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Hi Christian Grenier, proud automotive industry veteran since 1991, and I wanted to welcome into another’s automotive sales thought of the week in today’s automotive sales thought we’re going to learn how the persuasion technique of commitment and consistency, how that powerful technique can influence more car sales.

We’re going to show you once you’ve learned this technique, you’ll be able to take.
I want to think about it and turn it into a write-up.
You’ll also be able to get more phone ups to actually show for that appointment and then, lastly, we’re going to explain how the spot delivery can actually help you in payment bumps.

Now, if you’re fired up and excited to learn more about consistency and commitment and how it can help, you sell more cars, do me a favor and hit that like button first, let’s define what commitment and consistency biases are and then we’ll talk about how we can Use them more effectively in automotive sales, now commitment and consistency biases are defined as the psychological tendency to want to be consistent between our actions and our inner belief system.
Now, like these other biases, we’ve talked about, they hide deep in our subconscious.
Mind orchestrating our actions without us, even realizing it at times, and it creates this compulsive need to be consistent with what we’ve just said or done now upon making up our mind or taking a stand on something.

We feel this tremendous pressure internally to be consistent with the decision or the commitment we’ve just made.
This internal pressure is so great at times.
It causes us to do irrational things or endure the great hardships just to justify our initial decision now.

There’s four key components that help make the consistency and commitment bias work for you.
The first one is actually called commitment.

Chelle Dini in his book influence says commitment is the key.
The commitment first has to be there.
That’s where it all starts.

Then there’s number two and that’s put it in writing.
This is sometimes called the magic deck because it’s such a powerful tool and here’s.
Why, when you write things down it crystallizes it in your mind, because it takes a little bit more effort.

I mean, if you think about it, you have to get a pen paper, you have to get your thoughts collected and then you have to organize them and put them down on paper.
So it just takes more effort, and when you put things on paper, it increases the chance of your goal being achieved by up to 40 % and writing things down, helps with key component number 3, which is social pressure.
I mean after all, if something is in.

Writing people can see it, and that applies the social pressure and think about it more often than not in our society.
We view consistency as a virtuous type of trait I mean everybody wants to be consistent because it’s associated with intellect honesty and stability.
Inconsistency, on the other hand, gives the alert that somebody’s flighty kind of a flake or just weak minded in general.

The final key component that makes commitment and consistency such a powerful persuasion technique in automotive sales or any sales for that matter is intrinsic motivation.
Now this begins to happen when you own your commitment when it becomes part of who you are now, the discipline starts to come and be motivated from within intrinsic motivation happens during those looking at yourself in the mirror moments that we have from time to time, and You realize you don’t want to let yourself down, and you want to be consistent with that person in that image that you see in the mirror.
Next, let’s learn how the persuasion, techniques of commitment and consistency can help them fluence guests, so you can sell more cars and what we’re going through those I want to take those four key components we discussed, and I want to see how each one of those matches Up with the examples we use today and speaking of the four key components I do want to point out, you don’t have to hit all four key components to make this technique or make commitment and consistency work for you.

One or two of them can be powerful enough to carry you through on its own, let’s find out how, but before we do that, if you heard something you like, do me a favor and hit that like button or leave me a comment now, let’s learn more On how these techniques work for you in car sales, let’s look at the signed offer as an example on how powerful staying consistent with our commitments actually can be.
What I’m referring to is the point in the negotiation of the point in the car deal when a verbal offer has been made by either the guests or by the salesperson, and it’s hanging there, the guests saying hey, you know what, if you me $ 5,000 for My trade I’ll go ahead and take this today, so most sales people have been taught to write this up as an offer, so those take their work sheet out and and with just their own handwriting they’ll write bill Jones will buy today at stock number one.

Two three four at the following terms and then he’ll write down five thousand for the trade or whatever the terms are then they’ll make a little line on the paper with an axe and the last the customer to sign that, and I’ve always thought it was interesting.
How much anxiety this time or this moment can cause? I mean I remember back when I was selling this family of five people a vehicle, and I remember I kept thinking it’s not like.

This is a legal, binding document.

It’s not a contract, but yet it felt kind of the same well, as I learned more about consistency and commitment now, I know why it’s because three out of the four key components for commitment and consistency, persuasion techniques to work were fulfilled.
First of all, there was an offer made, and so there was a commitment.
The customer made a verbal commitment and then we followed it up with number two component, which was to get that in writing.

So we wrote it up and put it in writing and asked for a signature.
Lastly, there was a lot of social pressure.
He had three kids and he had a wife all looking at him wanting a brand new vehicle.

I mean he came in there just wanting to get some pricing on his trade and find out what payments would be and now he’s faced with having a brand new vehicle in his driveway and think about the spot delivery.
I mean this happens on those late nights when finance can’t maybe get an automated approval and you’ve got somebody with good credit, but it’s not the greatest and maybe you’re trying to advance a little bit of money.
So you write the deal up.

Sales person writes all the paperwork, you take it into the the business office and they go ahead and execute all the paperwork, and then the sales person actually does a full delivery.
Well then say the next day or two: the finance manager works on getting the contract, approval exactly think it was contracted.
However, let’s say he comes up 12 months short on the term.

He got all the money, but he was 12 months short on the term.
Well, if we look back on those four key components, they give commitment and consistency all the power of persuasion.
Actually all four of them could have been fulfilled in this situation.

