Leasing is the Fastest Way to Create Customer Retention DD22

Hello: everyone, my name, is Noah Walsh and I’m from nwa conquer what you chase: sales training and first off.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a speaker at the upcoming digital dealer: 22 in Tampa Florida, this April 11 through the 13th.
What my session would be about is leasing and how leasing is the fastest and most effective way to create a residual.
Business and leasing is not only a great tool for the sales department for the F & I department, but it’s also a great way to retain customers for your service department.

Your parts department, your body shop and all other branches of your dealership, as well as your manufacturer.
It truly creates a bond between the customer and the manufacturer.
What i will do is i will share certain tips, techniques and ways to create value and show the customer value in leasing.

So, therefore, you have a higher retention rate, better brand loyalty and that you have loyal customers who only think about your dealership when it comes time for their next product or when it comes time to get their vehicle serviced body shop parts accessories, leasing creates that bond.
So once again, no walls with NWA conquer what you chase sales training.
I look forward to seeing you in tampa florida april, eleventh through the thirteenth .

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