What up max we are on there? Dude! Oh, hey mics, on what is going welcome to the car guy coffee podcast.

He here’s a logo for you enjoy.
Can you see the local guy coffee? Yes, hey ready, go almost ready to change the entire your flow.

We got a whole new brew and it’s coming to you yet that’s right.

It’s Freddie and Lou kogai coffee podcast.
We are here.
Yes, this will last like a good, fresh good old cup of the young yo Joe get your drink on up.

It’s delicious! It’s good! What well it’s nice? I don’t really well too sad about that right, but hey you can get you some car guy coffee here it comes Lou 17 already in me over here.
Talking about that whole new team now deal is on the mic.
Tonight got three, ladies and it’s Mother’s Day, right yep, it’s perfect time for you to brew about how car down us can do it to get you some of the car gal coffee.

Here it comes there to go to where you get podcasts, go ahead and download that real, fast yeah, you can have you a big ol cup car guy coffee drink.
You know, look win-win solutions.
Yes, we are.

I don’t really know when to stop cuz.
I started y’all, that’s it that’s exactly where I stop.
That’s it! That’s where he stops alright, so thank you, but hey.

He was having fun.
You have to let him have fun cuz it was it was.

You know.

Just today was a really fun day.
It was Mother’s Day, it is Mother’s.
Well, it just passes Mother’s Day in some parts of the country still so happy Mother’s Day.

It still is my sister-in-law, Jenny.
She is in mother that is so dedicated to her family to her daughter and end to my brother, and I honor her for that.
Thank you for giving me a nice.

I thank you so much for the promotion inside of inside of my life becoming an uncle to such an incredible Anastasia.

Yes, lover, Wow and Joey.
If you get to watch this because usually chime in some time or another, give your wife my love and tell look, can’t wait till we can see everybody again, love you all! God bless all right, car guys, car guy, sorry for this real filt interruption, none wrong with that man! My foot! We have a whole lot going on for you right.

What’s what’s going on Fred, what is so special that they need to be paying attention to what it is that we got going on today today, right now, today we have something so awesome.
We have this very special episode here.
This episode, this brew, is what I’m gon na call the cartwheel everybody’s gon na call the card now coffee.

This I mean these ladies took over the show.
Every one of them is very, very independent people.
They have personalities of their own, though, to our sisters and almost like twins.

They are completely different.

They are the yin to each other’s Yang’s seriously.
Like I had a question I put on our on the cafe one day and it was: do you have a messy desk basically or a clean desk right? How do you? How do you keep it right? I came over exact terminology right now, but each one of them answer differently.

One was like I keep my stuff perfect.
The other one was like mine’s a mess, so you know that’s why they had that’s.
Why they’re good for each other but they’re so different at the same time, and they both went their own paths and their journey to where they’re at today, as owners and doing their thing, what they do and man they? They are a great team.

So it’s a test, you know what we talk about when you have the old.
What’s that saying, we were talking about Oh buddies, that’s it! So when you have a battle buddy it can.
You can, even though you can do something by yourself, which is great, and we all love to do things for ourselves and it’s good, because even when you have a buddy, you have individual accomplishments right.

So, but if your individual accomplishments can be, they can be helped by your partner.
You know they can help you shine on.
Like tell you, hey, keep going, don’t you know, work harder? What not so it’s nice to have that and that’s the same thing Britney Britney.

Now, though, her partner is not her sister, it’s her husband and her husband is definitely her cornerstone.
I know it.
They both run a very, very great store out in NorCal as they’re from that area.

So man, a lot hacen ating fascinating story of how they got together, which is such a great story.
Yes hear that snoring you need to listen to the broom.

I mean it’s really cool.

I was blown away.
The sisters didn’t know anything about it.
It was an incredible story, something that that really is a very much a California type of story.

You know what I mean: a highly wood type of crew that bring together of two families, so you need to check it out, because it’s very interesting you listening to the sisters and how they break down, know what it is that has made them successful inside of Their life and made me look at their pictures today on on social media completely different.

I was like.
Oh that’s a no.

You know I mean Oh made me dig in appreciating all the things that we talked about in some of this brew, so you got to listen to it.
You need you need to check it out.
This five liner really introduces them a lot.

They’re questions that are about them about their purpose, where they come from what got them in this business? How you know the whole story, you know these.
These things could be written in two books, one day, you know, and we got to talk to them.
You know at on our podcast, I believe, was most of their first.

