whoa, what’s going on everyone, freelance subprime hero, this is the last showroom.

Talk lot walk that i’m gon na do before christmas wow.
Folks, it’s just two days away.
Hope you guys are having a good time.

Hope you guys are doing the same thing as us closing down for christmas eve and christmas day and enjoying it with your family and your friends.

Man, i’m excited.
I know i got a couple guys here that are excited about having a couple days with their family.

How about you gary absolutely christmas is here, can’t wait to spend some time with the kids.

You know it’s all about the family, especially the way this year’s been so i’m looking forward to it and i’m glad that i’m glad that you’re excited about it, because i know i’m real excited about the christmas coming up and tomorrow and all the holiday stuff and Then, mr magic, how about you, man? You got plans.
I plan on having a wonderful christmas with my family.

That’s awesome, man.
I know you’re gon na have a great one.
Man got a beautiful family and every every one of us do.

You know we’re very fortunate to have families that we can love on and share with and give, and you know get all that type of stuff, so i’m pumped up guys.
Once again, i want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart, for the presents you guys left on my desk today tonight, i’m going to that tequila will be gone tonight and so will that cigar.
I promise you, i might post a picture or at least send you guys a picture of me hitting that stogie, but that or i might wait till tomorrow night when my brother-in-law comes in town.

So i might do that so, but i’m definitely taking that tequila down tonight, i’m gon na do it tonight’s gon na be my night, so i do appreciate it merry christmas.

I appreciate you guys so much.
My present this year was having you guys here.

Man seriously made my year much better to work with guys like you gary, i know, you’re a semi newer, but you’ve been here and you’ve been doing your thing, and i appreciate it man, it’s good to have somebody that i can feel confident in knowing that hey This isn’t somebody who’s just going to barely make it and go through.
This is somebody who can actually have a huge future in the car business, not just necessarily here but everywhere.

So do your thing, man, you guys, are going to kill us yeah.

This is tips.
Are on point, i can’t say much about patrick but hey this cat right there crushing it.
So i appreciate it merry christmas guys we’ll talk to you guys soon have a good night.

Yes, sir, oh adrian, barry gibbs up in the house he’s staying alive up in this mug right here, hey.
We got two days off coming up man family time, your son’s first christmas.
Your first christmas is like a like that type of family.

I know that you’ve been with sierra for how long now, oh perfect man hey money, much like my wife and i you guys got pregnant quick.

I think my i think me and my wife went about six months before she got pregnant, but that being said man, congratulations on that.
I know you’ve got a lot to look forward to.

I hope that you’re excited about christmas um.
You know just love, love love.
It’s a good time to love, love love, i’m all about the uh.

You know i’m passionate about my family, especially about my own little family like it’s gon na, be definitely a lot more meaningful this year than any other one yeah.
You know man, it’s crazy, dude you’ll, see you go through evolution in your life as your child gets older and when it comes to family and what you want to do and you’ll see what i mean, but i’m very excited for you very proud of you man.
I love you.

I’m excited that you’re that you got a baby for this year.

I can’t wait to see you on saturday and see how it all went.
Man so have a merry christmas brother.

Keep crushing it dog.

So yes doing it, then we got this guy right here.
Just got his first car deal, so it’s michael with the y yeah i just found that out and how do you pronounce your last name? Man is that italian or what puerto rican? Oh, i was wrong.

It’s not italian, it’s puerto rican.
I love it though man, a lot of my best friends are puerto rican and there’s some really good people.

The food is wonderful, the language is wonderful and the music is off the chain, so malaysia, so people came up with weird stuff for that, because they can’t ever pronounce it right, even though it’s spelled exactly the way.

It’s said it says.
I know my sweater’s gone dj.
I wore it earlier, but i just did that’s the kind of sweater you can’t wear all day.

It starts to fall apart.
You got to save it’s a five-year-old sweater.

My wife made me five years ago that i got to wear again today, so i’m i brought it home during lunch.

Put it back in it’s a little spot.

This way it stays nice and fresh for another five years right, i’ll break it out in 2025.
You guys see it anyway, but so how about you? Nino? What’s going on brother setting appointments trying to get more people in? I know you had a good day on appointments yesterday.

You got some appointments for this weekend.
Saturday, that’s that’s it man.
We got plenty of time to get your month finished off, we’re going to be going through this week and next week we only got one day off next week.

So that’s a good thing.
Man and you know, enjoy your christmas time with your family.
I know you got a family that you love and you want to be around and with the wife and the kids and everything so enjoy that time.

Do it right hope you guys have a good good, good, good, good good time? Yes, how about you frank? I was able to help her.
I was able to assist michael in his first cardio.

He was man, he did pretty good um yeah man he’s got the uh he’s got the edge.

Look at that frank knows what he’s talking about right.
There frank’s been doing this.
How long now, three years exactly so, he sees something: that’s good use that encouragement, stay, keep growing and keep doing your thing.

Man, i’m glad that you’re here on the team, merry christmas to all you guys, i wish you guys nothing, but the best man.
I love you guys, keep crushing your thing and we’ll see you guys on saturday we’ll come back and we’ll do it, but don’t forget, i might have you hey if you guys could all remember to bring this hat.
I know you got yours, but if you guys on saturday, i wan na get a picture with the straight out of radcliff, all right i’ll, take i’ll, send a text out, but i want to get a big picture with it.

Look at that look at straight out of rack with yo.

