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that’s for about five years at Aaron Park, it was actually 91 to 96 rated.

Just about five and a half years I got decided to get brave.
I was around 27 years old, then and said: okay, everyone here, you know smart now and you know everything or he’s just thinking of everything.
Let’s, let’s go open your own new star danger, okay, so brave great move, but I didn’t.

I didn’t find it with enough money and it started out well because I was ambitious in this and independent wanted to show everybody that I could do it.
And I did four toward a half three years.
But when we start a business and it actually starts to grow, it actually cost you a lot more money when the growth starts to happen and it becomes very tiring and then you have to have him have employees and I had five employees at the time.

I’m in my late 20s it is driving me crazy and after that I was you know, courted back to Toyota.
After you know, I was having conversations and telling them how stressed I was, and I joined hotei.
I don’t have that on here, but it’s relative to Lexus of hopefully the 2001 information here.

So I joined opal tiara back in 2000, 2001 said a whole bunch of sales records there, and it was in that year, 2000 2001, when the Nexus Canada was then awarded.
The next six Lexus dealers or six, the next six Lexus franchises for the country and because, during the time I managed don’t fill Toyota, we sold with a full black cars.
Close to a thousand cars was a huge increase of almost 40 %.

When I took it over to manage it and lived those dramatic increases of the huge results we have from the customer service perspective and showing them that we can actually get those numbers they awarded my owner, the franchise for open relaxes, a vote filming.
So I stepped away from this from their ferment for about a year, and I didn’t get a call back from him about a year and a half later when the store was happy to say, can you come back and be the general sales manager and open the Store so I was able to you know very short time in my career.
Not only my you know: 30s okay take a company from a starting position where it’s on a construction with SIP in the trailer construction.

Hats we’re having the construction meetings.
We have no staff.
We have no cars, we have no advertising plan, no budget, no, nothing except we have a franchise that we build in the storm which is very expensive.

So I remember the basement at the opening of the store was an old store back then I’m sitting in the basement by myself in this old office and I’m strategizing the market plan, I’m hiring people.
I interview people in the basement for this new ultra modern facility that would be built and opened in November 2001, 15 years November, 2006 was celebrating 50 year anniversary in the very first year.
Awful in that store the very first year.

We surpassed all of Nexus.
Canada’s target we did over 520 evils of the first year and selling that many delivered that many high-end vehicles in the first year is pretty remarkable.
What we did in Oakville before salespeople for very good salespeople and a strategy.

You know and a philosophy of continuous improvement, but Alexis you know talks about so from there.
I left about two years later and I got into you know: there was one day out in the newspaper and he talked about there was an ethics says, earned one hundred and fifty thousand dollars seven advertising.
So I looked at that and I said okay I like to travel.

You know I like a little bit of a change, so I I took that I hired and I got hired, but that actually for me, was a pretty big deal getting out of the automotive industry and looking at things from a different perspective, traveling to different places.
Taught me a whole lot.
Okay, it gave me a lot of answers that I’ve ever had, because, if you’re in one market in the whole dreary center in one area, you’re selling one product – yes, you can be great at it.

You can be good at it, but sometimes you will eventually get bored.
Okay, oh you’re, trying to find your niche you’re trying to find okay.
Is this really what I want to do or where will this lead? So I started traveling all across the continent and at the end of the day, at the end of eight years, I have already racked up above eight hundred thousand models.

I remember being a super leaf in Air Canada for six straight years, which is a hundred minimum.
A hundred flight segments or a hundred thousand miles a year, so it was a lot of trips everywhere into 41 states.
Eight provinces, hundreds of cities, but what that taught me and confirmed was if I can step into the middle of Iowa, Winterset, Iowa or somewhere in Virginia or Fayetteville, North Carolina or Fort McMurray Alberta, and I can sell advertising space and come up with a whole bunch Of money, regardless of where I go, whether I’m sending cars or whether I’m selling a real estate, presentation folders.

But I’ll tell you a little bit about that reaffirmed something about me that I had some basic fundamental skills of dealing with people of conveying value and obtaining their trust quickly to be able to walk out with thousands of dollars in advertising sales every day and every Month and make the most money in that company, so these are the things that I was able to transition into a book eventually.
So I would urge you, as you go through your career, to document your experience as much as you can, because you could write your own book if you literally just start documenting what you’re going through from today.
Ten years from now, you literally will have a book that you can publish, because those are real experiences.

Any tangible.
Take pictures make some notes.
You know about your career path, the people you meet the interesting people, you meet the experiences you have the clients experiences.

You have it always in countries can also fix and that’s a way to learn so real estate.
The appetising industry opened my eyes to a novice segment of sales.
Advertising and marketing is obviously directly involved in how much you sell and the effects you have on your marketplace.

So I’m learning a lot about advertising marketing deal with different people to different cultures.
Different countries was very important to me real estate presentation.

So it’s very simple what we did was we have a company where we’re an agency at agency where we generated advertising revenue, we generated sales from selling ad spots inside the presentation folders, so the folders that when you buy a house, the you know the realtor end Of all, you will put documents in that pod and they’ll, give you a realtor folder with central Remax or you know, whatever your agencies on the cover, but inside that folder they were several advertising for the lawyer, the home inspector, the contractors, all those people that are Relative or related to the real estate process, so as a new buyer, you could say: okay, that’s a home inspector that I’ll use – or you know.

If this is the lawyer argues – or this is the mortgage funding – argue so mortgage companies insurance companies, home inspectors.
You know those are big categories.
Those are the key categories.

We went after first to fill the phone and then we would add other categories.
You know like construction workers or house cleaners, or anybody that would advertise rumors.
Those were like the vocabularies will be targeted.

The major ones first, and what I learned from that was again walking into an office with an appointment to see a lawyer and insurance dog, a dog to her chiropractor and in a matter of a half an hour walking on with thousands of dollars.
Because I was able to make my pitch make my case, make my sale ending on and they knew that they would probably not see me again.
The Realtors the model was that the Realtors paid nothing, the cost of them was Zul and what they did was you were able to use their name their brand because their folder and reputation and affiliations within that they do business too.

So they would literally sometimes give us a referral list.
Does every real estate company has lawyers or his companies and inspectors that they deal with? So they all say? Ok, here are the guys that we deal with talk to them first and we present it to them.
They buy so the advertisers paid for the folders, the realtor would get to the 3040 zero cost.

That was the moment, and so, when you went into a city how many Realtors would you go to all the? If you could they’re only a few were we would work one project at a time.
A project would normally be no typically a two-week project in a small town in the Awami project.
So we’ve done some projects right here and buried up until 2011, when I managed that campaign where you would work one company at a time now, occasionally some owners had two or three franchises and we would actually do both at the same time, and I did that A lot in Fayetteville North Carolina, where one older group had like three franchises different brands.

So you go one, get everything all at the same time, sell to three people or sell the same people free ads or two ads at the same time in different folders.
Okay, so that’s how that was done.
Okay, all right! So .

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