Is Selling Cars on Saturday a Gift or a Curse?

What’s going on Saturday morning, try to get to it um, giving a couple minutes.

You know like I promised over the next week, or so I was gon na be coming.
I am going to continue to interact, live a lot more.
You know I enjoy putting up the training videos when I’m at different spots, but something about this live interaction.

Going back and forth is a big deal so as you’re coming into the to the room, make sure man you you.
Let me know you in the house.
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So we can talk about you know what’s going on in Saturday, especially if you on the way to your dealership or if you at work right now.

Let me know: what’s up Brian we’re going on Saturday the money day, I feel you, I feel you, but we don’t talk about that, a little bit in the best SuperDuper Brian.

You know it’s Florida, I’m sitting right here in my breakfast nook area, because my mother is flying in town.

So right now the rest of the household is like doing a massive clean.
You know, then, you know how it is when your mom’s coming in you got to make sure my lady wants to make sure that the house is appropriate and my children doing it best.
So we gon na talk about getting there and grinding it out on Saturday.

Hey if you’re in the building, let me know who you are hit that like button, so we can get some other people that are also in the dentist room right now.
Listen to this the only way to work rounding it out.
But let’s talk about it all right now, if you’re anything like I was when I got started in this in the business nearly 20 years ago, it blows my mind when I say that you know exactly how it feels waking up on that Saturday morning, getting ready To go into that dealership, you know what it can suck, especially if you work like the entire week and you just so happened.

Your all-day was like last week Sunday, I’m not sure what your store does, but you work five or six days straight and now it’s Saturday morning and we all know the cliched phrase is people say you know: business is booming.
On Saturday, a lot of people are off work and that all may be true, but let’s talk about the mentality and since y’all in here do me a favor share me.
A quick chat on send me a quick message on what you feel how you feel.

Do you like Saturdays, or do you wish that that was one of the days that you didn’t have to come in now? Curtis only got five appointments today.

Doing video confirmations on all I’m right now, gon na sit that increases the rate of the length we show up.
Let me explain something to you Curtis for number one.

Hopefully, everybody in here sees what this.
What this man just wrote, he got five appointments and is doing video confirmations, there’s a guy I know named on who was out and all that Ralph Sellars Chrysler Jeep out in Gonzales, and he was selling 35 units every single month and what he would do is He and his wife, they worked as a tandem where any customers that he had interacted with or reached out to his wife would do the follow up for him and help him says the appointments, but one of the unique things he did.
He literally took a video.

He shot a video.
Just said: hey, you know, my name is Brian, I’m a hair out sellers Chrysler, Jeep Dodge and I just want to let you know.
I appreciate the opportunity to help you, I’m gon na, be the Sales Professional that’ll be assisting you with any of your automotive needs.

I just wanted to make sure that you could put a name with the face and I look forward to when you and I get a chance to meet so yes, man, that video confirmation is huge and here’s.
The main reason why you’re taking a step that the average sales person would be unwilling to take, they would see it as too much work when in reality, when you shoot it once you’re good to go um when I’m interacting with different clients of mine, that I’m That we’re doing the deal – and you know they’ve, seen my stuff online and they’ve heard about me, but our conversations have been over the phone I too have shot and will continue to shoot personalized video that I was send out to them.
Just appreciating their time thanking them for considering me to come and network with their team, it goes a long way.

So, if you are somebody that gets up internet leads or whatnot, please look at what Curtis said and I’m telling you it works, create one generic.
Just a generic video introduction does let them know what your name is hi.
This is brian maxwell with ABC dealership.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help me.
I receive some information that you’re looking for a 2019.
This any other, I’m gon na, be your consultant that’ll, be assisting you out the way I will be here all day.

You know we have an appointment at blah, blah blah and I look forward.
I look forward to us getting a chance to meet all that.
Could take like a minute minute and a half and what you do you shoot it to him? Okay, you send them the link in an email or an even better thing to do is when you uploaded.

If you have their first and last name, perhaps maybe you can tag them on social media, even if you haven’t met them.
Yet you know if they’re, not private, you could probably send them a message, but even if you just sent them the link in the video just where it says it’s an introductory email, we’re in the email, you pretty much say the same exact thing.

You’ll say on the video, but you say: hey um.

Here’s a welcome video click, the link to see your welcome video.
Whatever way you want to verbalize, that’s a good point: Stanley.
What’s up man? Are you doing ASAP B you like that idea, a Brian good morning? I’m currently waiting on my appointments work with Jim Ellis in Atlanta glad to catch you, I’m glad that you here too, and let me explain something the fact that when individuals like you or taking their minute-to-minute, that five minutes to chime in or something like this, please Believe that you are putting yourself in a top-five percentile of go getters in this country.

Do you know the average person doesn’t read any new books? Don’t listen to any training, and you may have heard me say it before.
The computer was created based off the human brain.

Okay, the actual computer was created, which means the many computers in our pockets.

They also were created based on the human brain.

