How To Start Your Month Off Strong At Your Dealership – Hitting Sales Goals

Morning Brian Maxwell checking in with you guys live from Crestview.

I don’t know if you can even see the name.

Crestview Chrysler, Jeep, see ya, yeah I’ll, see the Crestview checking in cuz.
I know that the money just ended Newmont getting started.

So let’s talk about it.
So May is over June.
Is here now so the question is: how do you start off your month? The first day of the month was on a Friday, yes Saturday, but this is the first Monday of the month.

So the question is what type of agenda, what type of goals, what type of what’s the plan for this month? If you know you didn’t hit the numbers that you wanted last month, what you’re gon na do to hit them this month, so the key is to start off with an objective, and I know typically in your sales meetings.
They have you, you know, put up goals and how many deals you don’t get and whatnot, but outside of that, once you’ve said you’re gon na get you a 15 you’re 17 or you’re 20.
What is the process? What are the steps that you’re gon na take together? Is it straight up loud ups? Is it internet leads, or do you have some type of advertising or something running for yourself? What is your objective to get there? Your process see at the end of the day a lot of people will set to target of what they want to do, but they never create the roadmap of how to get there.

It’s like, if you wanted to go out of town to Alaska or California.
Now me just saying I’m in Florida and I want to go to California – that’s cool, but if I don’t map out my directions on how I’m gon na get there, I get end up spending a lot of gas going a whole lot of places taking myself way Out of the way further than where I wanted to go strictly because I never sat down to create my roadmap, my guide of how do I get to California or how do I get to Alaska sales? Does the exact same way you can set all the goals you want, but if you don’t sit down and create an outline of what you’re gon na do to attain it, how many phone calls you’re gon na make how many text messages gon na send out? How many people do you plan on getting in front of how many people are you going appointments and leads? Are you gon na generate for yourself, or do you just plan on living off whatever the dealership can give you? Let me give you a tip on that.
If your objective is to just live off, what the dealership provides you with.

That means that you’re at the mercy of what’s going on in the area to where you work and where you live.
Okay and lot traffic and internet ly great and the the average is typically around between twenty and thirty percent closing.
But did you know that when you have people that are coming in asking for you, people that you have initiated some form of contact that you set an appointment with yourself that come in that close were send to go all the way up to sixty percent? So the name of the game is getting in front of the right people, but as many of them as the right people as possible and again you can get the right customer.

But if you’re doing the wrong thing with the right person, you still gon na get piss-poor results.
So do you have your process down, meaning your greeting when you sitting them down and you’re doing your needs analysis? Are you drilling them like it’s an interrogation or have you learned how to conversate with somebody and ask questions that’ll leave for them to give you a certain piece of information, I heard of gentlemen say this a while ago he said good salespeople practice.

What to say great ones practice what to ask so and whoever is asking questions is actually in control.

You got excused if it’s shakeila, but I try to do my best, but whoever it asks.
The question is in control, because if I’m asking questions, guess what you have to respond to me, which means I dictate the direction of the conversation, so you need a noun sense.
Then, if you’re doing that your vehicle selection, are they a part of the vehicles, vehicle selection process, or are you just straight telling them um? You know, then, after that, your presentation skills, your demo drive and another key is when you come back off the demo drive.

What are you doing with? Are you taking them sitting right back down and going for numbers which is exactly what they expect or when you come back off the demo drive knowing that these peoples defense, the wall, just went way up when you come back matter of fact, when you come back Off a demo drive you ever noticed that if you open the door for your customer, they’ll be lining it straight back for the desk.

Why? Because history has shown them that right after that comes the numbers? Well, let me show you how to utilize a pattern interrupt when you come back off that demo drive instead of sitting them down and just starting to go through numbers or anything like that, actually give them a tour, the dealership in the service department and here’s.
Why they’re preparing to sit down, and do this so call back and forth battle with you, so their defensive wall is up and that is very mentally draining for somebody to have their guard up and defensive for a long period of time.

So when you bring them back – and you say – hey folks, follow me over here – this is our service department.
This is where you’ll be bringing your vehicle when it’s time for you to get a service, as you can see, here’s the waiting we’ve got Wi-Fi.
We’ve got coffee, we’ve got doughnuts any of those things matter of fact.

Follow me over here.
I’m gon na.
Take you over to the service lines where you’ll actually interact with the service reps and as a matter of fact before you leave, I’m even I’ll help.

You schedule your first, your first oil change of planet and you take them over if the service managers available introduce them.
If there’s a service tech up there introduce them, then after that, bring them back now.
Here’s why? Because that defensive wall was up when you came back but now by you taking them and turn them and introduce them to people, they have to smile and people are saying hello and what not that defensive wall has to drop because now they’re being treated very important.

Very hard to be mad when you’re being treated with a high level of respect and being treated for it.
So you give them the tour so they’re saying what the world is going on.
The defensive wall goes down where they’re shaking hands are being introduced.

You give them the tour now when you take them back to the desk, guess what the defensive walls still will come up, but it won’t be as high and as wide as it would have been.
Initially, okay and it’s learning how to leverage pattern interrupts so then, once you get them back, okay, you give them the tour and you sitting them down.
Then you want to start.

You know going over your your numbers processing going back and forth with them, and remember people like to call it a negotiation.
I consider to be education, okay, because you and this customer have to be on the same page in order for this to get done.
If you’re on one page, none another it’ll, never have okay, so it’s not so much a negotiation.

It’s an education process, okay and taking that approach sitting down with somebody and actually working with them to see how you can make this as beneficial as possible for both parties.

That’s how you win, but if you’re just trying to get it to where you keep all the money, they’re gon na resist, and then you know how you feel, whenever they’re just trying to hold back and and nickel-and-dime you down so same exact thing with the partnership.
You’re working together to get things done.

Okay, now after you do that now, boom they’re getting ready to go into the box with the business manager making sure you set the stage right, giving them expectation that it may take before they get in or when they get in.
What type of ETA t may have as transparent as you possibly can be? What everybody you talk to the more beneficial to this view, a lot of people they get aggravated to get upset because they just really don’t know what’s going on.
They have no idea what’s happening, the salesperson feels like they have to be deceptive or hiding things and the top producers that I train.

I work with, I know, are the most transparent people out there and the ones who have inconsistent months and deals that fall apart.
These are the ones that are always holding something back and not being as forthcoming with the customers as possible, all right and then before they leave.
Are you pairing up the phone to the car? Are you doing a full, detailed inspection with them after it comes back and ready to go? Are you making sure that is gassed up? Are you showing them the owner’s name? It’s just the little things that mean a lot.

So, as you start, the month really begin to hone in on your process and really create the steps that you’re gon na take to achieve to go.
I assure you, if you create the process on the roadmap of how to get to your objective.
The likelihood of you getting there is much greater, but if you don’t you’re at the mercy of the current and nine times out of ten you’ll come up short and at the end of the day, there’s no need for that.

People are always willing to do business with those who they like, and they trust okay and also remember, be on the lookout for the social media marketing program.

That’s coming out.
We did it about a month and a half ago over 700 people loved it back by popular demand, but we added some new things.

So I’m just waiting on the editors to get done with that and it’ll go back up be on the lookout.
But remember like this video share it post your comment I’ll give back reaching but other than that I’ll have a great get off to a great start.

This month have an awesome month, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership, mine, .

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