In Stressful Times, Mindset Counts

Good morning grant an artisan champion strategies talking to our good friends out there that are finally making the decision to public speak now.

We’ve, given you a variety of situations, some so far, we’re going to give you some more, but one of the key things that I’ve been noticing, especially when people have to be an impromptu situation, and we spoke about that last week is very stressful at times so Mindset counts, that’s what I just want to touch on.
If you know that we’re speaking, you don’t want to do it.
If you feel that stress is going to beat, you now stress, you probably heard or experienced may be a good thing, but it may not be good for you right now, so truth is universally its acknowledged that that stress is bad, for you.

We’ve heard that timeless time stress leads to certain things like high blood pressure.
Lower immune system puts you in difficult situations, so in these especially stressful times, you’re really just got to find a way to relax and take care of that health.
Now you may say: well how can I do that if I’m stressful well, we’ve been looking researching, especially what’s going on in this year 2020 very unique situation, but the research is showing that focusing on the stress can help reduce it and here’s what I mean if You are convinced that stress and some ultimate way is going to kill you you’re gon na spend all of your energy trying to avoid stressful situations or you’re going to be worrying about the negative effects that the stress is going to have on you.

So let me just avoid it, but if you really think about this, this is an overly negative view on on Stratus.
By completely ignoring the motivation, Drive will be eliminated for you, the person that’s going to be speaking in front of the room, so steady-state that when people are inviting you to reflect on something about you and your time and you’re caught in this stressful situation, why not Use it to move forward, in other words, how can you use this stress to help you more than to harm you and here’s? What I wanted to, let you know it’s the mindset.

It’s the mindset.

Stress is natural all through history.
All through time, stress is a natural attitude is a different story.
Stress not inherently is good or bad in every situation.

It’s a neutral for some people, but responding to the body and the demand that does on the body is different for different situations.
So stress responses.
Can can change? We all may have felt that that stomach drop feeling just like you’re on a roller coaster or the increased of the heartbeat in this stressful situation.

But if you’ve been in some type of competition, whether it’s been a sporting event or some type of staged event, we’ve all been through it, then we know we have to try to find a way to over.
Come that and we can, if we can shift the mindset, I’m going to do it because I practice for it.
So let me use this stress and not look at it as a bad thing for me, but how it can be a good thing.

That’s where the focus comes back in.
Let me focus in on this stress and take this potential negative effect and just be waiting.
So I can reach my goal and give the audience what they expect, because guess what I’m gon na get out of it, the cheers.

The applause giving someone who came to hear or listen to you say something that’s going to impact their lives.
That’s how we need to really look at this thing called stress so mindset, let’s conquer it, don’t rush it like you always hear me say where we’re we’re going to practice it so anytime.

You feel that that stress is coming on and it’s going to rise up in you.

Let me just back down relax and go.
Do it now.
You can ask yourself a lot of things.

Let me not do it at this time, rather put it off for now, but eventually, if you want to be in front of the room speaker, if you want to be a teacher, if you want to lead other people, you’re going to be in those situations where The stress is there, but let me let my mind control this, because there’s people out there who need hear my story on how it’s going to improve their lives once you can tap into that consistently.
You can be one of the best speakers in any situation.

That’s out there, but the thing about it.

The choice is all up to you.
So once again, Brandon Hardison, giving you some more tips on public speaking and we’ll continue.
And if it’s helpful to you that’s great, but it is time to go and, as always in Part II make the champion.

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