Now our cell phones require five six seven software updates a year for it to perform.
Well: okay: it helps update the software so that they can perform at its peak where all the other updates and the technology all around now, if the mini computer in your pocket requires five six seven software updates a year to perform.

Imagine the software updates needed for a supercomputer, so when you’re taking the time out to fill your mental rolodex up with tips with danger state motivation with process things that improve your process, you are in the top 5 % of because I’ll share this with you, I Mean men and women and I’m sure every one of you own here, but I said how many do you want to be successful, more successful, make more money, everybody will raise the hand, but then, when I ask the next question, which is when was the last time The person read a book of success, write a book on how to make money write a book on staying positive, that’s where it kind of falls by the wayside.
So I think it’s awesome that you’re taking the time out to continue to learn and prove yourself and do me a solid if you’re in here hit that like button for us, because what happens is you may already know this, but I’ll share with you anyway, when You hit a like and a show that there’s interaction on these videos.
It continues to spread and expand to other people who are in the same genre that weary, and so, when you have all of these customers that are having bad experiences at dealerships.

People like you and I are the ones that could change that the better prepared our brothers and sisters are that work at different dealerships around the country, the better that they perform the more value they bill, the better the experience that they give a customer guess what, When it’s your time who knows, you may be interacting with somebody who had a good experience with someone else, they may have watch this video so now, when they go into your store, they have a lot better attitude.
Their expectations are a lot greater, so we literally have to be the change that we want to see.
But let’s talk again out here about Saturdays, okay, so Saturdays, a lot of people are off work on Saturdays, okay, folks like to take care of bills or some folks just get out and hang out with their family.

But traditionally Saturday is that day where you get a chance to kick back and take care of the things you didn’t get to do for the week.

So, let’s think about the dynamic of when somebody comes into your dealership on a Saturday, the fact that they know they could be hanging out at the beach they can be and outlets they could be at the mall.
They can just be laid up doing nothing, but yet they got dressed, they drill into your establishment, which means that this person it has a serious interest in potentially buying.

Now I gave a statistic out yesterday, which is that 8 out of 10 80 percent of people that drive home in the dealership the same day that they go in, would have told the sales consultant that they’re not buying anything they’re.
Just looking not doing anything, and hopefully you are grasping this concept, which is whenever you see someone that is in your dealership physically, you must realize there ought to think about it fixed there on that face there in the action phase, because they are physically at your Store because you know now with the internet, nobody goes anywhere without jumping Google checking out to see what’s going on, they check the dealer reviews they want to check in each book pricing and they can check multiple dealerships with you know right there at their fingertips without Ever leaving their house and so when they actually getting up getting out and making moves they’re out of that thinking, face they’re in the doing face now.
Okay, so you must number one there in the action face.

Keep that in mind number two with all of the things going on on a Saturday.

They came in to deal with you at your spot, serious interests, okay, now, how is it that things can go sideways on Saturday was supposedly the best day of the week.
A lot of times is from the sales reps mentality.

Okay, make sure we’re hitting that like button y’all its from the salespersons mentality and here’s what I mean, I don’t remember, waking up on those Saturdays, knowing that somebody was gon na be barbecuing that day, knowing that the family was gon na, be doing something cool, and Here I was getting ready to go and I hated it, so I would walk in and morning with the bad attitude.
Thinking like damn man got to be here all freaking day on a Saturday, this sucks or in those younger days and y’all, know me.
I keep it real.

I tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about what got me to this point back in those days you know getting paid on that Friday.
I mean a win out had too many drinks with a friend of mine and now here it is Saturday morning, it’s time to me to wake up and go in, and I’ve got a hangover out of this world, and you know what I would do we would Go to our Saturday meeting and I would pinpoint the biggest SUV, because I was in a Chevy store Target Chevrolet.
I would find the biggest SUV in the back check out the keys and you better believe I’d be back there laying down trying to catch me.

Some sleep and as embarrassing and how, as funny as that sounds today, that’s how much that’s how lazy I was back then I was going out, but why? Because I wasn’t mentally prepared to be engaged on that Saturday didn’t fully get the fact that if people are coming in on a Saturday they mean business.
If they’re, coming into day before a holiday or the day of a holiday, they mean business, and so one of the things I want you to key in on us is: if you are working on Saturdays or weekends, or when you do have those late nights, then You know that those suck, because typically we feel like we’re missing something, and one of the things I had to grasp is this: the average person wants to work 40 hours a week.
The average work week for most people is 40 hours.

Okay, now, in the seven-day week, a seven-day 24 hour week that is 168 available hours all right, so I’m gon na write this down right here, 40 for work, okay, so if there’s 168 hours sold in a week, most people want to work 40.
That means that 40 hours of work and 128 hours – I’m sorry yeah, 40 hours or 128 hours are for free time.
Okay, so that is, if you read that 40 hours will work 128 free time now.

Here’s where the gap between the haves and have-nots is so.
Why? Because the average person that wants to put in 40 hours a week but the available time is 128 dollars.
So I’m going to think about it like this 40 goes into 128.

