Yo yo yo guys.

I want to get on here really quick for eleanor subprime hero man.
We got a little over 24 hours left tomorrow, night at 11, 30 p.
Eastern time, lou and i are gon na announce the winner of our video challenge.

The video challenge winner gets to come on our show, be a guest, we’re also gon na send them out some awesome.
Swag we’re gon na and we’re gon na feature their video.
It’s gon na be a lot of fun for that person.

It’s a lot of fun for us too, for everybody involved matter of fact.
You know with all these great uh the videos that we’ve been getting in.
I love them so much, and i appreciate you guys for doing them for us and for yourself mostly because it’s it’s good, to get the courage out there to start putting out these videos to talk about what your passions are and to forgive focus and fly.

If you know what i’m saying so, less less than one uh, not more than 24 hours left, but you have till tomorrow, we’ll see tomorrow at 6 00 p.

Eastern standard time is when i want my last submission i’ll.
You know who knows long as i have everything in i’m going to announce it by 11 30 tomorrow night.

I’m excited to announce.
I hope you guys are do not miss.

Do not miss your opportunity to come on our show.
Why not put a video together? It just takes two three minutes really record it and have fun.
I see you down there, jake bishop and i appreciate your video that was pretty awesome that convertible that old school camaro that was pretty nice to see.

Ah, let’s go gm strong right, so folks keep growing.
Keep doing your thing.
Let me see those videos i’ll see you soon, friends, subprime hero.

Let me do another one.
You know what one more whoo, let’s brew, .

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