Hi I’m Chris youngren, and I wanted to talk to you today about the three questions you can ask yourself to decide if your automotive advertising is effective, so let’s get right to it.

The three questions are one reach.
Is it reaching a good number of people to target ability the people that it’s reaching is the message relevant to them? Do they care about it number three cost so in relationship to what you’re spending? Are you getting a good number of people looking at the ad reach, and is it reaching the right people? Do they care target ability? So let’s take courage.
Calm, for example, to see if this holds true with the three questions so one the first question to decide: if it’s an effective advertising medium would be reached, is it reaching a good number of people? Well, the audience is national and last report: they’ve got over 30 million visitors per month to target ability.

Well, it’s going out to a hundred percent car shopping audience people go to cars, com, to look at vehicles or to research vehicles, so it is relative to the to the people that are looking at that particular site and the number three costs.
So you you advertise on cars, com or any type of third-party, so people will actually click on your vehicle and look it over be able to see the video the photos.
The comments of that vehicle kind of like an online test drive well, the dealers in my area are averaging about a dollar to a dollar fifty per vehicle detail page.

So if you ask me not a large investment for a pretty good return, because a dollar dollar and a half to get somebody from three four hundred miles away to look at my vehicle, I think it’s what worth it so again.
The three questions to ask yourself to decide if your advertisings effective, whatever the medium our reach, target ability and cost thanks.

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