Three times hasn’t changed so now, when you’re at your place of business.
Every second to your place here at your place of business, you are earning money.
You are earning income, okay, every second, that you spend outside of your place of business.

That is what I call out go: okay, because if you had home relaxing as your mortgage or your rent, that’s your electric bill.
If you’re in your car driving that’s the gas, that’s the car note that’s the insurance! If you’re eating that’s the grocery bill, if you’re on your cell phone, if you watching Roku, if you’re watching cable, all of these things cost money so 40 hours, you’re earning income 128 hours, is your outgo now, ladies and gentlemen, think about it like this, when your In come time, when your income time is outweighed by your outgo time, three-two-one is there any wonder why the poverty balance beam, never levels out, see one of the things I had to realize that when I didn’t want to go in on the Sabbath or I didn’t Want to work those nights when I really sat down – and I analyzed what exactly would I be doing, or am i doing when I’m outside of my place of business? You know what I’ll be doing I’ll be sitting up drinking a cold one baby watching TV hanging out with the family or the kids.
And let’s talk about that when people talk about hey, I want to be with my family, I’m with my kids.

I have three children.
My youngest now is 18 okay, and I can remember when they were growing up.
You know you get home and you play with him for a minute, but you are not spending five six seven hours sitting on the floor playing with your children that just something we say when I go home and hang on my family, my kids.

Some people do but in reality, I’d be sitting up watching TV kicking back drinking a broom doing nothing.
As a matter of fact, almost everything that I did when I was outside of my business cost me money.
So I would be pissed off that I’m at this place on a Saturday or at night with the opportunity to earn heaven forbid.

Somebody comes in and wants to buy a vehicle, and I make five six seven hundred dollars on it hell, even if it was a mini deal.
I still made a hundred bucks.
You know in a unit all my numbers putting me close to bonus, but me and my young ignorant slacking knowledge I felt like I was missing something and when I started studying successful people, successful businessmen and women, one thing I realized the first thing you got to Do is throw that 40-hour illusion out of the window.

There is now one career that is legal, got ta stress the legal part that is legal to wear by only committing 40 hours a week.

Somehow you don’t put yourself in a position to be super successful.
It just does not exist, it does not exist, but that is the illusion and the reason why the 40 hours is feared and pumped into our minds by every outlet around is because the powers that be no, you will never put yourself into a situation to be Financially independent, if you rely on that type of mentality, they know it and so what they keep people running in this mouse spinning in this mouse wheel, thinking that somehow, within this nine to five I’m gon na put myself on another level, it never happens about the Time the person realizes that fifty or sixty years old, they dedicated thirty years of their life of their life to this company or companies to find out when it’s time to retire, as opposed to filling out a will for their family they’ll, be leaving their family or Won’t because the will says what I will give to you a won’t says what you won’t be able to get.

So you have a lot more people leaving won’t than they do wills.
You know a person will work at a job for two or three years and get a one dollar rate.
That’s a forty dollar increase after selling their times that company that is insane, that’s crazy or they’re, told hey.

You can go to lunch.
You can get a break at ten.
If you start at eight, you can go to break at 10 and 1 o’clock.

You can go, have lunch and then at 3 I’m gon na give you another 15-minute break.
And then you can go home at five and they will allow another person to tell them how much money they will be, giving them to take care of their family.
And whenever somebody outside the household is telling how much they’ll give you to provide for your household nine times out of ten, what you expect and what you need does not match what they’re willing to give you, and so, when we’re working, those nine departs not being There to when we’re working them.

Do you know if we dream about man-boy, how much I could make some more money? Oh my god.
I need to find a better job, make some money, man, I’m not making enough money and when we think about it, the biggest mistake we made is by looking for a job.
Jo B stands for just over broke.

A job is not designed for an individual become financially independent, it’s not and please.
I hope you don’t believe me and do your research, the whole workforce does whole philosophy.
Does my friendís paradigm has been intentionally created because thing about it? If everybody thought like bosses, who would do, who would do the little labor work? Who would take care of them, the meaning of things that nobody wants to handle, so everybody can’t be a chief focus, maybe I’m moving too much.

Everybody can’t be a – and I remember when I used to look at people that worked at certain restaurants and stuff, and I would say man there’s no way.
I would work in that place, making only nine dollars an hour ten dollars an hour, and I remember it was my father.
He said: are you willing to go clean? Those toilets? I said no, oh no y’all me make sure I’m good.

I said no.
He said: well, oh no y’all, he said no, he said well, if you’re not willing to do it, somebody has to do it.
Everybody doesn’t want to be a chief and I had to realize that.

Okay, but if we’re sitting at our jobs and we’re wishing important ways for us to make money, then we get hired by a dealership too.
Please excuse the blur on the what’s taking so long for the focus to come in, but then you get hired at a dealership right and I’m not sure.
If you’re aware of this, but working at a dealership, you literally have the opportunity to give yourself a pay.

