How to Use: Mirrors & Zero Steps for more Sales!

I’m gon na seal spa the day for you.

Today’s sales thought is a way to get more information from your gas to your customer.
It works really good when the guests hit you with, I want to think about it, but also anytime.
They say something that you just want them to give you more information on so Joe Verdi calls it the zero step.

He uses that when customers will tell you they want to think it over and then Chris boss, who is a expert negotiator or the book, never split the difference.
He says to use it anytime.
You just want to get more information and get them to to expound on something that you heard that you would like to find out if there’s more more to their so, for instance, in the automotive business, when somebody says I want to think about it, jewelry zero Stuff is just repeating back to them what they had said to you.

So if they said I want to think about it bill, it’s a big decision, then you would just go think about it and then just be quiet or you could also say big decision now.
When Chris Voss uses that he uses it in those situations as well, however, he also uses any time the guests would say something throughout the discussion or a negotiation that you just want to find more information about see if there’s some information that they could help put Something together so, for instance, in one of the video that we talked about that the guests hold up was that their sister needed to buy the car from them.

So let’s say it’s worth: they’re talking, it just comes out and then you be sure that in a statement, so you could just kind of go back and say: sister buy the car, wait until she buys the car and be quiet.

The hardest thing to do is to not step on the mirror and kind of like give them the answer.
Let them have the let them have the opportunity to answer it.

It’ll seem like a long time at times, however, the only answer it the biggest.

They said don’t step on the Miranda.
That’s been my biggest issue with that.
So try it.

It works really.
Well, it’s called Marion.
It’s called the zero step.

It works.
Where I want to think about it or anytime.
You want to ask the guests to give it an elaborate, a little bit more on what they have just said.

What what helps that .

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