Welcome everyone to episode 30 of the read method, insider podcast uh.

This episode 30 is one of the most anticipated episodes yet uh of since i started the year just over a year ago, and we’re excited to have a very special guest guest joining us tonight via zoom and facebook live tonight’s episode is appropriately titled.
It’s possible get ready to unleash your full potential in 2018.
We know this is possible, i’m taking action to unleash my full potential in 2018, and we want to share with you some valuable practices, insights on how to unleash your full potential.

Before i introduce our very special guest joining us via zoom, i want to welcome back a very special friend.
Ronnie fisher is uh in studio with me tonight and welcome back everyone what an experience.
What was the first time and i’m glad to be back.

Thank you.
Amazing, yes, and we uh ronnie and i did episode number 13 uh on about effective networking and that episode by the way has been extremely popular.
I checked the the stats this morning and like uh, that was worth mentioning so um, i’m really pumped tonight as uh.

You know the tonight’s discussion is about great possibilities in 2018 and unleashing one’s full potential, so um you’re already having one of those breakthrough years.

I see that things are exciting uh.

You know, including this.
This is one of those possibility things uh less having less brown on the show tonight.
You know this has been in the manifestation process for how long for months he doesn’t know that, but it’s good months well, so folks, our special guest tonight as one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, our very special guest, is a dynamic personality and highly sought.

After resource in business and professional circles for fortune 500 ceos, small businesses, owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society, looking to expand opportunity as a premier keynote speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as eighty thousand, our guest energizes people to Meet the challenges of the world around them, hundreds of thousands are watching him on youtube and tens of thousands are shown their interests on facebook addressing audiences from many continents, he’s been invited back again and again for his powerful message and the ability to connect deeply with People from all walks of life revered as an icon by his colleagues, he received the national speakers, association, coveted council of peers award of excellence and, ultimately, its most prestigious golden gavel award for achievement and leadership in communication.

Toastmasters international also voted him.
One of the top five outstanding speakers worldwide.

Legends legions of followers flocked to stadiums and arenas to hear a man who’s never stops believing that people that proper guidance and training with proper guidance and training you can achieve anything you desire in life.

This is why we’re privileged and pumped to have one of the world’s leading speakers.
Mr les brown joining us tonight welcome bless a plan, a ritual action steps that i take every day to put cancer out of my body and sciatica pain.

So that’s one! Then the relationship with my children collectively and individually, i have five boys and five girls, i’m filing a lawsuit against the people who came up with that concept about the rhythm method.
It doesn’t work i’ll prove it doesn’t work so becoming clear.
What do you want personally? Professionally, health-wise and and and the next thing is what’s going to change about you – you don’t get in life, what you want you get in life, what you are, what is it that you know some radical change in your behavior in your thinking and your choices? Some radical letting go of certain habits.

You know it was warren buffett.
He said.
Habits are too light to be felt until they’re, too heavy to be broken.

So what habits that you need to? Let go of what choices.
I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but it doesn’t go with my plan of action and having a six pack.
I got a one pack right now, but i love super crunchy peanut butter on wheat, bread and jelly.

I love it so i’ve got to let that go because it’s blocking me all right.
Can you feel it brother up in here up in here and so so, once you become clear, then break it down, break it down into manageable chunks and and start building blocks.
Start working on it and have some things that you do every day that will move you in the direction of the manifestation of those dreams, ah, very good, very good, so making those important choices.

Yeah les.
Can you just uh kind of dig deeper into the clarity aspect, because that’s something i struggled with in the past, and i found that my clarity, just kind of happened, let’s say um: what can what can some of our viewers and listeners do to sort of identify? What their clarity actually is, because i find that a lot of people don’t have it number one and therefore just telling them to find it, isn’t necessarily an action step towards gaining it themselves.
So what can somebody do to find their clarity and be sure that that’s exactly what they wanted? All i have to do is make the commitment to get it.

There’s no secret formula that when, when i end this evening, i’ve decided that the things that i want to move me in the direction of my goals and dreams.
The resolutions that i’ve made that, in order for me to make that become a reality, i will write down seven things tonight before i lay my head on the pillow that i feel that will move me in the direction of my dreams.

Seven action steps.

What i want out of tomorrow now most people are just trying to get through the day.
I know my goal is to become cancer-free, so let’s focus on that.
So i’m making preparation that tomorrow, part of my menu will be broccoli and asparagus.

Part of my menu will be my ty.
My my teacher yoga and my meditation part of my goal and dream for tomorrow and becoming cancer.
Free is talking to my support members and finding out what extra things are they doing with herbs to keep inflammation at a small level in their body.

So i have an agenda for tomorrow.
That’s for my physical health for my mental health, my physical activity and i journal.
I write down things, that’s important to me and and i’m preparing each day for my exit.