I don’t know if they’ve done any other ones, you know, and it was they did it like they bit like they’re seasoned pros.
You know, I would be surprised if they started their own show.

Huh so that being said, it looks like we’re getting it ready.

Right now looks like we’re getting all the art work ready for you to start your own show right right exactly so.
You know it was a lot of fun and I and I want to thank you three happy Mother’s Day.
I hope you had a great one.

I’m sure you did every one of y’all deserve one, and thank you very much for being on our show and I’m glad we’re gon na write a release.
It mean it’s going to be any minute.
Now it’s gon na be out there soon as we get off this we’ll have it out within 10 minutes, but we we honor you we are humbled by you.

We appreciate you and thanks for showing other women and other young, ladies, that what you can become.
If you put the right mentality into it and then put the work in, you know it’s because it’s not all just given to you.
Sometimes you know most like all y’all y’all worked extremely hard for everything you got.

You know, and it’s pretty awesome, to see what you’re doing in because to see your businesses grow and to see you grow even currently in what’s going on right now, it’s it’s! It’s all about.
What’s between those two ears – and we all know that – and you know you can take your time – you know get you know when this all started and be like little figure things out, but once you figure things out, y’all y’all did a great job.
Y’all remember.

I said that a lot yeah Kentucky think so I really really really yeah you’ll hear it and I appreciate you and it was a lot of fun.
So, furthermore, Luke what do you know? What would you like to say about that also know? I thought it was a lot of fun.
It really was fun was was great in a lot of laughing.

One thing that that these ladies do inside of the community inside of the dealership that they’re in and I’m I’ve been just at the kitchen table with their family, is keeping it cracking up and keeping it laughing and keeping it exciting and keeping a smile.
And so that’s something that we make sure that we highlight that they’re always wearing and they’re, always making sure to bring to whatever it is that they’re facing, especially when they’re growing solutions so they’re, very, very wise, and I love hearing the stories behind how they got.
Where they are especially being able to say that with you all because they’re great stories of hope and accomplishment, and to prove that there’s still a great big like that, everybody is able to to utilize and shine in the midst of everything else.

They’re in they’re.
An inspiration it’s Mother’s Day, we’re finishing up on that and we get to turn this shift.
It real, quick and listen to the ladies, as I always teach my son’s to do you take care of mama everything’s.

Okay right, take care of mama all day.
If you got a problem with mama, you got a problem with me.
You know what I mean and that’s the same way.

It is at the dealership.
You know what I mean if, if somebody got a problem with with that that comptroller or that that that office manager, that that’s the boss running it, because usually she is you’ve – got a problem with the with the boss boss right, so you got a problem with Mom, you got a problem with me, that’s kind of how it is well right.
Now we get to hear about some three boss, ladies, that are making things happen and, and a cracking up I mean they’re, just funny and and just exciting to be around so come enjoy.

Yourself have have a good time and a good laugh and get some of the wisdom that they have I’m very excited about.

What’s up Glenn rigs, what I brought says know you to love them: wife ease up today, cuz yeah you’re right, we did miss y’all.
I feel I feel you for a Kentucky thing.

No doubt yo! That’s why I did this reppin, the truth.
That’s right! You know.
What’s up BBN Kentucky? What’s up hey, you know.

What’s up man, I got a.
I got a waffle sign balls.
I’m sure you got something like that.

Anyhow yeah man, I miss I wishing there was ball going on that tournament.
You know we would have won this year so anyway yeah.
You know everything’s good up in here, so yeah Kentucky Big Blue Nation.

We got the Cardinal over here, which is great investigative but ready it so anyway, so there you go, that’s right, so you know everybody out there.
You know this show is gon na.
Be good.

Y’all need to listen to it.
Like I said before, they definitely have a lot to offer.
Their story is extremely amazing.

It ran long.
You know our five liners, it’s tough, it’s even with one person.
It could run a little bit long.

We had three at one time.
We had three at one time, so we had a you know you had at least at the mall plus you have to let every lady speak and it’s nothing wrong with that.
It was wonderful and they didn’t even seem that long.

We just rep, we end up like having to cut some stuff out of the show, but so we’re gon na be able to probably most likely give you guys a whole lot and you’re gon na love a whole lot of this and so enjoy it fun and The ladies, thank you again, you know so in el patron want to throw one more shout out to you really quick bro great week last week had a great time connecting with you getting getting with Jason and all them.
You know so Jason to you, too man that was awesome stuff.
This past week, man we’ve had a lot of fun man getting to know some of these people out there.

