KISS Keep It Stupid Simple

What is up Facebook, world, nola, walsh here conquer what you chased the gunslinger in the house, so I said I have a big announcement today.

I want to talk about it.
I want to talk about kiss and tell, and I’ve got some big industry news, but first off, let’s, let’s dive into some content.
So let’s talk about kiss.

What does kiss me kiss means, keep it keep it stupid, simple! Okay! So when you get a customer who comes in you get an Internet lead, you get a phone call phone up whatever.
It is.
However, you get that customer you’re out in about somebody asked you about cars.

What we want to do is we don’t want to ask them too much information that they need to give us.

That’s a put off okay! If you’re asking for more than you’re giving and they’re trying to buy from you that is a put off, they don’t want it, they aren’t interested.
That is a complete put off.

So what you want to do is you want to get the kiss? Keep it stupid, simple.
Ask them questions.
If they are a hermit and they’re completely into themselves, then you do need to draw and pull information out of them.

I get that I’ve been there.
I’ve done this, but keep it stupid simple if they aren’t given information, talk about them a little bit so so, why are you interested in this car? So why are you interested in this payment say things that they’re going to say yes to, like? Is that payment? What works in your budget yeah yeah yeah! It is okay, so you want a fifty-thousand-dollar truck for 169 a month yeah that would fit in anybody’s mud you’re right, but we need to draw it out of them.
We need to pull it out of them and then what we need to do is when we kiss we keep it stupid simple, because if we’re asking them 50 questions right away well, why do you want this? What are you going to be pulling? What’s the tow ready, oh this: where did you have before if we’re asking too much people aren’t interested? I saw this today I was watching some threads on facebook and people were like yeah.

Well, what are you going to do and they just kept trying to get information? There was no engagement.
We want engagement, we want the customer engaged when i first started a lot on facebook.
I would just post and go post and go.

I no engagement.
I had a few likes now when I spend the time and I put the time in aan engagement and finding out what they really want.
They interact with me on all my posts.

They give me likes on everything, that’s what we want to get so the kiss is, keep it stupid, simple.
The towel is tell them why it’s a benefit.

One of my favorite things to do was tell people when they had an objection.

I would, i would say they would say I don’t like the mirror on this car.
I don’t like the way it looks, and I would say you know folks, Ford spent millions of dollars engineering.
This mirror to get you the best gas mileage to have the best visibility and actually the way it’s structured with the door beams inside the way they structured this all together, for you was to keep you safer in the event of an accident.

If you set things up that way, now that mere that they hated, they look at it and they see it’s a benefit, they see it’s a true benefit, so keep it stupid, simple, give them what they’re looking for, don’t try and draw too much from them and Push them away and then tell them: why tell them why you’re doing this tell them why that’s a benefit, tell them why they need this, tell them whether that’s a feature on that car that they used to hate now they’re going to enjoy another thing I wanted To talk about is watch out what you share on Facebook, in conversations um with customers and other people.
We all fall into this gossip is fun.
Gossip is useless when we’re bashing people that can get back around when we say something negative.

It can get strewn into something more negative that we really didn’t mean so really watch what you’re saying in your conversations when you’re emailing a customer, I’ve got a video coming out tomorrow that I shot earlier and it was called basher competition.
But you don’t want to bash when you bash.
I run into this on the sales floor on the training floor on the coaching floor, I’ve run into this work where I like kind of bash.

My competition like take them down a notch and I lost engagement with those those people.
I I enjoyed having conversations with that brought value to me.
Remember you.

You want to surround yourself by big producers.
You want to put yourself in a mastermind network to where you’re, giving valuable information and you’re getting more.
It’s a lot of reciprocity that the more you give the more you get the stronger your core is the stronger your alignment is, and you want to keep things that way so make sure you are not bashing.

People on there stay focused on what you’re, trying to conquer what you chase stay focused, we’re all trying to conquer what we chase something: okay, um I talked to a neighbor of mine.
We had them over, they just moved.
In the other day we had their kids over and he talked about the rule of eight and I don’t know who wrote it, but it was with some sword maker, kung, fu, legend gaya um in Japan or there abouts.