You know leo toy story said, as i face inevitable death.

What in the meaning and purpose of my life that will not be undone or destroyed when i’m gone, and so a good man leaves a legacy for his children and for his children’s children.
So i was in a conference call today and i wrote down last night.

I will have a conference with my youngest daughter, which is serena, and she is now the ceo of les brown unlimited, my oldest son, no matter how old your children become.

They are still your children.
He’s 53 he’s suffering from a stroke, so he can’t do this anymore, so serena has to take over and my oldest daughter.

She will be the president of the les brown institute.

So i’m not only positioning my children, but i have 15 grandchildren and i have three great son, great grandsons, so i focus on the things that i’m doing for my family.

I purchased one million dollars worth of um cryptocurrency three months ago.

It was at two dollars now it’s over six hundred dollars, so now i’m giving them all of their wallets, i’m divvying them up and i’m saying to them.

It’s your call.
It’s your choice, but you now have what it is in your portfolio in your wallet to do as you so desire and a certain amount of it is carved out for financial literacy, financial education and for them upgrading their education.

So, every day, at this stage of my life february, 17th i’ll start my 74th year on the planet, i’m working on my children, my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren’s education and i’m fighting off alzheimer’s and parkinson’s and all of the things that stalk you as you get older Betty davis said old age ain’t for wimps, so so i have a strategy of eating the right things: exercise: prayer, meditating.
No me yo, ho renge, kyo channing, i’m doing the whole works.

I call them jesus a lock belt the whole gang.

In order for me to do what i want to do, my goal is to go beyond a healthy 100, and so i have strategies that i engage in every day that make it clear to me what i want and who i have to become.

What is it that i need to change about my behavior to produce the results that i want in every area of my life, mentally emotionally, financially, family-wise and spiritually? So if uh, those of you out there listening uh didn’t believe it was possible uh.
This is such good encouragement from uh someone, who’s had some adversity, but uh is taking some steps to make sure that you overcome and tackle those uh and turn and take the positives out of it like uh, i’m so encouraged by how you’re choosing to you know To deal with these issues – and you know, set all these priorities and all these goals and seven things at night before you go down to bed uh.

Those are all very important success, steps and uh, i’m very, very honored that you will share that that you would share that story with us um so for our listeners on the podcast and viewers watching tonight who have the desire, the dream to be ultimately successful and Have the best year, yet what is that one thing or characteristic that you think can trigger that path to success where they can say it’s possible for them? The one thing that i think is major, and that is make the commitment.

Don’t ask yourself how you’re going to do it, because how is none of your business? My favorite book, says lean not into thine own understanding.
There are things that you can do things that you have in you that you don’t even know now that i has not seen ear has not heard, nor is it the heart of mankind.

What god has in store for you just think for a moment.

You’re talking to someone who was born an abandoned building on a floor in a poor section of miami called liberty city, i’m adopted when i was in fifth grade.
I was labeled educable mentally retarded put back from the fifth grade to the fourth grade.

Phil again, when i was in the eighth grade and adopted by mrs mamie brown, you see me because of two women one gave me life.
The other one gave me love.
God took me out of my biological mother’s womb and placed me in the heart of my adopted mother.

So this woman, who adopted seven children – and i was among those seven worked on miami beach for wealthy families and she cooked for them, and we ate the food left over from the families that she cooked for she kept their children and we were the hand-me-down clothes Of their children – and i thought about before this interview, mr sudersky – i used to shine his shoes and he was a very wealthy man and he loved the doctor.
Norman vince appeal.
Don’t allow your negative thoughts to stop you.

You have the power to do more.
To achieve war control, your thinking he loved jim rohn when the end comes for you, let it find you conquering a new mountain, not sliding down an old one.
He loved earl nightingale.

All of us are self-made, but only the successful will admit it, and – and i had no idea – as i was shining his shoes listening to these recordings – that my mind was being retrained.
My belief in my vision of myself was being expanded by being in the presence of those voices, just as you and everyone are doing right now, ronnie speaking to people and interrupting the story, they believe about themselves.
That’s what you do as an announcer as a speaker as a results coach that when we speak emeril’s vision and his show, is about distract dispute and inspire how people live their lives result of the story they believe about themselves.

When the program comes on – and you have guests that you interview – you override the story of the listeners that they believe about themselves, distract you distract them from those stories, as they’re being distracted now, dispute through the gems through the ideas through the strategies through the methods That they pick up listening to the conversation, they then begin to dismantle their current belief system.

Jacqueline onassis was asked the question: what did you what, if you lost all of your wealth? What would you do to gain it back and she said i would go to the most expensive restaurant order, a glass of water and sit as close as i possibly can to the wealthy people.
That’s in that restaurant and she said in three years.

