How to Use Personal Power In Sales Leadership

one no wall, shear with conquer you and in this module this module is called personal power and I was actually listening.

Some training myself as I consistently trained for myself.
I’m constantly learning I’m constantly reading, I’m constantly watching and I’m always trying to get better myself and, of course, stay up with the trends in sales in car sales and all retail myself.

So therefore I can be the best teacher I can be, and I was listening to this.

It was actually a cassette, and I was listening to this cassette and it was a multiple of people who I’ve never really heard of, and it was all sales training and one of the ladies talked about personal power, and what personal power is is personal power is How people see us and if you’ve ever know this one, you felt really confident you came off a great month or you had something great happen.
You just came from the gym, yet a great workout and your confidence is high.
Do you realize how people respond to you over another time when you’re a little bit off and in your confidence, isn’t this high? You kind of have your head down, you can see it in your posture and the way you walk but personal power is how people see us and that’s how you are dressed.

That’s the clothes! You wear, that’s how you hold yourself.
That’s your posture! That is your comfort zone.
That is the tone in your voice and the way we gain personal power is by confidence and over time when we stay on a process in our meet and greet, and we can gain that confidence early and we can show that personal power with the customer.

We are so much more likely to sell that customer because people like dealing with confident people, so I’m gon na do more modules on this in the future.
But what I want you to think about is personal power.
What level of personal power would you say you’re at and what are you doing to grow your personal power, always in forever? No walls go out and conquer .

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