Raise any time you feel like it yeah any time you feel like it and I’m not some bullshit person coming here, selling your dreams and all you know you do have the opportunity to do so.
But, unlike a lot of other things in this business, it requires effort on our part.
You know if you work a typical nine-to-five job, that if you go in there, you know what you got to do every day you got your routine, you can kind of sit down and you could probably do a blindfold and people believe that that’s a good thing, But is it really because you’ve got so many other talents and abilities and yet you’re using it for this one chisel thing, but guess what? Then you put yourself in a situation where you are your own boss? You are running your business within a business and hopefully y’all.

All here is grasping that if you see walking into that dealership as a job, you might as well quit now that stands for just over broke at a typical nine-to-five job of you making $ 13 an hour.
It doesn’t matter how hard you work in that hour.
That’s what you’re gon na get it does not matter, and if you want to put in overtime, that’s cool too, but if you think about it, what you’re doing is swapping hours for dollars and when the mentality is swapping hours for dollars, you will never come out On top, unless you increase your skill set and your value to a point of what you generated in that hour, what you earn in that hour, the value you bring that people are willing to invest in you for that hour.

That’s where you can make it work for you, okay, so really think about it.
You weren’t at the dealership today.
What really would you be doing? You might be out hanging out with some friends a family? Maybe by yourself you might be going shopping.

You might be going out to eat, but I guarantee you everything that you gon na do will cost you money now we’re at the spot with the opportunity to earn it.
So really.
The first thing is realized 40 hours to become successful and put yourself on the next level is a myth and they know it.

They keep feeding it to the public.
They never have to worry about any competition, because a person is working so hard that when they get off, they don’t even have the energy to put in effort or building their own business, create their own Lane.
Maybe opening your own dealership.

One day you don’t have the energy for a while, because you exhausted all your energy at that Jo B.

Now, when you’re coming to the dealership, the cool thing about it is when you have a boss mentality, you realize you’re running a business within a business.
You begin to learn and if you haven’t, I highly encourage you to do so begin to learn in the processes of successful businesses.

One of the reasons why McDonald’s are so successful and if you think about kids 2 years old know who McDonald’s are.
If we just saw the golden arches with no McDonald’s on the front, we would know who they are, whether you’re in Italy and Russia, in the US or in Ghana.

Everybody knows McDonald’s, but yet McDonald’s is on your TV on your radio and on your social media pages every hour on the hour 365 days a year, seven days a week.

Do you know why is because McDonald’s gets it even though they’re a trillion dollar company everybody around the world is familiar with Mickey D’s they’re on your radio, your TV or your internet every hour on the hour 365 days a year? Why? Because they get it, they know that the general public has ad D very short attention span.
Folks, let me give you some insight back in the 80s, the average attention span for an American was 20 minutes.
Do you know that today, B, average attention span is eight seconds is eight seconds? So when you have somebody, that’s in a society in a culture where attention spans are shorter, expectations are bigger.

What this means is that what we have the opportunity to be in a situation where we can literally earn earn based on what it is that we put out based on what it is that we do, and we fail to utilize.
That and the Maximizer is shame on us.
Here’s what I mean at your dealership, those millions of dollars worth of product.

You didn’t have to invest a dollar in that building.
We didn’t invest a dollar in the Internet.
We don’t pay for that.

To pay the staff.
We don’t pay for that.
There’s a team of people that will process your paperwork.

We don’t have to come out of pocket for them.

There’s a group of men or women that will communicate with the lenders for you.
We don’t have to come out of our pockets.

For them, and yet whenever we do help somebody we’re even paid a percentage of the gross profit margin, and if you don’t know what that means, that means that, before any bills, get paid a chunk of your money is taken out of that put to the side.
Okay, as opposed to neck net, is when you Gross’s.
What you made in totality net is what you have left over after you paid to build.

So when you’re gross, when you’re paid or gross that mean before the bills are paid, the dealership was looking at me.
They putting your money up, okay, now it’s a Saturday! You may not feel like going on going in, but think about it like this, while your other friends, our family members, as opposed to feeling bad that you got ta, be there be excited in the fact that hey you get the opportunity to help.
Somebody number two man: you can go home and I’ve been pulling in $ 500,000 and number three, and this may seem crazy.

But you should always give gratitude for the simple fact that you are gainfully employed and that you’re not only gainfully employed but you’re gainfully employed at a place.
Then literally put you in a position to where you can make more in one month that you might have made in the whole month working at your old job.
You know the first time that I saw a ten thousand dollar Commission check.

What that did.
For my mind, back in 2003, it blew me away because of my other that I was working, I wouldn’t have made $ 10,000 and three months of working, maybe four.
But yet here I was looking at a little bit over ten grand and it’s like a love-hate relationship with it.

You know when it sucks and as bad is bad, but then you might get that deal you make five or six hundred you have that month.
Will you make four five grand in commission and you say damn I just made four or five thousand dollars in commissions alone.
If I run back to nine to five, I know where that goes.

