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Right, Brian and Hardison back for part, two lead generation once again we’re trying to educate the consumers and also for some of the dealerships that are out there that are having relationships with lead generation companies.

The key thing for me is that if you would like to have a better output, mister BDC or miss PDC manager or desk manager and general manager, deal or principal lead generation, companies do a great job of what they say.
They promise there’s no training and that’s why it usually does not work now for you, the consumer, that’s watching, because I believe that an educated consumer is the best consumer we can have in our industry.
We talked about what is this lead generation? Why do we have these leads? And yesterday we just took a small bite to give you certain buckets like if you did do your research, which I asked you to do, what is a mq, a marketing qualified lead versus an SQL, plus a sales qualified lead and, depending on your dealership, maybe you’re, Promoting pql, x’ or product qualified leads, and naturally for the other parts of the service department to pay good service, qualified or SQL.

That was the goal, and that was the homework that I gave you yesterday.
If some of you do remember so not to keep you long, but just one to piggyback up from that.
So now that we understand that, no matter what you purchase in retail, but we’re looking at automotive, because that’s the space that I’m proudly represent.

What is the lead generation? Why do we have these things and just simply it’s a way of getting you attracted to what we have and there’s many ways that you’ve seen it because you’ve been part of it, especially if you’ve been online.
We try to find a way organically, in other words, where you see value on.
What’s on that screen, whether it’s something visual, what whether it’s something auditory, whether it’s something at a price point: special, where you take the initiative and make the first step by you, making that first step! That’s where you fall into one of those buckets! If you will and that’s what we were talking about so many times when people ask me well or what do you do well, I I try to find ways to attract people to to our dealerships, but we need to provide them with enough goodies.

So some some different information where they see that let’s make the investment, because you know was it.
I do the next step when we talk about lead generation is leaving some pertinent information.
Now, the more information that you leave, the better that dealership can respond back to you like they have some sense.

Remember we said yesterday, I you all of us if we’ve ever left some information, whether it’s an email address, a phone number, whether it was fake or not, and people returned our call call centers, BDC, centers business development, they’re trying to find a way to get to Move the process forward.

That’s what I just wanted to talk about just today.
Do your research about itself today is lead generation process, so the steps that we go through there has to be an attraction like we said before, there’s got ta be something out there shining piece of glass.

We call it goodies or whatever you want to look at where you’re gon na take the time to look at it, see some value for you and through that log of knowledge, through some keywords, through a picture through something that they said auditory.
It sparked your interest to hear more so we’ve attracted you enough, where you’re going to leave us some information now you’re in one of these buckets that we talked about yesterday and now.
How do we take this attraction? You’re now a visitor, and how do we now move forward in our industry? Once we have some information and once again more is better now there has to be what we call it CTA very simple call to action or basic.

What do we do next now that we have this information now, depending on how and where the information was picked up? Usually it’s a landing page on somebody’s website.
We know what we need to do to move forward if there was some type of offer.
Some good heed to give away.

We may request for some additional information before we give you that goodie a percentage off on something a free test, ride whatever, but now we have you as a visitor.
Once you come to our war, hit that landing page, we should be happy now lead generation.
Companies can’t get on them, they did their job, they use their creativity, they use their marketing, they use their way where that customer found entrance to come interest.

If you will to come to your dealerships landing page and they did what they had, they were going to do.
They captured some of your information.
Now here’s where the problem starts for someone like me without that lead generation company providing any training, no matter what bucket you fall into, how do we respond back to you as an organization? In other words, how do we take this CTA call to action in a professional educated way of moving forward, and hopefully we can take you to the next step and that’s to attract you.

If you’ve heard you’ve seen some phone calls where they have limited information and they call you and it seems like they’re, just crushing your throat for an appointment they’ll give you any information.
It’s about the appointment.
If you show up at the appointment, we’ll give you more information, that’s not good training and here’s what I mean and it’s pretty old-school when many of you’ve heard him is AM or PM better.

The person that can assist is moving forward, he’s, leaving she’s leaving at a certain time.
We have to get it in before ie sense of urgency.
Just to get you to commit to the next call the action.

We attracted you you’re, a visitor now that can version piece which we’ll talk about next will be there, but just wanted to get you to understand a little bit more now that you know where the buckets are so today homework.
Let’s look more at this lead generation process from attraction, the shiny piece of glass to a conversion, whether it’s communicated on phone business, development center Internet Center – or maybe they text – you email you and how do we move the process forward from attraction? Conversion close? And hopefully you like our product and services, a lead generation process, so didn’t want to overwhelm you just trying to help you out, but if you are watching on someone’s landing page by your device, if you are on TV and you see something and they want you To move forward once again, it’s a lead generation company, that’s doing it and I have nothing against lead generation companies.

They do what they say.
They’re gon na do except offer training to the end user.
In this case, the dealership and now the dealer management are stuck with trying to get this whole process to work, and that’s why usually it’s not effective, but what I’m looking at its offensive? It’s not professional when it comes to you, the consumer.

If some of this makes sense, so you do some research we’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll go over the next step of this thing, we called lead generation so once again, Brad and Hardison for champion strategies how about going out – and you .

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