So you know, I hope that I hope you guys are doing well hope you guys had a great Mother’s Day.
You know, I know that you know I want to wish you Adam.
I know that you had a good day too Dustin.

I know I know you’re married hope.
Your wife had a good one I want to.
I want to wish Justin.

I want to wish Matt grunty and Matt demos, the dream, oh yeah.
Those are all my guests and everybody who watches and listens man happy Mother’s Day to your mothers, to your your wives, if you’re married or your baby, mamas whatever they are happy Mother’s Day to everybody else, you know that’s important stuff.
Yes, yes, happy Mother’s Day.

Of course, we tried to do the best that we could to honor our mothers today to the best of our ability.
It’s awesome, seeing everybody’s pictures.
We definitely appreciate and honor everybody’s everybody’s love and participation with us again.

We are coming off of a great week where we had some fun really just going back through that cup of coffee and conversation that we have with our patron.
Who is an inspiration and and been a guidance into a lot of how? It is that that we flow in understanding what to do with making sure that car guys have the opportunity to talk what it is that they do great and yeah he’s doing a great job on on everything that he touches.
And so it’s somebody that you need to pay attention to beyond just our podcast.

Of course.
I’m sure that if you’ve seen us you’ve seen him so make sure that you, you listen and you take notes and you pay attention, but you you also implement.
This is an entertainment.

This is all for.
I mean well it’s what it did.
You name it.

That’s that’s the word because that’s exactly what we’re doing we’re trying to provide that you know to the best of our ability, we’re not saying and nobody out there is absolutely perfect.
There’s no perfect perfection out there.
There’s just people striving to be perfect and that’s what we’re trying to do we’re just trying to get better at this every single day, but we’re trying to give you guys edutainment.

So we have fun, we get a little silly.
Sometimes we seriously, we do some dumb stuff, but we also do a lot of really good investigating talking to people sharing ideas, we’re receiving ideas and we’re wery sharing with you guys.
You know I heard from wise man before I’m gon na give some love out to what Greg McCoy and it’s not something that I never thought of, but it’s definitely something that he’s it resonated when he said it was.

You know none of these ideas that we use to train with our original ideas anymore.
There are other their ideas that have been used, that people take pieces of and they use here and there and that’s what makes that’s what you end up: training people with stuff that you learned from other people, and you know you claim it as your own.
But it’s really not, you know and that’s okay, it’s your way to brew it.

You know what I mean.
You know coffees coffee right, no, not every coffee’s coffee! You know what I mean.
I can’t just bring home any box of coffee to my wife.

I promise you that you know I have to bring home the right kind of coffee and I want to drink the right kind of coffee.

So with that, you need to make sure that you’re grooming, with the right beans, that you’re so on the right seeds.

Someone writes that are: have you growing deep roots with the right people that are bearing you, the right results, so that you can eventually put to heat those beans that you grow and actually brew a solution.

That’s what it is that we do get through solutions.
We’re brewing we’re doing that with solution.

Ares, hey music, hey that was a double connection right there, so you know people! I need you to share this stuff.

You know see you see right here shared the more you can share for me, the more the more we can share for you, the more we’re gon na be able to give the more people that were going to be helped.
If you want to be a guest on our show, please ask me and I’m very nice and I and I’m not saying that everybody’s gon na have a chance man we’re pretty booked up to be honest with you, we’re pretty.
We pretty much have the next.

Like six or seven episodes pretty much sewn up, could I slide some ones in between yes, and we probably will and we may release some earlier.
We may start having to do some live ones.
I have an idea to do a live one with somebody here really soon.

I was going to talk to Lou about, but it would just be something like for 30 40 minutes we get on.
We may just do a 5 liner with them.
We may just do a fresh news session with them.

It may just be like one segment with one of these couple.
You know with somebody that we can get for 30 minutes because, as the car business starts to speed back up as these doors start to open as people start selling more cars, their lives are going to be even more busy now because it’s gon na be back To where they don’t have that hour and a half two hours to sit down with us in the middle of the day or late at night or early in the morning? So if I can get thirty minutes in with them, we can do quick live.
We could jump, have them jump on.