I have back everything that i’ve lost, and so i practice that i listen to motivational messages on a regular basis and – and i engage in a ritual even now at this stage of my life you’re – never too old – to learn and you’re, never too young to teach And so that process has served me well to be where i am now distract dispute and inspire that as a result of people listening to this program that you are now on listening to the two of your voices, some of them i’m going to reach.
But there’s some of them that will listen to you ronnie, because they’re part of your tribe there’s some of them that will listen to you ever because they’re listening to you not just with their ears but in their heart and as a result, they’ll become like a Pencil in the hand of god and become uh as as mother teresa, would say and start writing a new chapter with their lives.

So that’s what we do and i feel that if we all practice those principles of programming ourselves being not conformed to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your mind, we can begin to accomplish the things that we set out for ourselves beautiful.

I totally agree – and it’s just incredible listening – make you every time and one of the things that really stood out to me right now was the fact that you said we need to distract them first.
We need to distract that story that they’ve convinced themselves they’ve repeated to themselves multiple times and now they believe that, and it’s not true.
So what are some of the things that somebody can harvest so that you know we just approached um.

Just two weeks ago, new year’s eve, a lot of people have new year’s resolutions and these new year’s resolutions.
People are motivated for the first couple weeks, but i think they declined very quickly right, yes, stay motivated.
How do we harness the power of our own motivation and change that belief system that we have? What can we do to distract ourselves? If we don’t have somebody? That’s taken the initiative to distract us for us.

That is a very important question, and, and the key to that is is basically very simple.
Number one have an agenda for your life, decide what is it you’re going to listen to? What is it that you’re going to watch? What is it that you’re going to read? Who is that a listing right now and decide that tomorrow morning, when i get up, i will carve out a minimum of one hour.
I wake up early and i’ll read 30 to 40 pages of something positive number one.

I i follow this process says many years ago in 1980, when i heard brian tracy, he said the average american reads one book a month a year, one book a year, and he said if you read one book a month and five years when the average american Has read five books and you read 60 books? You will become an expert.
Well, i decided because i don’t have a college education.

I decided because i never worked for a major corporation.

I disciplined myself and i made the commitment to read three books a month as a result from 1980 to this time, when i speak in the united states – and i don’t say this – to impress you but to impress upon you what works from that time.
To this time, because jim rohn was right, you don’t get paid by the hour you get paid for the value you bring to the hour from that time to this time.

If you go online and put in les brown speaking in the georgia dome in 35 minutes, i earned over 400 000 and i used to be someone who worked for the miami sanitation department from that time.

To this time, for a major fun, pharmaceutical company and and everything can be verified online in one month, speaking for 45 minutes from monday, through thursday i earned 640 000, the average american will earn only 240 000 in their lifetime.
That came as a result of my programming myself deliberately make a conscious, deliberate effort to take care of yourself, because if you read one book a month in five years, you will be an expert knowledge is the new currency.
The second thing that is important.

Look at your relationships and ask: what is this relationship doing to me? Am i growing mental and emotionally and spiritually as you look at the goals in your life for 2018? There’s some people who you associated with in 2017, that does not be they don’t need to be in your life.
You earn within two to three thousand dollars of your closest friends, so you have to operate out of the thinking of dennis kimbrough out of atlanta, who said, if you’re the smartest one in your group, you need to get a new group, so i spent between january The december the 26th and and and january the third making a list of everybody that i communicate with most family members and friends and start drawing the lines through the names of individuals that i have outgrown, mama used to say, leslie.
If you hang around nine broke people, i guarantee you you’ll become number 10.

and the final thing is, as you look at yourself and look at your goals.
Knowledge is the new currency and so focus once again you because where focus goes, energy flows? So i i don’t watch the television.
I don’t engage in conversations about things that that’s not my agenda.

I don’t answer a telephone call unless it’s positive, it’s purposeful, it’s productive and it’s profitable.
The reason that most people don’t reach their goals because they give permission for too many interruptions, be not conformed to this world.

They have an entertainment, driven mindset, my goal and the people that i train the speakers that i’m training i teach them how to have an achievement, driven mindset.

We live in the greatest country in the world.

We don’t have to make america great again, that’s bull.
America has never stopped being great i’ve traveled around to 51 different countries, people try and outswim sharks to get here.

They try and outrun jeeps barefooted to get here and when you look at it, there’s something wrong with more people according to the cdc committed suicide.
Last year than died from traffic accidents over 3 000, and so i submit to you that as we look at ourselves, developing a culture of hope and achievement when there’s hope in the future, that gives you power.
In the present.

I submit to you that when we look at our relationships and decide to practice, oqp only quality people to discipline ourselves to turn the television off and focus on our dreams, everybody that i train today.

