How to set the appointment

CarreƱo walsh, calling you back hi, yes, I’m sorry I figured you’d be a little longer saw, is actually on the other line and couldn’t get over soon enough.

So I’ve got the.
I got your email here and so I just kind of wanted to touch base with you before I got those numbers over now.
You were still interested in the Explorer and the f-150, and you want to do fifteen thousand miles a year and we’re gon na figure.

Two thousand cash plus the start-up costs right around 2600 ish right in that area.
You know one might be twenty-five, fifty one might be 26 79, or what have you it’ll be right in that area as far as the difference with the 4×4 in the FX? For the FX for is just more of an off-road suspension.
So really it used to be a separate trim line that kind of gave you a sporty ER look.

Now it’s just a suspension, so we don’t really order as much because ninety percent of the people who get these trucks never even really take them off road.

Yes, correct! Yes, they do.
Yes, you want the sport or the chrome package correct and the black interior with the floor shifter and I do see the Wrangler tires the v6 of the v8.

It’s not a huge price difference on the payment you’re looking 512 dollars a month depending on which v6 it has yeah.
So it’s not a huge difference.
The better value is in that 2.

7 liter because it does have a higher on Ebates.
I will find that and then what I also wanted to find out is I’m going to get you these numbers here today and I’m going to be available all day.
I am gon na be leaving tonight and I’ll be out of town til Monday.

I just wanted to figure out when we could get you in to take a look at these perfect okay right.
Well, I always like seeing you dad he’s a good guy, so I think he kind of likes me a little bit also.
You know he sends all the family your business my way, so I appreciate that so I’ll get these over to you.

I will be accessible by email, so I’ll get these quotes over to you.

So, even when I’m out of town I’ll be accessible by email and then maybe we can plan on a time like Monday evening when you and your dad are off work as long as mom’s off back to feeling good after surgery all right Kari.
Why look forward to meeting you in person and you have a great weekend I’ll get these numbers over to you and feel free to ask with any questions.

I’d have a great day.

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