How to Think Positive, Overcome Doubt, and Act with Courage

Hi, it’s Brian Maxwell, your success code for the generation of change, and what I want to talk to you about this morning is how to develop the winning attitude of highly effective people, see one of the biggest things that helps people to create success in their lives And their careers is attitude, and yet attitude is one of the things that is so overlooked in today’s society.

Today’s society is so extroverted and everything is is outside of themselves everything that people seem like they’re looking for it’s kind of like they’re they’re, chasing things outside of themselves when, in truth, the basic fundamental foundation for success of any kind in any field starts with your Attitude inner belief in yourself and in your ability to be able to learn how to do what it is you like to do or to apply this knowledge based on the skills that you already have to be able to achieve and accomplish whatever it is that you, Like to do in my travels in my works with high-level management, sea level, management, team leads and sales sales organizations.
Is that, regardless of any of the technical information and know how it is all completely irrelevant until you become absolutely engaged and committed to becoming the type of person that has a highly positive and very impactful attitude all throughout the day? And let’s face it, you know sometimes things get tough.
You know the customers are telling.

You know you know you can’t get anything going.
You have an issues in your home life, whatever typical things that life can throw at us at times.
The one thing we always have to know and understand is that we are always in complete control of our attitude.

Okay, it’s like the old phrase says life is really only ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent, of how you perceive it.
How you take it and what you do after is done so in order to truly transform yourself your career, your relationships starts with developing the winning attitude the icann attitude now.

The reason why most people suffer and struggle is because they know that they are not putting in the time needed to develop this skill, because it is a skill to think positive is something that tastes conditioning you have to try in your mind, to regardless of the Circumstance to always find that silver lining to always be able to see that glass glass is half full and that come from reading a personal development, self-growth books listening to personal development and achievement and positive attitude.

Audios, I myself have read you know hundreds of books and listen to thousands of hours, of audio tape on the dailies and CDs on a daily basis on a daily basis, and due to this understanding that it is a daily process, a daily evolution has really.
It helps and whenever any of those obstacles come up, I am able to see those obstacles as what they really are just opportunities that have been brilliantly disguised for your development and our achievement.
So start your day off by reading something positive, something impactful, something that gets the juices flowing.

Do a few jumping jacks.
Do some sit-ups get the heart rate going make sure you fill your mental rolodex were positive, highly energetic and impactful information turn off the idiot box from watching all the gloom and doom on the news turn off the music this, if it’s not giving you anything, that’s Going to help build you up and uplift you and teach you how to be successful in today’s economy.
You want to be very, very, very protective of what goes into your mental rolodex, but start now start today to take control of your attitude with your big big results.

I’m Brian Maxwell, your success, coach for the generation of change, and I encourage you to visit new thoughts generation com download, the free audio course, which is five steps to instantly transform and improve your life again.
This is brian maxwell and i’ll, see you at the top .

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