That’s right! That’s what we are we’re the radcliff team, there’s a the hills, what they call themselves the street, but i call it straight out of rack right here.
If you, you don’t have to wear the shirts, if you still have man, you know what cause not everybody has the shirts that was.

That was a that was the night 2019 christmas thing this year.
It’s a this next year is gon na, be something else.
It’s all gon na be rocking with this right here, so stay around long enough, you’ll get it all.

He’s already got two of the pieces of the collection, so all right man.
I appreciate you guys merry christmas.

Let’s see what we got so we got up the hill.

I think everybody else is either doing something right now or went home a little early, so they can go, spend some time with christmas, but i do got paul damos right here, he’s on the phone right now, but dude.
That’s my brother right! There me and paul been doing stuff together for years and years and years, i’m talking he’s the guy who upped me when i went to apply for my job.

So when i went to the very first store swap mitsubishi hyundai up the street and it’s a matter of fact, it was isuzu also yeah and uh i had walked in there.

I came in my little suit, tie everything and he came walking out like like he.
He was like that dude probably got some credit right, so he was like hey and then i thought i’d have me later.

I probably looked like one coming in the car i pulled up in but yeah he caught me and we sat down and talked while.

I was waiting to talk to managers, it was a great combo and he put in a good word for me actually, so i got to give a lot of credit to this guy right there, because without him, who knows if i would even got that job too.

I would have learned as much as i did.
This dude was so competitive on the floor dude.

If we were tied at eight, he was up at the desk figuring out how to find nine and ten.
You know what i mean to get ahead of you and then he just keep moving and every time you catch up, he’d be right there.

It was a lot of fun and this dude’s closes he’s to come up with some of the craziest clothes.

So i’m very blessed to be around people like this.
I’m very excited about christmas, the whole nine god.
I can’t believe it we’re about to shut down here in a little bit and we’re gon na go spend some time with our families.

I hope you guys are doing the same thing.

I want to throw a quick shout out to my sponsors, guys the think ad group www.

com, my friends, family the whole nine.
They do some stuff out there they’re trying to make things happen for the car business and beyond man.
They have all the solutions for you for any.

If you have customers that you sold cars to they’ll find a way to make sure they come back to your store i’ll tell you that we also have elite, fi partners right there right, elite, fi partners, www.
elitefi partners with an sbn.
com go check them out.

Amazing people.
They got a solution for your store if you have an infinite apartment that is not living up to par, you give them a call to find the products for you to find the right type of training.

Make sure that that department is questioning man.
So yes, very much excited the light is everywhere folks, i’m pumped up i’m looking forward to 2021.
Looking forward to this christmas come back.

We got some great news coming out.
We got all kinds of stuff.
I got interviews that are starting for season two that are with some people that i’m super pumped up about hope you guys are too, but before i go, i got i saw cody, i didn’t see him inside, so i got to give him a merry christmas wishing.

So we got cody newt cody.
I know you just dealt with some craziness man and i appreciate you for hustling hard on that.

But you know things like that.

Sometimes they happen.
Sometimes they don’t but cody’s, a hardworking dude man.

How many christmases we’ve been together? Now? Seven christmases that i’ve that i’ve known cody man what what a crazy thing i’ve seen him before he was married before he had kids the whole nine i’ve seen evolution him by home all that type of stuff.

So it’s really cool to see a guy come up in this business, build a life around this business and help his family out with that type of business.
I think he’s been the preventer for a long time at the house.

His wife does has a good job too, but but cody definitely has been that guy, but he had the opportunity this year to spend about three months at home.

Yeah, due to the covet situation, his wife had a uh, a job where she had to keep going to, and so it kind of worked out.

But you know missing him.
So i’m glad he’s back he’s been back with force and i’m looking forward to seeing cody crush 2021 and i know he’s going to so: let’s rock it out man, you ready for christmas tomorrow, you’re the best too cody man appreciate you merry christmas dude.

Do you think dog so guys, yeah, seven years, that’s right! Dj seven years he’s been here, that’s what i’m talking about! That’s that’s a committed dude and he knows he knows what’s up.

He knows how good this place is.
This is where he started.

That’s the ownership! That’s how everything he’s cody’s he’s one of those guys he’s – probably mine, no longest reigning employee right now, yeah crushing his thing.
But anyway, that being said, that’s about all i’m gon na get through once again folks make sure you find that light that lights everywhere.
You got christmas coming up.

How easy is it to find light right now? I know i can find it in two seconds boom.
I can think of so many.
I can think of a million reasons why i could be happy excited about my day about my life, about everything.

It’s christmas hope you guys enjoy.
It, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing because that’s the only way to do things.

Keep growing let all that weight of unforgiveness off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you want, so you can sort to the heights that you need to go to beyond what you can believe man just one year of car guy coffee, not even yet – and I could just see my i could see that the ceiling of what i believe is just blown off the top and i’m ready to keep growing, i’m ready to keep going, and i hope all you guys are out there doing the same thing get ready for 2021.
It’s going to be the best year of your life as long as you believe it 2020 was the best of mine.
Every year is just going to keep getting better every day’s just going to keep getting better, and i appreciate every one of y’all.

You guys have a merry christmas happy new year.
Whatever i’ll see you guys on saturday, you guys will probably see a couple more posts between now and then but i’ll be back to work saturday i’ll be doing my lot walk again, then you guys have a good one.
You guys crush your damn fellow narcissist subprime hero.

Let’s brew .

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