Jamell Adams Review – Brian Maxwell of Sales Professionals of America Recruiting

Oh, hey everybody, my name is jamel Adams and I just wanted to take a minute from my busy day here and just kind of give you a little bit of background on me.

I’ve been in sales for quite a while have my ups and downs risley got into the cells filled.
I was kind of sketchy didn’t think it was for me the place the right place for me to be, as as it turned out, I met a gentleman early on in my career by name of Brian backs well, who took time out a very, very busy schedule And kind of SAT me down and motivated me beyond belief to truly believe that this was a fiddle that I could be highly successful in and kind of, took me under his wing a little bit and i’m proud to say he is a mentor of mine and Through our time together, he has opened my eyes up and taught me many things related to sales.
To the point where I make six figures a year about to buy a house just bought me and my wife brand new cars life is good.

It’s not all about the money.
The one thing that he did teach me is that uh something Zig Ziglar always said.
If you help enough people get what they want, you’re destined to get what you want as well, so I highly recommend Brian Maxwell as a trainer for any company motivator for any individual at any given time he is one of the best at what he does and I’m proud to call on a mentor and a friend so for all those out there again highly recommend Brian Brian Maxwell, listen to what the man has to say and sky’s the limit.

Here’s to you, .

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