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Good morning, Brandon artisan president champion strategies glad to be with you this morning going to be looking at something a tad different because I’m running into it a lot with general managers and bdc managers, and that is something called lead generation now I know we’re talking to Consumers we want to educate you, and I know I may have some people in the automotive industry also watching.

So we’re not bashing.
You we’re just trying to get you to understand.
We need to increase our knowledge base and what is that dealing with vendors companies that sell lead generations? Here’s my question for this part series that we’re going to do our lead generation companies, the bad guy.

In other words, are they offering the dealership a good product, but maybe they just don’t have the ability to add the training piece? That’s that’s the key when it comes to the dealership once they purchase it.
For you, the consumer, it’s bad follow-up.
Where you get frustrated and say hey, how did you get my information? That’s not right and now you’re frustrated.

You want to go out and tell the world on your social media that this particular dealership gets a bad score just because they added something to their process, and maybe they weren’t trained to do that properly.
So we want to go through a series of you trying to understand this.

You do it all the time being you the consumer, it happens so we’re gon na break it down.

Believe knowledge should come in bits and pieces and we’ll dole it out to him.
Then, at the end, I believe in full transparency.
Both sides, hopefully, will gain something from it.

So first thing: what is a lead? That’s what we need to look at a lead is a person who indicates some type of interest and a company’s product service in some shape or form, there’s something that comes up on the screen and they want you to enter in some of your basic information.
In other words, leads are part of this broader life cycle that consumers follow when they transition from being a visitor, usually online to potentially a consumer, so a lead.
They want something from you.

They want you to fill in something, so we can move this process forward by putting you in certain buckets, if you will so the first bucket that we just want to look at is something that’s called a marketing qualified lead of MQL.
Well, what do we mean by a marketing qualified lead? Well, these people who fill that information they’ve engaged a little bit and what we want to do is to find out a little bit more from the information.
Is this the person that we can extend some type of other offer and hopefully getting them to understand our business a little bit better? I’m marketing a concept: 10 % off this free oil change when it comes here, but they’re just gathering bits of information, not a whole lot, but something that they can get as a company, a lead generation company and hopefully move it forward and offer it to a Small company middle company, large company – and we call this a lead – why their sales people have not been trained properly to market, have not been trained properly.

The prospect to find a way have not been trained properly to go back to customers that they’ve already sold something to and extend a warm conversation of what you may offer to see if we can attract you to come back again.
So once again, a marketing qualified lead or an M cube.
L then there’s something called a SQL, a sales qualified lead.

So, if we’re looking at rums on a ladder now we’re starting to go up, so what would be a simple definition of a sales qualified now? These are people.
Are contacts who’ve taken action, some way of communication that you feel in that you’re expressing indication or interest and what they’re offering so now? Maybe they want a little bit more information, and you gladly put it in because you want to hear more, remember this transaction that we’re trying to move you from a consumer to possibly buying one of our products.
What do we call it short world once again, a sales qualified lead now for what I do and trained people one.

These sales qualified leads, so they come out there with different companies in abundance, not saying that they’re bad.
They just don’t train the end user on how to be effective, using that information making you sore and upset that they called email text and some flaw with that now quickly.
There’s a couple of other big, broader boxes that we’re looking at one is called a product qualified ly, a pql, here’s where a product qualified lead or a contact that you’ve used that product before and they’re now reaching out to see how it was.

Would you consider of buying something from us again that that should be a pretty easy one, especially if you had a good customer experience with that organization, but once again is it them lead the information or is it the person contact you in some form, whether it Be online or long person phone call whatever it may be, are we training them the right way? So you feel comfortable with that experience and then the last one we just want to look at the day is something called the servus qualified lead or an sq L.
Now you know where I’m going you’ve used that company before you were a paying company, because you did use that service, so here once again, there should be a warm relationship.
It should be easy to find out if you enjoyed that service.

If their level of service was up to your standard, and could we move this, where you would be a potential buyer again? Once again, ladies and gentlemen, my goal for this hold lead generation is to let you know as a consumer which dealerships to do business with the ones that sound irritating, because you’re questioning.
Why they’re asking certain questions and it’s not them, it’s not the lead generation.

Remember by some way you filled out something you use their product and service.
They have your information, but it’s how they’re trying to communicate with you again.

That’s the frustrating part and equally frustrating for me – is to have companies that sell, offer our dealerships lead generation products, but there’s no training that goes with it.

So to me, it defeats the purpose now.
If some of this makes sense to you great, if you need to do more, research go ahead, lead generation and all we talked about is marketing.
Qualified leads definition, sales, qualified leads definition, product, qualified leads definition, service, qualified leads different buckets either you gave them a little information, a little bit more information.

You use your product or service, but now they’re responding back to you to see if they can get you to use the product or service again and it’s how they’re doing it is it done in a consumer friendly manner or is it irritating where your first response Is to let the world know that you do not want anything to be contacted from this organization again now, if that does make some sense to you, I hope it does once again branded artisans champion strategies always trying to be transparent, not only for you, the consumer, But hopefully, for the general managers, BDC managers and met managers, anybody who picks up the phone or communicates with guests.
We have to do it in the right way and that’s where training comes in.
So if you’re, using a lead generation company that offers no training, you’re gon na have a bad experience when it comes to reaching out to that guest, and we don’t want that once again.

Brad or Hardison four champion strategies go out and make it a champion.

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