What else can I go? Do that gives me the opportunity to like this and that’s why I say the love-hate, but it becomes more of a love love as you continue to build your skills, and so when you work in late nights, are you working on those Saturdays number one? If somebody’s coming in on a Saturday, this person has a serious interest and it’s our responsibility to make it easy for them to do business with us.
It’s like this.
If you’re expecting a customer, which a lot of salespeople do to come in and be excited and have a positive attitude and just smile when they dealing with you think about that illusion, they’re coming in getting ready to make an investment, they know they’re gon na be Coming out of some money, and so they don’t have to come in excited, they don’t have to come in in a positive mood.

They don’t even have to come in acting as if they like me or like you, but the reality is this: they can take their business and their money to go anywhere that they want.
So we do have to be possible.
We do have to show gratitude.

We do have to express to them, then we’re happy that they came in and they gave us the opportunity you see.
All this game is chess, it ain’t checkers and then one thing I stress to people.
I got a call last night from a guy who just was struggling so hard and felt like he needed to learn everything about the cars and he needed to be there every hour that the dealership was open to be successful.

I said dude you’re gon na burn yourself out number one you’ll never learn everything about the vehicle, so don’t even try.
Number two is I’m a firm believer in working hard, but I’m a big believer.
I plan on it’s like myself, I’ll be leaving here to go to Orlando.

For about a week my mom flies in today, like I was saying earlier: we don’t hangout blow off some steam and i’ll be right back at it or if you know I go on cross-country trips to go to Colorado any hour, do whatever it is work hard Play hard, okay, but at the same time he thought by doing this somehow it was gon na help mind it did his results got worse.
He was about to have a nervous breakdown, because the man was never rested and was over stressed out believing he had to know everything about everything.
No, the only thing you need to be concerned about to know about is what’s important to that individual sitting right across from that took their time to come in on a Saturday that they will never get back to interact with you, okay and so product knowledge is That important, yes, but people knowledge is the most important aspect of the entire game, and when I talk about people now, there’s not just outside of ourselves, but inside of ourselves, you see, listen man! I can recall back in the day where I knew I wanted to be better, and I saw guys in my dealership one of the best sales guys I’d ever seen was a guy named Leon Frazier, he was awesome.

Man was pulling it close to a quarter million.
Make sure we hit that like button y’all, I saw it real life when his kids, because I wanted what he had, but I was unwilling to do what he would do when he would come in on a Saturday.
He would be there early.

He would walk the lot he would be suited and booted by the end of the day.
He got him.
One between one and three vehicles went out that day.

This man was selling close to 40 units every month, but me what I would do I would come in and have to get coffee.
I talk to my buddies step outside and hang out for a little bit.

You know my jump on in it this any.

I did all types of other stuff before you start not realizing that I’ve just wasted an hour of time that I could have used to be able to generate some business for myself same thing with like I would go to lunch with another buddy there tiller shit.
We descend there chillin talking.
I didn’t realize what the man that has set the Guinness Book of World Records for automotive sales, Joe Gerard, who was selling six units a day, little white guy.

He said he wouldn’t waste his time going to lunch with his team members because they were unable to do any business with him.
So if he was gon na spend time during that hour with anybody, it was me with a customer that he was talking to a working with at the dealership or he was gon na be meeting somebody that may be interested in something they could possibly get dealership.
But he maximized his time.

I myself today, I’m still improving my skills on maximizing my time and I do it a lot better than most.
It requires discipline, but back to what I was saying when I wanted to get better.
I thought that just me wanting to get better and coming in and looking at somebody do something that that’s what it was gon na do and I’m highly intelligent, and I am a visual learner.

But you know what I realized it’s bigger than that.

It’s like learning.
How to make a cake you might know the basic ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar and milk.

You know that, but if you took 50 eggs, 30 gallons of milk, 20 gallons of water and 5 pounds of flour and mixed it all together, you would make some garbage.
But if you took 3/8 a cup and a half of milk, maybe a cup and a half of flour, maybe 2 cups of sugar.
You mix it together.

Now you have the potential to make it real good tasting cake.
Ok, it has the same exact ingredients, but I just had to learn how to apply the measurement and that’s what this is just like with life.
You know what I mean in life.

If we do was easy, our life will be hard.
Think about those that we know that play around all day: they waste their time.
They spend their whole day drinking and smoking doing jack shit.

Nothing when it comes to their real life is very challenging for them financially and otherwise.
But when you take those people that are willing to sacrifice some of their time that are willing to invest in themselves and what seems like a tough period for that short timeframe in reality in the long run, they’re far better off, financially and mentally, because they did What the average average and average is the best of the worst they did, what the average person is unwilling to do.
Do you know that the average income right now in most cities? Most of the major cities is about $ 26,000 a year for a family of 4 family of 4 26000 and with all due respect, if somebody’s making that 8 listen.

