Is A Speech’s Message or Content King Brandon K Hardison

Brendon artisan 4 champion strategies continuing on and what we’ve talked about before with this new normal, a lot of front of the room speakers are now having to do what we call on this internet and many of them lose.

The power word they’re still trying to hold on to the old habits about content being king.

So I just wanted to ask that question and give some reasons in a speech or a message.
Is content really the king or is it in the telling of the story? A lot of people out there say that they have a lot of content and without content, we can’t do anything, but I just want you to think about a few things that are really the cornerstones of great speeches.

The speeches message should have some content.
Some good content look at that, but I would say: let’s look at the delivery, the way it’s communicated both of verbally and non-verbally, because if it’s not done right, your message may be lost.
So I want you to think about five things as we go through this one of the things is people will remember a message if they remember anything at all, it will be the beginning.

The title in that message: where’s the power.
How are you going to change the people’s thinking? How are they going to act once that speech or content has been presented? What’s your inspiration, what do you want the people to get that? What are they going to touch from their mind to someone else, or maybe just in their imaginations and then another thing, any type of wisdom process? What do you want them to do after they’ve heard this message, or all this great content that you do have keep in mind? That messages are about articulation and the speakers have to be an inspiration.
They need to have aspirations, beliefs and intentions of their own and helping to lead other people where they need to be so my thing over the years we can take as many workshops as there are on the planet.

We can try to improve our delivery as much as we can.
We can construct the content as much as we wish, but the main thing I want you to think about in any type of speech that you’re giving and delivering.
Don’t always think that content is king of the message.

I want you to think about this after you’re finished delivering that content that speech, how did it make your people feel the ones that were watching? What did they walk away with? Because you can say all the words you want in the world if they feel it, it’s all for nothing once again brand an artisan president of champion strategies, just a little bit of food for thought, go out and make it a champion day.

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