I taught them how to use their story to make a difference, because ours, man said we should be ashamed to die until we’ve made some major contribution to humankind, how to make a difference with their story and how to create income, how to control their own personal Economy with their story – and i submit to you that if people work on their minds, increase their skill set their skill set their communication skills and organize collaborative achievement, driven accountability, focused relationships, they can transform the planet and change the course of their history.

Oqp yeah only quality people.

Well, i just learned a new one: uh 2018 – that’s nice in in that last couple minutes there was a boat, a dozen or more golden nuggets in there.
I’m just trying to dissect some of these and sort of, let it marinate within me.
But uh.

I got a question for emerald.
I said i wrote them, i’m listening to less and i’ve always looked up to less as one of the greatest motivators inspirers encouragers and somebody that can get up on a stage in front of thousands with the confidence.
But what i’m really noticing? And i’m wondering if you noticed that this man is living it, he is absolutely living the process that he’s out there teaching and that’s.

What’s really impressive right now to me, i can feel your energy coming from the vulnerability stories that you’re, sharing and sort of stepping into an area – that’s not necessarily comfortable for most people to discuss, but here’s the action steps that i’m taking and i admire that because It’s incredible to see somebody as a teacher like yourself who is living it living with purpose, and so it’s one thing to know everything that you do know, but the other thing is to put things into action and that’s what you are to me is an action.
Guy, it’s not just a talker or a smooth talker on stage, but someone someone who’s.

Had the experience been through the adversity um.

You know, i know your story.
I’ve watched many of your videos and you know the audience.
Some may not know the story, but you know i i remember.

Even this morning i was listening about you sleeping in the office um and then stopping you and asking you.

You know, why are you sleeping in the office like people don’t know? Sometimes the adversity that successful people go through, but what i can say to you now that i’m seeing you face to face and you and i have spoken via phone a couple of times before and we’ve text, but we’ve never met and uh.

I can tell you that i i truly admire um your journey and i truly admire that.

You have not just lose that journey.
You’ve used that journey to help other people so much and that to me is the most valuable you know helping others not just and your children, it’s very admirable what you’re doing to kids as well uh, because, obviously you know you don’t want to see them go Through the same struggles that you’ve had to and uh i really – i read – that’s very impressive to me, so i want to touch on uh a moment in your life um a moment in life that triggered a realism of two words.
Two words in your mind and your heart and those two words open the opportunities that never before before and has brought you to sustained success and absolutely what are those two words and what do they mean to you? I think i know what they are, but i’m going to ask you the two words for me are: i can i got a call from my brother and he said leslie are you sitting down and i said what’s wrong with mama, i can hear it in your Voice wesley, he said, mama has breast cancer.

A doctor said that it’s metastasized to her liver, the stomach is protruding and we wanted to let you know – and i said: okay, i’m coming home tomorrow.
He said no, no, you don’t have to, because what we’re going to do we’re going to put her in a nursing home and in dade county they have some wonderful nursing homes.
Here now i had a problem with that.

I said: listen to me get margaret in on the phone leonard angelo sharon.
All of you listen to me leslie.
We can’t take care of her.

I said i can’t i don’t i can see.
I had a problem.
How can one woman raise seven children who couldn’t take care of themselves? Not seven grown people couldn’t take care of one woman, and even though i just got reelected to the ohio legislature, even though i’d been selected for the chairmanship of the education committee and the human resource committee, and they were positioning me to run for senate and then The congress i caught a plane the next morning, i’ll never forget when i rang the doorbell, a friend of my mother was there named mildred and she said mildred leslie is here.

Mildred said mamie leslie is here leslie’s here and i heard my mother say i knew he would come.
I came in and i said, unpack everything that had her packed up to take her to this nursing home.

I said mama.

I said you raised seven.
I told my brothers and sisters all of you can take off for two years, if necessary, i’ll pay, your salaries, she raised.
Seven seven will be here when she takes her last breath and mama at that time was 76 was 77 and she passed at 89.

I believe doctors should never tell someone they’re terminally ill.
What they should say is that my knowledge and ability to help you has terminated, and so i said i can.
I didn’t know how i was going to do it, but i said i can, and i believe that we should, as my favorite book would say, call forth those things that be not as though they were.

I said i can’t i’ll take care of her because that’s what she did when she adopted us.
I don’t believe that i was given away.
I believe that i was chosen with love.

She said i can’t i will take care of them that she that’s what she told my birth mother.
I will take care of them.
I will never separate your twins.

You can count on that.
They will go to bed with food in their stomach, a roof over their head.
They will never go without, i can take care of them and she did and that’s who i am i’m mrs mamie brown’s baby boy, i’m just like my mama everyone when you asked less uh those two words and you said you know i could probably guess what They are about a dozen two words went through my head and i’m just wondering if you were correct, i was i was very close.