Let’s take a look.
First key component number one was fulfilled the commitment I mean the guests verbally committed and said: yes, they let the salesperson write the deal up.
The business office went ahead and taped up the paperwork and executed that and the cast took delivery.

Then number two putting things in writing again.
It was written up and the customer signed all the documents from the salesperson and from the finance manager.
In fact, they probably signed 50 documents that let him know they were buying a car number three.

There was social pressure at play, I mean they had this vehicle for two days, so they drove it home and they had the family all telling them or thinking they purchased a vehicle.
They had their friends and their neighbors, they took it to work and they had their co-workers and they showed it off to all those people.
So we they had that social pressure of having to come back in their old trade or their other vehicle, and then key component number four intrinsic motivation.

Now we don’t know for sure that was fulfilled.
However, there’s a good chance, it was especially if the vehicle is an upgrade.
What I mean by that is, let’s pretend they were driving a little equinox and they upgraded to a suburban and after driving that for a couple days in their mind, they became a suburban driver.

Okay, they became somebody that drives that big vehicle and it makes it harder to give that vehicle back or to give it up, because you want to be consistent with who you are, which is a suburban driver.
So, with all these psychological influences going on and these four key components all possibly being fulfilled, it’s easy to see why the spot delivery can usually persuade people to go ahead and stay consistent with what they had just agreed to, which was purchasing.
In this case, the suburban and, I would venture to say in this particular case, the gas – see they’re going to go that shorter term or come up with some down payment money to lower the payment, but they’re not going to leave and take their trade they’re.

Going to leave in that suburban that they left in two nights ago.
I’ve seen this play out a hundred times.
In fact, I’ve been involved as a finance manager and seeing this play out, it works and hey.

That brings up my point next, which is I’d like to hear your stories.
Tell me about a situation in the automotive business when you spotted a vehicle and then went sideways or tell me about one that worked out exactly like we’re talking about.
I think all the viewers would like to know, and sometimes just a small little commitment at first can help open the door for larger commitment down the road.

Now, dr.
chal Dini calls this the foot in door technique and I think an example in the car business would be see when you’re doing the trial clothes right after a presentation and demonstration driving you’re on the way.

Back after the demonstration drive you get out of the car and you say: hey folks, if we were able to fit this car into your budget, do you see anything else and stand on the way you’re taken at home tonight or for another example of the foot? In the door technique in the automotive business, let’s look at that objection or stall really of I want to go home and think about it.

Now this a lot of times, what will happen out on the lot whenever you just shown a vehicle or you’ve just been discussing vehicles and Andy Elliot of the Elliot group, has a script that he likes to use and here’s how it goes.
Of course you need to think about it.
I haven’t given you enough information, yet, let’s take five minutes, we’ll go inside I’ll, get you some figures on your trade, some figures on the vehicle that you’re looking at and we’ll go ahead and get you that information that way.

You’ll have something to really consider, and that’s it now many times we’ve seen this small commitment of give me five more minutes, turn into 30, more minutes and then 30 more minutes turns into three hours or a full-blown delivery.
I know we’ve all had this happen and I’d like to hear your story.
Tell me about a time somebody told you they were just looking and you went ahead and delivered the vehicle.

I know you’ve got them and everybody would like to hear them and then lastly handy Elliot, if you’re out there listening please let us know your thoughts on this matter.
For our last example of how commitment and consistency persuasion techniques can help us in automotive sales.
Let’s look at how we can increase our appointment, show ratios on phone ups or appointments the techniques for actually setting the appointment.

Well, that’s in another video today.
What we want to focus on is what to do to make that appointment show now there’s a key difference.
It seems very slight, but it’s it’s very important, and that’s this most the time after our salesperson set an appointment.

They tell tell the customer to let them know if they need to reschedule the difference.

Is this they need to ask the customer ask the customer to let them know if they need to reschedule, and it’s just simply saying hey.
Will you please call me if you need to make a change and get them to say? Yes, this simple little difference can increase appointments, show ratios by up to four five percent, and it works simply because of this.

When you ask the guests to please call, and they give you a yes, this small little sort of agreements been made and we don’t like to break these type of agreements.
It makes us inconsistent with what we’ve just done now that simple little change in your word tract that can help you get more appointments.
But if you really want to drive that point home, I’m going to ask my friend, Steve Stoney, to let me borrow his word tract that he uses in business development centers or for salespeople that help increase.

His appointment show ratios and here’s how it goes hey.
Jones, one last thing: would there be any reason that you wouldn’t be able to come in at 4:45 on this Wednesday April 22nd? Okay, great, would there be any reason you change your mind, great, that’s good, to hear then I’ll plan to see you then, and if anything comes up or changes on your end, you know, will you please call me or text me and let me know you will Great and you know what I’ll do the same for you is that fair enough great and you know what I know for a fact.

This word track works very, very well to increase appointment, show ratios why I hope to build a business development center for a large dealer group, and I had several business development ages that use this word track at the end of their appointments, religiously, and they had the Best show ratios in the whole Business Development Center, so I know it works well there you have it.
How trial closes spot deliveries or getting people to show up at their appointed time, for an appointment can be influenced by the powerful persuasion, techniques of commitment and consistency.
Now, to learn more of these powerful persuasion influencing techniques.

Please check out this video above here and you’ll learn a few more now.
I hope I get to see you next week for another automotive sales part of the week.
Thanks .

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