But he said: don’t try and be a ten try and be an eight and everything you do.
Okay, think about it.
I think about it too.

People say: oh no, you do this this this or that.
But when i was on the sales floor I was at him like I was on.
I gave my customers everything they wanted.

I was right in there.
I was right on there.
I was at ten, but when you’re attended something you’re lacking in other places.

Okay, so i might have been at ten salesman, but maybe i was a Ford of my managers because I was so confident and so I put out so much and I just didn’t get much so I just wanted to push them down for not giving much.
But I was a maybe a four is a salesperson to the to the management.
Now is attend to my to my customers, which I thought all that mattered.

Maybe I was a six at home, maybe as far as taking care of myself, I was a five but go with the law of 88888.

I want to be eight as a sales trainer.
I want to be eight as a sales coach.

I want to be eight as a dad.
I want to be.
Eight is taking care of myself, it’s a lot easier to go or, and then, when you do all eight, it’s easier to be that 10 and hammer it down so go for the law of eight um, create a strong network and don’t alienate or hate people like I’ll head get bashed and i’ll, see it on threads or I’ll, see other people bash people, but you know if you’re kind to them and you’re nice to them.

Just like a customer who comes in and they bash yeah.
You know they aren’t going to buy anyways because they’re set on the the Toyota Prius or, and they hate forward, and they just came in because her neighbor works for four.
I used to deal with that all the way all the time, but I could cash them and give me facts and say I could say a million things that could downgrade them.

But if I lift them up while they’re downgrading me, if I lift them up while they’re downgrading me, guess what, when they know somebody who’s looking for a Ford they’re going to send to my way.
So we don’t need that.
We don’t need to bash people who are against us or who don’t have similar beliefs.

We need to.
We need to engage them, and my wife always teaches me my the sexiest camera filmer in the world.

Filming me right now always tells me that kill people with kindness when somebody’s coming strong and mean and hard like I’m a warrior.

That’s like my makeup.
Like I’m a warrior, if you see me, I travel all over.
I go everywhere, like drop of a hat.

I’m there I’m a warrior, but she taught me that when somebody is trying to pull you down – or let’s say I give somebody 50 likes – and you know you can go to these groups and see who’s like seen your post and the end, they don’t like it And I, like all their stuff like they used to bother me, guess I’m going to still give them legs, like I’m gon na still given likes like that’s their choice.
So I’m going to choose to be like nice and kind and be a good person and give because in one way or another it will come back.
But if you’re being selfish and you’re holding going back to the kiss and tell if you’re being selfish and you’re.

Holding like it’s not going to come back, it’s not going to come back and give to you.
If you give giving always comes back, I don’t care what faith you are.
What you believe in there is a higher power out there that controls the universe.

First, that controls us as beings and I’ve realized that through different levels in my life but like when I was doing the right thing, all the right things coming indle.
I, when you’re doing the wrong thing all the wrong things come into line.
So you know synchronize yourself with the person that you want to be and you’ll get synchronized in the world and you’ll get surrounded by the right people um.

Another thing I want to talk about the big jaw-dropping news is, I am coming out with virtual within the next month or so, and flying out to the Midwest here soon and I’m coming out with my virtual program, a lot of people who I did coaching for.
Why you training for set? You know said that they want a virtual program.
I have lost some business of that, so i’m going to be having the gunslingers virtual training on ww nwa sales training, calm, i’m going to make sure it’s priced right.

It’s going to be full of content, keep in mind.
I have 16 years automotive industry experience.
Okay, 16 years I’ve been on the floor selling cars some years were very plentiful.

Very good.
Some years were low.
I learned more when I was low than I did when I was plentiful, because when I was plentiful I was just doing the same things at work every day, creature have it a process.

The other day I talked about goals are useless.
It is useless to say I’m going to make a hundred grand this year, that’s useless unless you have a plan, a process of purpose and take action.
I know this isn’t what you are all thinking.

It was going to be but Knohl walsh, gunslinger conquer what you chase, I’m out.

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