It was it’s possible and it’s basically the same thing as like.
I can’t i am i will, or i will and the words that we choose.
You know those are the ones and it threads back into the clarity and the first step that you had mentioned, because when you choose these words, it is declaring open to that universe.

To yourself to the others around you that you have the potential you, it will become possible and that’s what’s going to manifest, because those are the energy that is the vibration that you’ve put out there and that’s what you’re going to receive, because it’s the thoughts that Create things and that circumstances are created by what we our mind, believes right, unless i’m sure you’re a founder of napoleon hill, what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

Yes, if you work, there are a lot of things that my mind can conceive of that.
I know that i will not achieve all right – that’s nice and cute, but yeah.

No, i won’t yeah, but you said that thoughts are things.
I don’t believe that i believe commit thy works, commit thy works unto the lord and thy thoughts shall be established, the the secret.
I had a problem with that movie because nowhere in there did they ever use the four-letter word w-o-r-k.

You can think about it, but until the rubber hits the road until you start working on it, i thought about speaking i dreamed about it.
I visualized myself being on the stage, but until i got the courage to do something about it until i hired a coach mike williams, the guy that i used to go see, he wrote a book and i encourage everybody to get.
It called the road to your best stuff and i went to see him and i admired him in his style of speaking and i said: can you teach me how to do this and he said yes and up to this point, i didn’t do it for 14 Years because i don’t have a college education, because i didn’t feel that i can compete with people with phds and mbas.

I didn’t feel that i could convince corporations to reach over people with years of corporate experience that i don’t have and hire me to teach them.
How to do something? I’ve never done, and i remember him saying brownie all of us are born the same way, dumb, naked and speechless.
You could learn, and so i was willing to discipline myself to learn and i committed myself to memorize five quotes a day.

There’s nobody on the planet that no more quotes than i do and i’m not bragging.

I just discipline myself not to allow anyone to outwork me.
I discipline myself to provide the best service possible for people who booked me as a speaker because zig ziglar, dr norman vincent peale, tony robbins, all those guys had one speech a memorized script.

I teach and train speakers now and i teach them never let what you want to say get in the way of what your audience wants to hear and all that getting get understanding, conduct communications, intelligence, give them an assessment point of an assessment plan and ask them What is it they want? What is it after this experience? Do you want your audience to walk away with, so that this will be something they can sink their teeth into? This will be a presentation that you can use that will increase sales increase closings and bring out the best in them and inspire them to manifest the next greatest version of themselves, and then, after i have that information.
I take the story that i bring and i intertwine that to create an experience when i came into the industry, everybody was regurgitating napoleon hill think can grow rich, giving the information from that.
If information can change people, everybody would be skinny rich and happy.

No, they can google the information, the key to transforming lives or becoming successful is making yourself stand out.
Oliver wendell holmes said that once a man or woman’s mind has been expanded with an ideal concept or experience, it could never be satisfied to going back to where it was, and so as a result of my being willing to do the things today.
That other speakers won’t do.

He said the guy said to me today: isn’t that hard doing all that kind of research i say yeah, why do you do it? I said i can’t afford not to do it.

My goal is not to be a speaker.
My goal is to be a dominant speaker, take no prisoners and eat the wounded, and, and so as we look at ourselves, we have the ability to do more.

We have to challenge ourselves to raise the bar in ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone, because in order to do something, you’ve never done you’ve got to become someone.
You’ve never been.
I think, he’s speaking to me right directly.

The conversation we just had on the ride over here was exactly my next opportunities, and those are the exact words that i needed to hear right in this moment.

Hate no prisoners, that’s great wow, that’s good uh! You can listen to the read method inside the podcast folks, it’s episode 30, and this obviously is the biggest episode.
Yet in just over a year since i started the show – and let’s just spoke to the whole thing about, you know i can and taking action and not just doing research but doing the grunt work rubber to the road.

Like you said – and i never thought a year ago, that i’d have someone like tom hopkins yourself and other special guests and ronnie here with me in studio, doing a podcast show with so it’s all about doing it, and i do love your attitude.
I love your enthusiasm.
I love the fact, your passion and uh.

You know it comes right through and and trust me we’re going over the car tonight after this episode, so um, so listen, um, we’re gon na try to you know, wrap this up in the next few minutes uh.

I know you’ve got a business schedule and i very much appreciate you coming on this school again.
Thank you for having me so yeah.

What are five behaviors um, if adapted and we’ll try to? We can keep this concise.
If you like, what are five behaviors, that, if adapted in practice, can unleash one’s greater potential within, we know that they have to be deliberate and we know they have to take action.
But in your opinion, what are five number one is transforming your mindset that they did a study of some 3 000 top achievers around the world.

They wanted to know what was the common denominator among them, and they discovered that 85 of them reach their goals because of their attitude 15 because of their aptitude.
So retraining your mind, be not conformed to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

That’s number one number two giving yourself a home court advantage change your personal environment, upgrade your relationships, there’s a new term in psychiatry, called relational illness.

