Here’s what the kunis automotive sales consultants are saying after the two and a half day, basic sales training that they received at the kunis automotive academy in janesville wisconsin.

If there was one word track that you heard this week, um over the last couple days, that you think you can take and use effectively, that’ll help you in overcoming objections or maybe even bypassing.
What would that be? You know repeating what they have to say is a big one: okay, um.
When you said that earlier it really stuck to me.

Yeah i mean um, you know customer says well, money is the issue.
You say money is the issue.
It’s just.

I’ve never heard that before and when it came out of your mouth, that’s that’s something i’m going to use probably till the end of time, so the zero step is kind of what you were talking about right, yeah, the zero step.
Well, i do believe that the way you’re teaching how to how to learn the different word tracks are going to make them more comfortable for me to use good.
I definitely liked getting yes answers from my customers either or definitely works or other than an objection technique.

Just a thought that we had that you picked up that you know you’re going to be able to use right away, um, something where you were saying when they asked a question.
You know you want to answer them and if you don’t want to answer the question directly, you can answer them then lead them into another question: to get them off topic yeah the bypassing yeah, the bypassing with the bridge yeah.
So i think i can use that.

You know in the field um a lot where, if you don’t want to, if you know the answer – or maybe you don’t want to answer it at the time, you can kind of leave with that other question and then get back to that at a later point.
So it gives you a little time in between to think about how you want to answer that, or maybe get a manager involved in a way to address that question.
Just not at that moment great.

I think that christian did a great job of working with uh marcos.
Um, the the information from kunis is fantastic, but having somebody that actually was able to animate it sure, like a salesman and and tell me how it should work.
That’s what is my takeaway um? Obviously, other than as well but um other closing techniques, um, like you, said qrik.

I used some form of it and reached into that area, but using it as a full.
I um like using the either or questions to kind of push customers to a yes, okay, because sometimes they won’t just say yes on their own.
But when you ask the either or you don’t really get them a chance to say, no, all right.

So they’re really only answering their own.
Yes, questions in their heads.
When you ask your question, no, i absolutely loved it.

I think a lot of the stuff that you said you know i can use all the time.
I wish there was more but think you’re going to have a really high success rate with your trainees when they’re done.

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