Hopefully these will get better, but I will tell you um, based on the information that I that I’ve shared with you and the things that I do um.
You know that what they make in a year I’ll pull that in more than that in a month.
Now there was a point in time where I hadn’t made over $ 25,000 at all right before I started a dealership now morning that in one month, working at training with people does that make me any better.

No, they might be far more intelligent than I am, but what happened is I invested the time and the resources and improving my skill set to a level to where my value makes it to where I earn? I am worth as a matter of fact.
Most people feel like it’s a great deal.
If you can get me to come in there 4/5.

You know look though just the numbers out on, but for a five figure amount you can get me in there for a certain number.
They feel like it’s a steal: when did it come from just learning applying and realizing that I am a business and they’re running my business isn’t just 40 hours.
So that means, if there’s working late nights, if it’s working the weekends, whatever it takes to get the job done, because I’m sure you love your family, you love yourself and you like the things that you have probably one more nice thing and what I realized that In order for me to get it, I had to be willing to sacrifice certain time.

I was an at every football game.
I wasn’t at every recital hell – I wasn’t even in town every week of the month, but guess what kids graduating from one for better schools in the city in the country actually um.
We live in a really nice neighborhood, going off to college, I’m able to change and impact the lives of people all around the country in the different parts of the world.

Where did it come from realizing? Just like you are right now that to get things that you’ve never had, you got to do things that you’ve never done, and I’ve said this once before, and there used to be a phrase they used to say.
If you wanted to hide something from a black person to put it in a book, but they don’t say that anymore now they say if you want to hide something from a poor person.
Put it in a book because the average person remember average meaning best of the worst.

They not gon na take the time to read, not anything, they can build them up and I don’t take the time to invest in themselves and therefore, when they come in on a Saturday a working late night, you know what the best opportunities in the world could Walk in and they won’t even be able to realize it and see it because they can’t get out of their own way.
Folks, working at your dealership to become extremely simple when you know what to say: y’all know that uncomfortable feeling you get when it’s time for you to go up and greet that it looks like they just got a bad attitude.
My destiny, cereal, that day y’all know what it feels like when it’s time for you to present numbers and what they wanted to be at and what what the lenders are saying.

They have to be it to make it work.
You know how that feeling is well.
You, like, oh my god, I don’t really want to go.

Tell him about this.
You know that feeling of waking up in the morning getting ready to go in saying man.
This is what my life is about.

There’s got to be something better hell.
I mean when I first started.
I kept my resume out there on the internet, kept it out there.

Why? Because I was looking at that real job came along, but you know what came here.
My buddy was working at AT & T and I thought he had it going on.
He was just doing his 9 to 5 hours coming home.

He was getting his money, and here I was at the dealership selling cars right a to the end of the year.
When we got our W tubes – and I realized that he made 39, but I made forty three thousand five hundred seventy seven dollars – that was it.
That was it and then, in my sake here when i grossed 101, that i was making more money than lawyers and doctors, that was it and if you do have a vision or dream of being in business for yourself, they sell people the illusion that when you Have a business that you spend more time with your family vacation time and true that does end up happening, but not in the beginning.

In the beginning, you are tethered to that business because you’re creating a foundation.
It’s like the Chinese bamboo tree, the Chinese bamboo tree when it’s planted in the ground.
The seed is planted and is there for five years getting watered and what, before it busts through the dirt? Okay and then, after a bust of the drove there, it grows 90 feet in two months.

So imagine you have a neighbor that you come outside and you watch this person water in this dirt spot every day and after the first year you like, hey mr.
What’s going on a man getting ready for the stream we’re gon na make it look real nice, it’s like okay, the next six months to a year.

You still be I’m doing this every day and you like mr.
Johnson, what’s going on man water in my tree, you like okay, this dude is freaking nuts, the third year.
Now you start coming on you’re, not even speaking.

You just said the fourth year you telling your kids, don’t even look that way that man’s in saying just ignore him by the fifth year you have just given up on mr.
Johnson and you’re waiting on them to take them away in a straitjacket.

But guess what happens and that fifth-year that little bulb was through the dirt and within two months that tree grows 90 feet, not a reason.

Why wonder that ground? It’s at five years for the bus through is because it had to dig the roots deep enough into the dirt in the ground and wide enough to create a firm foundation so that when it grows the 90 feet with no strong winds come and those winds.
And that death storms come to try to blow it over its foundation, is so strong that it could stand tall and withstand the pressure, and that’s what life is like.
That’s what preparing yourself is like people believe when they make the decision that they want to be better, that life is just supposed to change form overnight and it does mentally where you’ve changed.

The way you think mentally.
But you have to remember, however long it took for you to get in the spot, that you’re in also have to allow nature, have to allow life to evolve itself that same way to while maintaining that positive, can-do willdo grateful attitude, okay, and so, when you’re doing These – and you said man I’m in this dealership and it’s just not poppin for me – I’d have been here two months three months and what’s going on, you have to give yourself the time to grow.
I see people that quit after three months they run out and little do.