There’s some people that can make you sick, and so you want to look at your relationships and ask the question: what is this doing to me? Am i becoming a better person? Am i moving in the direction of my dream? I am i on course, because of this relationship: people who have a accountability, partners, people who have people in their lives who challenge them, who inspire them to create the next greatest version of themselves, keep their commitment to their dreams.

And so you have to look at your relationships and upgrade your relationships.

Number three have goals beyond your comfort zone.

Why? You don’t know what you can’t do? Sometimes you’ve got to become intelligently ignorant and so therefore practice being an assassin kill every mediocre behavior in you all of the negative thoughts, all of the negative things and choices you’ve been making warren buffett said.

Habits are too light to be felt until they’re, too heavy to be broken.

So look at these habits that you’re engaged in the ritual that you practice in every day and decide i’m gon na.

Let that go let go of b.
Drag four.
Have the mindset that i will do this john f kennedy in 1961 called his cabinet together and said we’re gon na go to the moon? When i was a kid we used to say to illustrate.

If something was impossible, we would say you have as much power to do that as a man going to the moon.
He looked at warner van braun, he said werner.
What will it take for us to go to the moon? They had no money, no budget, no technology, the ex computers did not exist.

They didn’t have a clue how to do it and warner said five words and based upon those five words.
The president called a news conference a few days later and said we’re going to the moon in 10 years, and we did it in eight.
What were those five words? He said the will to do it.

What will it take for the people that are listening, that among the 20 000 people that are losing their jobs every day because of technology every day, because 50 of the jobs today can be done by robots every day, 20 000 being laid off? What will it take for them to create their own business or advance their own career with another corporation or develop the ability to find ways to generate income to control their own personal economy? The will to do it, and the fifth thing that’s necessary.

Augmentino said it.
He was a very good friend of mine.

He wrote the greatest salesman in the world.

He was a guy who loved my former wife, gladys knight.
I had her sing to him at the national speakers convention the year before he died, he said persist until you succeed.

I came through a very tough time this last year, 2017.
I never stopped because of sadaka payne.
I spoke from a wheelchair for about eight months.

I never stopped, even though they told me at the cleveland clinic that cancer has had metastasized to seven areas of my body and the pain that i feel in the scapula area.
As a result of that – and i was smiling this guy said – why are you smiling? I said seven is my lucky number, i’m one of seven children.
My birthday is february.

The 17th joshua marched around the walls of jericho, seven times, naaman dipped himself in the river jordan seven times my phone number is 7027, is by lucky number.
That means that cancer is getting the hellbeat out of it and i will persist until i succeed.

I aspire to inspire until i expire.

That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.
Well, you you answered my next question already and just so the audience know what the question would have been is: what is the one thing that high performers do uh to realize greater potential that others? Just yes, don’t stop, because the law of probability will catch up with you.
Don’t stop.

I’ve got a thing.
If life knocks you down trying to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up willy jolly said.
A setback is a set up for a comeback.

Don’t stop greater z, that’s in you than he that’s in the world.

Don’t stop! You were born to win, don’t stop! You were chosen out of 400 million sperm.
Don’t stop! You are masterpiece because you’re a piece of the master come on somebody, oh well.

What do you think? Listen to him right yeah? He doesn’t want to say anything.
He just wants to listen, because it’s difficult for a lot of people.
You can tell them those five steps and you can share with them everything that they need to do, but something still holds people back and a lot of the times.

The answer is so.
What would you share with the viewers on how to overcome some of the fears that they have and some of the obstacles and objections that they might have within them? Well, i want to challenge you on that.
One challenging that fear as zig ziglar said, and you know false evidence appearing real and i say: don’t lift your fears live from your heart, live from your faith, faith, finding answers in the heart if they listen to you every day, if they listen to a message.

Every day, faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing somebody asked me.

Les i’ve been doing this for a long time.
It hasn’t happened.

Yet when will it happen? I said i don’t know.
When will a baby walk, it will walk when it walks some walks sooner than others.

When will it talk? It will talk when it talks.

When will your dream happen? It will happen when it happens.
Just do what you need to do.

Keep your commitment to your commitment do the things the day.

Others won’t do if you want to have the things tomorrow, others won’t have, and part of that is don’t quit part of that don’t come up with any excuses.

Part of that be determined that you will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat persist.
Wow uh talk to me less about personal development and the challenge of not what you want, but what you, what you can become, that’s exciting.

You know somebody asked me today.
What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, the easiest thing i’ve ever done was to earn a million dollars.

The most difficult thing i’ve ever done was to believe that i could do it being adopted, being labeled educable mentally retarded no college training.