Send this out.
Send you guys some information and it’s not even really pressure, it’s more fun.
That way, I mean pretty much what we found so far for all you all who are thinking about doing a podcast or wanting to do one or wanting to interview people.

Is that they’re all when you record something you pretty much do a hundred percent of it live? You know we did it.
We we had a do a retake on one recently, but that wasn’t because the live one wasn’t good.
It was because I didn’t press record so we had him redo it Adam Marburger, props, to you, man yeah, the jump box was a second take and it was done even better than the first take guys.

So just so you know, and as soon as we I was like – oh my god, man, I’m so sorry I did not record any of that.
He was like.
Let’s do it again, I mean he said he said it so didn’t quick.

He was like.
Let’s do it again props and that just shows you what kind of hammer he is man, and you know how good he is and how much he he actually respects what he does and how much he wants to show people, the professionalism that he has and he He does have it so once again, Adam our burger gon na shout out to him what a stud man great time, I’m so glad we had you on the show.
Well, I know man is like really a very fit kind of seriously powerful had not human.

You know what I mean: he’s he’s a legit guy that you want to be able to listen to.
So if you did not get to hear the Adam Moore, burger Bru, well guys go check that out ascend dealer services.
They are ruin solutions for dealerships today, very important that you reach out to somebody that know something that you don’t know how to do, and he has that yeah and it’s it’s it’s incredible.

How easy it is for him to lock into gear in order to like put a solution together like a great mechanic that just can look at an engine and say boom there you go fixed.
You know you don’t down the road.
So how do you like? What did you just wiggle, wiggle, ding ding? And now it’s all good and they’re, like yeah? We’ve got a thing thing, but it’s the thing they have two tubes yeah.

So yeah, though these these mechanics are amazing.
Like some, I know guys who could just listen to the motor and they just know exactly what’s wrong.
Someone follows: oh yeah, head gaskets blown yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah transmissions slipping at third.

I hear it take bits.
I bet you it’s the this and the flim-flam and it’s the flip-flops, so you know no, but for real guys seriously being serious serious here.
This next brew is really good.

You know, and if any of you all know any of these, ladies support them.
Listen to the show share the show for them, because their story needs to be out there.
I think it it’ll encourage them to maybe look into you know doing even more on these.

Ladies, don’t need any more encouragement.
I think it’s not that they’re big head or anything X or not at all.
They are totally like some of the most humble ladies you’ll ever meet.

When you meet them, you would not know you know they just act like just a human being that just likes to have.
You know just likes to be happy.
I should say you know, and they are one of the dealerships name is rainbow motors right.

So that being said, we want to go to the end of the rainbow they I love them.
They they’re really really really really really just special people and there’s a I’m sure that philippic on video moment yeah.
So thank you all for being on the show.

Once again, it really was awesome and I know that we didn’t have a 100 %.
I appreciate you, I appreciate the show the mug real, quick any these are from the savings way to you are approved by the sisters of savings.
That’s right, get you some okay, see look at them.

They are ruin solutions.
You know taking some ideas of just putting your name on a coffee cup just to keep keep it seriously silly and funny they’re there they’re smart they’re having fun having a good time and being seriously silly because they’re getting people approved if you’re in in the area And you need to find an automobile or a car loan go check them out.
They’ll get you squared away.

They are a dealer for other people, so but yeah man, I’m excited more than you know, not just this podcasters podcast is amazing.
It’s the connections that we’re making so that being said after this week, we are releasing our next series yeah the next days.

Oh, don’t spill the beans, don’t spill juice or even spill.

So many times I mean you know, I don’t you know: okay, good.
It’s gon na new connections so and we have plenty of them and we’re constantly getting more and more more and more and more and more so, and I think that’s the right thing to do.
You know I’m looking.

I am definitely always looking for guests that have something that they want to talk about, something they’re excited about.
It’s a solution, yeah, you know it’s all about that.
You know, even though the rise of solution airy series is over everybody that we’re putting on our show is going to be a solution area, one way or the other.

Yes, that’s just a word which is saying that was the riah’s arises where it began.
At that moment we started table these present prices that are rising up as solution Ares.
Now these solution Ares get to do what make new connections.

We want.
You solution, Ares out there to make connections with other people that are doing great things, not just us.
We just want to make sure that we facilitate the space where you can have a cup of coffee in the conversation and brew solutions, because that’s always what we’re doing is brewing solution so that you can do what Fred keep growing.