They know that after they left some of the customers the day I’ve been talking to over those months, start coming back and buying from other people, but they quit literally right before they were about to get it.
Did you know that if your boiling water boat water boils at 212 degrees, but at 211 degrees, it doesn’t literally that one degree separates boiling and high it’s like in the Olympics? Do you know that it was only a ten, a tenth of them, of a second that separated the gold medalist and a person that did leave in place? The margins that we have are so slim so narrow that separates where we are from the success that we want to get to, and you know what bloodshed we do we give up because in our minds, which is limited in our finite mind, the finite mind of Man, what unable to see all of the things that are happening in the background because of the work that we put in because of the investments we made.
We say man, I made an investment in time and I read this or I invested some money and I bought something damn it life changing around and it’s happening, but in our finite mind we’re unable to see how it’s gon na happen, how the circumstances with him Are gon na change all the way to this? We can’t see it so, since our vision is limited, we don’t see if we stop believing and we transition into something else, and that’s why you have a lot of people that always seem like they’re starting over.

But one thing I can assure you is that the grass is not greener.
On the other side, the grass is greener, where you fertilize and you water and you take care of your property.
Yet that’s where the grass is greener, because even if the grass is greener on the other side, if nobody’s taking care of it, if nobody’s monitoring it and nobody’s monitoring and guess what it’s you shall die, and so the grass is greener wherever you water and you Take care of it, so where are you working at today, whatever you’re doing number one, be grateful number two realize that success ain’t built in 40 hours success doesn’t have a time limit.

The time limit that you put in is whatever is require you to get done.
What you need to get done, could it take a day? Could it take days? Could it take weeks to take one? Could it take years, but I assure you, rome wasn’t built in a day and if you look at the Great Wall of China, it’s a two thousand year with a magnificent thing to be built.
That means that generation after generation after generation had to be taught had to be driven, had to be motivated to get this test accomplished and completed a task that was created by men and women that they would never meet and they’re working on something that they probably Would never get to see that they’re putting together but generations ahead of them.

That’s what you and I are doing the work that you’re putting in today will take care of generations of your family that you will never meet.
The information that you put into your mental rolodex will help transform the things that have happened to your path and make your present life that much better and your tomorrow are absolutely phenomenal, but it’s mental.
So when you go on and on that Saturday, there’s somebody sitting up would give their right arm to have a position to go into on a Saturday.

There’s somebody right out is working the job that they hate.
That needs an extra $ 2,000 next month to take care of something and no matter how hard they work and how much overtime they put in it’ll never get there.
But you have the opportunity.

There is somebody who has dreams and aspirations of one to run a own business only on business, but they might not ever get there guess what you are doing it right now, whatever the name of your dealership, is you put your last name up before the villa Brand, so if mr.
Hutchinson or I guess what it is, it’s Maxwell Ford right now and we think, like a boss, a CEO because remember you are the boss of the best business that you will ever own and that’s you, that’s you believe it.
Okay, that’s you and the one thing I want to ask you to do it and it doesn’t matter whether it is with me or I was with anybody.

You should definitely find yourself a mentor or somebody who you trust and who has a life or is doing something that you want to do, and you learn how to do it.
Sir Isaac Newton said the best.
It said that if I see further than others it’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants, the thing that helped me launch a catapult, my career from where it was when I was rocking it out.

On that showroom floor I was putting on my thirty units a month with the move out like I did.
I had to learn from men who were in women who were doing what I wanted to do.
I had to invest my time and I had to literally invest thousands of dollars and programs and courses of trained, because I knew how to be a great salesperson at a dealership.

But being a businessman was something totally different and I had to learn because 99 % of new businesses failed in their first year.
Okay – and I knew I didn’t want to be that statistic here – we are nearly a decade later still rocket and you can do it too.
An idiot like me can go from being a big dick could go from being borderline suicidal when they were getting thrown out on the street with his family from bouncing around jobs job from being one of the worst salespeople.

My dealership has seen to turn his life around we’re now.
Best-Selling, author of three books travel all around the United States of America, consulting with people from all over the world, get paid more in a week than some people make in two or three months working at their job.
If I can do what you can do it, but you can do it without all of the mistakes that I had to make without all of the burns that I had to go through, you can do it.

What I just did I just what I just did.
I am sharing a link with you.
Oh no, let me put it in there.

I’m gon na share a link with you where for you to go, and you can check out just this information that I have available and it is the ultimate online automotive sales, training and coaching program.
Okay, now for some they’ll say you know: hey, listen, I’m not! Gon na do that and that’s cool, that’s great! You know it’s not for everybody, but for the nearly I believe, what we’ve had 200 people and a little bit over a month or so that have taken the plunge with this and hundreds of hundreds prior to that, and if you were on the live stream last Night, one of the young gentleman that got started in the last month, literally as the number one sales rep at a store and right now this month I think he said he has close to 90.
Now I’ve never done this before, but just by applying the things that he picked up, I apply what I’m sharing with you.