To believe that i les brown, who i don’t even know my birth parents, who was called the dumb twin mama, you say, leslie sticks themselves – can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.
Yes, words can hurt you, that’s not true mama they can and they hurt deeply and, and so it has taken a long time.
I remember my son asking me after i had a major setback with the cancer he said.

Are you going to die? I said john leslie, we’re all going to die.
Someday nobody’s figured out how to get out of life alive.

He said, but is this cancer going to kill? You? Are you going to see me graduate from high school and at that time he was 16 he’s 33? Now i said no, it’s not going to beat me.
John leslie.
Life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over.

I am determined i’m going to fight to be here.
I will see you graduate trust me on that, i’m going to be there physically or in spirit, i’m going to be there and i’ll give you a sign if i’ve crossed over and if i die before your graduation.
Don’t let them embalm me for three days sneak into the beauty, the funeral home and put a microphone in my casket.

If i don’t grab it and say you got ta be hungry, then you say dad’s gone.
I encourage everybody.
That’s listening to go on on youtube and and google les brown speaking in the georgia dome they’re going to enjoy this call.

It’s not over till you win, watch it for 30 days that will keep their commitment to their commitment.
Watch it’s not.
Over till i win and les brown speaking in the georgia dome, the other one is watch getting unstuck watch that every day and the other one watch it’s possible, it’s not going to cost you anything, and if you have a story, you want to tell allow me To be your coaches, email me to les brown 77 gmail.

com, that’s les brown77 gmail.
com, i’m looking for 77 people who want to make a difference in life 77 people who want to become messengers of hope, because i believe, when there’s hope in the future.
That gives you power in the present.

I just want 77, who are hungry 77, who are coachable 77, who want to invest in themselves.
That’s my story and i’m sticking to it very, very good.
I so folks you’ve been listening to the read method, insider podcast.

It’s episode: 30.
We are going here a little bit over time because rightfully so we have mr les brown on the line and uh on facebook live with us in studio with veronica fisher and uh.

I know irani is probably the smile hasn’t left his face since we started um, so you know we’re kind of pinching ourselves here.
Just you know taking this all in and listening to you and uh, i know our audience based on the facebook reaction here and the activity going on on facebook.

There’s a lot of people, hundreds of people listening right now and watching right now on facebook live and then thousands others will tune in on the episode once we upload it, but um just uh just another couple of minutes and we’ll go through some quick round questions And then uh it will ask for.

I know you have an event coming up in london and if there’s any events that you want to uh tell the audience about.
If you’re at the audience we can, we can get that up as well.
Yes, i’d like for them to go to lestromlondon.

com lesbron in london.
com and spread the word also like them, like my page, my facebook and share it, and i will be in london january the 20th and in april i’m doing my speaker training, i’m teaching people how to Speak to the world and how to discover your power voice and how to tell your story: how to begin to learn the strategies to orchestrate an experience that will transform people individually and collectively, and so that takes place in fort lauderdale.

They they can go to my website lestbrown.

com and get more information about that.
It’s going to be in fort lauderdale.

I do that with my oldest daughter and my son.

I love it.
It’s hands-on, it’s very intimate and when they come out, they have a strategy of how to tell their story, but also how i earned my first million in three years and that was in 1980 and how they can do it in a fraction of the time.
Wow wow well uh, just a couple uh like questions here: um: do you chase excitement or happiness? I experience happiness.

I make a choice when someone asks me how i’m doing i say better than good and better than most it’s the best day of my life, i’m living my dream.
I’ve been waiting to ask you this question all episodes um and is there something that you believe wholeheartedly about success and great possibilities that others think may be crazy? Yes, judge a man or woman not by what they accomplished, but what they had to overcome for their accomplishment.
Nick vorovich, who i speak with nick who was born with no legs and no arms.

We went to poland together.
Over 30 000 polish people fill the stadium to see us.
We went to auschwitz, we went to the jewish concentration camps, the german concentration camps and all i could think about.

Here’s a young man who was taunted, who was bullied, who at one time went to kill himself through no fault of his own, brought to this world with no arms and no legs.

And yet he is standing on the stage talking to people how they can live.
Their dreams wasn’t feeling siren for himself.

Wasn’t asking god: why would you give millions of people’s arms and legs and hands and feet and have me looking like this? He can swim.
He skydives he’s married he’s a good father.

He’s an entrepreneur he’s a good friend, he’s an incredible human being, have every reason to feel sorry for himself and every day when i hear his voice, he inspires me.

He recommends me for speaking engagements.
I call and say look i i want to help.
You know.

I want to help you you, you have inspired me.
I say you have no idea.
I cried.

I said i inspired you.
I inspire you inspire me.
Man come on.

I got arms and legs i can wash my face.
I can feed myself.
I was on the plane, he had an assistant with him and one time his assistant went to sleep.