That’s right because that’s the other thing to do so, but I mean seriously when I wake up and I like in you know what like ice.
If you, let me think about think about this folks seriously.
You like that today and today’s ending right.

You look you’re sitting there and thinking about the day your retrospective you’re, like you, know, man this day, you know ice.
I I woke up a little bit late.
I ate like crab.

I didn’t work out today.
I didn’t really hang out my kids.
I kind of ignored them.

Let’s say that you were at work right and I went when I was at work.
I kind of didn’t touch.
What I supposed to do, I kind of put to the side.

I’m procrastinating, you know I shouldn’t have cuz now tomorrow.

Them have even more stuff on my desk to take care of as you’re going to bed and you’re thinking about Alison, that’s everybody.
You know I’m just saying, but just think about that we’ve all had that day and you get home and you’re like man, I’m not really being the best version that I possibly can the next day.

Is that much easier? Think about that? No matter how bad today, if specially, when it’s bad the next day, is gon na be way better, you know we talked about 1 % better every day right, so all you have to do is no matter like today, sucked right, I’m not today.
For me, it didn’t know I’m not really meaning that, in terms of like person, it was awesome.
Today was actually an amazing day.

A great day.
I see family we had, we did social distancing on which and my mother’s stood on her front porch.

Basically, I walked into her front door for a moment to take a picture with my mask on, and I even felt weird about that and so the.

But it was an amazing day you know and being able to be with my wife, my son, even better.
So great great day, but as in let’s say that I had a bad day right and it it wasn’t Mother’s Day and so hypothetical hypothetically speaking, hypothetically speaking, I had a bad day now back to that.
I’m layering this up getting better at that.

So, hypothetically speaking, I’m I I’ve had a bad day so as I’m going to bed, I just know that tomorrow all I got to do is just do a little bit better than that, and so it’s gon na be better.
How much worse can it get right? You know, and then it makes it easier for me and even if I have a great day so let’s say that today was a great day and like it was so.
I don’t have to be hypothetical today, and it is a great day.

Today was a great day so, as I’m going to bed, I’m like today was a great day, but then I could I really I could sit here and I’m thinking, man there’s other things that I could have done.
I could have done this.
I could have done that, but I don’t have to do a lot.

I just got to do one more little thing.
You know.
Let’s say I told my wife.

I loved her four times today, which probably is an understatement.
But let’s say I did that’s all tomorrow.
I’m gon na do it five make that better right? That’s my Matthew! Mcconaughey talk! Okay, now that’ll sound, nothing like them right so anyway, I’m just saying make every day better, keep growing, because it’s easy, you know, even if you have a day that you don’t you you feel like you didn’t grow.

I love the picture is so smart fancy to so Jon Lajoie, it’s his song right paranoid that he’s the one that made that those I’m just singing him.
I don’t own the rights to that song.
So that’s a Serrano.

I think that’s what we’re gon na leave! The shower right there: okay, okay, okay! I appreciate you guys so much once again to launch we are etalon, so you need to get shout see it’s 1249.
So we did this about three hours earlier and we did.
I start the dealership opens tomorrow.

Yes, oh yeah, that’s excited about.
We all right going to work with our with the majority of our entire full staff, and we are excited about being able to open the doors to the public.

That is definitely a milestone.

Inside of this entire aisle, you better watch out phase of life that we evolve in your answers.
This is a whole new page to the next gen PC.
It’s more that day.

Yes, 5:11! So before we leave tonight, she forgot our one more thing we got ta.
Do before we leave here tonight, oh man did you forget, I did not forget.
I was not gon na get out of here.

They’re almost there we’re not.
We were not closing the curtains yet um, but thank you, but I do love that that does bless my heart, so cardiac or Gauss solution, Aries and everybody that really just wants to be a better person.

Let’s go ahead and wipe off the layer of unforgiveness from our lives.

Together we are gon na get out of here, saying, forgive, focus and fly.
We love you all.
We honor you all once again happy Mother’s Day to all you, mothers and for those of you that maybe didn’t get the chance to to love a mother.

Again, we are going to together forgive focus and fly so when Fred’s going whoa.
You know folks, it’s time to go.
Forgive focus, fly car guys in car cows.

Thank you for joining us in this episode of car guy coffee podcast.
Let’s brew, I’m singing in my .

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