If You Sell Cars at A Dealership You Will Go Broke If You’re Doing This

People in automotive sales ask me all the time Brian.

How can I increase my sells? I want to make more money.
I want to improve my life and the one thing that I had to realize and that I hope you realize to be watching this, that, in order to get anything out of life, you got to be willing to give and the one thing I always say to People is that, how can you possibly expect somebody to come into your dealership and be willing to invest in you if you won’t invest in you and here’s what I mean by that you know going to YouTube and looking at the free videos, I put a lot Of free stuff out myself and it is to help people kind of what they whistle, but anybody who really knows how to perform at a high level have next-level things, but an individual has to be willing to put some skin in the game, make an investment.
You know sacrifice that time, reading an actual book going through an actual program taking a couple of dollars and investing in your knowledge, because the only way we’re gon na get anything out of life as if we willing to give.

And while people going around true to trying to do the free thing, the free thing, that’s exactly why their results are so forth.
So go to the blog habits.
I have a free training on there that is jam-packed and stay to the end.

I got something special for you, I’m Brian Maxwell, but investing you so others want to invest in you too.
Take it easy, and I see you at the dealership, .

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