I said i’ll feed you and i did, and i i was so humble i don’t have nothing to feel bad about, even if i left here now, i’m in this place, where leopard scott leo not leo but leo torres toy.
The german author, who said, as i face inevitable death what in the meaning and purpose of my life that will not be undone or destroyed when i’m gone, and i believe that nick vorvich that evil that ronnie and the people that’s listening to us now that are Watching us on facebook that we’re in god’s pyramid, we are dealers of hope, we are bringing light in a very dark world.

We have decided that before we leave here we’re going to make our mark we’re going to reduce the recidivism rate, we’re going to reduce the suicide rate, we’re going to reduce hunger and hatred in the world, because that’s who we are that we’re called to do this Here we stand how we live our lives as instruments of god, because we can do no other, it’s the calling on our life and as much as we have chosen this path.

I believe in all my heart that you were chosen ronnie, that you were chosen ever that the people that are listening to us, rather than watching the basketball games and worrying about if the cavaliers are going to beat the warriors or worry about some other program that Those people that are listening to us – i don’t think it’s any accident, they know who they are.
They don’t hear us in their ears, their hairs in their hearts and, i believe, they’re angels.
I believe coincidence, is god’s way of staying anonymous.

Somebody hearing us tonight needed to hear this.

My youngest son is in a mental institution because he’s bipolar and he and he’s not taking his medication.

My oldest son has a tube in his stomach and he’s and he dropped from 200 and 63 pounds.

He’s now weighed 65 pounds he’s my oldest son, he’s 53.
he’s at death’s door and i’m believing god for a miracle as people that listen to pray for my son calvin and my son john wesley.

I don’t care how your children become this till your children, and so i’m not gon na miss speaking to you or giving people hope because of what i’m experiencing with my children.

Think it’s not strange that you’re faced with firing furnaces of this world.
You will not! You might you will have tribulations for his gup right.

Life is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you’re going to get and my favorite book is right.
He said i’ll.
Keep the imperfect peace whose mind has stayed on thee.

It’s not easy, but with conscious deliberate effort we can find peace amen.
Thank you, evra.
Thank you.

So much i’ve got you right now.
One more question: you’ve contributed a lot to uh to me tonight and over the years and listening to you in speeches and videos – and you know, you’ve done a lot for others.

You mentioned your beginnings started in miami.
I happen to be traveling there on monday and i want to know if there’s anything i can do or anyone i can reach out to in that community of yours.

That would be in your honor or something that i can contribute um and just kind of maybe give somebody a hug or take somebody out for a meal or, if there’s somebody that could use a visitor or something like that i want to make myself available.

I want to put myself out there and and just say thank you for what you’ve done for everybody else.

I appreciate that.
I do have someone i do, and so i will have giorgio get your information.

I i would like, if you or anyone listening, know anybody.
My son is being fed in his stomach by a tube.
He can’t swallow his own saliva.

He had a stroke in the cells between his esophagus and his brain shut down.

So if anybody knows any procedure any doctor, somebody just gave me a recommended recommendation of stem cell anything on anybody.
Who’s gone through this experience and and they were able to activate those cells.

Email me les brown, 77 gmail.
com les brown 77 gmail.

I believe there’s an answer out there.
My son doesn’t want to live because he can’t swallow and i said, don’t give up.
You know it’s humbling, i’m able to motivate people around the world and and and my son my name’s sake he he just said dad.

I don’t live like this.
I feel i’m a bird you’re, not a burden you’re, not a burden to me.
You can’t swallow now, but it it’s now.

It doesn’t mean it’s forever hope it’s on the way.
You know jesse used to say if you could keep what hoping you could keep or hopping.

Yes, i believe somebody’s got an answer for my son and i’m believing that.

Well, thank you.
Yes, sir, i believe it’s possible.
I i wish you and you’ve done another train for you for sure.

Thank you.
I want to thank you um.
I want to thank you both hardly for coming on the show, um and giving us some extra time and uh just running yeah.

Just expressing my gratitude list, i mean this is that this has been a great experience.

Um you’ve done so much for so many people, and it’s just i admire so many things about you.
Um keep pushing, keep going forward, keep doing it.

I see your drive, your hunger is still there, which is so impressive, and you’ve got so many more people to touch from that yeah.
So much, i’m very honored that you so much with us tonight on my show.
Um, certainly, you’ve certainly hit home with us and uh.

I believe in you um.
I thank you and uh.
You know i want to wish you and your son and your family, your entire family, the best and uh.

You know until next time we we get together again um.
You know i can’t wait till the next time now less because thank you.
I appreciate it.

Thank you so much bye, ronnie, it’s so nice meeting you as always a treat when great people meet.

Thank you.
Everyone, god bless, you take care.

Thank you.
Thank you.
So much the history of michael jordan.

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