to have Really good credit and tend to be very, very good and easy to deal with and when you crack that code and enter that community as somebody that’s trustworthy, treats people with respect katie bar the door because they coming it’s just like when you crack the hispanic market.

When you crack the hispanic market, katie bar the door when you crack the asian market, it’s katie bar the door and that lgbtq community, like i said they have good credit, they’re very easy to deal with.
But don’t assume that when you see two people of the same sex that they are just mother and daughter or father and son or sisters, they may be husband and husband and if it’s females, husband and wife.
So please keep that in the forefront of your mind.

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Oh brian, i get emails all the time.

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I’m tired of people doubting what it is that a certain demographic of people are willing to do.

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So i know it’s [ __ ] help me prove them wrong.

Help me prove them wrong.
Help me prove them wrong.
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When you treat them right, they will funnel business your way, funnily so don’t say husband or wife.

It’s always spouse or significant other.
Don’t assume it’s two! Ladies! That’s mother and daughter.
That could be husband and wife, don’t assume, because it’s two men as father and son, that could be husband and husband all right so again, i’m out of here for the third time, click that link and make sure you hit that like button y’all.

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I know you want it.
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So rock with me.
I come from where you come from rock with me all right, y’all, take it easy! .

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