Okay, take advantage of your opportunity, while you at that dealership, I’ve never seen another profession that somebody with just I school education or a GED.
Can take themselves to a whole nother level.

You can earn $ 100,000 a year what other business or industry do.

You know like that and it’s available for you too.
If you look right there in the chat, I’ve shared a link just for you to be able to click it go on over and check it out.

This is a program that I would sell for $ 1,000 to people.

That literally, is made available to you for less than a tenth of that.
I sell it for $ 1,000 when I do live seminars, workshops okay, but for those of you, my brothers and sisters who are in the business who do want to get better.
If you do have children, yet are your problem yet to ask yourself: is your family worth it then, for less than $ 100, you can make an investment in yourself and your family for something that will help you earn money for the rest of your life.

It’s only a one-time investment for a lifetime benefit and if you just believe, I even give you 90 days to download it to access it to use it, and if you feel like it, doesn’t help you, you get every cent back and you keep everything else.

That’s how confident I am and guess what to this date.
I’ve had zero zero all right.

So, if you’re going in on a Saturday be positive, be excited, be grateful and if you’ve been looking for somebody to help you out and looking for somebody to work with you if you’ve been looking to learn the right ways to get.
This done.
Have you’ve been looking for? The word tries if you’ve been searching for ways on how to drive people from your social media pages to want to borrow from you if you’ve been looking for way that you to yourself 15 to 20 units every month, you have the opportunity right now, just by Clicking that link you’ll, see where it says, checking out these ultimate online sales, training programs, the downloads click that link going over and what happens? Is you and I actually do schedule and we work together? So not only are you getting on the YouTube, but you get the actual program today you and I work together.

Okay, we work to take these tools and implement them for you at your dealership.
You are my report card having your testimonial, showing that you made $ 7,000.
You know after you got started with this program that you bought that new house you bought that new car.

You were able to marry me man or dream because you were able to provide for them.
He was able to put your kids in a private school.
These are all of the message of the emails that I get every single day every single day, and I want you to be the next click that link in the description.

Okay: what’s up Jeff click that link in the description go on over Nick, I see your drivers record was beaten.
I’m have to check into that.

What’s up governor Williams report for pensacola pensacola in the house, yeah I was living out in West Florida.
I had a place out there, alright I’ll settle for Long Beach.
But, ladies and gentlemen, those of you who are on this line, and with those of you who are gon na, be watching treat yourself.

Don’t cheat yourself.
Click that link in the description make an investment in you and your family that keeps giving you watch these videos.

You know that what I’m sharing with you is real.

It just makes sense, but if you’re expecting you’re gon na, remember everything that I’m sharing in this you all.
But guess what? What this program will you download it? You can even have access to it immediately and start using it today.
If you didn’t know how you establish rapport when you’re sitting down qualifying with somebody – and you just got that damn info sheet, but that doesn’t help you, it just makes you feel like you’re, given an interrogation to the person and there is no top relationship.

I have all of the questions laid out for you in a format that will make your life so easy.
When you’re doing a presentation, you want to go from 0 to 100 and make your presentations powerful.

I’ve got that all laid out for you.

It’s done for you, all you have to do is download and apply.
The only thing you have to change is put your name and it.

Where is blank, and if you do have children there’s one program, that’s included in the entire packet.

It’s called the 100 success tip it’s ten videos.
Why not have your teenage child or you and your spouse listens to that in the morning, while y’all are getting ready to go out to your place of business? You see this whole program.
It is focused on helping you sell more units to help more customers at your dealership, but it’s also about thinking, bigger and live in a much broader life.

It’s bigger than just those units and folks you got ta, get to the point where you stop walking over the dollars to pick up guys, see a person will say they can’t afford to invest less than $ 100 for themselves, but will spend $ 200 on Netflix.
For the year will spend $ 100 on a cell phone that doesn’t give them anything back yeah you can talk.
She don’t need my phone 10 for that they’ve got cable.

They spent all his money.
They go out to eat every single day.
In one week.

Most people spend more than $ 100, just went out to lunch, and the only thing he can give you as guests, but guess what, when you make an investment in yourself with this? This is the gift that keeps on giving to you for life, and you can share it with your family.
You can share with other team members at your dealership or you can just keep it to yourself and let people wonder how in the hell did you start rocking out like you are, but all I’m asking is for you to take this plunge with me.
Let’s get started, click that link in the description go over download it.

You can download all of the materials directly to your laptop to your phone.

You can listen to them through your Bluetooth.
You can read them while you’re sitting up waiting on your necks up.

You can do with it as you please, but just follow it.
You can even take the Facebook so while you’re at your dealership right now and start using it to start getting people messaging back and forth, but you want to come in to get what it is that you have.
You can do it start, my very personal son, job Tuesday, congratulations, Jeff, congratulations, Jeff, click that link because here’s the kicker, especially when you’re getting ready to go in because everybody believes or they gon na train me up.

I think everybody on here will agree.

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