Hello, everyone today we’re talking about the newly redesigned 2020 ford explorer completely redesigned.

They took everything great about the last model and made it better, and i’m going to go over that with you today.
Also, the ford explorer is the best selling suv of all time.
The best selling mid-size suv of all time, it’s also one of the longest running suv, brands, continuous running suv, brands of all time in my family, we’ve probably had 10 or 12 of these vehicles over the the course of my life between me and my spouse, and My my parents, and that growing up so the explorer, definitely has a great trademark, a great name, a great reputation and for very good reason.

One thing i like best about this is this: is the 2.
3 liter engine which is one of the the newer engines? They’ve been using in the ford ranger ford’s had great luck with it.
They did have a 2.

3 years and years ago, completely different engine same size block, but first off what i really like about this one in the black is you have the honeycomb matte finish grille the bold branding emblem that really sticks out and lets people see what You’re driving and shows that that ford brand that’s been around for so long and has such a following led lighting.
I really like the the fog lamps led fog, lamps, they’re sleek.
They really blend in with the front you can tell by looking at the vehicle.

It definitely has a aggressive, powerful stance, but it still looks very clean, very modern and very nice.
Now this is the xlt model, which is the most popular trim line of this vehicle.
This has 18 inch wheels and tires alloy wheels, which are great when you live in certain environments where they use salt, or you have other environmental factors that can corrode alloy always does good standing up to the test of time.

You have the fold in mirrors, so if you’re in a tight parking spot, you can go ahead and fold in the mirrors and certain trim lines.
You also do have auto power.
Folding mirrors that you can fold in and also going up in trim line.

You do have the high gloss finish on the mirror.
This model also has the blind spot in the mirror, as i talked about in other training, the blind spot lights up an amber light.

So you know when there’s somebody in your blind spot, that you can’t necessarily see in your mirror, but that will will alert you and it will also alert them if they’re familiar with that option, that they are in your blind spot.
Also, once again class exclusive keyless entry keypad to ford.
This is great.

My whole life.
I never had my keys in my pocket.
I always left them in my center console when i went to work.

That way, i didn’t have to worry about them being in my pocket all day long right here, you get a five digit code from the factory.
That code can be changed.
Nice gloss finished on the handles this one still does have a key, so you do have the keyhole here.

A lot of your higher trim lines will have the keyless censored with the key fob and the push button start in this model.
Here you have the leather wrapped steering wheel, you have radio, bluetooth, temperature and safety controls on the steering wheel at the 10-3 position.

You do have the tilt and telescopic steering wheel.

So, therefore, if you are tall taller or shorter than the average, you can adjust the steering wheel accordingly, this model does have the 10-way power driver seat with power lumbar.

You also do have the power passenger seat.
What i like best about the redesign on this is your gauges are very clean, they’re, very traditional, but they are very nice smooth and clean, and i also like, when you open the vehicle it gives you a a mountain view there.

It gives you a it, gives you something to look at when you get in the vehicle that makes you feel adventure, because as an explorer, we are adventurers.
That’s what this vehicle is meant to do.
This one has the paddle shifters here, along with the twist knob transmission that will activate when you are in.

You do have the push button start in this model, enhanced navigation screen with the upright position.
So therefore, you do not have to pull your vision off the road.

You can focus on that.

You can look at the navigation and still have your eyes on the road.

Soft touch plastic, a lot of things.
Other manufacturers – don’t do – is the leather trimmed panels, with the contrast stitching that give it a nice look.

Your power windows power mirrors power locks.
You have the brushed aluminum finish door handles to give it a nice classy.
Look on the inside.

You can see in the cabin compartment here it feels like a cockpit.

You have a large center armrest with a 12 volt.
You have the different driving modes for this one hill, descent, skid patrol and automatic, on off transmission on off running engine on the vehicle.

So if you do stop at a stop light, auto stop.
So if you do stop at a stop light, it will turn the engine off to help you get better gas mileage.
I really like how they opened up the the center console right here: the storage bin with another 12 volt, a usb plug in and then another charger for certain phones.

You have the cup holders and you also have what will fit certain cell phones where you can place your cell phone right here.
It’s there.
It will not bounce around.

It will not jiggle.
We all are con are consistently concerned about our phone.
This one does have the panoramic roof, which gives you a moon, roof up front and a skylight for the back passengers lets in a lot of natural light makes the vehicle feel more spacious and airy, especially on long trips.

You do have the large glove box which, if you’ve had a vehicle with a small glove box.
You know the importance of the large glove box.
Now the explorer comes standard with the third row seats and most models are seven passengers.

This one has the optional second row, captain’s chairs.
What that does is that gives you the ability to have more comfort for each passenger.
It does take away one seat, but it gives them their own seat gives them their own arm.

Rest you’ve got the drop down.

Headrest, so if you don’t have passengers in the back, i also like the tray that you have right there.
Along with the cup holders, you have a 12 volt plug-in right.

There, usb chargers right there and the rear passengers do have the capability for their own temperature.
Where they want the temperature coming to them from and the fan speed which vents come out of the ceiling and vents come also out of the floor.

Just go ahead and tumble this over pull the bar in the front and the passengers have access to get to the back.

Passengers have plenty of storage spaces.
We know if we’ve got kids in the back they’re going to usually have a drink they’re going to have something that they’re bringing along with them on the trip.
So there’s plenty of storage right.

There you’ve got two seats in the back now.
A lot of suvs will try and put three seats in the back and call it an eight passenger with the same size suv.
The only problem is, unless you have three tiny people that would probably be in car seats, you’re only gon na be able to fit two people in there.

So ford went ahead and just gave you exactly what you needed got the push cap, gas door cap and the easy fuel fuel system.
All you have to do is pump the nozzle in there when the nozzle stops make sure to stop pumping, don’t try and end the gas at a even number.
The second it says it’s full go ahead and stop now moving around to the back.

So this model here is the all-wheel drive with the 2.
3 liter ecoboost.

This puts out 310 horsepower.

This does come in four different engines.
It comes in the 2.
3 liter ecoboost, it comes in the hybrid, it comes in the three liter ecoboost and then it comes in a 415 horsepower.

St 3.
0 ecoboost.
Once again, this one’s all wheel, drive you have the power liftgate.

This has the trailer towing package when properly equipped.
This can tow up to 5600 pounds, which is over 10 from the previous model and is also high in its class.
Now you have storage right down here, gives you lots of area to store different things for trips and the seats drop down simple? That gives you a flat load floor and, if needs be, you can drop the front passenger seats and have up to eight feet of length to store objects.

The explorer has created the benchmark for mid-size suvs, since it came out in the early 90s and with the redesign you can see that ford has not slowed up, giving it more power, train options, better fuel efficiency, a more ergonomical finish, more towing capability and a smoother Ride for you to take your family to go on trips to do whatever it is that you like to do this vehicle has a recreation for you.

So once again, this is the 2.
3 liter engine new to this vehicle.

This year it’s an ecoboost engine puts out over 300 horsepower, still gets great fuel economy, they’re, really to fit everything in here nice and clean and, as we spoke about in some of the other walk-arounds ford’s, always good about putting everything that the average do-it-yourselfer basic maintenance Would need to know on the vehicle so once again, noah walsh, with the bold new, completely redesigned most capable ford explorer with the comfort level that it has ever built.
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