How to Teach Your Customer How to Buy a Car – Auto Sales Training 3.0

Let’s reverse Judy’s customer and we’ll just go through it that way so you’re gon na pay enough.

So alright mine, isn’t so I’ll, see you Toby the gist Enfocus and uh.
The biggest thing about their focus is most people that come in when they look at it.
They do fall in love with him and the manager he won’t be driving it by yourself or is there anybody else that Juby does pretty much just being you, okay now is anybody else needed as far as if you decided that that’s exactly what you needs to Be here typically ask people: hey: are you happier marry, you know now put this particular vehicle? Are you gon na be using this for business of a person will use driving back and forth to work, but okay, what’s up work, you do.

Do you mind if I take some notes, you guys want to make sure I don’t miss anything that you’re saying to me: it’s all important: okay, so destruction, my family, so family-owned business, and that’s how I got an f1 yeah good deal man.
So, in other words, you looking to take it over eventually one day, one day down the road yeah man.
I wish I just wished it.

You know maybe Monday, when I owned the dealership or something like that.
I would have had something too fast now, for me, I’d be in a good situation.

So now, let me ask you man: is there any particular company look before you even if a light, medium or dark color view a man fitting little boom? Let’s see the four more of the darker colors yeah: well, it’s contractor way that you were trying to stay around now, but I had financed through peaceful, thorough.

Please refer: did you buy a new or used okay? It? So all right have you stopped by any of the places and looking anything else find.
Anything else are just the first plate of subject made a bill, but I didn’t they really weren’t working with me like I like, so I didn’t see anything on the sales and what is it that you like? I want to make sure that at least more well.
I mean I don’t want you to sit here, try to work for as much money as you can get.

That’s what I felt like he was doing to me.
Well, I got good news for you: okay, because since the last time you bought a vehicle, things have completely changed.

Okay, because the automotive industry has been able to piss off hundreds of million of America all right, because I mean you know, people come in.
They sit down and the salesperson they’re going back and forth and they had to negotiate while the salesperson kids up and runs into the magical tower, acting like they’re talking to the Wizard of Oz and come back here with another number.
The person comes in, they start hyper, start slow and they try to meet somewhere in the middle.

Well do people like yourself, nice customers, they just want to be treated fairly.
It forced the manufacturers to change okay, and what we found out was that what they have us do now to avoid you having to waste any time coming in here and negotiating back and forth, and what not anything that I’m gon na show you as far as Any numbers will already have discounts in it, which I will be able to show you any rebates that are available for you I’ll, be able to give those to you also my objective, to make sure that you have the quickest automotive buying experience that you’ve ever had.

Okay, so I want to make sure you don’t have to worry about us having to go back and forth for any anything.
My whole objective is to a find out.
What is he looking for? What’s gon na solve your knees and just to make sure that it fits whatever range or budget you want to keep in Africa that cool.

Would you alright good? Now? That’s just an example: .

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